If yer walking around in Katsucon and happen to see someone who looks vaguely like this fella…..

It me.


Full HD Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog for people who haven’t seen it because now you have no excuse

Guess who just passed 300 followers? :D


In recognition and celebration of this why the hell are you following me anyway I am just going to do a leave a prompt/pairing and I’ll write it, okay?

Almost anything is fine. But a few notes:


-If you request something triggering or anything of the sort to me I won’t be able to write it.

   -like for example a few things would be nightmares I can’t do nightmares alright. And also severe betrayal I’m sorry but no.

- I just can’t stand a few pairings or can only see them as bros so you might get that instead *coughPruHuncough*

-aside from that anything really goes I enjoy genderbending *winkwink*

And if you want me to use OCs of any kind a nice description would be useful.

I’ll tag any prompt related to this as ‘follower prompts’ and by the URL of the person who requested it

Thanks guys, have fun with these~

I keep on having random laughing fits and I can kind of control them still but yeah not good. I’m appearing insane, and like I need to talk. Not about anything big just everything is very fast and I feel the need to talk about anything and everything

anonymous asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy! ^^ Then send it to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously

agghhhh i love these cute asks thank you!! 💕

1. playing the pianininino
2. days off school lmao
3. working out to new music 👌👌
4. chocolate milk
5. and also boys who live in other countries that write and perform music and choreograph and yep

have a happy fun time everyone!!!

anonymous asked:

Yep! We're here having fun with FICTIONAL characters in FICTIONAL situations because we're grown ups who know the difference between FICTION and real life. You need to learn the golden rules of fandom, sonny. Don't like don't read. Your kink is not my kink but that's okay. A squick isn't a trigger. Ship and let ship. And most importantly, don't be a judgmental dick.

I wasn’t being a dick; I was just pointing out one of the stranger aspects of Tumblr shippers.
Also, why do you people hide behind the Anonymous label? Show yourselves, I won’t bite. I’m great at having civil discussions.