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Guess who just passed 300 followers? :D


In recognition and celebration of this why the hell are you following me anyway I am just going to do a leave a prompt/pairing and I’ll write it, okay?

Almost anything is fine. But a few notes:


-If you request something triggering or anything of the sort to me I won’t be able to write it.

   -like for example a few things would be nightmares I can’t do nightmares alright. And also severe betrayal I’m sorry but no.

- I just can’t stand a few pairings or can only see them as bros so you might get that instead *coughPruHuncough*

-aside from that anything really goes I enjoy genderbending *winkwink*

And if you want me to use OCs of any kind a nice description would be useful.

I’ll tag any prompt related to this as ‘follower prompts’ and by the URL of the person who requested it

Thanks guys, have fun with these~


It’s 1 AM and I have school in five and a half hours but hey! I got this done at least. First song was Matryoshka, second was Bad Apple, and third one was Gay Bar (coincidentally tbh) and aside from the fact that I color like a two year old, I’m kinda proud that I got something done for once.

hey hey if ya ever feel like tagging me if you want you can tag plzelsieplz (it’d be cool if you could tag me in the actual post but ye i get that it ruins the post sometimes c:) so yeah plzelsieplz seems good ok yes bye have a lovely day

7:30| Update on SOR summarisation: 3 more pages to go. But I need to sleep nooooo (I sleep at 9pm - don’t judge me).
I have to get up early tomorrow to go to an art workshop.
Currently I am enrolled in the Preliminary Visual Arts course at my school, and my teacher nominated me to go draw naked people at the National art school. Don’t want to go, just because of the public transport, BUUUUUUUT I paid $75.75 for it (no refund).
So yep, guys have fun studying (not really) and if you’re a studyblr, please make sure you follow me, so I can follow you back. And then we can reblog and favourite each other’s stuff yeah 😉.
Night (or morning)
Jin 🌚❤️💕

tag 11 people you want to get to know better
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Name: Kaitlyn
Time: Uh  8:20 AM
Avg hrs of sleep per night: Ehehhehe right around 6-7
Nickname: Blake, Nerd, Mom (Mom by many friends)
Birthday: August 16th bitchessss
Gender: Female
Height: Fuckin 4″11 YE (CRYING)
Favourite colour: Blue, Gold, Red?, Purple, Green
One place that makes me happy: Home (lol because ihavemyfuckingcomputer) Im a sad person ;u;
How many blankets do I sleep under: Two or none, depends
Favourite film: Shit uh, Howls Moving Castle or Anastasia
What I’m wearing rn: Camp Jupiter shirt (because im a nerd for the Heroes Of Olympus Series) And pajama pants
Last book you read: Insignia by  S.J. Kincaid
Most used phrase: ‘nO’ ‘THIS, THIS, THIS’
First word that comes to mind: Fuck
What I last said to a family member: Love You or MOM I’M DYING
Favourite beverage: Arnold Palmer (HYGNGHGHGHG)
Favourite food: Sushi 
Last film I saw in theaters: I think… I think It was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Iwasforced ;u;)
Dream vacation: jAPAN OR ITALY
Dream wedding: I honestly don’t know. As long as i’m fucking happy.
Dream pet: Golden Retriever named tIMCANPY, no i’m probaby naming it Taylor Due to my first dog I remembered when I was 4 or… 6? That passed.
Dream job: Being a Manga artist or a voice actor. It won’t be a fuckin dream, I swear I’ll accomplish it.

Tagging random fucking people that i kind  know: mavkakissray-pini , kandayuu another17yrsoldteen my-chemical-buttcramps IDK WHO YOU ARE BUT YOUR NAME IS PRICELESs annnddd my followers


My new name is Rainbow Head yep. I am a wizard. C: I am with this small child that goes to the gym my mom works at. It took me 100 years to make this braid in my hair (the purple rope) and I can’t do hairstyles. I’m supposed to be working but I ended up playing with the small child and becoming a wizard of the name rainbow head who is a he that their mother hadn’t named so the small child name rainbow hair right now. Heh

(The picture with the white scarf thingie is that I also became a ninja. So yeah )

Yep thats me having fun at
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