yep, me, a grandma

Laura Visits Alternate Carmilla

[Laura returns to the Silas library to visit an old friend. Older and wiser, and perhaps riddled with regret for leaving AU Carmilla twice — she undertakes one last mission to do something she should have done all those years ago.]

In the deepest depths of the library’s guts, Laura tread carefully over broken stone steps and chunks of debris towards a room she once called home. As she grew closer the walls of the library exhaled as if they were waking up from a long nap to greet an old friend.

“Hello to you too,” Laura ran a hand over the bricks and smiled, “I think you know why I’m here. I would really like to see her again.” she politely explained to the sentience that lived within these old dusty books. “I’m not too proud to beg either.” she admitted in defeat.

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  • My grandma: So I watched this show the other night and I think you would like it
  • Me thinking: (because the main character is autistic)
  • Me speaking: Oh really?
  • My grandma: Yep, you should tell your folks about it too
  • Me thinking: (just say I'm autistic grandma)
  • My grandma: It was so well written...
  • Me thinking: (you obviously know I am, so why don't you just say it?)
Watching DBZ with my grandmother is a trip tbh
  • Grandma: So this Trunks kid is a Super Saiyan
  • Me: Ye
  • Grandma: And he's from the future?
  • Me: uh-huh
  • Grandma: Goku's grandson?
  • Me: Nope
  • Grandma: Gohan's grandson?
  • Me: Nah-uh
  • Grandma: Vegeta's grandson?
  • Me: .... Noooo....
  • Grandma: Vegeta's son?
  • Me: Yep!
  • Grandma: Wait, so his hair's like that because he and Bulma?-
  • Me: Yes!
  • Grandma: OH MY GODDDD!!!!

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"Shh!" "Don't shush me Emma!"

Thanks for the prompt :) 


“Don’t shush me Emma!” Regina hisses back. 

“Well do you want to get caught?” Emma fires back from where they’re hiding, pinned up against one another in the closet. 

“We could play a game,” Regina suggests, “See how long we can stay quiet for…”

Emma grins at her, “It would never work, you’re a screamer and I kind of want to win.” 

“It’s Hide and Seek.” 

“But we can still win, this is an awesome hide and seek.” 

“We’re literally in a closet,” Regina points out. 

“And you can both come out now that you’ve scarred me for life!”

They blush sheepishly before opening the closet door to find Henry grinning at them. 

“You heard us?” Emma asks. 

“Yep, me and Grandma, she’s downstairs, she wants to see you both…so you two are together?” 

“Yes,” Regina says, “Are you okay?” 

“Moms, I’ve known for ages, I’ve just been waiting for you two to catch up, now go, get your interrogation from Grandma.” 

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drink- Water!!!
phone call- hmmm With one of my friends <3
text message- “Vas a juegar Speeddrunkers con nacho?” / Are you gonna plaey Speeddrunkers with Nacho?” 
song I listened to- Oki Doki!! - Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story ( yep! <3 I love videogame music~)
time I cried- cried like  “OHNOOO AAAAH”????  hmm when my girlfriend broke with me I think, I only cry when something bad happens to me… or emotional in games or movies… I am a rainy day xD

Have I ever

Dated someone twice- HELL NO!!…wait, what kind of date?
been cheated on- Yep! one :’D
kissed someone- YEP!!!! but kiss is a little word for that XDDDD
Lost someone special- twice! but I think my g-grandma is more special than the other one
been depressed- yep!!! hopefully, now I am really busy being happy for being depressed~ <3
been drunk and thrown up- Never, I don’t like beer or something with alcohol (My taste for alcohol is REALLY special)

In the last year I have

made a new friend- A LOT FO FRONDS <3
fallen out of love- NEH
laughed until I cried- xD oooooh yeah!!!! until everything hurts!!
found out who my true friends are-  that this was long time ago!
kissed one of your followers- nope!


how many tumblr followers do you know irl- tha heck is “irl”?…. OH!!! no one!
do you want to change your name- Nah!!! I love my name <3 <3 <3
what time did you wake up today- ugh 2 pm! I need to wake up earlier!!!
what were you doing at midnight- Drawing, listen to music, dancing like a insane guy thanks for the music aaaand drawing XD
name something you cant wait for- >FD MY PAYMENT!!!!! and the trip to Chile!
whats something you wish you could change about your life- Nothing!! nope nope nope!!! the only thing I wanted to change is my freakin wii u controller!!!  I WANT TO PLAY SPLATOON, YOSHI AND MARIO MAKER!!!
what are you listening to rn
- eUe Oki Doki!! - Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
whats getting on your nerves
- My new doggy, she likes to grab or eat everything!!!
nicknames- ALL MY NICKNAMES?? eeehh… Axe, Excel, Pussy Hair and Mr Hair or Sr Pelo
zodiac sign
- Libra I think
pronouns- ….what?!??! what are you ta.. waht?!?!?1 He/him
- I sinished that shit 2 years ago <D
hair color- Black
- 5’ 74’’!!!! tallle!!! I AM BIG!!! ROAAAR!!!!
do you have a crush on anyone
- maybe a little but no
what i like about myself
tattoos- NOPE!


surgery- C: 0 surgeries!!!
- 0000000!!!! :D
best friend- hmmmmm best friends plz <D Gilberto and Cordova
vacation- ooh… Mexico, DF I think…

Lets be real

eating- nothing XS I don’t want to eat, I feel weird
drinking- water!!!
listening to
- Oki Doki!! - Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story xDDDDD
waiting for- hmmmm nothing!
want any kids- YEP!!!! :] not now obiously but I really want to have my poops in a future <3
want to get married
- yeah! sure!! XP I don’t like to be alone
career- AnimatorPLZ!!!!!!!! or character design for a cartoon or game (GAME GAME GAME)

What is better:

lips or eyes- eyes!!! <3
hugs or kisses- welll it depends.. I don’t hug a lot but I really love hugs!!! also kisses PPRRRR  EVERYONE LOVES KISSES!! I mean,  WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE?……..AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! JOOOOKESSSS!!!!!!
shorter or taller
- what? shorter or taller what?? girl??? things??? eehhmmm… taller?????…what???
younger or older- older plz!! … not like a granps but yeah!!!
romantic or spontaneous- I LOVE SPONTANEOUS ROMANCE!!!!! B]
toned stomach or nice arms- … tha heck is toned…. eeehm… what? NOOO!!! I don’t like tumors in my body!!!!
relationship or hookup- HOOKUP IS FOR THE SEA DUDE!!!! RELATIONSHIP….relationboat….

Have you ever

kissed a stranger- well… if you think about it every girlfriend is a stranger you don’t know until a year … soooo!!! yeah!!!!
drank hard liquor- DEAUGH NO!!!!… well yep.. one day my grandma said -HEY DAVID!!!! DRINK WITH ME!!! OR YOU ARE A BABY??? and I said -NO NO GRANMA!!! ALL FOR YOU!!!!….it was tequila without nothihg…. OOOOH MAAAAAAAN!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!
lost glasses or contacts
- neeeh I don’t need glasses
broke someones heart- NO! I would never do that shit, I don’t like when someone breaks my heart… I really don’t want someone pass through that horrible feeling
been arrested- neeeeeh!
turned someone down
- hmmmm I think so but telling the truth, sometimes the truth hurts but it’s better that way .
cried when someone died- absolutely!

Do you believe in

yourself- HELL YEAH!!!!
miracles- neeeeeh
love at first sight- HAAAAAA!!! WHAT IS THIS?!? A TELENOVELA?!?!?1
sants clause-

kiss on the first date- e///U////e hehehehe

-I am busy taggin people! <D so if you want to try it, take it!!!

Christmas Traditions

Author: thepsychicclam
Type of Work: Fic
Title: Christmas Traditions
Rating: T
Word Count: 1656

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” Stiles sings. He’s sitting in the front seat of the Camaro beside Derek, with Isaac, Erica, and Boyd squeezed into the back.

“No,” Erica says, lunging across Isaac and through the seats to snatch the iPod before Stiles can react. Isaac grunts when she elbows him in the face and leans into Boyd’s space to get out of her way. “I’m not listening to you sing this horrific song.”

“I kinda like that song,” Boyd shrugs.

Erica rolls her eyes and scrolls through the iPod while Isaac agrees with Boyd. “You both would. All three of you, so lame.”

“It’s not that bad,” Derek says from the driver’s seat.

Erica flicks her eyes up and glares at the back of his head. “I hate you all. You’re all screwing with me, aren’t you?”

Stiles sees the corner of Derek’s mouth raise in a smirk. “Maybe.” Stiles loves seeing Derek like this – relaxed and playful, full of freaking Christmas cheer. Like, he’s wearing a Santa hat.

Derek Hale is wearing a Santa hat. 

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Me: *sitting on the porch with my grandma’s kobo that I borrowed forever ago when I realized I could transfer fanfic onto it*

Grandma: Oh, is that my kobo? I was looking for that.

Me: Yeah.

Grandma: What are you reading?

Me: Uhh… Captain America fanfiction.

Grandma: How did you get that on there?

Me: The website lets you download it.

Grandma: And you know how to put it on there?

Me: Yep.

Grandma: That’s neat.