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Well, that looked like it hurt-
On the bright side I won’t have to draw those darn fins anymore! :D

Chapter 2: Renegade
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Reaction To Seeing Your Tattoo

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Um, ig they’re meant to be good friends?
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You sifted through the cabinet in search of another bowl.
Sighing, you reached further, your sleeves exposing your arm and your shirt rising.


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He’d see it, but divert his eyes. He’d be a bit bewildered, confused as to why he never knew you had a tattoo and surprised as well.
He’d think about it a lot tho, each time he saw you basically. He’d try to rack his brain for if you had ever mentioned tattoos and/or what it could possibly be of.


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Yuta’s a perv
At first he’d be kind of astonished, but his surprise would quickly grown into a smile.
Highkey would think it’s a bit sexy and would definitely want to get a better look.
He’d be the type to tease you about it later, smirking as you coughed awkwardly, bewildered he even knew.


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*feels betrayed you never told him, feels like he should know everything about you*
He wouldn’t bring it up, but he’d certainly take note of it.


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Boy thinks it’s hot as frick frack.
He’d ask you about it immediately as he lifted the material of your shirt away from it gently, not shying away from getting a better look.


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Similarly to Taeil, Taeyong would pout that you never told him about it, but he wouldn’t be solemn like Taeil, just playful.
He’d point to it, whining playfully about how as your friend he should know if you have a tattoo.