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I have a question. I remember seeing a post about there being some kind of purple parasite thing that is inside Fresh!Sans and it's called the Fresh Parasite(correct me if im wrong). Also Kid!Fresh doesn't seem to have it. So did the Fresh Parasite, like, infect him when he got older and he uses his sunglasses to hide it or something? I guess he doesn't want to freak his brothers out.


Meet Fresh!

So, yep, that creepy-crawly? That’s Fresh! He’s a parasite. So, every time you talk about Fresh!Sans, what you mean is Fresh-possessed Sans.

(Side note: Generally, referring to the host as ‘Sans’ isn’t right either, since the whole Lucidia redesign… Buuut that’s a whole another can of worms!)

Fresh, being a parasite, can’t survive for long without a host body, so he takes over people and feeds off of their soul’s energy. As a side-effect of such activity, you get a really cool visual of a soul stuck in the eye(socket)!

Neato, right? Well, the hosts probably wouldn’t agree, but no̕ ̵ơ͠ne'̡s̶͏͟ ̴͘a͟͠͡s̷k̀͠i̢͠͠n̵͡g̶͟ ̀th̀͟è͟m!̢ 

Ahem. Aaanyway…

@alainaprana has this beautiful ongoing comic called MommaCQ, where Geno, Error and Fresh are siblings.

But, since Fresh being a parasite throws a monkey wrench into that…

…he gets to be a regular kid. With personality, quirks and a whole pack of issues that come from being based on the original Fresh, of course!

But, being a regular kid, he has regular eyelights, yay!

Welp, hope that was helpful!

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana

Okay but an AU with the 13 Reasons Why boys having games night (with Taffy and Justlex)...
  • Alex: Why the hell do Jeff and Bryce keep winning? Their cards are rigged or some shit. Who the hell shuffled?
  • Tyler: Of course Bryce is gonna win cards against humanity
  • Monty: I swear Clay and Jeff keep exchanging cards- that's why Clay's in his lap, Jeff can cheat
  • Bryce: Maybe it's just because none of y'all's are funny, Zach and Clay might as well not even be playing
  • Zach: Yeah, well at least we're not relating all our answers to our boyfriends like Justin!
  • Justin: What? Just 'cause I'm gettin' some and you're not?
  • Clay and Jeff: Actually-
  • Tony: Guys! ...
  • Alex: Seriously, Justin?
  • Monty: Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Standall here, seriously?
  • Alex: Hey, don't agree with me
  • Justin: Don't agree with him
  • Tyler: Guys-
  • Everyone: Shut up!
  • Tyler: I was just gonna see if anyone wanted the last slice of pizza, but I guess it's mine
  • Clay: It's yours
  • Bryce: Look lets just go another round
  • Alex: Why? So you can kick our asses again
  • Bryce: Yep
  • Justin: I have a better idea
  • *Justin and Alex start making out*
  • Clay: Seriously Justin? Is it necessary for you to do that when we're all right here
  • *Justin gives Clay the finger*
  • Monty: This game sucks
  • *Monty throws his cards across table*
  • Tony: Agreed
  • Jeff: Mmm
  • Tyler: Yeah
  • Monty: I'm going to get a beer
  • Bryce: Fine, bunch of losers
  • *Bryce flips the table*
  • Jeff: Did he just-
  • Clay: *nods* He did
  • Zach: This is why we can't have nice things
  • James: what?! and you all know?
  • Sirius: ya
  • Remus: yep
  • James: what?! why didn't you tell me?
  • Lily: im sorry i didn't think you could keep it a secret
  • James: what?! i am an excellent secret keeper, i have kept all of our secrets
  • Sirius: what secrets?
  • James: oh no no padfoot, im not gonna tell you because i am an excellent secret keeper
  • Sirius: *lower* tell me later?
  • James: *lower* you already know

(To all my supergirl fans just think of yourself as Kara and your boss as Cat✌)“Damn it, damn it, damn it” you had woken up late today because your stupid alarm hadn’t gone off, it was only your third week working at Sinclair Media your boss Elizabeth Sinclair was not the nicest person to say the least, you knew that she was going to rip your head off today for being late you quickly put on your clothes and rush to your work. As you enter the elevator you’re met with the most striking blue you had ever seen you realise the eyes are part of one of no the most beautiful girl you had ever seen you knida just stand there gawking at the godess in front of you until you hear her clear her throat she smirks at you “You know you should take a picture it’ll last longer” you blush and look down “How come the floor gets to see your beautiful face and I dont” you look up at the angel and clear your throat the blush still evident on your cheeks “S-so you must be new I haven’t seen you around here before then again its only my third week here” go y/n you managed to get a coherent sentence out and only stuttered once you think and smile “Actually I don’t work here I just came to visit someone” the smile you had leaves your lips of course someone like her has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend “My Mom” she says a smile returns to your face you sudenly realise you hadn’t asked for her name “Im y/n” you say as you reach out your hand “Margot” she says as she takes your hand you feel a spark as your hands meet “Its a pleasure to meet you y/n” she says as she looks into your eyes you gulp “Its a pleasure to meet you too” you two kind of just stand there lookining into eachothers eyes until you hear a ding you signaling you had reached your floor all the happiness drains from you ass you realise you’re still late “Shit Miss Sinclair is going to kill me” you say as you run out of the elevator you reach Miss Sinclair’s office “I am so sorry my alarm didnt go off” you start making excuses “Tell me w/p/y/n (wrong pronunciation of your name) do I pay you to make excuses and be late” she asks you “n-no” you stutter “Then why are you here doing both these things” she asks clearly annoyed “I” you begin but get cut off “Maybe I should hust fire you right now” she says you’re nearley in tears when you hear a familiar voice “I see you’re still as irritating as ever mother” you look up to see the same striking blue eyes you saw in the elevator wait a minute mother!“Margot I didn’t know you were in town you should have called” Miss Sinclair says “I thought it would be better to tell you in person” your Angel says “And if you must know the reason y/n was late was because I spilled coffee on her this morning and she had to change” she says “Is this true w/p/y/n” MissSinclair asks you “Ughh yes she spilled coffee on me that is why I was late” you say “very well il let it slide this time but if your late again I’ll kick you out of this building myself” you sigh as Miss Sinclair goes back into her office “So you’re my mom’s assistant” I hear her voice say in my ear I jump back “And you’re my boss’s daughter” I say “Yep” she simply says and if it was no big deal “Oh god I flirted with my boss’s daughter” I wisper the I see her smirk oh shit she heard me “Flirted so i guess I was reading you right” she says you blush and start playing with you’re glasses “Yes you were but it was highly inappropriate for me to be flirting with you and it won’t happen again” you say she smiles and then says “So its out of the question for me to ask you out on a date then” you stare at her in shock and say “Yes it ughh would be inappropriate but I dont know of i would say no” you whisper the last part hopping she wouldn’t hear it she did “You wouldn’t say no” she says you blush “Then y/n would you do me the honour of going to dinner with me friday night” she says you know you should say no you know that Miss Sinclair will actually kill you if she finds out but instaid of a no you end up saying “I would love to” Margot geys a bright smile on her face you were about to say something when you hear Miss Sinclair yell “W/P/Y/N” you turn about to go to Miss Sinclair’s office when a hand grabs your own Margot looks at you and hands you a small piece of paper she says “Call me later and we can talk about friday” you smile and rush into Miss Sinclair’s office as she yells your name again (So I finally posted something after 85 Long Years I hope yall enjoy it and again Not my gif😄)

I always see posts on tumblr about preparing for university but they all seem very tedious to me’ too many rules and ways to follow ugh. I’ve always lead the daring life of a procrastinator. 

It takes a while for you to catch on to the whole “I’m in university now and this isn’t high school anymore” train and when it finally happens, it may seem like you’re too late.Trust me, you are not the only one who feels (or will feel) like this.

 So here is a list of things that I found out during (and after) my first year in university. Hope this helps all the future college/university students and procrastinators out there!

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I feel like making gifs rn so pls excuse me if there is a gif dump in like a few hours. I apologize in advance :^) {/grovel}

Just Like Me

Could you do an imagine where a new girl joins Alexandria and the others tease Daryl that she could be his sister because she is similar to him in many ways down to the dark hair hanging in her face.

Hope this imagine turned out the way you liked!

NSFW: swearing

Alexandria was the closest thing anyone would ever get to normal. And it really was the first time Daryl had ever been in a normal setting. It took some time but he got used to it and embraced it, accepting everyone there as family as he had done with his own group. Still, he rarely made eye contact and the more his thin hair grew, the harder it was to see his face. And that made reading him so much more difficult as his blue eyes spoke more than his mouth. His eyes gave him away every time.

“Think I’m gonna go out on a run,” Daryl declared, “I can see we’re runnin’ low on a few things.”

“You sure you wanna go alone?” Rick asked.

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, throwing his crossbow over his back, “Work better alone anyway. Haven’t you figured that out by now?”

“Alright, alright,” Rick chuckled, “Just watch yourself out there.”

Daryl had been gone for most of the morning and into the afternoon. He’d caught quite a few squirrels and a possum as well. He wanted to stay out longer in hopes of catching something bigger like a deer. But he’d actually done pretty well this time around. Everyone would be plenty fed when he brought this back. And it would be best to get back home before it got dark and he did have a long way to go after driving a little farther than he’d originally planned.

As he headed towards his truck, rustling from the bushes behind him made him come to an abrupt halt, slowly loading up his crossbow. He took a deep breath before whipping his body around, facing a young woman who had a gun pointed at him.

“Drop your gun,” Daryl ordered.

“Not until you drop your crossbow,” the girl said. She was covered in dirt and sweat. Leaves and twigs were tangled up in her greasy hair, her clothes sticking to her body, exposing a stick thin body that clearly hadn’t been given food in days. He almost felt sorry for her. She didn’t look like a bad person, just hungry and tired.

Daryl held his hands up in surrender, relaxing his body so she would feel more at ease, “Look, I ain’t gonna hurt ya. You alone out here?”

The girl narrowed her eyes, lowering her gun slightly, “Yeah.”

“I’m from this place,” Daryl explained, “There’s food and shelter. And a shower. I’m bringing this meat back. You can come with me if ya want.”

“I don’t know,” she muttered, “How do I know this isn’t some kind of trap?”

“I can’t prove it to ya but if ya really don’t believe me, then I’ll just leave right now,” Daryl retorted, “Or you can trust me and come back with me.”

“Fine,” the girl snapped. She checked her gun one last time to ensure she had enough ammo to protect herself. Keeping her gun raised and her guard up, she followed Daryl to his truck. As he tossed his squirrel and possum corpses into the back of his truck, the girl walked around the area surrounding the two of them.

“Would you come on?!” Daryl snapped, “We gotta get back before it gets dark!”

“Fuck off,” she shot back, “I ain’t sure I trust you a hundred percent yet.”

After she did her search and realized they were truly alone, she was satisfied and got into the truck with Daryl, though she remained tense and unsure. Daryl wasn’t going to try and convince her that she didn’t need to be cautious. Hell, he was surprised she’d even agreed to leave with him. Maybe she was just desperate enough that she would take any opportunity to have something to eat and a bed to sleep in. Or she was placing Daryl in a trap of her own. She was almost as unreadable as he was.

Seeing the gates of Alexandria for the first time and seeing that there were actual people inside, she was stunned. Turns out this stranger was telling the truth. However, that didn’t mean she would automatically be welcomed with open arms. When Rick and the others guarding the gate noticed a passenger in Daryl’s truck, they reached for their guns.

“Wait a second,” Daryl snapped, “She’s good, she’s good. She’s already jumpy as it is. Ya wanna make it worse?”

“Who is she?” Spencer inquired.

“Don’t know,” Daryl replied, “Found her while I was headin’ back. She’s got nothin’.”

“She’s got a gun though,” Spencer argued, “You let her keep her gun? I thought you were smarter than that.”

“Fuck off,” Daryl snapped, stepping forward with his fists clenched. With the two men prepared to use their fists, Rick stepped in and pushed them both away from each other.

“Both of you knock it off,” Rick demanded, “Spencer, that girl looks harmless. I mean, look at her. She kinda reminds me of Daryl when I first met him.”

Glenn piped in with a laugh, looking over at the girl still sitting in the truck, “She does!”

“Stop,” Daryl grumbled.

“Are you sure the two of you aren’t related?” Glenn continued, “Her hair even hangs in her face the way yours does.”

“I’m done,” Daryl muttered. He approached the truck, tapping on the window to get the girl’s attention, “You gonna come out or what?”

The girl shrugged, which earned more laughs from Glenn and Rick, “Guess so.”

She opened the door and climbed out of the truck, glaring at everyone surrounding her. Glenn nudged Rick, “It’s like being back in Atlanta all over again.”

Rick smiled and nodded while Daryl cringed and gestured for the girl to follow him. She glanced at Glenn and Rick, frowning in confusion, “What the fuck are those two giggling like schoolgirls about?”

“Nothing,” Daryl said, shaking his head, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just get you some food and some clothes.”

The girl nodded and she reluctantly tucked her gun back into its holster, “Guess I should thank you…ya know…for getting me back here. Don’t think I would’ve lasted much longer out there.”

“I can tell,” Daryl said, “Looks like it’s been weeks since you had somethin’ to eat.”

“Pretty much,” she said, “All I had left was this gun. And even then, I barely had any ammo left. You guys have running water around here?”

“Yep,” Daryl replied, “Shower and everything. Good thing too, ‘cause you really need one.”

“Oh fuck you,” she retorted, “You’re a giving this place the worst first impression right now.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Daryl scoffed, though he allowed her to see a smirk on his lips, “You’re free to leave at any time.”

“Such an ass,” she whispered. Daryl took her back to the house and sat her down in the kitchen, bringing her some fruit and bread. She ate slowly despite wanting to devour everything in front of her. She didn’t want to overwhelm her stomach.

Daryl took an apple from her bowl of fruit and sunk his teeth into its green flesh, some of its juice dribbling down his chin. He wiped his face with his sleeve as he chewed, watching the girl nibble on her bread. He hated to admit it, but he saw what Glenn and Rick were talking about. She did remind him of himself in the beginning and how he still occasionally behaved. But like him, she couldn’t hide her emotions as they were displayed clearly in her eyes. No words needed to be spoken, it was all in her face.

“So,” Daryl said as he swallowed. She looked up briefly as she popped another piece of bread into her mouth. Now that she was fed, she looked a bit livelier, her eyes wide. He chuckled, gesturing to her with his apple in his hand, “You got a name?”

Hope you liked this and thank you for reading! As always, be sure to leave me some requests! Thanks so much and I love you guys!


more PMD doodles from today from my tweeter.

I love the Guild from Explorers of Sky it’s so good, especially Wigglytuff. Best guildmaster am i right???

also the team im gonna have for the newest one bc i’m cool like that

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thousands of years of Chinese imperialism? lol what are you talking about. you're probably not even Chinese, you say you're European in your response to a different ask. and you also support migrants from lower IQ/violent/islamist countries flooding Europe as well? pretty insane. the reason why SEAsia is a basket-case compared to China, Korea, and Japan is due to their own austro-asiatic/indian influences, their more theravada/buddhist cultures of monasticism, and lower IQs than NEAsians. not im

you have internalized the whole “west is best” narrative (ironically enough, since you always make petty complaints about media representation or diversity in western countries…) maybe you want to mold the west to become more cosmopolitan, which is honestly ridiculous because most of human history, at least for East Asians, did not include massive groups of different cultures living together. China was always homogeneously Confucian (w/ a legalist undercurrent in govt. administration), lol

And the award for the worst and dumbest ask I’ve got in 2016 goes to…what is this mess even…?

(Also you guys this is kinda what I mean where there are fools who believe East Asian cultures are superior and shit on SEAsia/South Asia. This is the first time I’ve seen this combination include a dash of European far-right style racism and Islamophobia tho. A first for everything?)

Sorry, back to you anon. Lmfao, go on, try and find where I EVER said I was white or English. Because, amazingly, there are non-white people who live in Europe. Including Chinese people. Why, because there were British colonies in Asia! Also, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Europe is not 100% Pure Whiteystan and the UK hasn’t been so, at least since the Romans. Do I need to pull up that old post that talked about how modern Europeans are a huge mix of ancient hunter gatherers, Middle-Eastern farmers and Eurasian nomadic herders? Oh my god. Humans have been intermarrying since forever. Shocking, I know. 

The rest of the shit you wrote proves how you understand approximately 0% about how ethnicity is constructed and how the Han Chinese ethnic group was formed in particular. You really have a hard-on for racial homogenity, well I’m sorry I don’t because a lot of my family is Southern Chinese (+ a Vietnamese great-great grandma) and history says Qin Shi Huang and the successive Han dynasty expanded into what is now Southern China and genetic studies actually show there is a gradual difference the further away you get from the Yellow River! Amazing, right?  Because Sinicisation! Forced assimilation! Because there were other people actually living there before the invaders came from the North and I guess they ended up marrying the invaders! Not terra nullius, alas. Next thing, you’ll tell me Zheng He was actually Han Chinese. Also, inbreeding is bad. Just saying. Yep, thousands of years of imperialism. I mean, it’s not strange at all that China dwarfs so many of its surrounding countries in size. Also, I’m mystified who you can just completely ignore how China has minority groups, who aren’t Han. So does Japan have non-Yamato Japanese. I mean, especially given how the borders of China stretch to Central Asia too. But yeah, whatever, go marinate in your fantasy of East Asian racial homogenity. 

I don’t how it is logically possible that China was Always Homogeneously Confucian given that Confucius himself lived around 400ish-500ish BC and what we recognise as the earliest recorded Chinese dynasty is the Xia, which is supposed to have existed in 2000 BC. Or we can go with Shang, given there’s more evidence for that. Still, unless Kong Zi was a time traveller… And lol sure, let’s pretend Confucian ideas were all 100% fantastic and that the misogynist view of women didn’t contribute to dumb as hell things like foot binding. Sure. Go on about how East Asia is sooooo much more superior than South and SEAsia and the Centre of Civilisation even though Indian Buddhism influenced East Asia culturally till today, SEAsia has several major UNESCO heritage sites and China didn’t consider it beneath the Middle Kingdom to trade with these regions for centuries

Also that whole Races Have Different IQs thing is so last century. I mean, people realised that those studies never corrected for socio-economic factors like poverty and access to healthcare and education etc. And the scientific consensus is that race doesn’t even have a basis in biology. Genetics just don’t work that way, unfortunately. 

Thanks for making a fool of yourself. This ask was so wild I actually sort of had fun with this.

Prove it- Lashton one shot
  • Luke: Ash, guess what.
  • Ashton: what luke
  • Luke: I was on tumblr today and I saw something kinda...weird.
  • Ashton: what do u mean by
  • 'weird'?
  • Luke: Well I guess it kinda depends on how you look at it.
  • Ashton: okay, what was it?
  • Luke: um ok, i was sitting there and like some fan that I followed posted a fanfiction thingy.
  • Ashton: ooh, I love fanfiction. Go on.
  • Luke: weirdo. well, it was kinda about like two guys..
  • Ashton: oh. ok. continue.
  • Luke: and like, their names were Luke and Ashton
  • Ashton: wow, what a coincidence.
  • Luke: yeah, I don't think it was a coincidence
  • Ashton: oh...
  • Luke: yeah.
  • Ashton: what was it about.
  • Luke: well, it was kinda graphic...
  • Ashton: oh.
  • Luke: yeah.
  • Ashton: how long did you read it for?
  • Luke: like, 5 mins.
  • Ashton: yeah, okay.
  • Luke: okay, 10 mins tops.
  • Ashton: speaking of tops...
  • Luke: omg Ashton, you know it was obviously me.
  • Ashton: I doubt it.
  • Luke: you know I would top if we ever, you know...
  • Ashton: no, I would. Don't try to deny it.
  • Luke: do you want me to send you the link? I read a little further and guess what? It's me.
  • Ashton: no, I don't want to read about us doing the do. It's just a fanfiction. You know I top.
  • Luke: oh yeah?
  • Ashton: yeah.
  • Luke: prove it.
  • Ashton: srsly? U want me to prove it to you.
  • Luke: that's what I said.
  • Ashton: fine, but this is only a one time thing. Michael and Calum aren't home, right?
  • Luke: Yep it's just you and me.
  • *three hours later*
  • Ashton: oh my god Luke.
  • Luke: 😏 told you.
  • Ashton: wow, I wasn't expecting that.
  • Luke: always expect the unexpected.
  • Ashton: Jesus. I didn't know you were that big.
  • Luke: i didn't know someone could moan that much, but I guess we're both learning stuff today.
  • Ashton: I'm sorry i doubted you.
  • Luke: yeah, well you weren't that bad yourself 😉
  • Ashton: oh, stop it.
  • Luke: so, you free tmw?
  • Ashton: definitely.
You were, and still are the love of my life

If you haven’t seen the episode Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox yet, maybe don’t read this one. It doesn’t have any spoilers really since i changed up the story pretty much completely, but its up to you :) 

Dean x reader

Word count: 1952

Summary: You grew up with the boys, you and Dean were teenage sweetheart, but being in the business people loose touch, what happens what you meet again nearly 10 years later?

You woke up to the sound of your phone buzzing on the couch next to you, you groaned and picked up your phone still half asleep to see who’s it was. You didn’t recognize the number so out of curiosity you answered it. “Hello?” you said into the phone still sounding groggy from just waking up, “Hi, is this Y/N?” a women asked, “Who’s asking?” You said in defense not wanting to give out your number to just anyone. With a small laugh the women continued, “Oh you hunters, you can’t let your guard down, can you? I’m Asa’s mother, and it brings me pain to inform you that my son has sadly passed away, the wake is being held tomorrow, i know you were a friend of Asa, so i thought it would be nice of you to come. We thought it would be good to salt and burn his body surrounded by people who loved him.” You immediately sat yourself up and tried to wrap your head around what you just heard, realizing his mother was still on the phone you had to say something. “Oh wow, I’m so sorry for your loss, it would be a pleasure, i’ll be there.” Once you hang up the phone you got on the road, since his home was quite a drive from were your motel was at the time. Asa and you had been on a few hunts together, he was a good friend of yours and was always there if you needed him, it hurt to know he was gone but you couldn’t let it get the better of you.

After 8 long hours of driving, not including pit stops. You rolled up to his house, you were amazed every damn time you saw it, it was beautiful. It was still pretty early but a few cars were already there, you knew most of Asa’s friends and was excited to see them all again. You knocked on the door slightly nervous but when you heard Bucky’s voice you were relieved, As soon as he opened the door a smile spread across his face, “Y/N! How you going girl?” He said pulling you into a hug, you giggled, “Hey, Bucky. I’ve been good, you know the usual” You say with a smile, “Well, come on in!” Bucky said holding the door open for you. You walked in to exactly what you expected, a bunch of loud, drunk hunters. Just then a lady approached you, “You must be Y/N, it’s so nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you from Asa, he really liked you.” She said with a smile pulling me into a light hug, “I’m so sorry for your loss, Asa was a good man” You said with a soft smile, “He was, if you’ll excuse me” She said while walking past you. “I’m gonna go grab a beer” You said with a sigh. You walked into the kitchen and glanced at the tub of iced beers, walking over you picked one up. You turned and walked back into the main room, “Well, we got beers with no label, that’s a good sign” You said with a giggle popping one open and looking up at Bucky, “I brewed them myself” Bucky said with a wide smile spread across his face, “Oh yeah? Have you told that to everyone who picks one up?” You said with a light laugh, “well yeah, yeah i have” He said proudly, just then you saw Jody walk in the door with two men you didn’t get a good look at, “Jody!” You say jogging over to her pulling her in a tight hug, “I haven’t seen you in ages, how are you holding up?” You say to her giving her a small smile not wanting to be too forward, “You know, could be better, but at least you’re still kicking” She said with a laugh, “Hell yeah i am” You said cockily, “Oh right, Y/N this is Sam and Dean” Jody said trying to introduce you to each other. “Holy shit” you say under your breath, mouth hung open as you stared towards the two brothers who looked just as shocked as you were, the two brothers you grew up with and loved, hell you still love them. And Dean, your first love, your first everything, practically your teenage sweetheart. You thought your heart was going to pound out of your chest. Before you could say anything you pulled them both into a hug, you hadn’t seen them in what nearly 10 years. “I take it you know each other?” Jody said with a confused tone in her voice.

Deans P.O.V

As soon as we walked through the door I heard a familiar voice, my heart dropped. “Jody!” I turned to see her, Y/N. She ran up to Jody pulling her into a hug not even looking sideways at us, has she even noticed? She looked as beautiful as ever, suddenly I felt 17 again, the same damn butterflies in my stomach I hadn’t felt since her. I got snapped out of your trance by Jody looking at us “Oh right, Y/N this is Sam and Dean.” Jody said pointing towards us, Y/N mouth fell open and her beautiful Y/E/C eyes went wide. I could stare into her eyes forever. “Holy shit” I heard her mumble pulling us into a hug. As soon as I felt her arms wrap around me I knew I was screwed.

Reader P.O.V

“I can’t believe it! What its been, nearly ten years now?! God have I missed you boys” You said with a a huge smile spread across your face, trying to pretend you weren’t totally freaking out. “Oh Jody, I basically grew up with these two, learnt how to ride a bike together, the whole lot. Not to mention me and Dean here were total sweethearts” You say with a hint of sarcasm in your voice turning your head to face Jody so she wouldn’t be so confused, “Oh right, well I’ll leave you guys to catch up then” Jody said while walking away. “Y/N it’s great to see you! What have you been up to?” Sammy said pulling you into another hug, “Oh you know, same old, motel to motel, monster to monster” You say with a chuckle, “Hey! I don’t want to be too forward or anything but why don’t you come live with us?! We have this bunker up in Kansas, not even kidding its the safest place on earth” Sammy said with a hint of excitement in his voice. Deans head shot to face Sam, eyes wide, that was the first he’d even moved since they showed up. “Really? I mean if you guys want me to?” you say trying not to show how excited you really were, “Yeah we would love to have you come stay with us, wouldn’t we Dean?” Sammy said nudging his brother, “Uh yeah, i mean if you want to” Dean said rubbing the back on his neck. 

The rest of the day was great, except for Dean awkwardly hovering around you. Once everything was wrapped up you followed the boys to their car, your mouth hung open as you saw the Impala. “Wow, so this babies yours now huh?” You saw walking around it to get a good look, “sure is” dean said with a grin, which was also one of the only things he’s spoke to you today. On the drive back, you ended up falling asleep in the back seat of the car, you started to wake to hear the boys saying your name, intrigued, you stayed still not wanting to alert them, “what the hell would you want me to say Sammy?” Dean said with a sigh, “I don’t know, that parts up to you, but you need to tell her Dean, if anyone’s right for you, its her” Sammy said with sternness in his voice. What the hell is going on? you thought to yourself“Oh yeah, hey Y/N I’m in love with you, have been since we were damn 15, that’s not weird at all” Dean said with his grip on the steering wheel tightening. “Look Dean, were nearly home, just do what you gotta do” Sammy said turning to look out the window. You quickly shut your eyes trying not to move a muscle, not smiling in that moment was nearly impossible. You felt a jolt, meaning the impala had come to a stop. “Y/N? Were home” Dean said softly shaking your arm sending goosebumps across your skin just from his touch. “How long was I out?” You said with a fake yawn, “nearly the whole ride, now c’mon i want to show you around” Dean said with a grin holding the door open for you.

“Wow, so this place really is the safest place on earth huh” You said to dean while walking around the room, Sammy no where in sight. “Yep, do you want me to show you your room?” Dean asked raising his eyebrow at you. “Now my bedroom is right there, so if you ever need anything just shout out, and Sammy will show you his room later i guess” Dean said while pushing the large metal door open giving you the first look at your new room, it was dusty, and would definitely need a clean, but it had everything you needed, and with a few of your personal belongings, it would be perfect. “Its not much but-” You cut Dean off by spun pulling him into a tight hug, he was tense at first but eventually relaxed into the hug wrapping on arm around your back and the other placed on the back of your head, “Dean, It’s perfect but i think we should talk” You sigh sitting down on the bed throwing your bag on the floor, he gives you a confused look and sits next to you, “Yeah of course, whats up?” Dean said placing his hand on your knee sending chills up your spine. “Seeing you today, it’s been amazing, I’ve missed you boys like crazy, i tried to find you a few times but struck out obviously, I just want to make sure were okay, i mean we left everything in a pretty bad place and-” before you could finish your sentence Dean cut in, “Y/N, don’t sweat it, that was a long time ago, I’m just glad we have you back, and uh… i wanted to talk to you about this actually” Dean said nervously playing with his fingers, “hmm?” you said as a response letting him know you were listening, even though you were fairly certain you knew what he was going to say. “Y/N, the last day i saw you, it was hell, you hurt me, a lot. And if I’m being honest, in these last ten years, i tried believe me, but I could never find someone who made me feel the way you do, and I saw you today and i felt like i was a damn teenager again feeling things i hadn’t felt in ten years. You didn’t even have to try. You were my first kiss, first bang, first everything. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love you Y/N, so damn much, i always have even if I let myself believe it or not.” Dean said looking you dead in the eyes, you swore it was like he was looking into your soul, you was speechless, not knowing what to say you leaned in and pressed your lips against his without warning, wrapping your arms around his neck, he was tense at first but relaxed into the kiss and let his hands roam down your back, before it could get too heated, you pulled away and looked deep into his green eyes. 

“Dean Winchester, you were, and still are the love of my life. And that will never change” You say leaning your forehead against his with a smile. 

don’t flatter yourself,
this isn’t the first time
I’ve been used
and it won’t be the last
because I’ve never doubted
my replaceability
or how much I could
matter to those who matter to me
so go right on ahead
and keep at it
because I should be used to this by now
being used and replaced
and I am
kind of.
—  –this is not for you