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voltron witch au

i was inspired to share my personal headcanons for @catnippacketswitch au !! their headcanons may differ from mine, but this is simply my elaboration off of their idea!

lance: water/sea witch

  • so many sea trinkets
  • shells, rocks, sand, driftwood, salt water, beach glass etc.
  • a lot of them are scattered around his room; on windowsills, tucked next to picture frames, decorating his workspace.
  • others he likes to turn into jewelry
  • loves making + enchanting jewelry, is very generous and enjoys giving his creations to his friends
    • “sorry you had a bad day, i added a charm to this cone shell necklace i made for you for protection”
    • “sand dollar dust for good luck! go get ‘em, buddy!”
  • meditates a lot, always trying to remain Cool, Calm, and Collected™
  • is actually A Mess the majority of the time, emotions very similar to the ocean’s tides
    • has the most trouble keeping his sacral chakra balanced (emotions, sexuality, self expression)
  • strong connection with the moon, performs a lot of rituals to better connect w + understand her
  • (though he considers himself secular)
  • aromatherapy!
  • is a very sentimental person, and strong emotions buried deep inside of him can be drawn out by certain scents
  • he’s not afraid of his emotions, and therefore has shown great interest in aromatherapy
  • often asks keith to make incense for him using his essential oils
  • cause lance is bad at it and keith is a pro (but lance’ll never admit that)
  • his grimoire is an absolute Mess
  • just a shitty torn up blue composition book covered in stickers and sigils and messages from his friends
  • he just shoves shit in it there’s no organization whatsoever
    • “lance i just wanted to compare correspondences my lap is literally covered in sand right now”
  • bath magic !!!! super into glamour and bath magic
  • has tried to make his own beauty products but found that pass-times such as baking aren’t high-up on his list of talents
  • sometimes him and hunk will make products for lance together, but most of the time lance will just buy some trustworthy and organic products from his favorite metaphysical shop or flea markets
  • lifetime supply of rosewater
  • poplar wand - feeling - (water) emotions, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, empathy, dance, instincts.
  • grip made of fabric from an old, beaten up Childhood Baby Blanket
  • is almost always humming and will 100% get a new song stuck in your head everyday
    • sings during rituals
    • sounds like an irl siren
    • beware

keith: fire/desert witch

  • lots of rituals
  • rituals involve lots of dancing (which he’s actually very good at)
  • uses his athame in every and any way possible - often incorporates it in his dancing
  • technically considers himself wiccan, but dislikes labels
  • worships the major planetary bodies in our solar system, though mainly focuses on the sun and moon
  • is a peaceful witch until provoked, then will show no remorse when he curses/hexes ur ass sorry honey
    • shiro always tries to convince him not to, but he isn’t normally very successful
    • lance and pidge are both total enablers for cursing lmao get him
    • everyone is so surprised when hunk; sweet, kind, caring hunk, encourages keith’s habit
  • (but lance could never actually curse someone, he just lives for drama)
  • (pidge could)
  • (pidge will)
  • writes everything in charcoal
  • constantly covered in charcoal
    • lance: uhh dude you got a little *points to the smear of charcoal on keith’s cheek*
    • keith: oh thanks *wipes cheek with charcoal covered hand* did i get it?
    • lance: yep yes yeah you got it buddy
  • burns written spells/sigils to activate them
  • just burns everything tbh
    • “split ends? no no, i lit my hair on fire”
  • no feeling in fingertips lol
  • makes incense for lance despite the massive headaches he gets from the strong scents
  • dabbles in blood magic
  • candles + wax everywhere
  • enjoys making different salts
  • endless supply of fire-salt
  • owns one (1) cactus
  • enjoys different textures and fabrics, therefore owns a bunch of tapestries and altar cloths
  • has world’s shittiest handwriting, but has a really cool (fake) leather-bound grimoire that he found on a road trip in the mid west
  • doesn’t remember the shop name
  • doesn’t remember the shop

pidge: green + tech witch

  • herbalism!
  • loves making jars + bottles using their own herbs
    • sometimes uses some of hunks crystals
    • or any other objects of importance, depending on the spell
  • seriously though their room is a mess it’s fllled with plants on shelves and hanging and on the floor
  • jars and bottles everywhere
  • random pieces of tech all over the place
  • do they have an actual floor? who knows
  • corners of their room are covered in mold and moss and there’s dirt all over the place
  • dirt under fingernails 24/7
  • relies heavily on their pendulum when making literally any decision ever, ranging from:
    • “should i eat this sandwich labeled ‘hunk’?”
    • to
    • “should i pack up my shit and leave to find my family (whom i cherish and love more than anything in this plane of existence), completely disregarding the safety of the entire universe and the fact that i will backhandedly and indirecting be the one responsible for the rise of the galra empire?”
  • recently got into making elixirs/potions (from hunk)
  • makes special gem elixirs to water their plants with
  • makes different ones depending on the type of plant and or what problem it’s having
  • sigils on everything
  • writes in anything they can - dirt, spit, tears, blood
  • pretty low-key tech witch, just really likes tech + adds simple magicks into their work
    • writes chants + spells in HTML
    • desktop background sigils
    • emoji spells
    • etc
  • e-grimoire that’s surprisingly pretty organized
  • only because its digital tbh they can’t keep papers and folders organized for shit
  • see: their room

hunk: kitchen/cottage + green witch

  • loves all types of cooking, but baking particularly!  
  • loves gardening
  • very generous!!!! loves giving!!!!!!!
  • bonds with pidge over plants :’)
  • has a shared greenhouse with them
    • they each have one half of the greenhouse, but they help each other out with their plants when needed
  • loves comparing grimoires with his friends
  • his grimoire is a big file-folder looking journal
  • it’s pretty tidy and he puts a lot of effort into it, but he’s not super artistically inclined when it comes to paper and pencil so it’s rather plain
  • though he is very crafty in other ways!!
  • super into knot work
  • picked up/dabbles in a little jewelry making thanks to lance
    • though he uses his crystals as jewelry pieces, not sea trinkets
  • crystal healer!
  • is! such! a! good! healer!
  • basically always has a stable root chakra
  • steady as a rock (or so he lets on)
  • always grounding himself
  • sometimes he’ll have to take off his shoes to better ground himself, but he’s become so good with his chakras that he normally doesn’t need to
    • actually experiences his emotions like a Normal Teenager should, but has taken on the self-appointed role of being his friends anchor
  • really enjoys tea and makes blends for himself and his friends
    • pidge is absolutely hooked on hunk’s tea for getting rid of cramps…God Bless………………..
    • tries not to rely on superstition, but indulges in the occasional tea leaf reading
  • his room has lots of shelves/cabinets because he likes having as much walking space as possible
  • has his mattress on the floor tucked in the corner
  • spreads out his workspaces in the center of his room on a small blanket when he needs it
  • lots of dried herbs
  • enjoys browns and oranges

shiro: space witch

  • Casual Astronomer™
  • eats lunch at midnight lol
  • hates coffee but needs caffeine to keep himself awake
  • hunk makes him good Wake Up teas
  • pidge has a special potion they’ve created that’s basically like death coffee
  • he only drinks it when he’s really desperate
  • he cares a lot about his health, so he tries to makes sure that he gets enough sleep
  • he’s still always tired no matter what though, the poor guy
  • has the stereotypical witch wardrobe
    • lots of black flowy clothes/dresses
    • sharp winged eyeliner
    • layered witchy necklaces
    • tons of rings
    • big floppy black hat
    • black nail polish
  • has basically all known constellations memorized and can point them out at any given time during the night
  • has a bunch of astronomy-related tattoos
  • does his own tattoos/stick n pokes
  • enchants and makes his own ink
  • has given everyone in the coven a little stick-and-poke on their wrist of their elemental symbol
  • picked up photography in his teens and has managed to get some really amazing shots of the night sky
  • plain black grimoire
  • really enjoys the dark, therefore does everything in it
  • spells, rituals, etc
  • glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and walls of his room

allura: hedge witch

  • utterly fascinated with the Other World
  • most connected with her third eye and crown chakra
  • is always up at ungodly hours because she knows certain spirits are up at those times
  • her workspace is basically just a place where she can contact spirits and deities
    • centerpiece is an offering tray
    • grey chalice
    • her basic setup has melted white candles, though she’ll change the colors depending on who she’s planning on contacting
  • astral projects nearly everyday, mostly during the evening/early AM
  • she tends to spend around 1-3 hours in the other realm, but could honestly spend days if she could
  • she texts shiro whenever she plans on beginning, and texts him afterwards
  • that way if she does get lost or distracted and takes too long to return, shiro can come and help her out if needed
  • though there’s never really been a situation where he was needed in that way
  • allura knows what she’s doing, friends
  • probably owns a mug that reads “i’d rather be astral projecting”
  • most experienced in the coven
  • comes from a  family of witches, learned from her father
  • has the prettiest most organized, coherent, and detailed grimoire
  • seriously her handwriting is amazing
  • super good at calligraphy
  • loves:
    • palm readings
    • tarot
    • astrology
    • divination
    • aura readings
  • notices a person’s hands before anything else
  • makes her own tarot decks! they’re so pretty
  • has decks for all her friends
  • her and pidge sometimes use each other’s pendulums :’)
  • can tell a person’s sign simply by observing their mannerisms for a short period of time
    • someone: does literally anything
    • allura: ugh you’re such a [insert sign here]

I’ve never been one to really give into the whole Valentine’s Day thing too much. I mean, I did propose to my wife on it, but that was a sort of spontaneous thing that just happened when it did, and it could’ve happened any day of the year. But I think I can safely say that, not only was this year’s day was the best ever, I’m convinced that I got the single best gift a person can get. My wife gave me a daughter. The only problem with that is I have no idea how I’m ever going to be able to one-up her. So, really, it’s both the best and worst thing ever.

A Cautionary Tale
  • Gf: Do you want Salmon or Cod tomorrow?
  • Me, a very decicive person: Ummm
  • Gf: Would you grab some milk?
  • Me: Ummm... what?
  • Gf: Green beans or peas?
  • Me: Ummm...
  • Gf: Selene, this isn't you. What's going on? Did you forget to put up your wards before we left?
  • Me: Fuck. Yeah. I'm so nauseated and have one hell of a headache. Fuck.
  • Gf: Your energy is stronger then that around you. Put up a temporary until we get home. Dont forget your wards again. This isn't good.
  • Me: Yeah. Yep. Yes. Agreed.
Angel (Warren Worthington) smut: "I'm yours"

“Y/N! Hey Y/N! Look what I just found in the record store by my Mom’s house!” You took a startled step back from Peter as he unexpectedly sped up to you out of absolutely no where. Your leg hit the side of the coffee-coloured couch you were just about to sit on, and instead of falling back onto the couch, you fell towards the floor.

Peter tilted his head to the side. “Shit” he cursed as he carefully placed his brand new record on the table across the room before running right back over to Y/N and caught her mid-air to stop her from hitting the floor.

“You alright?” He asked as he sat you down on the couch instead of the floor. “Yeah ye- yep. I’m never gonna get used to he whole speed thing, like ever” He chucked and moved his glasses off his head, pushing some of his hair off of his forehead. “It’ll take seem getting used to Y/N, don’t worry you’ll get there soon”

“If you didn’t knock her over,she wouldn’t have had to get used to it” Warren’s voice echoed from the other side of the library.

Y/N looked up at her oldest friend and shook her head. “You know he didn’t mean it Warren” “He still did it Y/N. One of these days he could get you hurt” Warrens metallic wings folded behind his back and he leaned against one of the bookshelves “Oh, just like dragging her with you to join Apocalypse wasn’t going to get her hurt ,huh bird-boy?” Peter jabbed as he grabbed his Album off the table and sped back over to sit beside her on the large, leather couch.

Warren’s eyes blazed with anger, his wings stretching out before folding back behind him and walking out the library door, his footsteps echoing down the long stretch of corridor.

Y/N hit Peter’s shoulder with a hard-backed book. “Peter what the hell? That was completely uncalled for!” You scolded your friend as he rubbed his sore shoulder. “He deserved it Y/N/N! He can’t come in here preaching to me about putting you in danger when he asked you to go and join Apocalypse with him!” Peter’s usual way of speaking when he’s nervous or slightly scared creeped in. His voice sped up to about 20 miles and hour. “Peter if you don’t stop talking so fast I will hit you with this book again”

The speedster sighed. “He’s annoying” You chuckled “He’s my oldest friend Peter, I’ve been with him since I was 12. He’s as annoying as hell but then again so are you road-runner. Plus he’s the one I got my music taste from.”

Peter looked taken aback. “Bird-Boy is the one who taught you about hard-metal? Thought he’d be all into pop or some shit” “Nope. My music taste is his music taste” “Speaking of which I got you something, just to try and corrupt you in my own little way”

Peter reached around and presented you with a ‘Def Leppard’ album. “Aw you shouldn’t have” you wrung your arms around his neck and hugged him. “Am I still annoying?” “Yes” ————————————————————————————-

Warren looked up from his arm once he heard the loud thump of footsteps coming up the stairs. “Warren!” You voice called from the hallway.

He didn’t answer, knowing you’d find him soon enough. He looked back down at this arm and continued to stitch it up, feeding the needle and thread through his flesh.

“War- hi” she stepped into the large open hall and spotted him in his favourite place in the mansion: a huge circular glass window that looks out over the back of the mansions grounds.

He looked down at her as he tied off the thread, biting the end off with his teeth. He stood up, spread out his massive, metallic wings and glided down to her. “Yes”

You caught sight of the wound on his arm and grabbed it. “Warren, what happened?” “Training with Scott.” He shook his arm out of you grasp and kept walking “Why do you care anyways, thought you’d be with Peter” You caught with arm again, ducked underneath his folded wing and went to his front, noticing the other new gashes on his bare chest that you could have sworn weren’t there yesterday.

“Don’t be like that Warren, you know he’s just my friend. What the happened to the rest of you?” “Training robots hurt like hell. Don’t worry they’re already starting to heal, one or two might leave a scar though,but the rest are fine”

“I’m sorry about what Peter said earlier, but we both know it’s not true. I chose that not you” “Maybe you wouldn’t have chose to come if I didn’t”

She dragged her hands from his chest down his abs and around his back, leaning against him. Hugging herself close to him.

“Warren I’m three months older than you, I’m not five” He gave a small laugh and hugged her back. “That’s debatable” She rolled her eyes and pulled away from him.

“Come on, I’ve got something I want to show you” She took hold of his hand, seeing as is arm was already Newley healed thanks to his healing factor and dragged him along behind her. ——————–––————-————–——————•–––––––––––––––––––––

He shut her bedroom door behind him as she let go of his hand and walked over to her record player.

“This” she held up the disc “was a gift from peter, to you and me” She flipped the Def Leppard disc into the player and switched it on.

Warren plopped himself down on her bed, looking over at the photograph of the two of them on her bedside table and smiling to himself. “Is this supposed to change my opinion of him?” He asked with a smile. “No” she said walking over to him and taking both his hands. “It’s supposed to get you to dance with me”

He groaned. “Aw come on Warren” she pleaded “Fine” he gave in and moved off her bed to stand.

He surprised her by immediately pulling her close to Him as he began to sway her gently to the music. So close that their lips were almost touching.

“Y/N we need to talk about this” “This?” “Us. I mean for gods sake we’ve been having casual ‘one-offs’ with each other since we were 17. Your my best friend and I love you but I wanna be something more to you” “I know Warren, I love you too. But I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I don’t want to ruin our friendship and make it awkward”

Warren sighed “Y/N, I’ve loved you since forever, and seeing you with Peter today that drove me insane because I love you, and I want you to be mine” “Warren, I am yours. Peter’s just being friendly” “You didn’t see the way he looked at you. It’s the same way I used to” “What way do you look at me know?” “Like I want to worship you, your body, everything you do. Back then it was just a crush but ever since that night after the battle, I’ve been hooked”

You felt yourself growing wet at the memory of your and Warren’s time together that night.

“Then do it. Make sure Peter knows I’m yours. Make sure everybody knows.”

The words had no sooner left your mouth when Warren hoisted you up by your hips and pressed you in between him and the cold,hard wall. His lips captured yours in a slow, passionate kiss.

Nothing Warren ever did with you was fast. It was always so slow and loving.

The next song on Peter’s record began to play. The song was called “Love bites” and Warren was quick to set his one to that of the song, slowly moving his lips against yours.

He turned away from the wall, still holding you up and slowly lay you down on your messily drawn bed.

Warren’s eyes were on absolute fire. The fire burning inside them blazing as if it were fuelled by petrol, but it wasn’t, it was fuelled by you.

He crawled above you, the bed dipping further downwards with the joint weight of his wings. His lips found your again, but slowly drifted off and to the side. Paving a path down your neck. Your hand gripped the back of his head as he carefully sucked a large mark just under your jaw before continuing downwards. He pulled his lips away and moved his head down the length of your torso, looking up at you for permission to remove your clothes.

You nodded once and he began lifting your shirt over your head and tossed it across the room. He then kissed back down the length of you neck, chest and stomach before popping the button on your jeans and slowly yanking them downwards and off your feet, taking your soft, but filthy socks off with them.

Warren drank in every detail of your body. He’d seen you like this before but he had never been able to call you his own.

He looked to you again for permission to rid you of your underclothes and he made quick work of removing them gently.

Now, completely exposed to him, Warren rid himself of his trousers and socks, leaving him in only his underwear.

Warren kissed the pads of your feet and each toe individually before travelling slowly upwards, your breath and heart rate increasing with each centimetre he moved.

He began by gently nuzzling your centre with his nose, then dragging one long lick of his long tongue between your folds.

You gasped, back arched, legs locking behind his shoulders.

He did it again, this time paying more attention to your tiny bundle of nerves which were just screaming for his attention. “Warren” you groaned lowly “Louder” he said before sucking your bundle into his mouth and slowly ravishing it with his tongue

“Warren! Ah!” You screamed as you come undone before him. Your breath ragged and unsteady.

Warren leant back away from your core, his mouth glistening with your sweet sweet juices.

He freed himself from his underwear and pumped his member twice in his fist.

“You ready for me, Y/N?” “Yes. Warren I need you now” you could barely speak from the intensity

Warren lined himself up with your entrance, slowly moving his cock through your folds a few times to make sure he would slide into you nicely.

You felt the thickness of him inside one once he entered your core. He pulled back out before slowly moving in and out of you at a slow and steady pace.

“Warren…f-faster, please”'you begged him and he did as was asked,mis face contorting into one of absolute bliss as you began to contract around him.

“Ahahhah!” Your voice began to break from screaming so loud from the pleasure.

Warren thrust his gloriously toned hips into you once more, spilling his himself inside you pushing you right over the edge.

“Y/Nnnnnn” he moaned out as you came around him.

He moved inside of you a few more times to prolong your pleasure as much as possible but it only lasted a short while. But it was amazing.

Warren pulled back out of you and lay down beside you,pulling you close to him and moving both your legs across his.

“Warren wh-” you cut yourself off when he took your clit in between his thumb and forefinger. Slowly massaging the overly-sensitive nub and watching your face’s every move. He slipped his pinky inside you and began rubbing your walls.

‘Warren ’ you moaned out slowly as you came again quickly after being so over stimulated.

He pulled his hand away and sucked each finger clean.

He moved up the bed a bit and slid his wing beneath you as you caught your breath. You turned, resting your head upon his scarred chest and running your fingers along his abs.

“ I think it’s safe to say they all know we’re going out now Warren”

He laughed and kissed your forehead

“I think that’s a fair assumption to make”

This is for the anons who requested more Warren plus @sectum-draco and @superwholock-5sos

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I need someone who knows struggle as well as I do. Someone willing to hold my feet in their lap, on days it’s to difficult to stand. The type of person who gives exactly what I need. Before I even know I need it. The type of lover who hears me when I do not speak is the type of understanding I demand.
—  Rupi Kaur | Milk & Honey🌷 … the type of lover I need …

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warm tea🌸

Warm Tea: What’s your favourite tea? If you don’t like tea, what’s your favourite drink?
Well, this is kind of funny (or the dumbest thing you will see) but I don’t like drinking any kind of tea, I don’t like it’s taste. Instead my favourite drink is Nestea. Yeah. Yep. Yes. That’s me. Yep.

Mall AU!Moobin
  • you dont even like coffee
  • but you find yourself at the mall Starbucks during your break almost everyday
  • its almost ridiculous
  • but you always get the smallest size at starbucks (which is, weirdly enough, a tall) and a good glimpse at the cute barista
  • if youre lucky you get in a good long stare
  • and he thinks you the girl who works in the food court but always gets coffee from starbucks is really cute
  • the most you do is say hi to each other and sometimes hes the one taking your order
  • hes starting to think the way you leave him tongue tied is dumb
  • so one day in the middle of summer while you come in to get your daily coffee he gets a napkin ready with his number on it
  • you dont notice what hes actually doing youre too busy staring at his arms in his sleeveless tank while he writes
  • “you want your usual?”
  • he smiles at you
  • his s m i l e
  • and youre like “yeah yep yes the usual yeah” and he smiles and winks and hes all 
  • “coming right up” and then he turns around so his back is to you and screams silently bc wtf bin wyd whyd ya wink shes gonna think ur a creep
  • hes thankful you dont notice
  • he works up the courage to give you his napkin number thingy
  • and when he gives you your drink he makes sure to brush his fingers against yours and smile at you a little longer than usual
  • and he gives you the napkin
  • “barista bin here, couldnt help but think you’re cute and i would love to hang out, text me?” with his number after it
  • you call him when you get off and that’s where your coffee shop au begins
  • maybe someday itll end in a domestic au
His New Anchor -- Liam Dunbar Imagine

Part one

warnings: mild swearing

The lights are dim when I pull up to the house. I get out of the car and collect my two bags. I’m finally home. The door swings open and my brother comes running at me, his goofy smile on his face. “(Y/N)!” He exclaims and tackles me down on to the grass. I fall back, dropping my bags and he lands on top of me.

“Stiles!” I laugh and he smiles.

“I missed you so much.” He says and helps me stand up. I hug him after.

“I missed you too!”


“Scotty!” I shout and pull away from Stiles. I go over and tackle Scott in a hug. He spins me around and then sets me back on my feet.

“Come on (Y/N), you need dinner and you have school tomorrow.” Dad says.

“What’s for dinner?” I ask picking up my bags.

“We ordered Chinese.” He looks over at Scott. “For four.” He smiles and takes one of my bags. We all head back in the house and I set my stuff at the bottom of the stairs. I look around. Nothing is changed. Well, just Stiles’ junior picture is on the wall. We sit at the table and start eating.

“How was your private school?” Scott asks.

“Food sucked, beds sucked, some teachers were okay but others-”

“Sucked.” Stiles says.

“Yeah, sucked ass.”

“Okay sassy, calm it and eat your egg roll.” Dad says laughing a little.

“Wake up baby sister!” Stiles shouts, coming into my room. He jumps onto my bed, onto me and starts wiggling around. I groan.

“Stiles, get off!” I complain. “I’m getting up!” gets off then runs out of my room. Okay, I know this kid is spazzy but he is too spazzy. He gets up and runs out. Okay, I know that kid can be spazzy…and that was a lot of spazziness coming from. I stand up and shut the door. I pull out a black jeans, an off-white (very) light long sleeve, a jean vest and tan leather high top sneakers. I put them on and let my hair sit in their waves. I put on a little eye makeup to make my eyes pop. You know, because they’re brown. After that, I to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

I slip my phone into my jeans pocket and grab my bag. I bounce down the stairs, Stiles right behind me. We go out to the jeep and head to school.







“You’re ready for your first day!” He exclaims and I laugh.



Misunderstandings | Jeon Wonwoo | Part 8/14

Pairing: Jeon Wonwoo X Reader

Summary: You thought he was a devil worshipper, he thought you were a stalker. Turns out, both of you were wrong.

Genre: fluff/angst/comedy

Word Count: 2,017

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