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The Office

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Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3364

Warnings: Swearing

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“I guess what I’m saying is… we should see other people.”

I bit my lip hard and held back tears. A million thoughts ran through my head at once, but nothing seemed to make sense. Weren’t we happy together? I guess not. Because here I am, getting dumped.

What did I do? Why doesn’t he like me anymore? Did he even like me to begin with? There must be another girl. No, he would never cheat.

I lifted the corners of my lips as much as I could without falling apart.

“Yes, I think that would be best too,” I lied. Not wanting to look pathetic by overreacting and breaking down, but also wanting to get the hell out of here as fast as possible.

I turned away but found myself glancing back at him one last time.

“Goodbye Dylan.”

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A Letter to my First Love

Hey yo! I’m turning 19 this month already! Yep. I’m growing old already. I remember growing up with You. Well, my parents first fell in love with You, so it was kinda like a demand for me to like You, too until one day, bam! I really did fall for You. It’s greatest thing any girl can do in her life, it’s to fall in love with You and and live her life as a journey with You. So thank You, for walking with me. I don’t think it’s possible for me to list all the things You’ve done in my life but right now, it feels so great to just refresh my mind with all the things we’ve been through all these years. I lived my life as an adventure because that’s what You wanted to me do. I wasn’t alone because I have You. You walked with me. Sometimes, You’d even carry me when my feet cannot do it anymore. You’re one step ahead of me but at the same time, You’re still in my side and You’re also in my back. That’s how we do it. For that, I am grateful.

I want to say sorry right now for the things I did and did not do. There were times that I would just ignore You because I don’t feel like facing You and the truth that has been revealed to me. Maybe because truth hurts. But the truth also heals. And I also feel sorry for the times that I neglected You. No excuses for that. I am sorry. But here I am now, still Yours forever and always. That’s our deal right? Forever and always. Cheesy but that’s how Your love goes. It goes beyond the infinity this universe can offer. I love You, too.

God, I know that there are things in my life right now that I don’t think I understand. Yes, I get happy and sad with these things. I just don’t get it. Or maybe I do, I just don’t admit it. It just comes to this point wherein I get so confused with things and I don’t even know if I have to go on with them. This is the part where You have to make Your voice louder and You also have to open my heart so I could understand what You want to say. Especially now that, You know. Speaking of You know who, God, You put him in my life. There’s gotta be something I need to do in his life aside from making him happy in ways that I can do. I will let You lead me into leading him to You. That’s all what I want to happen. Please, I don’t know what to do.

Anyways, storms are coming into my life. I can see it now. So please, let the storm fade in the right time or just calm me while the storms are currently hitting me. I know I can do the things I have to do because You put me in this area. You have Your purposes even if sometimes it gets blurry to me. Just guide me, please Lord. Thank you. I love you.

Calm Christmas

It was snowing heavily, but inside Baker Street, the fire was crackling and blankets were in abundance. The telly was pulled out to face the sofa, where Molly and Sherlock were laying together.

Having been shushed numerous times, Sherlock had finally fallen quiet and simply watched the movie playing on the screen. In his arms, Molly was watching her favourite holiday film happily. Every so often, Sherlock would press a kiss to her neck and she would smile and wrap his arms tighter around her.

As the final scene of the movie played out, the main characters singing White Christmas while snow finally fell in Vermont, Sherlock glanced down at Molly. Her eyes had fallen closed and her lips were parted, soft breaths escaping as she dozed lightly.

Sherlock traced her features with his gaze, taking in the soft nose and brown lashes.

Of all the things he’d been blessed with in his life, he counted her as the greatest of them.

Tugging the blankets higher around them, he breathed in deeply of the pine candle burning nearby and the unique scent that was his Molly and joined her in contented sleep.