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What are some headcanons for what the S&M brothers would do if their s/o was obviously overworking themselves in school or work and were neglecting their personal health/hygiene in order to continue studying/working?


Shu -

He’d pester you until you finally took a break from your work in a very Shu like way.
Be prepared to share a bath together, he’s a bath shark
Cuddles, and lots of them, while your food is being cooked
Don’t even think of going back to work because the sloth now has you caged.

Reiji -

He is so proud that you are so diligent but you really should take a break, you’re starting to smell.
A warmth bath and a massage are always a good idea to help with stress, look Reiji even put a bath bomb in the water.
Nice hot meal, your favorite, and tea to help you rest.
Reiji is being affectionate take this opportunity and don’t ruin it.

Ayato -

Hey he wants you to make him takoyaki so you better do it because he’s not letting you work until you do!
Cooking takoyaki for Your’s Truly will destress you.
After that he may cuddle with you, but you can’t go back to work, expect a massage but not a good one.
He may do something nice like pop popcorn and watch your favorite movie with you

Kanato -

❣Oh he’s pissed you aren’t paying attention to him
❣Heed the warnings, if not you may just end up with all your hard work ruined.
❣bubble bathes and cuddles
❣Sweets are also a must and don’t think about going back to work you still need to baby him.

Laito -

Hands creeping up your thighs alert you to him and no matter how much you shoo he will not go away
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you know what’s the best thing for stress because Laito does ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
After fun time it’s bathes and cuddles and macrons
You ain’t going back to work because Laito has effectively made sure you cannot walk so sit back, relax, and do a few crosswords with him.

Subaru -

Tch, idiot don’t overwork yourself, not that he cares or anything, just STOP
Walks, walks help him clear his head… maybe something else also happens in said garden( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
How about a scented bath and a foot massage? Food and a movie?
Cuddles? He can do that too just don’t go back to work yet he’s not done babying you.


Ruki -

Livestock he is proud that you are working so hard but even he needs a break, so take one.
Nice warm bath with the steam just right and rose petals? Yep
Books, tea, and soup brought to you while you relax on the couch? Yep
Cuddles as he reads to you, maybe a nap? Yep and he even let’s you sleep a good few hours.

Kou -

Masokitty pay attention to him, he’s let you ignore him~ Whining distracts you from your work
Steamy showers with Kou and naked cuddles after… maybe something else if you’re lucky.
The room is stocked with chocolate and sweets so you don’t have to worry and he even set up cat videos to watch.
You aren’t going back to work you have to repay Kou for ignoring him and letting him baby you so much.

Yuma -

Okay Sow you’ve worked long enough now you gotta help him and relax.
Yuma’s not fluffy or romantic but he does make you at least go outside with him for fresh air.
Warm bath where he let’s you wash his hair without a fight? Hell yeah.
He makes you stuff your face and get in bed, he’ll even cuddle and we all know he’s not very cuddly.

Azusa -

Doesn’t say anything at all just burns a hole into your head from staring, you’ll break eventually.
A warm bath with a bath bomb is waiting and he wants to help wash your hair and back… his hands will also wander but you don’t mind now do you?
He lives for cuddles so be prepared for cuddles and movies.
You don’t even think about going back to work because he chooses the best movies. 

Surprises (Avengers x FemReader) fluff

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(( gif not mine - it scares me slightly wth ))

(A/n): Broo, I have not written for Marvel in so long fuck

Request:  A Marvel request, this time: Reader is the youngest of the Avengers and they all see her as a little sister. She has written a fantasy novel and shyly asked Steve to read it. With her birthday approaching, Steve decides to illustrate her story while Tony sets everything in motion to publish it as soon as the Reader gives her Okay. On her birthday, they present her with a beautifully bound and illustrated copy of her novel. Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Fluff bois


(Y/n)’s hair wasn’t made, but it still bugged her that Sam just had to go a ruffle it more.

“Morning, squirt.” the dark man chuckled “Thought of anything you want for your birthday yet?”

She mumbled something in reply, waddling to her spot at the large oval table. It’s dark stained wood easy for morning eyes.

“Sam sit’own, it’s time to eat!” Tony barked.

The avenger complied, forgetting about the girls lack of response, and claimed his chair across from Bucky and next to Steve. The rest of everyone else were already situated in their respective spots.

Eggs and bacon, waffles and orange juice were dished out. Idle words charmed the morning air between bites and swallows.

Something like this was common but never common enough. All of them had contradicting schedules so a sit down of this sort was highly valued. Even if when (Y/n)’s eyes glided across the table and could only see other sets of tired ones to match hers; they would always be paired with genuine, dopey morning smiles as well.

“Anything new with anyone?” Natasha asked generally, sipping her black coffee.

“There’s this publisher-” Tony uttered with his mouth stuffed full of bacon scraps “He’sh a real big fwan of Iron Man. Said if I evar haff any books I wan’ published, to call ‘em.”

“Oh, really?” Steve commented “That’s nice of him.”

“Sure was,” the brunette swallowed and laughed “but I don’t exactly have any raw manuscripts lying around in need of publishing.”

“I think I might actually tell him thanks but no thanks.” Tony finished with a swig of his juice.

“Well, I find it odd to offer a billionaire inventor a publishing job.” Bruce chimed.

He and Steve both stood to clear their plates, taking anyone else’s that asked.

“Umh, Steve?” (Y/n) spoke up. She gently rose herself from her chair, swiping her plate up with her.

“Hmm?” the soldier hummed in response.

He was manning the sink, stringing up a hand as the girl approached him; wanting her plate. Though Steve didn’t take a second to glance her way, the small team member still willingly gave up her plate.

“Do you mind coming up to my dorm after we clean up. Please?” (Y/n) asked.

Though a moment of silence, Steve did eventually agree.

❆   ❆   ❆

Soon after the first meal of the day was cleared, the two team mates met in the arranged location.

(Y/n) opened the door softly to allow Steve in, then just as gently, shut it behind him.

“I only wanted you up here to show you something small I’ve been working on.” she said, shuffling to her bedside table for a moment.

Steve bore confused eyes but had them complimented with a welcoming smile. He watched as (Y/n) took out a bound mess of papers, some splotched with inky dots.

“I ah- well I wrote a small novel. It’s a fantasy of sorts…” the girl trailed off.

Steve held out a hand to take the papers from (Y/n). She seemed hesitant before releasing them.

“You wrote all this?” He asked after flipping across some pages.

Steve saw her nod quaintly.

“I just- Tony was talking about the publisher,”

When (Y/n) began to speak, the soldier started to read some of the paragraphs.

“and that reminded me that I was going to show you this. I was going to do it sooner, but I didn’t want to waste any of your work time so I thought maybe now would be good…”

Her words fell short for a few moments before she finished with “That and.. I was never very confident in this story. I love it dearly but I don’t have much courage for it…”

“How long have you been writing this?” Steve questioned “I’m really impressed. You are seriously talented…”

The girl went silent for several seconds before replying with a small grin.

“You can take it with you to read fully, if you’d like.”

Steve smiled back down at her “Can I really?”

“Of course.”

❆   ❆   ❆

Later on in week, Steve was hauled up in his dorm, reading and re-reading the story. He absolutely loved the creative characters that (Y/n) was able to bring to life just by using words. The story plot itself was hypnotizing to him.

“Hey, hey, capcicle.” Tony called from behind Steve’s closed door “You alive?”

“Yeah, yeah come in.”

The brunette entered soundly and said “What have you been doing. You’ve been in here for like two weeks..?”

Steve looked up to the man at the door, eyes tracing his face briefly. Then it struck him, a small idea.

“Well I’ve been reading… this story that (Y/n) wrote.” He spoke softly.

Tony looked as though he was about to laugh.

“(Y/n) writes?” the billionaire scoffed “Sounds dumb.”

“Hey,” Steve hissed “she’s is actually intensely talented.”

Tony sighed from Steve’s retaliation and fummbled with his words for a few moments, studying at the others face.

His eyes squinted softly.

“What do you want from me?”

Steve grinned, a small glint in his eyes as the gears in his mind worked together.

“I’m glad you asked.”

The blond took away several minutes to explain to Tony what he wanted done. He chose his words cautiously, allowing all his excitement bleed through his statements.

He told the billionaire about how he desired to illustrate her work in full colour and how maybe this would be their chance at a birthday surprise.

After a while of listening to the soldier speak, Tony stopped him with a brisk shake of his palm.

“You want me to take up the deal with the publisher, and have (Y/n)’s novel published without her overall consent?”

Steve stood with square shoulders, slightly taken aback. He chanced his voice “Yep.”

The opposite male didn’t take the opportunity to hide his flashing smirk.

“Well then, you have yourself a deal.”

❆   ❆   ❆

The next half of the month was spent with Steve and Tony slyly avoiding (Y/n). Steve wasn’t himself a good liar, but he was still able to coax the young hero into letting him keep the book for a while longer.

(Y/n) was no doubt happy that someone took extensive interest in her works. But, even now she could tell that Steve was beating around the bush.

As of the current, the girl was trying to find Steve to maybe interrogate him.

“Oh hey, (Y/n)!” a voice pulled at her.

She came face to face with Tony.

“Hey, Tony.” (Y/n) smiled “do you happen to know where Steve is?”

Tony charmed the girl with a smile of his own “I sure do.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Oh, that’s good. Mind showing m–”

“Right this way, my dear.”

Tony had turned around and started walking down the corridor. (Y/n) abruptly followed him.

It wasn’t long before both their steps sunk through the space with nothing else opposing them.

“Wait, Tony- if you are leading me to a surprise party, it’s a little early.” the girl spoke wearily.

“Pff- I know your birthday is tomorrow. I’m not the stupid one.” Tony answered. He twisted himself into a sudden right turn, entering the lounge.

There stood a solid Captain America, he had a smile manipulating his features.

“Hey Steve!” Tony called in a bright tone “Fancy meeting you here.”

Steve and (Y/n) both chuckled and Tony stepped out of the way of the two.

The girl approached the blond male.

“Steve, do you happen to have my manuscript on you?” She asked, looking his directly in his face “You would probably be done reading it over by now…”

Steve’s smile broadened and Tony snickered soundly.

“Yeah sure, here.”

From behind his back, Steve produced a beautiful leather bound, printed copy of the small girl’s story. It made (Y/n)’s eyes widen in pure shock.


(Y/n) read and re-read the title many times before she put together the piece that this was really her book. Her pride and joy in one official copy, just handed to her.

Not missing a beat, her swiped the book from the soldier’s hand and opened it wide. Immediately (Y/n) was clad with bright eyes as she viewed the images corresponding with everything she had put in words.

Two questions crossed her mind, and she gazed up at the two men before her.

“Is this mine?” she asked first.

Tony laughed and Steve did as well. Only briefly before both nodding.

“Is this.. is this published?” she questioned again. Her smiling lips framed her eyes that were hastily growing misty.


I am glad I got this done gosh diddily darn

[Mikejima Madara] Chapter One

I don’t know if anyone else has translated it, but here’s Madara’s first substory (第一話) that you get from his three-star “Sudden Reunion” (突然の再会) card.

When someone says Anzu, I get revived from my grave…

Writer: Akira
Location: Outdoor stage
Season: Spring

External image

Madara: “Ooi! Over here~! Yahooooo☆

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so here’s the thing: i have a longfic i’m working on.

it’s not going to be done any time soon. it’s holsom, and right now it’s a bit over 4k, and i’ve been working on it since july. yep, only a little over 4000 words in nine months.

a lot of you who have followed this blog for a while have probably seen my posts about how frustrating it can be to be a mentally ill content creator. (i mean, creating content is crazily difficult, even if you’re neurotypical. but adding depression and anxiety on top of that? oh, man.) it’s stressful as someone who feels like they’re almost obligated to keep creating content for their audience to consume, and it’s stressful as an individual who feels like they’re not living up to their own expectations.

but here’s the thing: last night, for the first time in months, i finally worked on it again.

i added a whole chapter, actually. not a very long one. only about 700 words. but it’s enough to get the ball rolling, i think, get back into it a little. sometimes that’s all it takes.

so my point, i guess, is that it doesn’t matter if that WIP (you know, that one you SWEAR you’re going to finish) that’s been sitting around for a few days, or weeks, or nine months isn’t progressing, it’s okay. sometimes you gotta take care of yourself first. it’s just some words on a screen. it’ll wait for you. and it’s never too late to go back to it. don’t stress if you’ve gotta take a break, okay? especially if it’s necessary for your health. you can do this. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at one point, you’ll be able to.

and for you, dear holsom anon who sent me that prompt so many months ago, if you’re still out there, following me and seeing this–it’s the only thing i have saved in my inbox. it’s coming. one day.

White Rabbit - Five

Alice had heard the door sound and had stood just outside the guest bedroom, listening to Ellen talk to the visitors.

When she’d got home from campus she’d gone straight into the main house, bypassing Robert who was working from home and rushing upstairs to the guest room. She pulled open the closet door and sat behind it on the floor, her knees pulled up to her chest.

Since she’d made the decision to hand her folder to Dr Reid her nerves had been playing up. She managed to control them pretty well most of the time, refusing to take medication for them as she needed to be alert and of sound mind. Medication would only fuddle her brain.

When Ellen and Robert had made the decision to move four years ago, they’d purposely bought somewhere with an apartment over the garage for her. Ellen had felt guilty for not looking harder for Alice and for not being a better parent to her after their own had died, and Robert made good money in the city so a few extra thousand dollars didn’t make that much of a difference to them. But sometimes when her paranoia kicked in again, they would find her huddled on the floor in the guest room, or sat in the corner of the room; the closet door open and pulled back on itself, shielding her like it was now. Her sister and her brother in law knew something had happened to her, she’d been gone for four and a half years years after all. But Alice flatly refused to tell them what. She couldn’t. If she told them where she’d been, what she’d been involved in and the things she’d seen and knew, they’d have no choice but to call the police. And she couldn’t let that happen, not then. So she’d bided her time, collecting as much proof as she could to back herself up.

Alice still had nightmares, mainly about the two nights she’d spent wandering through the woods in constant fear that they’d find her before she managed to get back to civilisation and place a call to her sister, praying she hadn’t moved from their childhood home. Alice had started to shake again just thinking about it. She closed her eyes and counted slowly in her head, breathing deeply in and out like she’d taught herself to. ‘Get a grip girl, you’re safe. You’re fine,’ she told herself over and over.

Robert had given her a few minutes before knocking on the door to see if she was okay. She liked Robert, she’d actually confided in him more than she had Ellen. She still hadn’t told him the full story, just that she’d fallen in with a bad crowd and that she knew they were responsible for killing some people. It was Robert who had encouraged her to voice her concerns to Dr Reid once he’d seen the scheduled lecture on Alice’s campus timetable.

Ellen and Robert had been so pleased when she’d enrolled at school again. Despite having missed the last few years of high school Alice was incredibly intelligent. She tested with an IQ of 167 but she just sometimes let herself get distracted or led easily astray, something that had been her downfall when she was fifteen and in Rylon County. It had taken her ten months to actually feel comfortable enough to leave the confines of their old home to sit the required exams to graduate but once she had, she found herself becoming more and more at ease being out in public, especially once they’d moved to another state completely. She still found herself looking over her shoulder but she’d become adept at quickly scanning each room and mapping out her escape routes should she need to leave in a hurry. Ellen flatly refused to let her do what she really wanted to do though which was to carry a gun, despite that fact that Alice had applied for a permit and everything. She told her that if she found one in the house, then Alice would be out on the street.

“Ally… You okay?” Robert had called out from the bedroom door, having learnt the hard way that she needed personal space when she was like this.

“I’m good,“ she’d called back, managing to keep her voice steady.

“Did you hand it in?” he asked, referring to the folder.


“Good girl. You’ve done the right thing. It’s up to the professionals now.” He’d left her alone after that and she remained seated, hearing her sister returning from work a while later and clattering around in the kitchen.

It was only when she’d heard the front door sound that Alice had stood from her safety spot, peering out of the window to see a huge black SUV parked outside. Government issue, she’d learnt to recognise them, one of the many things she’d learnt to recognise over the years. She crept over to the bedroom door, hearing her sister trying to send them away. Alice knew Ellen was dubious about what she’d been doing when was missing, but still acted upon her younger sister’s wishes to never reveal that she lived there to anyone calling for her, without Alice verifying that she knew them first. She was grateful to Ellen for that, knowing that she hadn’t given her much in the way to trust her on.

When she’d heard the voice of the man she’d spent all afternoon listening to ask for her by her given name, Alice Bradley, she stepped out onto the stairs listening some more. They were asking about her disappearance and why her sister had never closed the police file and reported her as found. Alice had threatened to kill herself if they did, knowing that if that file was closed, she may as well be dead. They’d find her if the file was updated.

It was only when Ellen referred to the track marks on her arms that she spoke up and revealed herself, the man Dr Reid was with looking at her curiously.

When she asked the Doctor if he believed her and he revealed that he thought he did, her heart lifted; a weight off her shoulders. An FBI agent believed her. She wasn’t crazy, although she knew all along she wasn’t, she just knew that other people would assume she was. They wouldn’t even begin to comprehend what she’d been through.

Dr Reid addressed her directly, a gentle tone to his voice. “Alice, I’m Dr Spencer Reid as you know. This is my supervisor, Agent Aaron Hotchner. Is there somewhere we can go to talk?”

Alice opened her mouth to respond but Ellen butted in. “Come through to the kitchen, I’ve not long put a pot of coffee on.”

Ellen led the way, Robert and Agent Hotchner following her. Dr Reid lagged behind, waiting for Alice to step down the few remaining stairs and to move in front of him. She didn’t and he eyed her carefully.

“You want to be the last so you can run if you need to right? Just like you ran when I saw you in the parking lot.”

She wasn’t surprised that he’d picked up on that, just surprised that he voiced his observations to her directly. When people saw her little kooks, they generally just cocked their heads and kept their thoughts to themselves.

“It’s an old habit,” she told him, still not moving.

“Hmmm. It’s an interesting habit for you to have. Alice, I’m here because I believe you okay. But if we have a case, one that you’ve bought us, we’re going to need your help. Please don’t run out on us.”

She took in the Agent’s words and slowly stepped out in front of him.

“I can’t promise that I can help you, Dr Reid.”

She’d given him the file, the starting information they needed. She wasn’t sure how much more information she’d dare to reveal.

“Spencer, please. You’ve sat through an afternoon of listening to me ramble, you’ve gained the right to use my first name.” He saw from her eyebrow raise that she knew he was trying to put her at ease, but he continued on. “Whatever you’re scared of Alice, the FBI can keep you safe. But we need to know what it is.”

She shook her head sadly but started down the hallway to the kitchen. Stopping just outside of the door, she turned to him.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be safe, Spencer.”

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Boss, how do you stay focused among the chaotic finals of your schooling life? I hate to be a gut kicker in your eternal struggles, but can you give some tips for someone who can handle pressure but wants to drop their final months for pursuit of their passion? ;_;

Ohhh goodness… Let me just start off by saying, staying focused and motivated IS HARD. It has been a struggle for me to get to this point, so allow me to share my best advice, from experience. (This might be a long post, so get comfy.) 

I am finally graduating after 6 years of college, and all the while I have had a constant battle between school and my passion. For quite a while it was somewhat easy to balance the two and make enough time for my art… but as I drew nearer to my senior year, things started to get more complicated and busy. It’s been hard for me to focus on one particular thing, even my art. My passion. I’ve had many days where I’d get home from school/my internship, sit down in my chair, and watch television/Youtube for the rest of the day. 

I could barely bring myself to do chores around the house. All the while I had life and work piling around me and I felt trapped and stressed beyond all belief… I want to share this because I want you all to know that if you feel the same way you are not alone. The biggest tip I can give to get through those times, where you feel like giving up all together or you want to give up on school because it feels like it will never end, don’t give up. You can give yourself a me day every once in a while, but you need to keep moving and keep your eyes on the prize. 

Also, think about EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE TO GET WHERE YOU ARE. Take a moment to think about that right now… Yep, I mean right now. Stop reading this post and come back to me….

NOW, what have you done to get where you are? Have you worked day and night to finish deadlines/assignments? Have you worked so hard you feel like giving up? Have you improved in your art, or your work, or in your personal life?? Now, think about all of the things you’ve done and why you’ve done it. You did it to reach your goal, right? You’ve made it all this way… you can see the end, even if it’s a few months or maybe even years away…

But you can see it, right? Then don’t give up. That goal is still within reach. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste! Sure, it’s a pain to keep up with work you may not enjoy as much as your passion, but in the end REACHING THAT GOAL WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It will make you a stronger person because you had the guts and heart to stick by your work and reach your goal, no matter how far away it seemed. IT’S WORTH IT, I PROMISE. 




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New Girl On Set // Dylan O'Brien imagine

Summary: There is a new member of the Teen Wolf cast in season 4 where (Y/N) gets to play the role for a main character, Sierra, who is dating Stiles Stilinski. Dylan O'Brien is her crush since she saw him on the first episode. But there’s just something in the air between them two the first couple of days & we aren’t talking about love.

author: @obrienimagines

Word count: 2.045

Thanks to @writing-obrien for helping me a bit with this one!! :)



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“Here is your caravan.” My assistant was the best, mainly because I never had one before.

“Thanks Jenny, you’re the best.”

“Your first day on set begins in 5 days so make sure you know your script by heart. Everyone is super chill and nice so don’t worry about messing up a line or anything. Oh, and I am going to introduce you to every single member of this crew. Especially Dylan O'Brien.”

Did she really just mention that? I blushed. “Psssht. Scott can hear us, remember?” We both started laughing.


“Everyone listen please. This is our new family member (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Show her around and try to not make her run away from you little idiots, because she really is a good actress.”

“Thanks, Mr. Davis.”

“Oh please, call me Jeff.” As he walked off I got to know everyone on the set & they were all super sympathetic. Giving me nicknames that didn’t have anything to do with my actual name was one of the things Posey & Sprayberry liked to do. It was still an honor for me to be part of this “family” now.

“So you’re actually from (Y/C)?”


“That’s cool.” I talked to Posey, Shelley and Holland for a while until I turned around wanting to get myself some water and bumping straight into him.

“Oh I am so sorr-”

Into Dylan O'Brien.

“Well I didn’t broke any bones so I guess I’ll forgive you. You’re (Y/N), right?” He knew my name. He actually knew my name. My body went numb and I was speechless. It felt like an eternity until my mouth opened, because the only thing I did, was looking straight into his beautiful caramel eyes, his cute freckles that were scattered around across his face and his messy hair which looked like he ran his fingers through them a million times.

“Earth to ‘I think your name is (Y/N)”. Reality hit me.

“Uh- yea- umm.. I’m sorry. Yes, yes my name is (Y/N).” “Good, you’re cute. I think we are going to be a cute couple.” He winked before he walked away which caused me to not move at all because I was so shook.


Back to my caravan, I was lying in bed and thinking. ‘He actually called me cute. Wow. Well, (Y/N) I guess you got O'Brien-verified of being cute’. These where my only thoughts for the rest of the night where I could barely sleep. It was hard to realize which phone numbers I collected that day. The cast didn’t lie when they said they were treating everyone including themselves like a family. I was glad being in such a nice group.


It was a couple of days ago since I arrived here and they already started doing pranks on me. Once, Sprayberry broke into my caravan to steal my hair dryer because he thought it was funny leaving a girl with her hair wet throughout the day, then Posey hid my food while the whole crew was eating together as I went to get myself some water, Ryan tried to make me believe that he actually came from Afghanistan & Hoechlin threw a pie in my face while I was talking to Dylan. “I am going to kill you Hoechlin!” Running after him wasn’t a good idea since he was ten times faster than I was. Apparently, Dylan was fast too, because after I tried chasing Hoechlin he was gone. I tried to wash the pie out of my face & I looked for Dylan.

“There you are. Why did you leave we were in middle of a conversation?” I approached him at his makeup chair where he was reposting some tweets.

“I left? you clearly- Nevermind.” He clenched his teeth together.

“I’m sorry I ran off like that, you’re right that was my fault. It wasn’t a nice thing to do.”

“It’s ok.”

“So what where we talking about?”

He grinned at me. “we were talking about how good the pie suited your face.” I started laughing. “Jerk.”


The last day of the “we just gonna chill until we actually get to work-days”, we were all obviously chilling , outside the building at the benches. After a while I was going to get myself another bagel at the buffet which was next to the benches because they were delicious. Hoechlin was getting the same thing so we started talking and laughing a lot as we were there.

“So you’re saying that you actually did that on set while they were filming?” I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically about the things Hoechlin has done on set.

“Yep. And the only one laughing was me which was more than embarrassing”. I was laughing even harder until I turned around to the benches, realizing Dylan was just glaring at us.

I walked up to him and sat next to him. “What’s up?”.

“Nothing.” He didn’t bother looking at me.

“Someone’s being salty today, geez.” I know I probably shouldn’t have said that because he looked mad. “Are you still mad for me running off yesterday?”


“Is that all I’m gonna get?”


Why was he like that all of the sudden? I know it wasn’t ok that I ran off like that but still. Everything was kind of normal yesterday wasn’t it?


“(Y/N) wake up!” I heard from the outside of my caravan.

“M-mh.” Before I could get up I heard the door open. “What’s up? Why are you here so early?” It was Holland in a sports bra, some Nike leggings & shoes with her hair up in a ponytail.

“We’re going to go jogging now so get dressed, we need to stay fit.” She winked at me.

I took a quick shower, brushed my hair, put it up in a bun, threw on a sports bra and some leggings just like Holland and my super comfy Adidas shoes. “Let’s go.”

“Ok stop I am definitely done for today.” I was completely out of breath. We were jogging for about 10 minutes now.

“You need to train on your endurance more.” “I don’t think I will because I hate doing any kind of sports.” “That’s actually really sad but then let’s go back to our caravans so we can each take a shower.” She said that while she nearly tripped over her feet like she always does.

“Sure.” I giggled


I walked over to Hollands caravan in the evening so we could spent some time together since we didn’t know us so well. Some meters away from the caravan I heard some voices.

“No I won’t tell her that!”

“Tell me what?” I walked towards Dylan and Holland to meet up with her like it was planned.

“Nothing.” Dylan was being bizzare. He looked at Holland in a way like he wanted her to shut up and not spill anything.

“What are you guys hiding?” I leaned my head to the side and watched them with narrowed eyes.

“Nothing!” Dylan countered even louder as he walked off.

“Why is he like that?”

“How is he? He’s pretty normal I guess.” She was being sarcastic but she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with him all night.


I went to bed. My thoughts on what could possibly be wrong with Dylan caused me not to sleep at all. I was readjusting my pillow several times to get a position I could rest in, but it didn’t work. It was midnight & I decided to text him to come over so I could talk to him since his caravan was next to mine.

I typed.

Hey, are you awake? I really want to talk to you

I deleted it & started typing again.

Hey, really wanna talk to ya you coming over?

I deleted it again.

Hey, are you awake? Really need to talk to you.

And again until i finally texted him this:

Are you awake?

Frustrated waiting for an answer while I got these weird thoughts floating my head like

What if he doesn’t like you? Or he doesn’t want to talk to you? Or he actua-

-bip bip-

A text from Dylan.


So I started typing again.

I need to talk to you, can you come over?

I waited 2 minutes (which actually felt like 2 hours) to here that bip again.

Sure, I’ll be there in 5.

Kay, thanks.

I waited 5 minutes full of anxiety of him not coming or screaming at me for waking him up. But he didn’t show up yet.

5 more minutes went by and there was still no Dylan in my van.

I was laying down & my eyes started closing because of how tired I already was.

knock knock knock

knock knock knock

I jumped up and immediately opened the door.

“Oh, god sorry I must’ve fallen asleep.” Of course he looked beautiful. The lights of the lamps in my caravan made his eyes shimmer beautifully. He wore some light brown pants (most likely his Pyjama pants ) and a dark blue Star Wars t-shirt, that color suited him the best.

“It’s okay I came late anyways so if I was you I would’ve fallen asleep too. Ok, no I probably wouldn’t but ya know.” He laughed. That laugh made my body tense up as soon as I heard it. “Come in.”

“So what’s the topic?”

“I’m sorry?”

“The reason you wanted to talk to me at 1 in the morning.”

“Oh, yea right. You know what? It was stupid of me to bother you at 1am you really don’t have to-”

“Stay? So after I came here in the middle of the night you are going to kick me out?” He laughed ironically.

“No, no. Of course not. Look-” we both took a seat. I sat on my bed, and he sat on a chair next to it and in front of me. “-I just felt like you were really repellent.”

“Well-” he sighed. “-I don’t know, I guess I just saw you being with all the guys from our set, laughing with them, pranking each other that I just got-”

“Jealous.” I cut him off.

“No, not jealous but just.. ok yea, probably jealous. And I know this happens super fast and I have no idea how I gathered these feelings for you in just a couple of days but it happened. I literally spent over ten minutes in front of my mirror to do my hair ,that’s even the reason why I am so late, and my hair still looks the same as it did 1 hour ago.” Am I dreaming? Is Dylan O'Brien just admitting he has a crush on me? I tweaked myself. Nop definitely not dreaming. And also not talking. I had no idea what to say.

“This is usually the part where you say ‘No it’s totally not crazy’ or something along those lines.”

“Yea, yes of course. Oh my god, I’m speechless.”

“Great. The first time I get my courage up to tell a girl that I like her, ends up in a mess-”

“I like you too.” i mumbled while looking down.

“I’m sorry what was that?”

“I like you too.” I said a little louder but now into his face. He leaned in and so did I, our lips nearly touching until he fell on my lap because he leaned too far in forward which caused us both to laugh. He sat again but now on my bed. Eventually leaning in again and now our lips were finally connected. It felt magical. But I guess that’s what everyone says. We broke apart and I said “Do you want to stay over tonight?”

Our foreheads leaning on each other’s. I bit my lip while he smirked. “If you’d like me to.”

“Is that even a question?”

Both laying in my bed or better said my couch I could roll open, my head on his chest and his hand playing with my hair. It is so easy to fall asleep next to someone you love, knowing they hold you tight no matter what.

Puppy Love (Rafe Adler x Reader) SFW

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A/N - Finally I’m able to get back to writing! I’m very rusty so this is probably not my best. I wanted to get at least 2 christmassy based stories out of my boys. I worked on this on and off but hopefully I can get the Sammy fic done before xmas! I hope you enjoy this one! These were also to help me get back into writing before getting to those prompts! I want them to at least come out good! This is also my kindof own personal headcannon story that Rafe had a dog when he was younger while his parents were away on business trips. It came out longer than I anticipated

“And finally my keys?…yep that’s everything.” you smile as you pack up your handbag in the front room.

It’s about 2 weeks until Christmas and you have been pestering your fiancé, Rafe Adler, to take a day break from work and go visit his parents. You both will be getting married in the New Year and you don’t know anything about your soon-to-be in-laws, much less anything more about Rafe himself. But, Rafe being Rafe, he refuses, mainly to see his dad at this time of year. Well from what he has said “he can be very difficult at this time and I don’t like being around him during this time of year.” But that isn’t going to stop you getting to know them, even if that means you visit them by yourself.

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been a while so here’s a cute luke one shot :)

(side note: I have a new calum series coming later this week, and I am excited for you all to read!)

+ thank you for being you 

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Sludging from the lift over to my front door I could hear the water dripping from my clothes, completely drenched and forming puddles wherever I stood for more than a minute at a time. Letting out a loud apparent sigh I fiddle for my keys in my numb fingertips before picking them up along with the various momental key rings and unlocked my door. 

Hearing the gentle click of the lock sent a wave of relief through my system. Already I could hear the shower, the water pouring over my skin and the calling of my name. Temptation becoming all too irresistible.

Closing it behind me I lean against it, feeling the weight of my wet clothes holding me down as I threw my bag over onto the sofa and heard a crash on the floor. Past the point of caring I drag my feet towards my bedroom, the sounds of my shower calling my name more apparent as I felt like I was in a trance; only focused on getting out of the fabric that clung to my flesh and into the invasive warmth.

Removing the clothes that held tight to my flesh, refusing to part with me like a plaster on a scratch I tossed them to one side, hearing the sludge sound as they made contact with the wooden floor. Grabbing onto a fluffy towel I inhaled the fresh scent, goosebumps began to form on my skin, spreading at a dramatic speed.

As I turn the shower on I let out a sigh, peace at last. Steam immediately forms causing me to cough loudly as I put some music on my phone and place it on the ledge by the window. Placing my towel over the radiator I run my hand beneath the water and feel it’s heat pulling me in.

Everything began to melt away, I moved to cover every inch of my skin. For in this moment nothing else existed. Worries merely washed off of me down the drain as I focused on the enticing warmth of droplets of water running across my skin like a hot knife in butter.

I could never help but sing along to whatever I was listening to, unfortunately I don’t have the audacity to say I was a good singer in the slightest- but who was around to hear me? Out of tune and in complete content I applied my foamy shampoo, the fresh smell of raspberries made me smile as I left it in whilst I went to dry my eyes. 

As I turned around to wash my shampoo out the shower wasn’t as forceful, I checked the dials and they were on full blast. The amount of water began to decrease and I began to swear, I forced my head underneath it with little luck as all that remained was a drizzle. “Shit.” I muttered under my breath as I stood there with a foam mountain perched on the top of my head as I shivered. 

Now standing wrapping my arms around myself as I sadly looked to my shower I got out and wrapped fluffy towel on my damp skin, ashamed. Walking out of the bathroom followed by a trail of steam I got changed into something loose before picking up my bag, towel and shower supplies and doing the only thing I could think of; going to my neighbour. 

Standing by my front door I desperately tried to rack my brain for his name, and how weird this will be for both of us, especially if he says no. Pushing all thoughts aside I opened my door, mumbling something to say, a form of explanation for him to hear. Bringing my knuckle to his door I let out a sigh as I forced myself to knock it, praying that any other neighbours wouldn’t walk past any time soon. 

The door opened within moments of me knocking it, as he opened it I could see a confused expression muddled on his face along with the urge not to laugh at my hair. Smiling brightly to him I spoke before he could start laughing, “Hi Liam?” Questioning myself the name didn’t sound right. 

“Luke.” He stated with a sweet smile and internally I felt myself wanting to crawl back to my apartment and never leave but I had to be persistent, no matter how cute he is or embarrassing this may be. 

“Right.” I laughed lightly, hoping to break the tension I felt slowly suffocating me. “Can I use your shower? I know as weird as that sounds but my water just shut itself off, there’s been a fault with it for a few weeks now and it’s too late to call someone so I have to wait til the morning and I just need to wash this mountain off of my head you know?” Rambling quickly his eyes widened as he tried to keep up with my nonsense, inhaling a deep breath after that I relaxed and glanced to him with a look of pity. 

Almost in an instant he moved aside from his door, holding it open for me. “Come on in Y/n, I can’t have you wearing a foam hat for the next 24 hours.” He joked and eased the suffocating that I felt, he walked me towards his bathroom but I couldn’t help but glance around at the things he had on display. 

The books, the endless amounts of albums, instruments and bits of paper scattered too. Curious I glanced back to him and struggled to ignore how cute he actually was; and more importantly warm and kind hearted. Opening the bathroom door he indicated how to work the shower and left me to it. “Oh,” He called and I opened the door back up, smiling to him which he reciprocated. “do you want a hot drink, when you’re done?” I could see no mislead intentions in those blue eyes as he sweetly smiled, I nodded, unable to resist. 

Closing the door I turned his shower on and finally removed the foam from my hair. I tried to wash away any of the stresses from today but as I stood there I could feel them growing, multiplying as I reflected over the things I will have to do once I’m home again. I’ll have to find a plumber, find enough money to pay them, go back to work, back to my stupid job in a building I cannot stand. Get on with my pathetic existence and- 

“Do you take sugar in your tea?” His angelic voice called through the door as I stood there on the verge of tears. Clearing my throat I could feel his presence lingering on the other side of the door, patient. 

“I erm, no thank you!” I said a little too cheerfully, regretting it as I stood there picturing his smile on the other side, how I wished I paid more attention to him before now considering he is my neighbour. 

Changing into some fluffy warm clothes I dried my hair off lightly with a towel, being careful to clear the black that scarred under my eyes and I wiped it away leaving raw red in its place. Sighing as I always did at my bare face I braved seeing Luke, hand in bag I quietly closed the door behind me, trapping the steam inside. 

Standing in the hallway I looked around at the things he had on display, the few photographs hung on each wall. I assumed they were his friends and family, some of pets and even himself when he was younger- always a musical instrument in shot. Wandering back into his main space I placed my bag down next to the sofa and looked at the books he had and picked up a piece of paper on the floor. “You write your own music?” I called out and all went quite. 

Turning around I saw him place two cups down in front of the sofa on the wooden table covered in papers. He let out a soft chuckle and walked over to where I was looking at his guitar. “I erm, yeah.” Scratching the back of his neck I could see out of the corner of my eye a light blush cross his cheeks, making me smile to myself. 

“How come I’ve never heard you? I mean, I’m only next door.” I joked and we moved towards the sofa. Sitting down next to him I rested against the arm of the sofa and picked up my tea, ignoring the gentle drips of water on my chest. 

“Well, in order to hear me you would have to stop singing yourself.” Spluttering my tea I coughed loudly, causing him to laugh but as I continue to violently cough he voices his concern. “Oh shit, can I get you something?” It died down a he patted my back, not that it helped much but by the time I was done. 

Inhaling and exhaling deeply I cleared my throat and looked over to a rather concerned Luke who relaxed in his seat and the worry melted from his blue eyes. “Yep, that pat on the back did the trick there Luke.” I joked easing the tension as he sat there just observing me. 

For a while we talked, I got to learn about his friends at home and how they used to have a dream of being a band but it never really worked out. He wanted to be a musician when he quit school, moved here hoping to find something. He asked about my life, my story- so I told him. 

By the time the two of us had finished my hair was borderline dry and glancing up at the clock on the kitchen counter it had gone midnight. Yawning I placed my cold mug of tea back down in between paper and stood up. “Well Luke, as lovely as this has been I better go. I’ve got work tomorrow.” The weight immediately fell back on my shoulders as I thought about tomorrow, this having been an effective distraction, but not enough. 

“You know, I know a few people. They could help you find a more suited job?” He suggested with such care and a warm smile plastered across his face. As I took a step towards him he lowered his head, as if he regretted the idea entirely. 

“Really? You’d do that, for me?” He slowly lifted his head and then nodded. 

As an immediate reaction my arms laced around his neck, I held onto him tightly and then slowly, he reacted. His arms crossed over my waist as I remained on my tip toes, but it felt right. “Thank you Luke.” I whispered in his ear and could feel his smile. 

Pulling away I opened his front door, bag in hand and said goodnight as I went back into my own apartment. Standing against my own door I couldn’t hide the smile from myself, the one he had caused effortlessly. I got changed into some pjs, tied my hair up and as I neared my bedroom I paused, unable to force myself to settle down. Walking away from my room I found myself standing by the wall that connects our homes together, I placed my ear against the thin wall and carefully listened. 

A gentle voice sang an unknown song followed by a strum of an acoustic guitar, smiling I found myself fixating on his voice. It was different to what I had expected, but a good different, something I needed. Then it stopped, I pulled away from the wall partially disappointed to have the soft melodies end but walked back to my room. 

“Y/n?” Turning around I pause, convincing myself I’m just hearing things. Then a light knock at my door sounds and cautiously I walk over and open the door. 

There stands Luke, his hair a bit more of a mess and a half hearted smile worn but still the joy etched in those eyes that reflect moonlight. “You alright Luke, don’t tell me your heaters off.” I joked and he sort of stayed quiet, causing my heart to race a little bit faster. 

“I just wondered, and please don’t freak out.” Immediately I was internally freaking out, I couldn’t help it. “What shower gel did you use as it smells really good in my place now.” I let out a laugh of relief at his question, wondering if he was being completely serious. 

“Are you being serious?” I looked over to my clock then back at him. “Well it’s nearly 1am so I’m guessing you must be. Here come in I’ll go grab it.” He stood in my doorway as I walked back to get it and then gave it to him for preference. 

He held it in his hand and took a photo of it before giving it back then awkwardly standing there as I rubbed my tired eyes. “There was something else I wanted to ask you.” I nodded and he fidgeted on the spot before continuing, “Job interview, radio show tomorrow afternoon. You up for that?” I struggled to hold back the joy I felt again and was unable to control my emotions in term of a reaction. 

“Obviously!” I squealed and saw how delighted he looked at my answer, he leaned towards me as I opened my arms out for a hug, yet what I received was not what I expected. 

His lips against mine with such delicacy I could feel how nervous he was, after a few seconds of realisation I kissed back. Pulling away I just looked at him with wide eyes as he wore a sweet smile. “I’ll see you in the morning then, well later in the morning.” He walked out of my door and towards his own, leaving me slightly stunned. “Cute pjs.” 

Glancing down to my own attire I forgot I was wearing Mickey Mouse shorts and a slightly see through vest along with my camouflage jacket. Shaking my head and laughing quietly I shut my door and hummed the unknown tune as I headed to bed.

agoddamnrayeofsunshine  asked:

I can't handle all the angst man, so like how about having a craft day for the Voltron family. Origami and flower crowns for everybody.

HAHHAHA Lately there has been less angst! WHICH IS GOOD!! Actually there isn’t any angst prompts left anymore in my inbox! *dances around* Though I know this was sent during the angst spree of The Voltron Family XD

Saturday afternoon, the whole family was out in the park. It was Hunk who requested it, so of course who was Keith to deny his lil baby such request? They were seated on a blanket on the grass. Little Pidge was sitting on Daddy Shiro’s lap while Hunk and Lance gathered some flowers from the park’s garden…

Shiro: *sees them* You’re not allowed to pick the flowers! *horrified*
Lance: *carrying the flowers* B-But everyone’s doing it, Daddy Shiro! Look! *points at the other children picking flowers*
Shiro: That doesn’t mean you need to follow them, Lance! Hunk, I expected better from you. 
Hunk: *pouts* I’m sorry. But the flowers are so pretty. I’m.. *teary eyed*
Keith: *places a hand on Shiro* Let them off, Shiro. They can’t exactly put the flowers back anymore now, can they? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *sighs* You’re right.
Keith: *waves at Lance and Hunk to sit down beside him* Might as well use those flowers for something. How about we make flower crowns?
Hunk and Lance: *lights up* FLOWER CROWNS??!!
Shiro: I think there are some wires in the car. *chuckles* Here, take Pidge. *hands Pidge to Keith* I’ll go get them.
Lance: *throws himself at Shiro* *kisses him* I love you.
Shiro: *chuckles* Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now let go of me, Captain. Or you won’t get your flower crowns.
Pidge: *turns to Keith* Can I make them too, Daddy Keith?
Keith: Of course you can, sweetheart.

When Shiro got back with the wires, he was in charge of cutting them, then reminding the kids to be careful not to hurt themselves with it. Keith started telling them how to make the crown. Pidge was back on Shiro’s lap and he was helping her make her own.

Pidge: *hands the flower to Shiro* Put this one next to the yellow one.
Shiro: *receives it* Okay. But it’s a bit too small, maybe if we put a lot of—
Lance: Hunk! That’s mine! You can’t get that flower! 
Hunk: What? But I picked this myself, Lance.
Lance: No you didn’t. You picked the roses, I picked the danlions. 
Keith: Dandelions.
Lance: What Daddy Keith said.
Keith: Why can’t you two just share? There are plenty of flowers for everyone.
Lance: *crosses arms* Okay. But share me your roses, too.
Hunk: *smiles* Of course, anything for you, Lance. *gives him flowers*
Keith: *glances at Shiro and Pidge*
Pidge: *struggling to put her flower crown on top of Shiro’s head* *giggles* There! All done now!
Shiro: *gasps* Oh my goodness. Do I look pretty now?
Pidge: *arms wide* The prettiest! *claps her hands together*
Shiro: *smiles and blushes* Thank you, cupcake.
Pidge: *giggles and gives her Daddy Shiro a peck*
Keith: *sneakily snaps a photo* *whispers to himself* So fricking precious.
Shiro: *turns to Keith* Did you just–
Keith: Yeah. *glares* What if I did? What’re you gonna, huh? *huffs*
Shiro: *laughs while shaking his head in disbelief*
Keith: *winks* I’ll send you a copy later.
Hunk: Daddy Keith can you help me tie this up? I’m done! *hands over his work to Keith*
Keith: Of course. *ties the thing for Hunk* Look how pretty this is. *tries to put it on top of Hunk’s head*
Hunk: *stops him* No! That’s for you! 
Keith: For me? *blinks in surprise*
Hunk: *nods* Yep! Put it on put it on! *is actually the one to put it on*
Keith: *embarrassed* H-How do I look?
Hunk and Shiro: Beautiful.
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Stop making fun of me, Shiro. You have one on top your head too. 
Shiro: *chuckles* I’m not even kidding! 
Lance: I’m done I’m done!!! *places his own crown on his head* *stands up and goes around to show his whole family* How. Do. I. Look? *blows kisses*
Shiro: Gorgeous. *smiles*
Hunk: The most gorgeous, Lance. 
Lance: *flips his imaginary long hair* Tell me more~

Suddenly they realized that most of the people in the park were staring at them. It made Keith uncomfortable until one little kid approached him.

Lil Boy: Can you help me make one, too? *points at Keith’s crown*
Keith: *nervous* *touches his crown* *looks at Shiro smiling at him* *looks back at the little boy* Of course. *pats the place next to him* Come sit.
Lil Boy: *beams* sits excitedly beside Keith* Thank you! I want daisies! 

Suddenly other kids from the park went to their place and began asking to teach them to make crowns as well. It overwhelmed Keith but Shiro was too busy taking photos. “Gotta document the husband doing something cute with the kids” XD



*and breathe*

@mkjerez: Could you write a casket fic with this picture from Stana’s IG??? ❤️❤️❤️


Castle follows the glow of light that had coaxed him awake into the office, scrubbing the sleep from his eyes and squinting past the shine of the lamp to see his wife at her desk across the room.

“Kate?” he murmurs, shuffling closer and taking notice of the lack of files that usually accumulate in neat stacks across the surface of her desk. In their place, an assortment of paint colors and a handful of different sized paintbrushes consume her workplace. “Sweetheart, what’re you doing?”

Kate quirks one of her eyebrows upwards, amusement simmering in her gaze as she meets his. “We promised to contribute an art piece for Jack’s fundraiser tomorrow, remember?”

He slaps his palm to his forehead. “I’m a horrible parent.”

“No, we both are,” she chuckles, continuing to stroke her slim brush along the right side of the canvas, still mostly blank. “Or else, we would have done this last week.”

“Did Alexis already-”

“Yep,” Kate sighs, dipping the bristles into a cup of mustard colored paint. “She sent me a picture of hers while I was at work. Sean did one too.”

He groans, but bites back his grumbling about Alexis’s perfect boyfriend, who their son happened to adore. Stupid Sean.

“What about the boys, Lanie?” he asks instead, pathetically hopeful that he and his wife had not been the only ones to forget their artistic responsibilities for their son’s latest attempt at giving back taking place in the morning. But judging by the wry look he earns from his wife… “Dammit.”

“Just help me finish mine and we’ll call it a collaboration,” Kate placates him, rising from her chair to snag his from behind his desk and tugging it towards her work station.

“Is that even allowed?” Castle huffs, stumbling after her. It’s nearly one in the morning and Kate’s painting is nearly complete. 

“All Jack asked everyone to do was submit a painting to auction off tomorrow, it’ll be fine,” Kate assures him, but the frown fails to fall from his lips. 

While he had slept, his wife had returned home from her high stress job with a mission in mind, rummaged through Jack’s arts and crafts stash upstairs, and dedicated time he knows she should have spent catching up on sleep painting what appeared to be a quirky round face with a slash of a smile, animated eyes, and slightly bushy brows. 

His wife made quite the adorable artist, and he made quite the terrible parent.

“Stop beating yourself up, Rick. Promotion for the new book has hardly left you with enough time to think straight,” she reasons, holding out a fresh brush to him.

“Yeah, but you still managed to-”

“Castle. You picked up our son from school today,” she murmurs, staring up at him in the soft light of the study with something gentle and proud shimmering in her eyes. Something he hardly feels worthy of in that moment. “You brought him to the Twelfth to have dinner with me during my break because you knew I had to work late and wouldn’t get to make it home for bedtime tonight. You’re a wonderful father. Don’t ever doubt that.”

Castle’s heart swells with gratitude, with affection and her proffered reassurances, and he cups his wife’s cheek in his palm before she can sit back down, leans in to smear a kiss to the grin of her mouth.

“We’re a good team,” he mumbles, his lips quirking with the lovely sound of her laughter. 

“Always have been. Now, help me finish painting this guy,” she says, scooting her chair over to make room and handing Castle a cup of black paint. 

“Jack’s going to love this,” he chuckles after Kate has shared her vision for how to continue the rounded white face smiling up at him while she completes the last of the yellow background.

“I wanted to do something that was kind of his style.”

“Should’ve painted Spiderman,” he muses.

“Uncle Espo already did,” Kate grumbles, her lips curling while he muffles his laughter and dips his brush in the paint.

Their painting is done within half an hour, just in time.

“Mom, Dad?”

“Jack,” Kate chastises softly, her eyes narrowing on the seven year old standing in the doorway, a stuffed dinosaur, a well-loved gift from Grandpa Jim, hanging from the crook of his elbow. “What are you doing awake, bud?”

“I woke up and thought it was morning,” Jack yawns, rubbing at one of his eyes. “Are you guys down here doing arts and crafts without me?” 

“Are you kidding?” Castle scoffs, standing from his chair to bend to his knees in front of their son. “We’d never do that without you. We were just getting our painting ready for tomorrow.”

“Really?” Jack whispers, craning his neck over Castle’s shoulder in hopes of catching a glimpse of the canvas on the desk. “Can I see?’

“No way, it’s going to be a surprise just like everyone else’s,” Kate reminds him, joining Castle to run her fingers through the thick locks of Jack’s hair, failing to tame the unruly bed head. “But I think you’re going to like it.”

“I can’t wait!” Jack exclaims, already tugging on his father’s hand, reaching for Kate’s as well and dragging them out of the office. “Can you guys tuck me in again so I can go back to sleep?”

Kate chuckles and snags Jack’s fallen prehistoric companion from the floor. “Lead the way.”

They return their son to his bed and Rick watches his wife linger a little, making up for lost time and pressing a kiss to Jack’s forehead. 

“You’re a wonderful mother too, you know,” Castle murmurs once they’re back in their bedroom and Kate is slipping out of the sweatshirt she must have stolen from his side of the closet to paint in, replacing it with a tank top as she climbs into her side of the bed.

“And we’ve got a wonderful kid who wants to spend his Saturday partaking in a fundraiser for a children’s hospital,” Kate adds on a soft sigh. “Pretty wonderful all around.”

“Sickeningly wonderful,” Castle confirms with a nod, pressing his smile to the top of Kate’s head when she lays her head to his chest, hums with laughter against his throat. It isn’t always like this, their life, their family; it isn’t always this easy, can’t be. But when it is, it’s… too good for words to describe. 


The next morning, when his and Kate’s painting is unveiled at the auction and Jack cheers with pride, he can’t help being the highest bidder.

Deserving You: Part 7

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Pairing(s): Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Prompt: Sam has to stay late for work on the day Dean comes to town. He invites Y/N to dinner and gives her interesting news.

Tags: smut, fluff, ew Lisa, Sam…., ohhh Y/N, Charlie is awesome, ahhhh, angst

Words: 2214

Note: Please tell me how you feel about this!!

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So apparently it’s No Shame Day… something I’ve never heard of until now. This is hours late, and it took me a lot of courage to post this, seeing’s how I’ve always hated how I looked in photos…and still do.

But seeing all the posts on Tumblr gave me a little boost of inspiration, so I thought, Why not? (You are all awesome, by the way. <3)

So here is my story (which will be shortened, since there’s only a few hours left of 04/17 here. If anyone is interested in finding out more, please feel free to Inbox me. :) )

My name is Casey Lin. I am a 23-year old Chinese young lady born and raised in the United States. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Medical Laboratory Sciences/Medical Technology) last December, and am currently looking for a job. For all intents and purposes, I’m just your average young adult who loves reading, listening to music, and hanging out (on social networking sites because I tend to be awkward as heck around people…even friends).

But I am also…

-Under 5 feet tall - you can’t really tell from the picture, but yeah, I’m around 4′10″. They put me on growth hormone for a while… Didn’t work. Did I mention that I can’t drive? I have a permit, but no license. :/

-A transplant recipient - I was born 2 months premature and when I was around 15 months old, they took out both of my non-functioning kidneys and replaced them with 1 adult kidney. I take 2 anti-rejection medications for this.

-A cancer survivor - In May 2002, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was put on chemotherapy. Didn’t end up finishing treatment (due to some other major event happening), but everything turned out okay, since I was declared in remission in 2007.

-A Type 1 diabetic - Yep, insulin shots - 4 times a day, every day. Plus finger sticks. Makes me glad that all the lab tests that I’ve had to have done as a child (and even now) have pretty much made me immune to needles. (Though I should probably still work on my carb intake…)

I also have hypothyroidism and hypercholesterolemia (yay, more medication!), plus there’s some other stuff that happened during my childhood that I don’t quite remember - either what they were or what caused them. (PTLD during first grade…yeah. All I remember is being hospitalized for a while).

But yeah, that’s me in a nutshell, I guess. I will be honest and say that even right now, I’m still trying to accept myself as I am. It’s a long, hard journey…but I’ll get there. :)

我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢
現在我只想做我自己 真的很愉快  -黃麗玲/A-Lin, 做我自己  

Pretend to Be Mine, Pretty Please


Title: Pretend to be mine, pretty please
Pairing: SoonHoon
Fandom: Seventeen
Rating: pg-13 for curse words
Words: 2245
Summary: Jihoon doesn’t hold a grudge against Seungcheol. Really, he doesn’t. And he definitely does not think that the kiosk’s clerk looks hot. Nope. Definitely not.
Notes: Based on the prompt: ‘my ex is about to walk by with their new bf/gf and I need you to pretend to be my bf/gf until they go away’. I usually post my stuff on my writing blog, but I wanted to post this one on this blog because sOONHOON. Also yes its crack. Not too much, but characteristics have been emphasized for comedic purposes.

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nicolet03  asked:

Do you have your own daily schedule to do everyday? Like getting up and doing something then making videos?

Yep! I wake up and do the thumbnails and titles etc. for the videos going up THAT day. Then recording for as long as it takes to get 2 videos done. Then working out, dinner, relaxation after that while also interacting with comments and going on here :) 

It’s not a very exciting life haha

Anything For You (Part One - Ashton Irwin)

Anything For You Part Two

Sweet little Ashton imagine requested by the coolest person to walk this earth since Ashton himself (talking about my best friend shhhhh don’t tell her, I don’t want her getting an ego ;)  

“Ashton,” you sighed, setting your notebook and pencil to the side, “I give up. It’s official. Writer’s block has finally won.” You slumped back into the couch feeling absolutely defeated and completely exhausted.

“What was that?” Ashton called as he came walking back into the room with a bowl of popcorn, fully prepared for a quiet night in while you were hard at work writing. Ashton sat down cross legged on the couch facing you. “Did I just hear you say you give up?”

“Yep,” You reached up and snagged some of his popcorn, stuffing it in your mouth. “You heard it here first. I’m officially done with this.” You kicked your notebook off the couch and threw your feet up on the empty spot, putting your head in Ashton’s lap.

Ashton chuckled and set aside his popcorn, “Oh no you don’t.” He picked your shoulders up and pulled you to sit in his lap. “I have never known my girlfriend to give up that easy, and it’s not about to start now. Your hear me?” Ashton took your face in his massive hands and made you look at him, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “Go pack a bag and bring your notebook.”

“What?” You got to your feet, very confused by what he was saying. “Ashton it’s 11 oclock at night. Where could you possibly want to go at this hour?”

He smiled and stood up next to you. “Trust me, beautiful.” Ashton pressed a quick kiss to your forehead and then ran to the kitchen. “Hurry up and go pack. I’ll come help you in a minute!” He yelled.

You didn’t know what Ashton was up to, but you were so tired of sitting here staring at these same four walls that you’d go for just about anything right now. You ran into your bedroom and started packing for the two of you.  

You weren’t sure if Ashton was planning to stop by his house or not, because technically speaking, Ashton didn’t live with you. However over the course of your dating history you’d stolen so many of his band t-shirts that you could easily fill a drawer or two of your dresser with them, and a good portion of his jeans and hats, even a spare toothbrush, had found their way to your apartment; so you just threw his stuff in on top of yours to be safe.

“Ready babe?” Ashton came into your bedroom just as you were closing your bag. He had a duffel bag slung over his shoulder and a bright smile on his face, and you could tell whatever he was planning he was proud of it.

You nodded and heaved the bag off the bed. “As I’ll ever be, where are we going?” You asked him, dragging the bag to the door and stopping next to him.

Ashton smiled and pecked your lips, “Can’t say. It’s a surprise.” He took the bag from you with the same arm that had the duffel and reached his free hand out for yours. “Trust me you’ll love it.”

You smiled up at him and shook your head. You took his hand and let him lead the way out to the car. You honestly had no real words to describe your boyfriend. He was the cutest and most spontaneous person to ever walk this earth. You mention one word about giving up a plot, and he packs up the car and is taking you god knows where to do god knows what.

“Here we are,” Ashton let go of your hand long enough to open the passenger door. You sat down and watched as he opened the backdoor and set both bags on the floor of the car, circling around to the driver’s side and hopping in beside you. “This might take a while, so if you feel like a nap there’s a blanket in the duffel, and the backseat is all yours.”

You laughed quietly to yourself and buckled up as Ashton backed out of your apartment complex and drove off down the road. “Hey Ashton?” Ashton glanced over you as you leaned the seat back and curled up for the long drive. “I don’t know where we’re going,” You were already starting to mumble; exhaustion from all the late nights was taking over, and your eyes were struggling to stay open, “but thank you.”

Ashton’s smile lit up the car, and he took one hand off the wheel and picked your hand up in his, raising it to his lips and pressing a quick kiss to the back of your hand. “Anything for you, beautiful.”

You started nodding off when Ashton set your hand down, and the last thing you remember before you fell asleep was feeling the car slow to a stop beside the road and hearing Ashton get out, pull the blanket out of the duffel in the backseat and tuck it in around you before he started driving again.

EXO Reaction To You Finding Them Cheating On You

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Anonymous said:

hi! can you do an EXO reaction to you walking in and finding that they’re cheating on you? thank you:)

*This is going to be hard to do without making them kind of assholes so sorry. Then again, cheating would certainly make them dickish at the least anyway, let’s get on with the show*

Xiumin: Uhhh, this is not what you think it is….? Yeah ok, that’s not going to work. Man this was stupid.

Luhan: Oh damn, you were not supposed to be home yet…Oh god, I’m sorry…

Kris: Yep ok, I knew that I was going to regret this. She didn’t even say anything, she just stood there while tears welled up in her eyes and then she turned around and left

Suho: This. Was. Definitely. A. Mistake. Too bad I’ve only truly figured that out now versus a few hours ago. There’s nothing I can do to fix this, I’ve lost her.

Lay: *ignore chen, he’s not there* I’ve done f*cked up.

Baekhyun: And there goes the best girl in the world all because I’ve messed up. *I basically operate under the assumption if this happened, to save face, you’d turn and leave because you wouldn’t even be in a mood to hear his excuses*

Chen: And this probably has just became the biggest mistake of my life, so far at least.

Chanyeol: *stops and stares after the direction you’ve gone without even getting up as he believes he’s lost any right to chase after you*

DO: Wow…I am a complete idiot for doing this.

Tao: *just thinks about what he’s done and how it must’ve hurt you*

Kai: Great job Kai…You’ve just lost her…

Sehun: *Just sad because you’re gone and there’s nothing he can really do to get you back*

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pleaspeleplaseplapselpleplease can i have a headcanon for harry meeting ian mckellen backstage at graham norton and then introducing him to his boyfriend? 😭

Harry was looking down at his shirt, trying to decide whether he could get away with one more button undone. He bit his lip and fiddled with the fabric a little, making it flounce and wave a bit. Finally deciding he probably shouldn’t risk it, he began to button it back up.

“Shame for you to cover such fantastic skin while you’ve got it,” Harry heard from across the hall in what was a very, very easily recognized voice.

His head jerked up and yep. Right in front of him stood Sir Ian McKellen.

Holy. Shit.

“I’m a huge fan of yours, by the way. All of yours, but absolutely a fan of yours specifically as well. The work you’ve done with the switchboard is truly lovely.”

Harry just stood completely wide eyed and slack jawed because one of his heroes, the man who is still hanging in a movie poster on his childhood room wall, is standing there telling Harry he knows who he is and he _likes_ him. This cannot be real.

“Oh come now,” Sir Ian McKellen chuckled. “Breathe a bit, blink, perhaps close your mouth and swallow some too.”

Harry finally came to and did as Sir Ian McKellen instructed. He’s met a shitload of his heroes, but he’s not sure that he’s ever been this overwhelmed and he knew he would meet him! But like, he didn’t realize that he would meet him this soon. And here. And before they were on stage with their fake smiles and polite handshakes. They’re just standing in the hall in front of their dressing rooms because Harry had just used the loo and was so preoccupied with his shirt he hadn’t gone back in yet. Wow he’s an idiot.

“Hi, I’m Harry,” he stupidly says as he regains control of his body and sticks his hand out to the God of Acting standing right there. “I am a massive, massive fan.”

“Charmed! And likewise,” Sir Ian responded, and that’s good. Harry has finally also schooled his brain to not call him by his full name anymore so hopefully that means that the shock is wearing off.

Harry opened his mouth to say something, probably about how many times he watched Lord of the Rings or X Men or something equally as embarrassing, when the door behind him opened and he heard Louis’ voice.

“Hazza love, I was wondering what you’d gotten up to. Was worried you were worried or summat,” he said as he gently rubbed Harry’s back. Harry knew exactly when Louis realized they weren’t alone though because his movements froze and he just said, “Oh fuck me!“

"Probably not the best idea here of all places,” Sir Ian joked.

“Sir Ian, this is my boyfriend, Louis.” Louis glanced up at Harry in surprise at the introduction but Harry just shrugged. Of all people, Sir Ian could definitely know the full truth and not just be left to his own supposition.

“Incredible to meet you, sir,” Louis said while holding out his hand.

Sir Ian grasped it in his own and giving them both a blinding smile said a simple, “For me as well, thank you.”