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“So, where’s your LGBT fiction?”

It’s no big secret that a large portion of the LGBT fiction market is online. Many books aren’t even available in print, which I know frustrates some readers (and authors!) who would like to find books in bookstores, libraries, etc. And heck, some people just like paperbacks.

But they aren’t in bookstores. Not in significant numbers, anyway. Even as larger publishers branch out into LGBT, they’re sticking to ebooks.

After talking to publishers, agents, authors, and booksellers over the years, I’ve come to understand one of the primary reasons for this is, quite simply, that queer lit doesn’t sell in bookstores.

With that in mind, I went on a mission this week. I visited five bookstores around Seattle and Portland - Powell’s, Half Price Books, and Barnes & Noble - and I asked the same question: “Where would I find the LGBT fiction?”



This is the LGBT Fiction and Non-Fiction section at a Barnes & Noble. The entire section.

But you know what’s extra aggravating?

This is where I found it:

I mean, great. Glad it’s near LGBT & Gender Identity (Though it’s literally the bottom shelf. The top three are Native American and African American non-fiction, which apparently are part of Cultural Studies but don’t warrant a sign despite occupying ¾ of the space…? IDK.)

Signage weirdness notwithstanding, look what section I’m in. I mean, if you’re looking for LGBT Fiction, you’d expect to look…in the….fiction section, right?

No. It’s in the non-fiction section. This is the view of the fiction section from the LGBT section:

Those are Graphic Novels, followed by SFF, followed by Romance. So if you’re in the mood for Gay Romance, you’re not even in the right ZIP code if you start perusing the romance section.

And if I wander over to the fiction section and look toward the LGBT section…

That far wall? The shelf with the LGBT books is perpendicular to that.

See what I’m getting at? There are literally only three ways someone will find the LGBT fiction section at Barnes & Noble:

1. Ask. Which is fabulous for people who are closeted, kids who aren’t comfortable asking, and people who don’t even know the genre exists.

2. Stumble across it. Which you’re totally going to do if you’re looking for a novel because you’d absolutely wander out of the fiction section to find one.

3. Already know where it is.

Can’t imagine why LGBT fiction doesn’t sell.

At Powell’s, the situation wasn’t any better. Powell’s is enormous. It’s multi-level with color-coded rooms because it’s just….huge. I made a valiant attempt to find the LGBT Fiction on my own, but after a full hour of browsing, including scouring all the rooms containing fiction, I finally had to go ask.

There was a reason I couldn’t find it - it wasn’t in any of the rooms dominated by fiction.

It was in the room with all the history books, tucked back behind Military History. Because God knows that’s where I go looking when I want some LGBT fiction.

To their credit, Powell’s had an impressively large section, and it was decorated with a gigantic rainbow sign….but what good does that do anyone if they can’t find the section?

Finally, Half Price Books. Behold, the entire Gay & Lesbian Fiction section:

And yep, that’s the non-fiction section. The Gender Studies and Anthropology section. All the non-queer fiction was downstairs. Not even on the same floor.

So…you know…I think I might’ve figured out why LGBT Fiction “doesn’t sell very well in print,” and what a shock….it’s not because people don’t want to read it.

How They Ask You Out

BRUCE: After him walking you to class you both became friends. Bruce invited you to hang out in the Manor and now you were both on his room playing games. You liked Bruce, hell you really liked him. He was sweet, kind, carying, handsome and adorably awkward but he only saw you as a friend. You realised that he was speaking to you while you were in your thoughts. “Sorry I wasn’t really listening, what did you say?” He chuckled as he knew how deep you could go in your head. “I was saying that, maybe if you wanted we could go to the movies you and I. Of course you don’t have to say yes I was just wonder-” he start talking everytime faster as your let a laugh go. ‘I would love to.“ You smiles at him still shocked by the fact that he liked you.

DICK: Since Jason introduced you to Bruce, Wayne Manor has become a second home for you. You grew rather close to Tim, Bruce and Alfred but with Dick it was something different. You liked him since the Wayne Charity Ball when he asked you to dance. You found out that he was the adoptive brother of your brother, crazy yeah.  You were studying in the kitchen of the Manor when someone walked in. "Hey beautiful, what you’re doing?” “Studying? I have this huge psychology exam and I’m going nuts.” “Dont you worry, you’re the smartest person I know. You want help?”  You looked at him coking an eyebrow. “What do you know about psychology?” “Nothing if I’m honest. But I do know what your doing tomorrow night.” “Yeah?” “Yep. You’re going to wear a nice short black dress and I’m taking you dance.” You blushed looking at your notes, but you fast recovered lookat at his piercing blue eyes. “Is it a date?” “You bet it is. See you tomorrow night beautiful.” He walked out winking at you.

TIM: Everyday it was the same, school then work then take care of your little twin brothers Logan and Lysander, it was boring and you hated it. But the highlight of the day is always when Tim comes to the coffee and talks with you. He orders his black coffee and just sits there, talking and staring at you, occasionally he would ask if you wanted to grab coffee someday which you always replied with maybe. Your liked him, he was different than his brothers or any guy you’ve met before. He always was smiling, even when you rejected the coffee date he just smiled and kept talking about whatever you guys were talking before. Today was no different, like clockwork Tim walked into the coffee and made his way to you, sitting on the first chair he saw. “Hello (Y/N).” “Hi there.” You greeted grabbing his already made coffee. “Here, your black coffee.” He thanked you and started talking about some stupid thing his siblings did, you laughed and told him about what Logan and Lysander did last night. “Hey so, maybe you would like to grab a coffee sometime?” He asked, his smile never leaved his eyes and face. “Sure. Here.” You said giving him a piece of paper with your phone in it. He looked shock, Tim was hoping that you’d go out with him, but as you always said no; now agreeing was something he dreamt about. “For real? It’s not a joke?” “Nope. I’m looking forwards that date.” Like a kid with a candy, Tim had the biggest smile you had ever seen. “You’ll love it.” “I bet I’ll do, by the way, the coffee is on the house.” You winked at him leaving him to attend other clients.

: Since the night that Red Hood savedyou, he’s being visiting you a lot. Being honest, you enjoyed his presence. He made you feel safe, and he was funny to talk to, kind of sarcastic and a total flirt. You’re laying in your couch watching Rick & Morty when you heard a tap in the window turning around there he is. You open the window letting him enter at your apartment. “Good night gorgeous.” “Reddie. How’s it going? Wait… Is that blood?” “Yep, they hit me, it’s fine no need to worry.” “Like hell, you need stitches. Come here.” You help him crash in your couch, running you grabed the first aid kit. You start stitching him up in silence until he cleared his throat. “You’re trully gorgeous (Y/).” “Thanks?” “I mean it. The most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met.” “Stop flirting with my when i’m stitching you up, its distracting me.” “I’ll stop if you reply to one question.” “What is it?” “Will you go out with me?” His question made your heart beating faster, not watnting him to know the effect he had on you you only gave him a quick gaze. “Will you wear the helmet?” “Nope.” “okay then. Now move it, you’re ruinning my couch with you blood.” You said siling making him laugh.

DAMIAN: Having free nights was boring to you, not doing anything and relax was somethign that only made you get on your own nerves. So, as a really stubborn you decided to suit up and walk aroud Gotham. The cold air made your body shiver making you wondering why the hell didint you made a suit for winter and other for summer. ‘Cause geez it was freezing and the black leather suit didnt help you. You were currently in the roof of one of the many clubs that The Joker owned, you hanged out there normally as long as you didnt mean any trouble to the clown. Suddenly you felt someone behind you. You only smirked, already knowing who he was. “Can’t stay away can you?” “What you’re doing here?” was all he said. “Didnt your mother teach you that is rude to answer a question with other? Anyway i was in the neighborhood and i like this rooftop, its calm and has nice views. What are you doing here? and where’s Batsy? I havent done anything.” I bring my hands up in a defensive way. He just stares at you and walks next to you, sitting in the edge of the roof like you. “I’m alone. I was doing patrol you know. I was looking for you.” ”What for?” “Why did you kiss me?” You looked at him softly. “I dunno. you’re different from the other Robins and the Bat. Like you’re your own person and not just a sidekick.” You reply honestly “You’re wierd. But there’s something in you that makes you a different type of criminal. You have a story, Black Angel and i want to hear it.” You shock your head laughing. “I dont think so Wonder Boy.” “You know my name, it’s only fair that i know yours.” He says lookig at you as you get up. “Where you’re going?” “Meet me in Gotham Park tomorrow night if you want to know my incredible story.” You whisper in his ear, placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Oh, and wear somehing nice. It’s a date.” You wink at him seeing how he blushed before disappearing into the dark night.

Here We Go Again (Harrison Osterfield)

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Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader, Tom Holland x Reader (briefly)

Warning: None

Summary: Harrison and Y/n were best friends as children before life pulled them apart as teens and though Y/n dated Harrison’s friend, they still didn’t really cross paths until they see one another again in New York.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This fluffy fic was requested by an anon who asked, “Can I request a fluffy Harrison imagine where you knew each other as children but grew apart and you meet again years later and he asks to see you again? How reader and him meet is up to you. Thanks!”

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Age 9:

You ran through your neighborhood streets, squealing as Harrison chased you.

“Tag! You’re it!” He hollered triumphantly, placing a hand on your back.

“Aw, man! No fair!” You cried.

“It’s so fair, slowpoke!” Harrison squealed before running off.

You chased after him, yelling at him to slow down so you could tag him. You finally caught up to him and tackled him to the ground in a heap of giggles.

“I can’t breathe!” Harrison said with a groan.

“Sorry!” You laughed, rolling off of him so that you two were laying side by side.

“Do you think we’ll be friends forever?” He asked you.

You looked at him with a smile. “Of course! You’re my best friend.”

“You’re my best friend too.” Harrison said. “I think one day I’ll marry you so we can be best friends forever.”

You grinned at the sound of marriage, like other little kids, you dreamed of being an adult, getting married and playing house.

“Do you really mean that, Haz?”

“Of course! I wanna marry you when I’m grown up.”

“I wanna marry you, too.”

Age 16:

You watched as Harrison laughed with his new girlfriend in the hallway of your school, sighing softly. You two had grown apartment since you were nine, ever since you two grew into different interests and friends.

The only thing that had you two close to one another was your boyfriend and his best friend, Tom. But, you three never hung out together, nor did you talk to him at the parties you both went to.

Harrison looked at you and smiled before he looked back at his girlfriend.

You smiled back before holding your books close to your chest and wondered if he also thought about the promises you both made when you were young.

And that was the last time you saw Harrison for a few years, since you moved away the next day.

Age 20:

You sighed as you stood on the street corner, watched the light to tell you you could cross the street and put your headphones in.

You had moved to New York City when you were sixteen and hadn’t moved since, not even for school. You had been debating on going back home to England to finish schooling so that you could be closer to your family, but you were still unsure.

You cheered quietly as the long light changed and you hurried across the street to the Starbucks on the corner, hoping to get your coffee before going to your early morning class.

The smells of coffee and the quiet sound of music made you feel at peace, a different mood than when you were outside in the street. You smiled at your friend who worked behind the counter and got your usual.

“You’ll never guess who’s here.” Your friend smiled as she handed you your coffee.

You took the cup gratefully and took a sip. “Who’s here, Trisha?”

Trisha pointed to someone behind you, causing you to turn around.

“No way.” You mumbled under your breath.

In front of you sat Tom and Harrison, your two old friends. You took in a deep and shaky breath before walking up to the two boys you hadn’t seen in years.

“Tommy? Haz?” You asked, standing next to their table. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Y/N.” Tom was the first to say your name before he stood up and enveloped you in a hug. “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in years.”

You hugged back and laughed. “I know. It’s been too long. I’m so sorry I never stayed in touch like we promised. Things got hectic for me.”

Tom pulled away and smiled at you. “It’s quite alright, Y/N. Things got busy for me too.”

“I know! I heard about your part in Spider-man. Congrats, by the way. I know how much you’ve dreamed of something like this.” You said before hugging him again. “Oh, I’m so proud of you.”

“Well, have a seat with us. If you don’t have anywhere to be.” Tom invited.

You took a glance at your watch. “I have about an hour before I have to be in class, so I’d love to join you.”

You took a seat as Tom smiled at you. You two had to break up due to your big move, but that didn’t mean you guys weren’t friends afterwards, even if you drifted apart.

“Class?” Harrison asked. “What are you studying?”

“Oh, I’m a med student at a university in town.” You explained. “Being a doctor’s always been a dream of mine and I thought I’d actually do it.”


“Yep. Things have been busy. How have you been, Haz? I don’t think we’ve seen each other in forever.”

“Well, I’m traveling the world with Tom and working on my acting career.”

“Oh, really? That’s great.” You smiled, feeling as if things with the boys were falling back into place as they did when you were young.

After two coffees and an hour later, you had to leave, even though the two boys (mostly Harrison) had begged you to stay with them and chat some more.

“I’ll talk to you guys later.” You said as you stood up. “Hell, I’ll call you tonight if you want me to.”

Tom agreed before you said your goodbyes and made your way to the door and out the coffee shop.

“Hey, Y/N, wait up!” Harrison’s voice caused you to stop in your tracks.

He rushed up to where you were standing and caught his breath.

“Can I see you again? Without Tom? We’re in town for a few more weeks, so I was wondering if you’d want to go out sometime?” He rushed out.

You smiled, your heart swelling in your chest.

“Of course. I’d love that.”

Tonight, I blew a 9 year old’s mind.

I was playing Overwatch on mic and this kid starts talking to me. He sounded lonely. So we chat as we play. He asks me to guess his age and I go with 13. He tells me he’s 9 (Note: Kid’s parents? You’re doing a shit job of parenting. Thankfully I’m not some weirdo pervert).

Then he tries to guess mine. He starts at 10. I tell him he’s off by a lot. This makes him guess 13. Nope. 16? 17? 18? 19? Nope. Finally he asks and I tell him I’m 30. ‘Cause I am.

Cue first mindfreak. “You’re 30?! Thirty year olds play Overwatch?! I thought everyone was like 19 or 20!”

I tell him, yes, we’re there. We’re just often not on mic (at least not in quickplay).

The young man gets suspicious. “You sound like you’re 10.”

“Well, that’s probably because I’m a lady.” (Note: I actually have a pretty low voice for a woman but w/e)

Cue mindfreak 2. “You’re a girl!? And you play Overwatch? You’re a 30 year old girl who plays Overwatch!?”

I tell him yep. Yep I am.

“Do you have a job?”

“Yes, I work at a university. In fact, part of what I study is video games.”

“They make you study video games?”

“Well, I chose to study video games.”

After this I was The Coolest Person Ever. And we played Overwatch together until his mom made him go to bed.

And I’m kinda hoping this experience might stick with him. 'Cause two very important concepts were introduced to him tonight. 1) It’s ok for you to still have fun and like what you like when you get older. 2) Ladies play video games. And are University teachers. And study video games. Ladies can do what they want and be good at it. And it’s not weird at all.

anonymous asked:

What was your upbringing like? You know, siblings, parents, school experience. And what inspired your interest in researching and writing about true crime? Seems like your parents did a wonderful job raising an intelligent, humble, and curious person. Last question! Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Thank you! I had a wonderful upbringing and get on extremely well with my parents and still do. I have one sister and her on extremely well with her too! I was a bit of a terror when I was a teenager due to doing things I shouldn’t have done and hanging out with people I shouldn’t have, lol. The same as a lot of teenagers do, I guess.

I’ve been interested in true crime from a young age. My mum has a plethora of true crime books and I used to steal them when I was younger. I studied the Psychology of Criminal Profiling and that was what developed my interest in true crime writing.

I believe in women’s rights and equality so yep, I would consider myself a feminist.

anonymous asked:

Any tips to be able to memorise human anatomy better?

It’s difficult for me to answer this, because I look at anatomy day in and day out—memorization just kind of comes with the job. But it all depends on what you want to memorize. 

Some of my friends who are in school now love Anatomy Arcade, which helps you memorize anatomical structures by couching it in a game. 

Studying with others can be a great way to memorize things. Testing each other over and over will help things to stick better than if you were studying alone. 

Some nursing students like my sister swear by flashcards. Which, yep, I have to agree with, because when I was taking A&P and bio courses, I clung to those babies like they were the last port in the storm. They’re great for memorizing names and functions, but I am also a visual learner, so I was desperately making photocopies of the images in my textbooks (and whatever I could find online). 

For me, visualization helps me memorize things.

I don’t mean to plug what I do, but using 3D apps like the ones my company makes is great for memorizing anatomical shape and context. For me, it’s not about just being able to name the segments of the liver, but also being able to visualize it in a 3D space to understand how certain segments interact with the ducts of the gallbladder. Like, the Circle of Willis in the brain is hard to picture until you see it from a posterior view and realize it looks like one of those beetles with tusks:

The beetle thing is something I’ve never once forgotten, btw. It’s the first thing I think about when anyone mentions the Circle of Willis.

In the end, I suppose there’s no easy answer except to understand your learning style and go from there. There are plenty of online resources and forums that offer great suggestions, such as and

Best of luck! <3 

anonymous asked:

Question: I was planning to be a nurse and since your studying to be a nurse, Are there any tips you can give when it comes to studying or any idea what I get myself into when it comes to nursing? p.s love your art btw 😊

I don’t know how studying works for you but for me, I have to be extremely strict when it comes to distractions. Meaning no social media, no games, no noises.


About study places: DO NOT STUDY AT HOME. Distractions are everywhere and home is the most comfortable place to procrastinate (yep, that includes napping). Make sure you go somewhere quiet…like the library. I guess cafes might help some people but the noise is too distracting for me.

If it’s a textbook heavy class, re-read the material over and over again. You cannot expect yourself to remember everything in one reading.

According to one of my professors, “Treat your textbook like a marriage vow. If you cannot recite it without looking at your notes, you’ve already failed.”


On another note…Nursing…is incredibly difficult and stressful. If you’re not good at Bio courses, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, you’re gonna have a hard time.

(Organic Chemistry was my worst subject but I studied my ass off to get an A-/91 so if I can do it, you can too. Just takes a lot of hard work and no social life)

So if you want to get into that major, good luck


I defy you to find something in this movie that doesn’t qualify it for MST3K.  Giant lizardy monster?  Check.  A musical number that has nothing to do with the plot?  We have that.  Actors who appear to be dubbed despite also appearing to speak English?  The entire cast!  Black and white footage tinted blue in an effort to make it look like it belongs in a colour movie?  You betcha!  Wooden acting?  Beakers of kool-aid standing in for SCIENCE? Foreigners pretending to be Americans?  Toy boats?  Yep, Reptilicus has it all, wrapped up in a bright technicolour package by our old friend, American International Pictures!

It seems tailor-made for the show, and Joel apparently agrees.  I wrote most of this review before I found out that Reptilicus was slated to be the Season 11 debut, and now I’m looking forward to seeing how many of my predictions here come true when the episode hits Netflix on Friday.

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Too Late Pt.1 (Usnavi x Reader)

Word Count:3,023

Warnings: Alcohol, Swears, Angst

Authors Note: I’m pretty sure the person who requested this wanted fluff, but apparently I couldn’t do that. The first part of it is fluff so you can read that and then check out my other fluffy Usnavi Imagine here if you want ITH fluff. I got carried away in the angst. Sorry anon if it was not what you were looking for! Also sorry this took so long to upload. I had no idea where this story was going to go, so I just let it happen all in one sitting, which is why the angst happened. Let me know if you guys want a part two!! LOVE YOU GUYS, AND BE SURE TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK

Request: Hey can I request a Usnavi x Reader and y/n moved there from France and is constantly flustered around her and begs Benny and Sonny for help

Manhattan was not the cheapest place to live… Heck it was more expensive than anything you owned for a small closet sized apartment. This was why you had settled for a much more reasonable location. Washington Heights. It was just uptown, and a beautiful neighborhood recommended by Google. You didn’t know why you had to fall in love with New York, one of the most expensive places to live, but you couldn’t deny your heart. Visiting New York once when you were a child, you had been planning your trip back into the city the day you left it. It was so different from France. Everyone was in a hurry, minding their own business. Something you wanted but never had growing up in a small town in France. Deep down you knew New York would love you too.

The taxi dropped you off in front of your new apartment complex. You didn’t bring much, only what you could bring in a suitcase looking for a fresh start. Dragging your suitcase to the elevator you rode to the 5th floor. Once inside your new apartment, your stomach growled loudly. You had forgotten that you hadn’t eaten since the plane ride. Looking outside your window, you saw a small corner store, and because you were on a budget you knew you would have to live off of cup noodles and chips for a while. You headed to the bathroom to see how you looked after a 7 hour flight. ‘Not too shabby’ you thought. Opening your purse, you pulled out a silk square scarf tying it around your neck and adjusting it so that the knot was facing the side. One thing you would miss about France was the fashion. You had saved up a full summer’s work paycheck to buy the scarf you had been eyeing at a French boutique. Pulling on your oversized sunglasses, you left for the corner store.

Usnavi was busy cleaning the counter as you walked in barely looking at you to greet you. Heading to where the noodles were, you put a bunch in the basket along with some chips and bottles of water. You made your way through the store eventually reaching the register. “That’s going to be $25.10” Usnavi said punching numbers into the cash register. You handed him a twenty and a five. Frantically searching to see if you had a dime on you. Noticing what you were doing, Usnavi looked at you and gave a sincere smile. “Hey, 10 cents on me” he said winking. You looked up at him, relief flooding over you. “Thank you so much” you said with your thick French accent which took Usnavi by surprise. “You’re new here, aren’t you?” he said making small talk. “That obvious huh?” you said slightly giggling. You pushed your sunglasses to your head. Usnavi froze, taking in your face. You were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. “Are you ok?” you asked waving a hand in front of his face. He snapped out of it flustered. “Umm- uh- yeah-” he said, face turning red. “Thanks for the 10 cents” you said heading for the door. “WAIT!” he practically jumped over the counter trying to stop you. Surprised you stopped mid step turning around. ‘Shoot’ Usnavi thought as he realized he hadn’t thought this through. “Want some coffee?” he asked as his safety question. “Um, I literally didn’t have 10 cents, I don’t think I can pay for a coffee.” you said laughing. “It’s on the house” Usnavi said desperately. “Can’t turn down free coffee” you said heading back to the register.  He poured a full cup of his famous coffee “I’m Usnavi by the way” He said sticking out his hand, knocking over the cup. The brown liquid went flying landing on your face, clothes, and scarf. The hot liquid burned as you yelped.”Merde!” (Shit) “OH MY GOD” Usnavi said handing you napkins. You pulled off your scarf to see the damage done. It was quite bad. Usnavi watched you look at your scarf, face falling every time you found a brown spot.”I’m sorry…” he said wanting your name. “Y/N” you said bitterly turning around to leave the store. “Let be help” he said chasing after you. “I think you’ve done quite enough.” You said leaving him to look at you helplessly.

“Yoooo, have you seen the new chick?” Benny asked Usnavi walking in for his regular break. Before Usnavi could reply Sonny showed up from the back room. “YES, and she’s so hot!” Sonny said giving a pat on Usnavi’s back. “Awe, why so speechless cous?” He asked noticing Usnavi glancing away. “You’ve seen her right?” Benny asked biting into his milky way. “Yes, I’ve seen her, actually I’ve talked to her too.” Usnavi said trying to forget what had happened. “And let me guess, you got flustered and embarrassed yourself in front of her.” Sonny said in a joking manner. “Actually I spilled coffee all over her…” Usnavi said rubbing the back of his neck. “What!?” Benny yelped, chuckling. Usnavi turned red all over again, reminiscing the incident. You hadn’t showed up back at the bodega. And it definitely was not on accident. “Yeah, she came on her first day here…” Usnavi began before he was cut off by Sonny. “And you spilt coffee on her? Wow good first impression” he said snickering to himself. Usnavi hopelessly looked at the counter. “You like her don’t you.” Benny said studying Usnavi’s body language. “Wha-what- no” Usnavi managed to stutter out. “Yep he totally does” Sonny replied for Usnavi. “Ok, maybe I do, but it’s better to just move on because I highly doubt she’ll even want to talk to me after I spill coffee on her” Usnavi mumbled.  “Dude, we’ll help you. But then again when have we not helped you get girls?” Benny said. “You can try, but Y/N’s a tough cookie.” Usnavi said finally looking up from the counter with a spark of hope. You quickly crushed that spark.  

“Ok, so all you gotta do is ask for her number casually.” Benny addressed as he and Usnavi spotted you outside of the salon. Before Usnavi had a say, Benny pushed Usnavi out of the bodega. When you saw him, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “Um, Hey Y/N” he said hesitantly. You ignored him and continued walking. “I was wondering if I could get your number”. You turned around and spoke to him only to make things clear. “Listen Usnavi, if I don’t want to talk to you in real life, I highly doubt I will want to talk to you on the phone.” You regretted the words as soon as they came out of your mouth, but it was too late. The look on his face made you want to take it back, and apologize for being such a bitch. You wished you could start over with Usnavi. The truth was you weren’t all that upset at Usnavi, you had a tough week, and it got the best of your emotions. It turns out, living in New York is definitely not as glamorous as you had hoped. You had countless numbers of interviews, but no job. You had been scraping together money just so you could afford your apartment and food. Usnavi began to walk away, not knowing why you shut him out so quickly after countless apologies and attempts to rekindle even a friendly nature. You almost called after him but didn’t when you realized you were crying.

It had been a month, and it was the loneliest month you had ever encountered in your entire life. You had no friends, not one. Not even a person to talk to. Most days you just moped around in your apartment lying on your air mattress. To top it all off you were given a visit from your landlord. “Ms. Y/L/N, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re already behind on your payments. If you can not pay today I will have to kick you out.” you felt as if someone had shattered your dreams. “No, please, sir I will pay as soon as I get my job…” You started before he cut you off. “Yes you will, and I will give you back the apartment, but I’m sorry to tell you that you will not be able to reside here until then.” he simply stated before walking out, not giving you a chance to argue back. You crumpled to the floor curling up into a ball. You had to go back home now.

You began to pack your suitcase again when there was a knock on the door. You were greeted by a young boy with cargo shorts and a sideways baseball cap. “Hey, I’m Sonny.” He said smiling. “Um, Hello?” you said unsure as to why he was there. “So I see you’re new to the neighborhood, first Fridays of the month are club nights and the whole barrio is coming, you should come.” he said enthusiastically. You laughed and politely declined the offer saying you had important matters to do. Sonny however would not give up. He was (obviously) set up to do so by Benny, who was tired of seeing Usnavi mope around. “Aw, come on Y/N it’s gonna be so much fun! You’ll get to meet the barrio, and drinks will be on us.” he said wiggling his eyebrows. You finally caved responding to Sonny. “Can’t turn down free drinks.” you said slightly smiling. Maybe if you drank enough you could forget you were letting go of your dreams.

You put on a casual black dress before packing everything into your suitcase. You had bought a ticket back to France for the next morning. You looked around your apartment for your heels before remembering you had packed them back into your bag. The only shoes you had were converse. You mentally face palmed yourself for not thinking this through, but your laziness got the best of you as you just settled for the converse. You grabbed your purse and headed to the club. “Is Y/N wearing converse with her dress?” Sonny whispered to Usnavi. “Damnnn.” was all Benny had to say. You sat alone at the bar, looking around for someone to start a conversation with when Sonny walked up to you with a shot in this hand. You gratefully took it and drank it before he could start talking. “Someone’s eager” Sonny teased before you gave him a light push on the arm. It was your last night in New York, might as well make the best of it. You had a couple more shots, but decided to cut yourself short because you did not want a hangover on your flight. You began to make your way onto the dancefloor. Usnavi watched you as you began to sway your hips to the music. He sighed before looking into his beer. “Usnavi, you’d better go get her. Sonny managed to get here here.” Benny said to him nudging his side. Usnavi looked back to you, you were on your phone walking and a bartender with a tray of drinks was walking backwards. “Watch out!” he yelled as he rushed over to you and pushing you aside. A loud noise confirmed the collision. You looked up at Usnavi from the floor and he was covered in multiple red fruity drinks. He darted his eyes away from you hurrying to get out of the club. He had come to charm you, but now he was drenched in alcohol and extremely embarrassed. He made it outside when you called after him. “Usnavi.” you said running out to catch up with him. Your voice gentle and soft. He hadn’t heard you talk since the beginning of that month. He stopped but didn’t turn around. You carefully reached for his hand and tugged on it so he would face you. “I’m sorry” you blurted at the same time he did. “What?” he said confused. You swallowed you ego and started talking. “I’m sorry I’ve been so mean to you Usnavi, what you did was an accident. I should have let it go… I’ve just had a really bad week, and I had no one to talk to… I’m sorry I’ve been a bitch, you uh- won’t have to worry about me anymore.” you said turning around so he wouldn’t see the tear that slipped from your eye. “Y/N” he said in the silence processing everything that had been thrown on him. You turned to walk to your apartment before Usnavi stepped in front of you. “You can talk to me.” he said. “I think it’s a little too late for that” you whispered into the dark night. “It’s never too late, come home with me” he said back just as quietly. You glanced up at him, the moonlight complimenting his handsome features. He looked to you and caught you staring. You blushed and tried to hide your face. He brought a finger to your chin and brought your face so it was close to his. “Please” he said. And with that you couldn’t say no.

You arrived to his apartment building and looked around. It was small studio but cozy nonetheless. You set your purse on his table and took a seat on the sofa. He put his keys in a basket and headed over to the dresser. He pulled out a shirt and started to unbutton his button down that was drenched in the sticky drink. You caught a glimpse before you blushed red to your ears and turned away. After he had changed he walked over to the sofa. “What happened Y/N?” he asked, his sincere eyes made you lose it. You began to cry softly, and curl into a ball. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around you holding you tight. “I failed.” you managed to get out between sobs. “What do you mean Y/N?” Usnavi asked. In his eyes you were everything but a failure. You were perfect. “I came here to find a job, I have been to so many interviews every day, and yet no job. I’m going back to France tomorrow. No one wants me anyways.” you said still in his arms. “I want you.” he said. Even he was surprised he had said that. As you slowly looked up to him. His dark eyes were burning a hole through you. He would make it harder for you to leave. “Don’t” you said turning away. “It’s true Y/N. I want you. I want you now, and I’ve always wanted you. You can’t tell me you have no one to talk to when I’m here. I’ve always been here for you. You need to stop pushing people away.” He said, his voice gradually increasing. He got up, and began to pace the room. You got up after him, you had never seen him so worked up. “Please don’t make this harder for me than it already is.” you said trying to get him to face you. “It’s too late” you said. “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. STOP SAYING IT’S TOO LATE Y/N.” He raised his voice at you. Before you could say anything he leaned forwards to capture your lips on his. You didn’t know if you had always liked him or if it was the alcohol, but you kissed him back with just as much force. He backed you up into the wall before parting to get air. You were panting heavily, Usnavi’s face was only a couple inches away. You had realized what you’d done and quickly wiggled out of his hold. Usnavi finally coming to his senses also realized what he’d done. “I should get going.” you said awkwardly. You were expecting him to say that you should but he surprised you. “Sleep over Y/N.” he said. You surprised yourself once more by saying yes.

He gave you one of his shirts to sleep in, and you gladly accepted it, ready to get out of your dress. When you got out of the bathroom he had put a pillow on the couch and you headed for it ready to pass out. “You’re not sleeping on the couch.” he said laughing. “Quelle?”(What?) you said. “You get the bed, you’re the guest after all.” he said sheepishly, returning back to his adorably awkward personality. “Are you sure?” you asked again although you wouldn’t mind sleeping on the bed as you hadn’t slept on an actual bed in a month. “I insist” he replied leading you to the bed. He sat on the corner as you got under the covers. “Just wake me up if you need anything.” he said turning away to go back on the sofa. “Stay with me.” you said. His head snapped back so quickly you could have thought he broke his neck. You giggled at his response. “What?” he asked still not sure if you had really asked him to stay. “Stay with me.” you said again with a bit more confidence. He awkwardly got under the covers with you, and you quickly fell asleep. You woke up a few hours into your sleep to find yourself being cuddled by Usnavi. You fell back asleep with a smile on your face.

The next morning Usnavi woke up expecting to see you sound asleep next to him, except that you weren’t you were on your flight to France. You boarded the plane and opened your purse from the previous night to find a scarf neatly lying on top of all the items in your bag. It was a beautiful silk square scarf, vibrant with colors that reminded you of the spring. On it was a post it note:

I bought this after I ruined your first scarf, I just never had the guts to give it to you. I figured if I had the guts to kiss you, I should have the guts to give this to you.


P.s. It’s never too late.

A tear fell from your eye onto the scarf. It was never too late, but it was now. You had realized you made a mistake…

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Hi Emma! I've been googling like crazy trying to find the answer to this question and it has gotten me nowhere: How do I pack for college? (Keyword "how" not "what")

Hey! I’d start by making a list of things you need by category. Think of in terms of what you’d use on the average day: what you do in the bathroom (all your makeup/cleaning/hygiene products), what you use in your bedroom (decor items, accessories, etc, the key things from your wardrobe (key pieces, favourite jeans/shoes/etc), what you use when studying (pens, organisation systems, storage), etc! Maybe over the next few days, make notes of things you use and think “yep, I should remember that!!” x

Allergy Season

Request: Could you do a super fluffy imagine of Frank where y/n is sick?

It’s that time of the year again, allergy season. As pollen coated the air, a cold hit me like a brick wall. When my allergies began to work on me, Frank hovered over me like a hawk. He wouldn’t let me leave my room, insisting he’ll take care of what ever I needed and it wasn’t a big deal at all. “Frank, it’s okay. I can do it-”

“No no no, I got it. Just stay in bed, your feeling warmer today than yesterday” The thermostat beeped, Frank studied the results and frowned. “Yep, I was right. Your 102 today. Do you feel better at all”

“I feel Frank, really” I wheezed out, my throat still hasn’t recovered.

“Because you sound sooo much better” He chuckled, brushing the hair out of my face to kiss my nose. “I better go get the medicine, try to get some sleep while i’m gone”

After 45 minutes of flipping through channels, I heard the front door open along with the shuffling of plastic bags. Frank walked in the room quietly, trying to hold multiple bags at once. “Frankiiiiie…” I whined, making him jump.

“Jesus christ y/n, I thought you were sleeping” He giggled bashfully, still clutching his chest.

“I’m sorry, what did you get? That’s a shit ton of medicine”

“Yep, I cleaned out the whole pharmacy” He laughed when I raised an eyebrow at him. “I got some stuff I thought would make you feel better. Some ice cream, bath beads, movies, etc. Even all of your dumb chick flicks” I gasped dramatically, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“You got…the rom coms”

“Every cheesy rom com at WalMart” 

“Aw Frankie, you do love me”

“If I knew stupid, sappy movies were the key to your heart, I would have bought these months ago when I was stuck in the friendzone” 

“Oh yeah, cause I would have banged you instantly. If only you would have bought them sooner”

“Hahaha you’re so funny” Frank smirked, setting the gifts aside to lay down next to me. I shivered, his skin felt ice cold against mine. I nuzzled my head deeper into his jacket, feeling sleep beginning to creep up on me. He kissed the top of my head. “Go to sleep baby”

“Can you stay with me?”


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Not sure if you've answered this, but can you give some advice on LSAT studying? What was your first practice test score vs what score did you actually end up with on the real deal? How many hours did you study/practice tests you take? What should a new LSAT studier be preparing for/know now as they are just starting to study? Thanks in advanced! :)

Yep! First of all, DO NOT USE Kaplan/Princeton/etc or any of those study books. It’s general consensus that they’re incredibly subpar when it comes to studying for the LSAT. Use Manhattan LSAT bundle (what I used) or the Powerscore Bibles. These books rock. I first went through the Manhattan LSAT bundles. Then I did the Cambridge LSAT drill packets which breaks the questions into type and difficulty. It helps you realize what you’re bad at (aka maybe you’re particularly poor at Logical Reasoning Paradox questions). I did both these and practice tests at the same time.

All in all, I did 17 full-length timed practice tests, plus another 20+ as drill packets. My overall studying was probably ~200+ hours over 5 months. My first timed test was a 162 without studying. I ended up in the high 170’s. Getting over 170 is the bump that takes awhile. It was definitely worth putting in the effort - high scores are what get you the good scholarships and admissions.

Also, I suggest taking it easy the two weeks before the exam or you’ll burn yourself out. At that point another couple hours of studying shouldn’t make any difference. It takes awhile, I’m confident that many people can get a 170+ if they put in the effort. It’s a very study-able test.

Also good (free) websites: and - free video explanations to every logic game!

Let’s Talk with Aoyama Gosho-sensei DAY 2017

Kind of remade. Added some stuff, there’s a new question about Yukiko and Ran, but mostly the information is the same. 

Q: Did Ai-chan drank the same medicine that Conan did?
A: The medicine Ai-chan drunk is the same? The same. The same, right? :)
TN: That was omitted and that is a really STRONG nuance that should remain.

Q: Before official Conan April Movie, er-r… Momiji-chan. Momiji-chan in Sunday manga… Will she appear before the movie?
A: A~ Before the official release of the movie? I have a feeling she’ll appear at the same time when the movie will be presented to public… Sorry if I lied.

Q: Who do you want to become from your characters?
A: My characters? E~ Hmm… Some time ago Conan-kun…. I wanted to be Conan-kun to enter the bath with Ran-chan. What about now, huh… Well, the same. I want to bathe with Ran-chan.

Q: Ran said in the first movie that ‘Shinichi and I were born in May, so we are both Taurus’. Is this true in manga?
A: Aaa? Eh? Taurus? Was it like this? Hahaha. Eh… Ran-chan? Ran-chan’s birthday is not decided… Yet. Aa. Do you want me to make her Taurus? I’ll try to make my best of it.

Q: Driving a conversation a little from Conan, Aoyama-sensei loves Giants’ Sakamoto-senshu(Sakamoto Hayato), and previously you stated that he will appear in Conan if he will make 30 home runs, he didn’t, but still has a great playing record, will he appear in Conan?
A: Haaa~ Yes-yes-yes. Well… I want him to appear. But that’s sad… It will depend on Sakamoto-senshu himself.

Q: Err… Did the girl in the movie (Curacao) really died?
A: Eh? (Audience: Curacao!) Curacao..? Aa… Curacao… Yes-yes. She died. Perished.
Audience: I love her, maybe she did survive?
A: She didn’t.

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Meet me in the library: Cancer and Scorpio


I was at the public library. I always go there from 4 to 6pm on Fridays, just to not mess things up before the exams. It was a sunny day. Light bathed the tables and shelves filled with books and there wasn’t almost any sound. At the table in front of me there was a boy which I’ve seen all the times I’ve come here. He was always sat in the same place and, let’s admit it, he was attractive. And let me clear that: notice I didn’t say handsome, he was not classically beautiful, not the model-like cliché. He was interesting, hot and magnetic.

While I was thinking this useless things I’ve finally realised that he was staring back at me. For how long I’ve been in this state? For how long he’s been staring back at me?

Fridays went this way with an exchange of glances. But no words.

One day, I went to the Library with Virgo. We took place, but then, Virgo let her things on the table and left. I sat on my usual place and I saw her talking with the misterious guy. They both were happy. Virgo came back and she explained that he was a friend from her neighbourhood. Then both of us started working. I was too unconfortable with Virgo there to realise he was staring at me again.


I’ve arrived at the Library as each friday; later than I would have wanted, as usual. She was there, again; alone and within an air of calmness that was fascinating. Every friday felt the same, but I’ve decided to stop that. Instead of going to the place I use to sit I’ve sat in front of her, so we could watch us face to face.

She looked at me with her angel-like face.

- So… you’re friends with Virgo?

- Yep. - She answered.

“Oh god, what do I say? She must think I’m a creep..”

- Oh, sorry I’m such a disaster. I’m Scorpio, I’m a friend of Virgo since we were kids. - I added.

Then she smiled, she told me that her name was Cancer and explained me that she was in the same class than Virgo. We chatted about the typical thigs you talk about when you meet someone for the first time: age, where you study if you’re studying, where you work if you have a job… Then each one started working and at 6pm she left.

We started sitting together and we took a coffee together during this last weeks. She was interesting, we’ve got really similar intests, but I was worried for her because she seemed fragile. I’ve felt attraction towards her since I saw her in the library, but things are getting stronger since I started knowing her.

Before she left I’ve asked for her number. I was with my mobile in hand, prepared to hear a bunch of numbers, but instead, as it was made decades ago, she took a red pen from her pencilcase and noted her phone in a piece of paper. She waved me goodbye and left.


“Today he asked my number” I thought while I was lying in my bed at night. My mobile rang, someone was calling me. I was expecting it to be Scorpio but it was a stupid phone company. I threw the mobile at bed regretting of being so silly. Then, that shitty machine sounded again.

- I’m sick of meeting you on fridays. - Said a voice from the other side.

- Me too.

- What do you do on Sunday? I know an incredible bar in the center. Would you like to go there with me? We can invite someone too if you want.

- Okay. See you on Sunday Scorpio.

- Cancer… Good night.

- Scorpio, why have you let a big lapse between saying my name and good night?

- For nothing.

- Nothing?

- Just thinking that I’m glad to had met you - and after saying this words he hunged me.

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Thought you were doing a beauty course?

yep that’s what i’m doing currently but i plan on going back to uni when i have my qualification in may so i can work and study

New to the Japanese Studyblr community ❊


I’m Lilian, and I’m currently planning on studying Japanese again. 


Yep! I started my journey with Japanese a few years ago, when I was a freshman in university, but I was always so busy doing other things I could only learn hiragana and katakana.

Last summer I wanted to take Japanese seriously and actually learned about 250+ kanji, and studied grammar and vocabulary from Genki. Summer ended and as my last year of university started, I couldn’t keep studying Japanese, so I forgot more than the 50% of what I’ve learned

That’s what that “again” means!

Couple of months ago I discovered this awesome community in tumblr, so now that I’ve just graduated, I want to learn Japanese for real, get involved and learn alongside all of you! I think that’s the motivation I needed!

I am kind of shy, but don’t hesitate to talk to me! I’d love it! 

Thanks for reading!

よろしく おねがいします! 

ps. I’ll be following every studyblr or langblr with a motivation for learning Japanese, and hopefully, we can all improve! ❊ 

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Hey, I was wondering... do you watch any other TV show apart from Supernatural?

that’s what i do all day.  :) 

i’m currently watching, or mostly binge-watching on netflix: riverdale, crazy ex-girlfriend, the walking dead (yep again), wynonna earp, how to get away with murder, scandal, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, arrested development, black mirror, designated survivor and house of cards. 

waiting for s2 of stranger things! i also gotta watch or finish watching soooo much stuff, i’m not sure i’ll ever get to do it. 

Locked Away: part 3

This is writing a lot easier then I expected. Thank-you to everyone who left little comments in their re-blogs. I love reading those. :)

As promised the angst begins in earnest. Don’t worry Ford will save him…

First - Pevious - Next.. coming soon!

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