yep this is how it happens

At this show, we invite people to the stage to spin the big wheel of select the song. Then we we have the audience member spin the smaller inner wheel to select the prop.  The host introduces the performer and then the live band plays the music. Pretty neat, right? Yeah, I think so too.

I got “When You’re Good to Mama” from CHICAGO and the Stuffed Animal which happened to be a 36″ Care Bear that belonged to my daughter and we could use on the sole conditions: We never teller her how it was used in the show. The show host even said as much, enjoying the finely roasted irony. Yep, no plausible deniability for me.

A friend of mine was in the audience and he shouted out from the front row, “Oh, I can tell her.” 

Almost as a unified chorus I hear from the wings of the theater, “No!” I imagined 70 people including the show host. I imagined from my ready pointof the audience all staring down poor Phil. I smirked. And then grinded my hips on that poor bear. Of course, they call him Cheer Bear.

Though the lore of Metal Gear is very rich indeed, there are still many questions where its characters are concerned, and few have captured the attention of the fans quite like the mysterious Psycho Mantis. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did his powers come to be? Wonder no more, gentle friends- because if Kojima refuses to tell you, ‘Map of the Mind’ is the next best thing. For writing a story that made us think “Yep.That’s How it Happened” we give this award to Mothbats!

Find Their Blog At: @mothbats

Read ‘Map of the Mind’ Here

karamelicious ha respondido a tu publicación “do you think mon-el is the prince of daxam? if yes then what ahout the…”

well, if they want to make some angst, i hope it will be more than just “he lied about being a guard” like I dont think its “big” enough to make them breaking up? (im not sure if im making sense im sorryyyyy)

Yep, I get what you are saying. I’m just saying that because similar stuff has happened before in other dc/cw shows (arrow for example), so I can see the writers creating a lot of drama just because he lied. I obviously don’t want them to break up but I don’t know how is this going to end… *fingers crossed*

I like Star Wars robots and how nobody cares that turning them into people makes them less functional in their intended use.

“Help! My droid has a consciousness and emotions and a personality and does what it wants!”
“Haha, yep, that just kinda happens.”

I bet this is how it happened
  • SJM: Sooo, I wrote EoS a bit longer than I supposed to because it turns out Chaol's arc is longer than I expected...
  • Bloomsbury: Dammit Sarah, just take it out from the book!
  • SJM: But it's important to me!
  • Bloomsbury: Fine, how about we take it out of EoS and make it a novella instead?
  • SJM: Sure, I'm cool with that.
  • Bloomsbury: But remember Sarah, it's a novella. NO-VEL-LA.
  • SJM: Relax, I got this. I will keep it short
  • (Momths later)
  • SJM: Oops.

and yet again I try to draw cool shit but cant decide what to go with in the end

also dont let yourself be fooled by the art bc here’s what I think abt it: this can be fucking hilarious

so heres a list of hcs aka a list of things I might have to draw sometimes later bc its ass oclock rn and I gotta travel tomorrow but this is rly good AU why is organization-type AUs so good

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alec: *tells isabelle and clary that him and magnus have an unresolved argument that’s driving them apart*

isabelle: the argument isn’t your problem, work and the stress of this war have been keeping the two of you apart. you two just need to bone

clary: *horrified* 

alec: what did you say? 

clary: *whispering* don’t say it again 

isabelle: i said you two need to bone

alec: HOW dare you isabelle lightwood i am your BROTHER! 

alec, five minutes later: BONE!

alec, ten minutes later: what happens in my bedroom izzy is none of your business

alec, twenty-one minutes later: bONE?!

alec, forty minutes later: dont, ever, speak to me like that again.

alec, two days later: it’s all good 

clary: so the fight with magnus is over?

alec: yep

clary: so you resolved the argument?

alec: nope

isabelle: because you guys-

alec: yep



…. definitely has got something to do with a guy and Kotoko’s face.

Secret is Out: Part 5

AN: I decided to spend a bit of time away from the Batfamily to see how the rest of our favorite heroes are coping. So have some Barry Allen.

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Words: 899

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

“They’re still out there.”


    “My boss has sent me twenty emails.”

    “Probably wants to know why you’re not at work.”

    You smile at your husband, “No, she wants to know if you’ll come to her daughter’s birthday party.”

    When Barry bursts out laughing, you can’t help but smile for real. He’s been so quiet since the secret identities have been leaked. It scares you. Your Barry is always smiling, and talking. He’s always holding you or trying to touch you in some way; from wrapping an arm around your waist to holding your hand. In the past several days he had barely left his lab.

    Walking away from the window and to your husband, you crawl into his lap. “So what’s the plan Flash?”

    He pulls you in close, and kisses the top of your head. “I don’t know Y/N, we could always go live on the station. You’d be safe up there.”

    You turn in Barry’s arms, so that you’re straddling his hips. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him. It’s a long and slow kiss. When you pull away you’re both breathless. You lean your forehead against his and say, “Barry we can’t live in fear.”

    His hold on you tightens, “Y/N every single enemy I have ever made knows who I am now. Knows who you are, and what you mean to me. If they go after you, if they hurt you …”

    You kiss his nose, “Barry Allen, I love you with everything I have, but we can’t live in fear.”

    Barry slumps back into the seat, “Are you sure about that? I’m fairly sure we can come up with some sort of business we can run from space.” You shake your head, and he sort of just groans. “What do you suggest?”

    You smile, and take his hand, “Let’s go out.”

    His eyes go wide, “Where the sharks are?”

    You kiss his nose, and say, “Superspeed, remember.”

    He just smiles, and the next moment you’re outside in Central City’s main park. Just as quickly you realize that your hair is now up, a ball cap is on your head, and sunglasses are tinting the sun.

    You glance over at your husband, “Wow, no fake nose or mustache?”

Barry just smiles and wiggles his eyebrows at you, before he sticks out his hand. You take it without hesitation. You get two wonderful, uninterrupted hours before Barry’s cellphone goes off.

“It’s CCPD.”

The phone rings again, and you smile, “We have to live Barry.”

He smiles before answering the phone and saying, “Allen.”

He listens for just a moment before hanging up. “They need me at a crime scene.”

You hold out your arms, and he raises an eyebrow in question. You smile and say, “Don’t you know, it’s take your wife to work day.”

Barry just laughs and then he’s running. It takes all of five seconds for the two of you to arrive. All eyes are immediately on you. You squeeze Barry’s hand once for support. He gives you a small smile before disappearing and then reappearing with his CSI kit. You watch with interest as he sets to work, and after a few minutes you realize everyone else is as well. All the cops are watching him as well.

As the news cameras show up, you feel an arm wrap around your shoulders. You smile at Joe, as he tosses head to the side, and leads you away from the crowds. The two of you slide into his car, and wait for Barry.

There’s a moment of silence before your father-in-law asks, “How’s our boy doing?”

You watch your husband through the windshield, “He’s worrying. You know Barry, he likes to worry. He was talking about living up on the station.”

“That surprises you? He called me, and begged me to not leave the house, begged me to convince Wally to take online classes.”

You bite your lip, “He’s terrified to lose someone else Joe. To be honest, I can’t really blame him.”

The back door of the car opens, and Barry slides in before you can say anything else. “Captain radioed in, he wants everyone … especially me, back at the station.”

Joe just nods, and flips the sirens on before pulling into traffic. When you reach the station, there are tons of paparazzi waiting. You turn to look at Barry, and he gives you a small smile, “I guess I can’t keep running.”

“Not from this.”

With a deep breath he opens the door and steps out. The flashes are nearly blinding, but they don’t seem to affect Barry. He shields you the best he can, as he helps you out of the car. He stays to one side while Joe stays to the other.

It reminds you of a mob scene as reporters reach out and try to grab Barry. He shrugs them off, but his arm tightens around you. Then there are more bodies between you and them, as cops swarm from the building. They create a path, and Barry rushes you forward.

You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding as the door closes behind you. Then you realize all eyes are on you and Barry. As the captain steps forward, you feel Barry tense, and then he says, “Allen you’re the freaking Flash, how the hell are you always late?”

the signs as shit that happens in hatoful boyfriend
  • aries: okosan's human avatar being a bird in a suit
  • taurus: hiyoko actually living in a cave but also somehow having a doorbell
  • gemini: shuu sending hiyoko yuuya's dead body on christmas eve and hiyoko thinking it's a turkey so she eats it
  • cancer: okosan ascending into his true form as lord pudi
  • leo: tohri literally pulling a "how the grinch stole christmas" by trying to buy all the beans before legumentines
  • virgo: brian pigeon
  • libra: hiyoko getting bullied by a gang of pigeons and azami appearing out of nowhere to kick their butts
  • scorpio: shuu showing up in the first episode of holiday star after the tree was stolen and being disappointed that there isn't a corpse
  • sagittarius: anghel getting tricked by tohri and not knowing that people don't normally get their blood drawn at a publisher's office
  • capricorn: miru and kaku trying to break into sakuya's house with an army tank
  • aquarius: kazuaki displaying some "extreme" sleeping as he walks hiyoko home
  • pisces: pretty coore

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“Imagine confessing to liking Mark.”

It turned slowly, almost taunting you and everyone else in the circle. As it began to stop, you noticed how it was coming closer and closer to you…

“Y/N!” Jack cried out, “You’ve been chosen! Truth, or dare?”

Sighing, you mulled it over for a moment, before choosing Truth. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

“Okay, I got this one.” Mark reassured them (Jack and Wade), “Who, do you like?”

“Do I have to?”

“Yep, no backing down from this, Y/N/N.”

You paused again, taking a deep breath and…

“IlikeMarkandIdon’tknowifyoulikemesoInevermentionedit, okay?” Somehow, everyone seemed to catch and you carefully watched as Mark processed the information.

“You like me?”

I was an Electronics sales clerk at a retail store, and there are a lot of US vets that shop there. One time an older gentleman came in with his camera. Now, he didn’t want to return it, but for some reason years of pictures were unable to be found when he tried transferring them to a computer.

I was the only one not busy at the time with a register, so I took a look at his camera. It had a standard SD card in it. Unfortunately the camera was out of batteries, so i couldn’t check to see if they actually showed up in preview. I asked him how he tried to transfer them, and he says he knows how to make new folders, but they disappeared after trying to move the pictures over.

At this point I probably knew what happened, so I went over to a display laptop and thank goodness one of them had an SD card reader. So I plugged the card in and yep, he made new folders within the SD card itself rather than on the computer he was trying to transfer to, so all of the pictures were in like 3 folders down.

I restored the folders to how the DSLR would normally record and read pictures, but I was also aware that he may make the same mistake again. So, as slowly and patiently as I could, I taught him how to set up a new folder in the computer’s picture tab and transfer the pictures over. Luckily he used the same version of Windows that the display computer had, so he could navigate through everything easily. He thanked me profusely and left.

A few weeks later, I answered the phone for our department, and it was the same older gentleman. He was calling to ask if a certain item was in stock, but then he recognized my voice and he brought his wife over to the phone and they both thanked me for saving their pictures.

My face hurt from smiling for the rest of that day.

So I heard Bulma is about to have a baby...

This makes me laugh because can y'all see how this happened? I’m 100% sure that whole situation they just got out of had Vegeta shook as hell. So what does he do once they’ve won? He goes back home with Bulma and they “enjoy each other’s company” for a month. No visitors. No excursions. No training. No living outside of that dome. Then one day Bulma rolls up on Vegeta with the good news and Vegeta’s like “how the hell did that happen?!” Bulma then tosses the test at Vegeta, screaming about how they’ve fucked 5 times a day for a month and what the hell did he think was gonna happen if they kept that up?

Yep. I’m 100% sure that’s how the conception went down.

And now hopefully my other post about the cat taking a liking to the blue-haired baby will come true.

@princessctiva and I have decided that this Densi proposal is happening like ASAP after the mole story concludes.  They’re building up Deeks trying to make plans so much that when it’s all over and he’s out of jail and Kensi is un-kidnapped, he’s going to see her and decide, “screw planning” and just ask and then she will barely let him get the question out before she’s nodding furiously and letting out a relieved, “yes yes yes.”

yep.  That’s how it will happen, folks.

Westworld episode 9 review

OH YAS! My headcanon got confirmed, or should I say headcanons?

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I suggest you don’t read this because obviously it will contain some MAJOR spoilers.You’ve been warned.

First there’s Teddy who is revealed to be none other than…Wyatt! If you were wondering where the hints were, well in the very first episode we have the Man in Black telling Teddy that it’s cruel how he and Dolores got paired together. Now why would he say that if he didn’t hurt her in some way in a previous build? Then some pointed out that the scene in the town where all the hosts are getting killed in Dolores’ memories, is happening at the same place as the one that has  Teddy and “Wyatt”  killing all those soldiers. So yep after rewatching all the episodes I picked up on those hints, and this is pretty exciting when you think about it. Teddy was never a good guy, but it’s too early to tell if he won’t be a loser anymore.

Next it’s obviously the fact that Dolores timeline is just a memory, in the second episode I think she heard “Remember” and that was directly followed with the introduction of William. And then she hears “Remember” again in this episode as she runs away from the Confederados, and all of a sudden she’s back to normal,aka she doesn’t have a knife wound to the stomach. Speaking of which, Logan reveals all her circuits when he guts her open, which proves that this is the very early versions of the hosts, since the new ones are made to look completely human, because it’s cost effective as explained by the MiB. So to all those who were skeptical that the stuff with William and Logan is just a memory, this should clear all of those doubts..

This also confirms that the Man in Black is none other than William, although there might be something that could enter in conflict with that, and that is his line about “Cutting a host open” earlier in the season. And we see Logan do just that to Dolores, but if we take into account what happens next (and a certain shot of the preview for the season finale) it can’t be Logan, and already we’re seeing William morph into the Man in Black, since he finally “learned how to play the game”. And he’s very much in charge now, not Logan. Then there’s the knife that he owns now, which is the same as the MiB’s .And during his rampage we can’t exclude that he cut some hosts open, and we do see a few limbs laying around too, so that checks out (sorta).

But the biggest reveal of all is that Bernard is in fact Arnold, or at least he was build after him. That was actually pretty predictable, if we just go by the picture that Ford showed him earlier in the season, which the way it was framed should have 3 people in it.Which means that the third person is someone that Bernard wasn’t supposed to see. And as pointed out in before, the person next to Ford looks the same as the host build after Ford’s father, so it can’t be Arnold. Then there was the talk between “Bernard” and Dolores, where he tells her about the maze too. And in fact it is Arnold before he died (and this  also means it’s a memory)…. And just the mere fact Arnold and Bernard share the same voice etc.So yeah it was rather predictable.

I had a bit of a hard time figuring out who killed Arnold at first, and while Ford is the designated culprit, it turns out it is really Dolores who killed him. I had a feeling she would because of her meeting with Ford, and when she asked if they were old friends, he answers no. And you could tell there was some animosity on Ford’s part, which is imo the biggest hint that it was Dolores who killed Arnold. Since at that time she was sentient, she would be able to do that in theory.

Ford is one of the most intriguing characters, he actually cared for Arnold despite their differences. So when he died he build Bernard, and gave him the same personality and  he still resents Dolores for killing him.. But with the way his part ended in this episode I feel we’re going to see an even more pragmatic Ford, since now he doesn’t need to bother with his feelings for his “old friend” after the latter outright disagreed with him. Arnold  on the other hand almost strikes me as naive, now I don’t condone what Ford is doing to his hosts, in fact it really looks like he has a God complex… but Arnold was very much an idealist, and someone who really didn’t understand humans, and preferred the hosts. And when he succeeded in creating conscioussness in them, which I think he did for Dolores and others (Bernard also says that) he got killed by his own creation. The biggest mystery now will be to know why Dolores killed Arnold in the first place.

Amazing episode as always, now that most of the mysteries have been solved, we’ll get to see more action. Maeve’s plan in on route, and Ford’s new storyline is about to begin, now that Teddy died and he’s about to become Wyatt…Dolores is still doing her stuff I guess, and she meets an old friend, hopefully this time around she remembers who he is.Or maybe it’s better if she didn’t, and the “Man in Black” is going to learn it the hard way? We’ll also get to see how things ended in the past timeline with William and Logan and it does look like it didn’t end well for the latter. Overall I’m pretty pumped for the last episode of the season, hell I want to see it NOW!.