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I have a question. I remember seeing a post about there being some kind of purple parasite thing that is inside Fresh!Sans and it's called the Fresh Parasite(correct me if im wrong). Also Kid!Fresh doesn't seem to have it. So did the Fresh Parasite, like, infect him when he got older and he uses his sunglasses to hide it or something? I guess he doesn't want to freak his brothers out.


Meet Fresh!

So, yep, that creepy-crawly? That’s Fresh! He’s a parasite. So, every time you talk about Fresh!Sans, what you mean is Fresh-possessed Sans.

(Side note: Generally, referring to the host as ‘Sans’ isn’t right either, since the whole Lucidia redesign… Buuut that’s a whole another can of worms!)

Fresh, being a parasite, can’t survive for long without a host body, so he takes over people and feeds off of their soul’s energy. As a side-effect of such activity, you get a really cool visual of a soul stuck in the eye(socket)!

Neato, right? Well, the hosts probably wouldn’t agree, but no̕ ̵ơ͠ne'̡s̶͏͟ ̴͘a͟͠͡s̷k̀͠i̢͠͠n̵͡g̶͟ ̀th̀͟è͟m!̢ 

Ahem. Aaanyway…

@alainaprana has this beautiful ongoing comic called MommaCQ, where Geno, Error and Fresh are siblings.

But, since Fresh being a parasite throws a monkey wrench into that…

…he gets to be a regular kid. With personality, quirks and a whole pack of issues that come from being based on the original Fresh, of course!

But, being a regular kid, he has regular eyelights, yay!

Welp, hope that was helpful!

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana

“Worst Shotgun Ever”

2 Year Anniversary Drabble #11

Prompt: “If you play this song one more time, I swear to god I will drive us off of the next cliff.”

Characters:   Kai x Reader (platonic/frenemy-ish) 

Your name: submit What is this?

It is a lovely summer day and you´re on your way back from a gathering out of town. Unfortunately for you, Kai is in the car with you, because your friends refused to take them with them. 

And its seems for good reason. Kais has been playing and singing along to the Baywatch theme song for what felt like hours.

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title: together we can (break the clouds)
pairing: spot/race, background blink/mush
words: 5,019
rating: T
notes: college au, modern setting, i do not speak italian please forgive me

ao3 | ff

au: “my roommate is really hot but they don’t speak english how the fuck am i supposed to deal with this”

Spot rolled his eyes. “Relax, Jack. He doesn’t speak much English; he has no idea what I’m saying.”
Sì, io sono solo un povero ragazzo italiano che non capisce niente che si sta dicendo,” added Tony. David snorted and dissolved into laughter again.
Jack continued to stare at Spot as if he was an idiot.

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The Seeing-Eye Meisters ((C/S for @smol-skeleton-child))

((This is a starter using Staff and Aria, and will be a crossover with Soul Eater. Hope y’all enjoy!))

The halls were packed full of excited students as both weapons and meisters congregated after class. It was only a little less than halfway through the semester, and the energy was still running quite high as pairs and groups of partners milled about. Carefully, a taller meister began weaving his way between the groups, just slightly annoyed that he’d had to return to these halls. He’d graduated years ago, even training up his own death scythe! Although, that didn’t end quite well…

“Why the hell’ve we gotta be in this damn place again,” a voice said into his head, sounding quite grumpy.

If the Maestro has summoned us, we must answer,” a second voice responded. “To be quite honest, it may be to our best benefit. We have not been allowed to go on investigations without a weapons partner, and, with our unique situation, that is quite difficult. If you would quit whining—“

“Would you two be quiet,” the meister hissed under his breath, gaining strange looks from the students around him. “I can’t think of where I’m supposed to be going while you two keep jabbering on.”

Sorry,” both voices mumbled in unison. With a sigh, he looked up, before finally spotting a familiar door.

“Oh, good. Finally, we can see what they needed from us.”

Without hesitation, he opened the door, stepping inside and out of the bustle of the halls. Inside, there was a man lounging in his seat behind the desk, and a strangely patchwork-looking girl hanging upside down from one of the rafters. “Oh! Hey, look, it’s Staff,” the girl said with a grin, nimbly flipping down from the ceiling.

“Yep. Heya, Sadie,” Staff responded with a wave, then looked to the teacher. “So, you called me over, and I’m here. What did you need from me? It sounded pretty important.”

“Yes, well, we think we may have found a weapon that you could… erm, that you three could partner with,” the teacher responded, pulling a file out onto their desk.

Staff couldn’t help looking very interested, and the other two in his head had their attention grabbed as well. “Really? Let’s see him, then.”

“Her, actually,” the teacher said, handing over the folder of papers. “We have not been able to pair her with a meister all semester, and she has a few unique traits that should be ideal for someone with your unique situation.”

“Hmm…” Staff flipped open the file, reading inside. “Aria…”


onemanshowoff  asked:

Tumblr is under fire because they are deleting tags to really controversial and important topics. I'm sure there's a reason behind it but its still a shady move to make, especially since the community on this site are activists. So how will you guys treat controversial topics and tags? Will you delete them to try to avoid conflict or will you keep them up so your users can talk about them and people can discover more of it?


Yep, we’re really not keen on that. I’m not too familiar with the whole team, but both Alice and I are pretty active in our activism, and Inkstand doesn’t believe in the kind of censoring tumblr did with the #ferguson tag. We’re not keen on deleting content like that, and believe that social media has an integral role to play in activism - both of us have first-hand experience in using twitter to circumvent a hostile media environment, for example, with the protests at Auckland Pride last weekend.