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Work From Home.

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Author’s Note: This is by far the dirtiest smut I’ve written so far. First Steve Rogers smut I’ve ever written. Definitely not the last. AGAIN! I’ve had little to no experience in this, so yeah…. 

Based on ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six months now, meaning you two still had things to learn about each other. When Steve was sent on a two-week long mission without you, you couldn’t help but tease him during a debrief meeting. However, your actions did not go unpunished.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, Sexting, masturbation, toys, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, boss kink, orgasm denial.

Words: 3476

I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’
I ain’t wearin’ na nada
I’m sittin’ pretty, impatient, but I know you gotta
Put in them hours, I'mma make it harder
I’m sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired

Two weeks. That’s the longest you’ve been separated from Steve since you two got together. And it was killing you. You missed him, worried about him, craved him. And it was driving you nuts.

You knew that whenever he goes on missions, contact was nonexistent for the sake of his and your safety. It just made his homecoming even more exciting. It spurred something in the both of you that made you guys get barely any sleep on his day back from a mission. This prolonged time away from each other only fueled your need for him. You were just straight-up horny, and touching yourself just wasn’t cutting it for you. Every night, you wore just a loose T-shirt and underwear to bed, trying to get off.

So you almost screamed in excitement when you got a text from him.

The team and I just got back from the mission. I’ll be home as soon as debriefing is done.

You bit your lower lip in anticipation at the thought of him being just a couple of floors above you. In less than a hour, he will be in between your legs, which made you more than impatient.

Hurry or I’ll get started without you. 👄

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Theatre is so amazing actually like

You want a musical about revolting people because they can’t use the bathroom? Got it

A musical with puppets after they get out of college who have upbeat songs about racism, sexualities, and sex? Yep we got it

Maybe one about gay Mormons who love Orlando and Star Wars? You guessed it

Fucking Shrek the musical?? Yeah (and its actually not as shitty as it sounds)

Not two mention a musical that accurately portrays a dysfunctional family due to mental disease?

Rock musical based on presidents lives?

Addams Family and Mathilda the musical? Aight man

Anything you want there’s probably a show about it tbh


So we all know the video Ryan posted on his Instagram account with a preview of his song he’s working on (or I hope you do if you don’t here X), But while I was listening to it I was trying to figure out the words but I could only make out some words, But I found a tumblr post credits to @i-write-sins-in-cape-town (here) helped me out. The music states

“ Gotta go away to make a comeback”.

But you know who else sings a line almost exactly like that…Yep Brendon Urie. He sings in the song with Travie McCoy in his song (x). Brendon sings this line repeatedly “
“You gotta keep on keeping on
Even with the feeling
that you’re gonna keep losing
You gotta come back strong”.

Since Brendon and Travie McCoy put there song out first it would mean Ryan would be the would writing about the other, not like DOAB where Brendon wrote about Ryan, But more like take a vacation! where Ryan wrote about Brendon.

Could Ryan actually be putting out an album this year? Was Brendon trying to give advice to Ryan? And better yet is it gonna be a heart throb Ryden album? (This is just my conspiracy.)

yep, it’s official, whenever a katy perry song comes on the radio, i now immediately imagine ginny badly humming to it and how mike is the one that not only sticks around and listens to off key, befuddled noise she’s making, but closely enough that he can discern exactly what she is humming.

and get this, actually finds it so endearing that he’s unconsciously filed it as a fact about her that he now uses as an example of information you’d know if you were actually in love with her.

thus, admitting to everyone he tells that MIKE LAWSON IS IN LOVE WITH GINNY BAKER.

and that is just about the cutest thing ever.