yep there is no one better than these two

good things about my two days trip to London:

  • London. just, London. I’d missed it!
  • street singers/musicians
  • met two nice people who were there for Emma Wxtson
  • proved to myself I can be strong and determined when I want to (it makes the disappointment even worse though)
  • seeing Luke Evxns (and everyone else)… but from afar… :/
  • happy, cute gay couples holding hands
  • a woman asked me to take a picture of her in the DisneyStore with the batb rose and her soon-to-be-bought Belle and Gaston dolls
  • buying batb merchandising including batb mystery mini funkos, the dolls, and my very first special mug!! it’s huge I’m gonna make the best teas and hot cocoas in it
  • somehow not getting sick (yet??)

sad/bad things about my two days trip to London:

  • waiting, freezing and shaking a total of 14 hours in the icy cold
  • f*cking storm doris making it even harder to deal with
  • feeling like dying once in bed. I’m sorry, body, I didn’t mean all the pain
  • health related anxiety
  • my irregular period decided it was a great time to show up
  • my lips are currently dead, so are my shoulders
  • not getting one of the many invitations randomly given away to see the screening
  • people… getting invitations… even though they didn’t know about the event until they stumbled across it 45 minutes earlier… (yes I’m very bitter about that)
  • seeing Luke Evxns only from afar (like really afar, not 2 meters afar :/)
  • so, no chance to get a picture like I’d hoped so hard
  • feeling like I went for nothing
  • (but hey at least I bought cool stuff I’d planned to buy! the LeFou mini funko is ADORABLE I think it’s my favourite out of the five different characters I got (got the Prince twice, ball dress Belle, Lumière, kneeling Beast, and LeFou). I’m sad I didn’t get Gaston tho. LeFou feels lonely without his buddy. but gosh the Gaston doll is stunning!)
  • couldn’t find the batb novelization
  • misgendering once people hear my voice but oh well
  • “wow I had never met someone so quiet before… like shy people yes, but never someone who doesn’t talk at all” thanks what do you want me to say about it? stop acting like you’ve made a new species discovery

I asked Becky (Sauerbrunn) and Christen (Press) a million questions and my roommate Alyssa (Naeher) probably two million. I am sure she was thinking, “Man, this girl sure asks a lot of questions.” But I figured better to ask than not to ask and look like I have no idea what I’m doing, which I’m sure was still the case some of the time.

In the first game against Switzerland, I found out 10 minutes before the first half ended that Christen and I would be going into the game at halftime. I looked at Christen and sort of kicked my feet and squeezed her hand, and then Christen started telling me the protocol of what we do when the first half ended. We started warming up five minutes before the end of the half, then we went into the locker room to listen to Jill’s halftime talk, and then I figured, “I’ll do whatever Christen does.”

Then our goalkeeper coach, Graeme Abel, came up to me to go over my marking assignments on set plays and after we were done, I looked around and Christen was gone!

I had no idea what to do. Am I allowed to go out to the field? What do I do when I get out there? I decided to head out to the field and luckily Christen was already out there so I just followed her lead. Sam was also warming up so she started passing with me and she could tell I was a bit nervous. She just came up to me and said, “They brought you in for a reason. Just be who you are. Don’t try to do anything fancy, just be Lynn.”

—  Lynn Williams
Washboard Wednesday - Wednesdays Are Okay Edition

Hellooooo people. It’s that happy day again. The one with the special pretty. Because someone worked very hard to make it all nice and lovely. And we appreciate it, don’t we? 

I hope your week is going okay. I kind of need to get in gear on my job search this week. Been lallygagging. So, once this goes out, I’m in serious mode. Yep. But until then, just a few more moments of pretty. Some straightforward and some arty. Here we go. 

tThis is a bit gritty. But it works, right?

This one. Sigh. The pants. “Holy guacamole the pants,” she panted. 

Moment of zen. Thank you, gif maker person. 

Arty. But I liked how it came out. 

Okay, technically not abs, but the black and white and the back was just…I had to.

Finally, a bit experimental. But two abs are better than one. And his shoulder made kind of a heart shape for you. So..twins. Yes. 

And there you have it. Another Wednesday in January. Just making our way to the next episode. What will happen next? I have no idea. Big questions…will we see Oliver shirtless with Susan the reporter? Will we mind? Will we even notice she’s in the room? Not sure. Will I make pretty pictures from it? Damn straight, I’ll try. Have a great rest of your week, my friend. 

Finally, it’s possible you missed Man Face Monday this week due to tags not working. I hope you’ll check it out on my page if you didn’t get to see it. 

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anonymous asked:

Eri looks much happier these days than she used to. Did something change?

Yep! I’ve been working a lot on the main narrative and for narrative purposes it just fits better that she has a more upbeat cheerful personality rather than the sarcastic bitter one from her concept. It’s actually kind of amusing looking between the two now though. 

We have concept Eri:

and we have her nowadays:

Sorry if I’m ever a bit vague about things regarding the characters though, I don’t want to give away too many details about them as since I’m in the middle of developing things nothing’s quite set in stone. If I reveal certain information I feel obligated to stick to it or that people expect it so I want to keep most things under lock for the time being. 


You couldn’t think of anything better than going on a road trip with your two best friends. Music blasted from the stereo as Lydia gossiped about something she’d heard as you and Allison listened with wide grins. It was amazing getting to spend normal quality time with them like this; you never really got the chance to do this anymore. You smiled as you looked at them both, yep, this road trip was one you’d remember forever.

when you’re messing around with different effect layers in photoshop and you like the resulting colors better than the palette you just spent two hours “perfecting”……… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway, while i continue to color this ten-part fiesta, here are the above-referenced crazy colors that resulted from my inability to focus on one task at a time/playing with exclusion and difference layers

thought they were kinda nifty even though they’re not what i’m actually using so YEP! keep your eyes peeled for the real ten-part deal though, hopefully i’ll finish it by tomorrow evening~


“Hey, are you ready to go?” Calvin leaned against the door frame, a smile on his face.

“Yep, I’m ready.” She went over to him and kissed his lips before grabbing her phone from the nightstand.

They had decided to go hiking since the weather was great (when wasn’t the weather great in LA though?) and they had the day off. After being busy for the last two weeks, Taylor wanted to spend some alone time with her boyfriend and what better way to do that than hiking with him in LA.

“So where are we going?” He questioned, taking hold of her hand as they walked to the car. She was the one driving since she wanted to go somewhere Calvin didn’t know.

“To these really cool trails. I go there with Gigi all the time.” She told him getting in driver’s side as he sat on the passenger’s side. She started the engine as he nodded his head. She drove to the place she had gone with Gigi many times before, it wasn’t far from her house, it was a ten minute drive and soon she was parking the car as Calvin talked about how he was planning on releasing the new music he had shown her soon.

“This is nice.” Calvin commented, wrapping his arm around her waist, smiling.

“Yeah, not many people are around so we get to be together outside without anyone bothering us.” She smiled, kissing his cheek as they started walking.

“We should do this more often.” Calvin said after a while of walking in silence. She nodded her head in agreement.

“We will once my tour ends. We’ll have more time.” Taylor told him.

“Where are we supposed to go now?” Calvin wondered and Taylor looked around, furrowing her eyebrows. “Taylor?”

“I think we’re supposed to go that way.” She said hesitantly pointing to her left.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, giggling softly and he looked at her suspiciously as she walked towards the direction she had pointed. He followed her when she suddenly stopped. “Maybe we should go that way.” She pointed to her right and he sighed before laughing slightly.

“I thought you said you came here all the time.” He noted and she looked back at him.

“And I do. I’m just not an expert at directions. Gigi is the one who knows this place.” She groaned, looking around.

“We’re lost, aren’t we?” He raised an eyebrow at her and she smiles innocently. “We are lost.”

“I wouldn’t say lost, just kind of disoriented.” She spoke out loud and he laughed at her. “Yeah, we are lost.”

“Should we call someone?”

“No. We’ll find our way out of the woods.” She responded before busting out laughing. “I will never not make references to my songs.”

“You are hilarious, Taylor.” He said with a straight face and she rolled her eyes. “Call Gigi, maybe she knows where we are and she can help us.” Taylor got her phone out and dialed Gigi’s number, sighing in relief when she saw she had reception.

“There’s a really pretty tree and you can see the Hollywood sign from here.” Taylor told Gigi when she asked her to describe where they were.

“That is an amazing description, Taylor.” Gigi said sarcastically. “Do you see any trails?”

“Yes, there’s like two.” She replied.

“Great! What do you see on one of the trails?” Calvin walked towards one of them.

“There’s nothing.” He called out to Taylor.

“Nothing on one of them and then there’s like a little lake or something on the other.” Taylor explained.

“Go on the lake one, you’ll find your way back to the place where we usually park the car when we go there.” Gigi told her.

“That’s where I parked the car. Thanks Gigi.” She said before hanging up.

They walked down the trail Gigi told them to and soon found themselves in the place they began their hike.

“It wasn’t that hard was it?” Calvin grinned at her. “Remind me to never let you take me on a hike in a place I don’t know.”

“It’s always an adventure, baby.” She winked at him. “You love it.”

“Well you’re not wrong.” He pulled her closer to him, placing his lips on hers as she giggled. “Love you.”

“Even if I got us lost?” She smirked and he nodded.

“I wouldn’t have you any other way.” He smiled. “Just don’t do it too often.” He murmured and she laughed.