yep that's the name i'm using

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Ok, here are some ship names but they're not that great. >_< I tried my best! 1:OrangeCream (geddit? The popsicle?) 2: StretchyTortoise 3:CheetoShell 4:DryBones (I'm sorry; couldn't resist a Mario reference) These were the best I could come up with. They're pretty lame but here you are! - Pink anon

I approve of all of these, and thank you so much for thinking of ship names for us in the first place! <33   I love them. x]

The Signs As Quotes From Bill Wurtz's Other Videos
  • Aries: what are you waiting for you dumb stupid fuck
  • Taurus: throw away the garbage pail, get a brand new garbage pail
  • Gemini: goats... goats... ghosts
  • Cancer: movies are nice. movies are cool. and i watch them all day, til i puke
  • Leo: i'm a loser (time passes) yep, still a loser... in /love/
  • Virgo: valentine's day used to be 3 days, but it was so fucking Shitty they decided to combine it all into one day, at least i think that's the reason
  • Libra: got a home by the bay... then i sold it. to my cat, i think
  • Scorpio: things you can realize: your name your age your height the meaning of life the meaning of oysters/clams
  • Sagittarius: we wish you luck the next time you try to scare a penguin. but they cannot be scared.
  • Capricorn: i'm gonna clean my room after the sun burns out and the sky falls down
  • Aquarius: think i just made some bread in my head
  • Pisces: how to be cool: Pay taxes.

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Yep, just a simple tweet would do. I'm sure that's not breaking the contract - if so, what would be the point of him even having a twitter account at all, if he can't say things for himself? I refuse to believe that a person that I admire so much would simply let something like this go by. He has done it many times before, but this time he can't. What kind of person allows someone to say SUCH things for him, using his name, and does nothing about it? Seriously.

My government closed 8 offices that served war veteran Clients. They published reams of bullshit in the press justifying it. The terms of my contract forbid me from speaking of it, even when I knew it was dead wrong.

What you have to accept is that the one person you admire so much an am EMPLOYEE, not the boss. He is not in change. He does not have decision making authority over most things. He doesn’t even have the right to control his own face and what it is used to sell. You have more authority in your daily life than he has.

The world is business is a cruel and evil place. Accept it.