yep that's me hahaha

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Elias is with Linn. That depressed girl who never had a bfriend kind of deserved that. Elias asked Sana if in 4.05 if the friends of the apartment were going to be in the party. We all thought yes Noora and then Eskild? but i think is Linn in yestarday's hei briskeby when they were joking about elias meeting a girl he smiles and winks? LOL this is me trying convince myself about a girl who never had a bfriend (yep thats me) is going to find her elias hahaha sorry but elinn? is canon! LMAO

Okay first of all, you’re definitely goind to find your Elias and he’s going to love you as much as Yousef loves Sana and Mahdi loves waffles

And second, that actually makes a lot of sense and I’d love to see that!!!