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“I’m not as weak as I make it seem Dan.”

“Do you want to know why?”

B E C A U S E Y O U N E V E R W E R E T H E O N E I N C O N T R O L .

“… I’m not letting it happen. Not again….”


Virus!Phan AU belongs to the lovely maddox-rider check her out!

Im so proud of this, it looks hella cool in my opinion and it’s one of the first things I’ve coloured with actual quality markers - even tho it’s mostly black lmao

I also have a Drawing Amino btw, I feel more comfortable posting things there, my username is the same as here The Awkward Codex so feel free to check out what I posted there it’s a fun app ^__^

Now Imma finally go start watching Yuri on Ice ciao you lovely trash bags~

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im going to use my vk playlist so there gonna be lots of weird shit

1. It’s Not Unusual – Glee Cast  (yeah thats right)
2. Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual
3. Une Ladybug! (Theme Song French) – Noam Kaniel & Marily (yep)
4. Are You With Me (Christmas Mix) – Lost Frequencies
5. Feeling A Moment – Feeder
6. Listen To Your Heart – Roxette
7. In Noctem – Nicholas Hooper 
8. Breathe – of Verona
9. A Man’s Gotta Do – Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day & Nathan Fillion
10. Если будет снег – Валентин Стрыкало 

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Can you tag balloons? I know this seems dumb but I'm badly triggered by balloons and I know it's not that often of a tag (like ever) but since you're asking for trigger tags, that's like a big one for me. (I know this is weird I'm sorry)

Yep. Feel free to remind us if we forget, since that’s probably not going to be a frequent one.



hello, im here to explain u a thing.

i am the creator of these

now i have seen my gifs used a lot while yall try and say baekhyun is hurting baby sehun here BUT fear not ive come to dispell these rumors. because thats what they are. rumors because everyone loves to hate baekhyun WOO!!!!

everyone thinks theyre quarreling friends fightin over a lover or somethin smh. YES baekhyun playfully smacked sehun on the side of the head, lightly, but theyre only playing. they do that on stage. frequently i might add, for our entertainment, and even in the mv

u see that?? yes that is a smile. but please sit down im only getting started

what yall are getting ur panties in a twist over: baekhyun “pinching” sehuns neck. do u see what i see? he had his hand fisted in sehuns hoodie, but he also accidentally grabbed a hold of his mic wire as well

now i slowed that gif down a little so u could see what is happening, this contact lasted for LESS than a second i know this for a fact i made these gifs and i watched every single frame


sehun adjusting his hoodie from where baekhyun had grabbed it

sehun adjusting his mic wire, yep thats what he was doing, not “rubbing his neck in pain”

couldnt see it? thats ok!!! im here to help and inform u guys so here ill close up and slow it down some


now stop accusing baekhyun of being abusive to sehun, im not rolling with it. im out

As some of you might be aware, during the day I work as an illustrator for one of the UK’s largest greeting card companies. Though I adore the job, it always boils down to this: If you’re producing girl’s cards, we want fairies and princess. If you’re producing boy’s cards, we want pirates and monsters. The reasoning behind it is understandable – consumers want familiar, pink-or-blue, easily buyable and guaranteed gender-specific cards to give to their nieces/nephews, sons/daughters, etc. It sells and it’s popular.

However, I’ve just been given an opportunity that comes along very rarely in this industry, and for this I’d really like your help. The company’s decided to take a risk on a small range next year, which they’ve given to me to produce; they want gendered cards that shake up the norms, cards which aren’t restricted to ‘this one has glitter’ and ‘this one has tanks’. I’ve been given a list of their ideas, which consists (no kidding) solely of ‘Female versions of male subjects (pirates, monsters etc)’ and no suggestions at all for boys, so I want you guys to help me flesh it out. You’re all nothing short of ideas and the urge to shake things up, so I know you’ll be up for the challenge!

Of course, the whole project might turn out to be a complete flop, but… well, nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

So here’s what I’d like you to do. I’d like to hear from you what sort of cards you would have liked to receive as a young boy or girl (and of course, if you were happy to receive ponies and football then that’s great, too!), so that I can add it to the list of possible subjects that I’m compiling. Sadly it can’t be too outlandish (much as I’d love to see some bitching Valkyrie on a five year-old’s birthday card, chances are that’s not the most marketable thing in the world), but I’d love to hear anything and everything from you. Do you like octopuses, wizards, really ugly cats? How about cute little tribal spirit-god things or Slavic folk art?

Anything and everything would be a real help over here, and if I can get this project going, it might mean a chance to have more alternative cards in the shops in the future. Thanks guys!


Year in selfies, tagged by the lovely koibitotedare!!

There’s one Hiccup cosplay in there, but the rest are pretty randomly taken ones that I managed to find.

2014: the year I finally decided to chop all my hair off and never regretted it for a second

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