yep that's creepy


Meanwhile at the salon.

Marques: Hey, Sandy, my 2 pm appointment has asked of we have space for one more person with her. You’re free at 2, right? Can you take her?

Sandy: Sure thing, Marques. 

Tad: Thanks for always helping us out with these things. If you ever need anything, let us know, alright?

Sandy: I’ll remember that. Oh, I think there they are.

Piper: Afternoon, folks. Sorry about the short notice, but I thought a salon afternoon with my cousin would be a good thing. I hope it’s cool with you?

Sandy: It’s no problem. The more the merrier. Oh, crap! Not him again…

Tad: Seriously? Again? This guy really doesn’t get the hint, does he?

Piper: What’s wrong?

Sheree: Is this a bad time?

Tad: It’s always a bad time for him. Sandy here has gotten herself a creep client.

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