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I'm suuuuper sick rn so I'm curious how would the fallout 4 companions react to sole getting sick? I'm sure there's some new viruses in the new world they're not used to.

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Cait: She didn’t know what she was doing and she didn’t hide it. She made them tea once, but actually it was just warm water with literal grass in it. Every time Sole tried to instruct her, she just yelled overtop of them, “I KNOW I KNOW.” 

Curie: She was ON it. She’s has the medical knowhow for most illnesses, so Sole getting sick was no problem. Even though she knew she could take care of them, she still stayed with them at all times with a worried look on her face. 

Codsworth: He’s no stranger to human illnesses. He had taken care of Sole back before the war while they were sick, so this time should be no different. He didn’t realize that illnesses could change too. When Sole didn’t get better quickly, he worried a lot, and had to ask around on what to do. 

Danse: When Sole got sick, you could see the panic on Danse’s face. He never had to deal with sick people, because they just stayed back on the prydwen. He treated them as gentle as he could, and constantly asked if they were alright with what he was doing. 

Deacon: “Don’t worry, IIIIIIII got this.” Deacon acted confident that he could take care of them but failed miserably. Accidentally spilled soup on them, he just kept saying, “it’s fine,” while he cleaned them up. In the end Sole had to yell at him how to actually take care of a sick person. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know what to do! Laid next to them until they felt better. 

Gage: He didn’t really worry about them, he knew that they were strong enough to get through it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do some things to take care of them. When they were asleep, he’d adjust the blankets on top of them, and would sometimes leave food next to them for when they woke up. He got embarrassed when Sole called him out on it. 

Hancock: As soon as Sole started feeling ill, he worried immediately. He wasn’t sure if it could have been radiation poisoning, so he did his best to take care of them. Their symptoms didn’t look like radiation, so he was relieved. Stayed by their side the entire time. 

MacCready: “Okay okay don’t worry, I remember some stuff from when I was a kid….” MacCready checked their temperature by putting his hand on their forehead. “Yep, that’s a fever alright,” he sat down next to them and paused. “So what now…?” He didn’t actually know anything about how to cure ill people, but he did his best. 

Nick: “Hmmmmmm..” Nick gave them a puzzled look. All Sole could do was look up at him, they couldn’t even breathe through their nose at this point. “Hoooow about this,” Nick’s method of trying to help them was really just trial and error. 

Piper: Nervous as heck. She ran around in a panic looking for something to assuage their pain. Sole kept telling her to calm down but she just replied with, “but just LOOK AT YOU.” Eventually she tired herself out from running around, and fell asleep next to them. Piper ended up getting sick too. 

Preston: Preston was a mom. He knew exactly how to take care of them. Whenever Sole tried to get up and do something, he’d tell them to stop and rest. Probably brought them soup with an apron on. 

Strong: “Weak human should rest. Strong look after you.” By ‘look after’ he meant, make sure nothing killed them. 

X6-88: He knew the basics of how to cure human illnesses. He acted calmly but was secretly a little worried about them. They looked awful and it made him feel bad to see them like that. 

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I would rly appreciate a johnny neighbor!au when you have time! He has such a big personality and I think you would rly make it fun and interesting...ALSO re selling ur soul to too he's so cute somebody put him in the 97 line gc

you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me to write for johnny!!! 
tw: this has a mention of hook-ups 
find mark + jaehyun (here) / taeyong + ten + haechan (here) / winwin + yuta + taeil (here

  • seems like the type to spend good money on some good bedsheets. has like 14 pillows on his bed. loves being comfy
  • full length body mirror too,,,,,one of those racks to put together tomorrow’s outfit,,,,,,he’s very particular
  • organizes his clothes by season, color, and ‘johnny’s handsome scale’
  • how did this become a thing? well you can ask doyoung who was roped into sitting there next to ten for 6 hours as johnny tried on every outfit and made them rate it. ten had fun. doyoung DID NOT
  • probably has a pet cat,,,,,,definitely like a cat person,,,,,,,,,you know what fuck it he has 2 cats named peanut and jelly or Something he thinks is super clever 
  • bumps his head on things a lot especially when he’s leaning down to get his mail and comes up real fast and hits something because he’s all long limbs and all the neighbors think it’s hilarious 
  • all the teenagers on the block want to know how his hair is so nice. johnny whats your secret,,,,,drop your barbers name,,,,, [lil fact: i like to think taeyong gives johnny his haircuts, that’s why they’re so nice and precise]
  • but anyway you meet johnny at a mandated building meeting for all tenants about how apparently the elevator needs to be fixed so people need to vote on it being shut down on a tuesday or a friday
  • and people are already getting into fights over which day is more convenient but both you and johnny don’t mind either way and you keep rolling your eyes and when you catch each other you giggle
  • and you keep like locking eyes until johnny kidna tilts his head signaling that you two should leave and you grin and nod
  • and when you’re out of the lobby where everyone met up you’re like “what a bunch of kids, yelling at each other like this is middle school or something” and johnny chuckles and is like “it’s wild, for a second i thought i was in a zoo!”
  • and you’re both laughing and you notice, now that you’re closer, that johnny is incredibly handsome to look at it. his eyes are such a pretty shape, and the way his mouth curls at the edges is so unique and charming
  • and it’s hard NOT to stare,,,,,and well im not trying to be blunt but johnny is also staring back you because hey,,,,,you’re also super cute up close
  • and the elevator arrives and you and johnny both step in but the second the door closes wE LL
  • let’s just say you guys go from neighbors to something more real fast,,,and you don’t know what it is that pulls you toward him,,,but it’s something and you and johnny are making out until you get up to your floor
  • and even after that he goes “your place or mine?” and you can’t resist, he’s sooooooo cute (+ a fantastIC kisser)
  • and so you can kind of call it, instead of friends-with-benefits,,,,neighbors-with-benefits 
  • and it’s all cool because you and him share a sense of humor and you both like to be affectionate and touchy
  • and johnny always gives you space when you need it and you can go weeks without seeing each other but if you want him then he’s there
  • and it’s convenient and johnny makes you laugh it’s nothing sErious
  • until it’s,,,,not because johnny comes over and he’s holding you close and as he’s kissing against your neck something finally snaps in you because you blurt out a,,,,,,,, “i like you”
  • and johnny stops, lips hovering over your skin and you’re like shit oh no i ruined this it’s over it’s done for
  • but johnny just resumes kissing up your neck and towards your lips and then your cheeks
  • and, as usual, he puts on a bit of a teasing voice but he goes “really? you should have told me earlier,,,,”
  • and you sit up and johnny pulls you into his lap and you’re like “johnny - im serious i don’t think i can just be something on the side. i like you seriously-”
  • and he’s like “i know! that’s what i mean by you should have told me earlier because then i could have taken you out,,,,,,and we just missed the premier of that movie that would have been suCh a good date, it’s ok ill plan a better one anyway”
  • and you’re sitting with his arms wrapped around you and you’re like wait. so do you like me back
  • and he’s like “yep. i like you,,,,,,,” and he pauses pressing his forehead to yours and adding “only you. i like only you.” 

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Dude azen why are you so obsessed with asriel out of all the characters in Undertale? like most of the fandom loves sans alot rather than asriel

Man, idk. Sans is cool and all but he doesnt appeal to me as much as Asriel does.

Idk the exact reason why i love the child gote so much? But maybe its the sympathy and empathy towards him that I have is sort of why.

maybe its the fact that out of all the happy people on the surface, Asriel did not get the happy ending, He went back into a souless flowey

maybe its because the while went through so much for being such a innocent cimamonwole like good lord man.

But what left a really deep impression to me is when i did the LP for Undertale, theres that scene where asriel walks away from frisk and stops to say :

Like, god this scene was so memorable for me for some reason. that scene is probs the sole reason i ship Asgoriel??? it just left such a strong impression on what Asriel was really like in the past. LIKE HOW DO YOU NOT FORGIVE SUCH A CINNAMON

m a n. Asriel is rad. Radsriel. ill stop.

alsomylaptopisrenderingsohaveapaperdoodle owo

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How do you feel about the other issues people have with suckpencil? (ableism, exploitation, stealing ideas for merch, disrespect of ppl...)

i think she’s awful in every sense of the word.

ableism- I think her exploitation of mentally ill people is just gross. it makes my skin crawl that she sees nothing wrong with using mentally ill pople in crappy scary stories for a cheap thrill factor– because it turns out, oh, the deranged serial killer was mentally ill all along. she constantly demonizes people with ‘scary’ mental illnesses such as psychosis or schizophenia, and thus spreads the idea that people with those illnesses are all serial killers or something along the same lines, the same way the movie Split did with DID. heres a few sources of sixpenceee’s ableism. There’s also a weird stream of stories that contain child abuse in her tags, which is, you know… nasty. 

exploitation- I really think the biggest thing that’s popped up about sixpenceee’s explotative habits is the whole sixpenceeeheals bullshit. It astounds me that she sat down at her laptop, typed that out, made time to set it all up, read it all over and thought ‘yep, that’s good enough to post!’, then was.. confused? defensive? at the backlash. She issued a half assed apology that never really stated what she was doing was wrong, that she was trying to scam mentally ill kids who look up to her out of $30 in one of her pathetic get rich quick schemes she always seems to pop up with. That was just fucked up, man. Oh, and then she weirdlt started passive-aggresively reblogging posts that were defending her? She has like… no moral compass. (x) (x)

tshirts- When I found out about the fact that she was stealing t shirt designs. It’s as if we go, ‘wow, how can sixpenceee get any worse?’, and she sees it as a challenge. She’s even stolen things UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW and sold them to third parties for profit, which is illegal? and she could be sued– (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m no lawyer). There’s also the ‘stop human trafficing shirt’, ironic. It’s just constant money grabbing, constant note grabbing, for mediocre shirts or shirts with other people’s art on it. God, I hope she gets sued.

disrespect and general lack of human compassion- I’m just gonna say it– she’s like a badly programmed robot. Like, a one hellbent on attacking everyone and everything that calls her out. She often sends her followers to attack people who make callout posts, and then when people bite back, she acts the victim and whines that it isnt her fault. And she blocks, and blocks, and blocks… I’m actually pretty upset that she began sourcing her posts (good!) with the sources she’s went and gotten off of our blog without a thank you or a nod of the head or even unblocking us. It’s sort of like, ‘hey, don’t look at that blog who’s trying to help me out and credit original artists, look at ME! i sourced my posts, so stop making callout posts about me kthnxbye.’ It’s narcissism like i’ve never seen before.

tl;dr – sixpenceee? hate her

-Mod Vix
SVT Cute Jobs; Minghao !!

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how is this fluffy child so CUTe im crying inside 


-this duuuuuuude

-okay so he’s probably the best dancer i’ve ever seen in my whole life wOWOWOW

-so when he was little he took up martial arts but he was then like

-nah little thughao is gonna learn how to dance like a god damn prO


-so after a while of practising he became really good at freestyling and breakdancing and stuff

-so good that he was asked to  join a street dance group

-like a really famous one

-he got really confident about his dancing so he recorded himself dancing on weibo

-i love a man that promotes himself

-the leader was so shook that he messaged him like straight away aking him about the group and stuff

-his nickname in the group was first infinity because that how many times he can do head spins

-an infinite amount of times

-can you believe he doesn’t get dizzy at all over that

-but he then changed his name to The8

-it suited him better tbh

-good choice

-when he joined he got a shirt with his name on it and the groups name too awwwWWW 

-he was so excited about this too

-his group are like his second family

-only bigger

-the whole group meets up on saturdays (maybe sundays) and other days too whenever anyone is free

-they also goes to the leader’s house sometimes for food and just to hang out until the early hours of the morning its such a nice feeling 

-he loves his family

-speaking of family

-and the leader


-younger sister

-you’re not that keen on dancing yourself but you’re supportive af of your brother and his group and you see his group as a sort of backbone to his career

-you’re also considered family to them since you’re close with a couple of people in the group cause they’re in your college

-and everytime they come over to hang out with the leader they include you in whatever plans they have for the next week

-cause as i said

-you fam

-one day your mum asked you to buy and take snacks down for your bro because he forgot them

-so you go to the local supermarket

-hop on a bus and a train and call him from outside the station

-he gets the call and picks up straight away knowing its you

-he could be so stern and moody when someone or something isn’t doing the right thing

-and then his whole face lights up when you call him

-and little minghao is just like what

-he’s never seen his face switch so quickly

-”y/n!! what’s up?”

-”mum wanted me to get out the house. i have snacks??”

-”i’m getting you right now! oh yeah there’s someone i want you to meet!! hes a new member and he’s really good at dancing!!”

-poor little minghao hes so cONFUSED BLESS

-he puts the phone down and just grabs minghao’s hand and heads to the station

-like is he playing match-oh

-”where are we going??”

-”i want you to meet someone shes close to everyone in the group”

-hes just rushing minghao to meet you

-and you’re just standing at the station waiting for him

-until you hear your name being called in the distance

-and you just turn around to see your brother and a random kid

-but this random kid???




-like ho W

-he gave you a head pat and took the snacks

-you fuck e r

-”yeah…minghao y/n y/n minghao”

-you smile to him and he smiles back and you’re crying on the inside becuase hes just so cute

-and he’s thinkin that too!

-”he’s really good at dancing remember that video i shared of that kid who mixed that tumble with the popping and the spinning?”

-”oh yeah! that was pretty cool”

-”’re pretty.”

-both you and your bro look to him like just repeated the declaration of independence in perfect hungarian 

-w h a t

-”what was that minghao?”

-”i-i-i mean that she’s prett… cool. i mean i’ve only met you for like 10 minutes but you’re cool!!”

-and that was how you two started off your friendship

-it was so sweet at the start 

-but really limited

-he felt like he couldn’t talk to you in a group unless he was next you you

-and your bro designated him to picking you up every time the group met up

-so he asked for your number and you gave it to him


-in a couple weeks there was going to be a big showcase in the underground dance community

-and it was held every couple months

-so you being you

-you wanted to support everyone 

-but mostly


-you were his friend

-but you…..wait for it

-also liked him

-and a lot


-your brother knew the second you called him the night before

-”lemme guess you’re gonna call me about how minghao’s doing”

-”no wait yes wait no wait yes–”

-”i know he wants to impress you and you wanna tell him that you like him and stuff but you need to slEEP”


-but yeah

-minghao was clueless about you liking him

-because….wait for it

-he liked you back!!

-wait why were you lot not surprised wha t

-he liked you too much to think of anything else

-in the morning you ask your mum if you can go to see them perform

-but for some odd reason your mum doesn’t let you go and youre like 3 emotions

-1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

-2. ಥ_ಥ

-3. ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ

-the third one meant that you were gonna sneak out

-your mum normally goes out to a weekly book club on this night so you were gonna sneak out during the time she was out

-so she doesn’t freak the fuck out 

-you leave a note on the door explaining why you were gone

-and off you went

-you just wore jeans and a t-shirt with converse and a denim jacket since it wasnt that cold outside

-hop on a bus a train then another bus

-and you see your brother outside the tunnel to the club

-”bro what are you doing??”

-”waiting for–wait i thought mum said you couldn’t go”

-ah, but the art of being a re-”

-”you snuck out didn’t you?”

-”yes sir”

-”i’ll make up an excuse”

-”no need to i put a letter on the door!”

-”the one in your hand?”

-”oh god”

-”ill make up that excuse and just text her”

-”thank you”

-you mumbled before heading inside but not before putting the letter in the bin

-thumping music and sweaty people surrounded the walls

-yep its definitely an underground club

-”what’s the competition for again??”

-”trophy and bragging rights to other groups”

-”nice bro you better win”

-”we got this”

-your brother goes backstage while you’re standing in the crowd looking to the stage

-while you’re lookin at the stage you see your bro on the sidelines with minghao and you just smile so much cause it’s nice to see what they’re relationship is like

-narrator voice; MEANWHILE

-minghaos just worrying his ass off cause he can’t see you in the crowd

-and he then sees you

-the glint in your eye helped him find you

-and he just has the cutest smile on


-so the competition gets underway

-and it’s minghao’s solo

-wait solo

-you were shook to find this out



-he did so well and the music fit perfectly to what he was doing on stage

-when he finished he looked for you in the crowd again

-and when he found you he just put a finger heart up to you and you could of sworn that there was a tear on your cheek 


-that was so cuTE


-the whole group did really well and no brainer they won!! 

-you were so happy about it

-you were able to go backstage to find them

-and once you did

-idk why but you got so emotional!! you’re so cute aw

-you say the group who were also in tears too

-but then you couldn’t find minghao

-which kinda upset you a little

-maybe he was- oh never mind he was just behind you the whole damn time

-you turn around and just launch yourself into his arms

-”you did it i’m so proud of you!!! and i like you….a lot!!”

-it was so loud back there so you had to shout it in his ear

-he thought you said something else

-hmmmmmm like

-”you do?! i like food too!”

-and you’re there like

-wait wHAt 


- h u h 

-you two escape outside where you’re still huggin and shit like awwwww but seriously just confess to each other already we’VE BEEN WAITING

-”you did amazing out there i can’t believe it!”

-”i can’t believe it ei-”

-”okay so i like you a lot but i couldn’t find the time to say it because you’re too cool and cute at the same time how does that work anyways i just wanted to say i really like you that’s it that all i’ve wanted to say”

-he just broke 



-”ooooOOOOOh so that’s what you said back there! i thought you said you like food!”

-”what?? no!”

-”good cause i got confused. and…i like you too.”

-then in his mind he just goes fuck it and kisses your cheek because nothing bad can happen right

-just at that time



-”y/N WHERE ARE YOU-oh there you are- wait”


-and he shouts

-”f i N A L L Y    D O    Y O U    K N O W     H O W    L O N G     W E    W E R E    W A I T I N G     F O R    T H  I  S     T O    H A P P E N”

-you and minghao laugh at what he said because A you dont give a fuck and B y’all love each other a lot 


-you two support each other like crutches supporting a leg and you’re just so happy for him like wow

-”where have you two been?”

-” forgot to text her…didn’t you?”

-”yeah…..we got bragging rights!”

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This is kind of question for both you and/or your folIowers. I have a very understanding doctor who is both accepting and knowledgable when it comes to asexuality, but today in the process of discussing other aspects of my life, he took a blood sample in order to test my hormones. I was just curious, other aces out there who have also had their hormones tested, what should I expect? What was your doctor looking for? Did they find irregularities that they associated with being you asexual?

My parents pushed me to test my thyroid gland, because they believed that my insomnia/panic disorder/asexuality was due to physical illness. And yep, it consisted of a simple blood test.

The results came in; I had high adrenaline, and nothing else out of the normal. Completely in opposition to what my parents expected. 

I suppose they expected low estrogen/testosterone, or pituitary gland problems. Nothing.

As far as I’m concerned, sexual identity exists independent of anything that could influence it. Maybe our hormones really do play a part, but that doesn’t change anything.

- Fae

great comet songs summarized
  • prologue: in case you weren't paying attention, we would like to inform you that andrey Isn't Here™.
  • pierre: sad old man wants death
  • the private and intimate life of the house: andrey's family is Totally Messed Up™.
  • natasha & bolkonskys: andrey's family does not like natasha
  • no one else: andrey still Isn't Here™
  • natasha & anatole: natasha is frightened because anatole is there. anatole then tries to calm her down by telling natasha he's there.
  • natasha lost: natasha is Frightened™
  • the duel: apparently dolokhov isn't such a Crazy Good Shot™
  • dust and ashes: sad old man wants death (reprise)
  • charming: hélène Can't Speak French™
  • the ball: anatole pulls a hans and tricks and seduces natasha, natasha pulls an anna and falls for him.
  • letters: how can anatole sing that high???! also andrey still Isn't Here™.
  • sonya & natasha: *elsa voice* YOU CAN'T MARRY A MAN YOU JUST MET!!
  • sonya alone: try not to cry, you will lose in 0.03 seconds
  • preparations: Really Hecking Fast™
  • balaga: does balaga know how slow 12 miles an hour actually is???!
  • the abduction: let's all stop dancing and sit in complete silence for 30 full seconds, it's a russian custom.
  • in my house: marya is a Badass™
  • a call to pierre: nATASHA AND A N A T O L E K U R A G I N!!!!!!! whaaaat??!!!!
  • find anatole: where is that bitch he better come back i gotta rant
  • pierre & anatole: FOR PETERSBUUUURG, feat. sad old man is ANGERY.
  • natasha very ill: natasha just poisons herself, but not because she actually wants death, but basically to stir up drama, because when you're betrayed, you attempt suicide. it's what you do. if you wanna save 15% on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's What You Do™.
  • pierre & andrey: the one song where andrey isn't Not Here™. yep, andrey's back, and he is SALTY™.
  • pierre & natasha: pierre falls in love with natasha but doesn't want to Pull An Anatole™ so he just keeps his feelings to himself. however if he were not himself, he would marry her. out of pity.
  • the great comet of 1812: the comet is just a metaphor for natasha. also pierre fell in love, he woke up, and he's no longer a child of dust and ashes. the end.
College!AU Vernon
  • major: instrumental performance (violin) 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: wanted to do basketball, but ended up not having the time for it
  • clubs: orchestra, (secretly) poetry club 
  • vernon ended up getting into college on a scholarship for his violin, even though he still isn’t really sure that’s what he wants to do with his life
  • like he likes playing classical music, but much to the surprise of most people in his major, he’s much more fond of hiphop and pop music which is why everyone’s so shocked when he comes into orchestra with like the weekend blasting from his headphones and not Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor
  • but no matter what his personal preferences are, it’s obvious he’s the most talented violinist in the orchestra and even in the whole school
  • and for that, the conductor and his instructors are all really tough on him because they want to make him a classical music prodigy
  • and vernon just,,,,,,,, like he just doesn’t think he’s suited for that
  • like he’d much rather change his major to psychology because he’s always has an interest in peoples personalities and observing others and it’s a field that he really does want to learn more about
  • but the pressure from everyone, even his friends, is that he should just do music since he’s so talented at it
  • which is funny considering he’s put a ban on any of his friends attending any of the orchestra recitals because last time hoshi fell asleep, woke up halfway through the piece and got up to clap because he thought it was over, effectively making everyone turn to look at him and the orchestra messing up and long story short
  • hoshi was escorted out and vernon had to beg the conductor to forgive his friend for being……like that
  • vernon doesn’t have many close friends in the orchestra because all the other violinist are pretty jealous of his talents. the other sections are made up of mostly his seniors who are also pissed that someone younger than them is doing so well
  • so vernon spends a lot of his time practicing alone and keep quiet during group rehearsals
  • but when he’s not practicing, he hangs out with joshua and minghao and jeonghan and the other seventeen members tease them because they call them the ‘brain squad’ because they all get good grades and study
  • but when they hangout it’s like video games and eating LOL 
  • vernon had let his sister decorate hi violin case with stickers before he left to live on campus and although he does admit some of the my little pony ones and sparkly puppies are ……..a bit……much…..he misses his sister a lot so he never tries to take them off
  • hoshi doesn’t let him live it down though he’s always like “i never knew you were a fan of fluttershy, how cute vernon” and vernon’s like if you weren’t my hyung………………my violin bow would be shoved…….
  • lots of people outside of the music program like vernon actually, and not because he’s friendly and approachable like seokmin, but because they find him really elegant and chic when he walks around campus in the suit holding his case before a performance 
  • basically people are like “he’s a real life prince, handsome AND plays the violin” 
  • every white day the music room becomes overflowed with presents addressed to him and confessions of love
  • and he’s just like…….clueless to why he’s so popular and the other musicians all get grumpy and salty because no one sends them chocolates whatS so good about vernon
  • the answer is simple: face of an angel but anyway
  • also like he’s studying classical music but…his sense of dressing and personal preference of music is nothing close to that and he’s actually known for keeping up with trends. he got instagram famous for his fashion and vernon didn’t even know until hoshi was like “you passed 10k followers on insta” and vernon was like “you have followers on insta?”
  • but anyway you actually meet vernon under some weird circumstances
  • see the orchestra always picks someone to have a solo in the winter show before finals end and everyone leaves campus for the holidays
  • and last year it was a senior pianist so everyone’s like this year it has to be another section and like everyone really rEALLY wants the solo because if you get it it means a) you’re probably getting a good grade b) the spotlight is on you for the winter recital 
  • ofc the only one pretty unphased by it is vernon and so when his name is announced for the solo he’s like WHAT and everyone turns to stare at him
  • and the instructors like “we’ll begin meeting on thursdays to talk about a piece to choose and practice!!”
  • and vernon wants to protest because….well….because he doesn’t want the solo
  • but the see of eyes that are glued to him, majority of them angry, he decides to not say anything out loud
  • but after orchestra is over he heads over to the instructor and slinging his violin bag over his shoulder he’s like “i don’t want…the solo. i can’t do it.”
  • and the instructor is like what????? why????? and vernon’s like “stage fright. im fine playing with a big orchestra, but being up by myself-”
  • but the instructor just waves it off and is like “stage fright? you’ve gotta be joking me, if every classical musician dreams of a solo concert. just calm down and show up on thursday ready.”
  • vernon knows that there isn’t any point in arguing, the teacher has always been strict and if anything he doesn’t want to get yelled at
  • and on thursday he shows up to the orchestra hall and the teachers there and basically in the beginning it’s fine, they’re talking about pieces that vernon can play and it’s normal but the second the teacher asks him to play something infront of him. vernon…………vernon can’t
  • even though it’s only the teacher and other student off in other corners,,,,,vernon can’t bring himself to even lift the bow
  • the teacher basically gets mad and leaves him there telling him to fix his problem the next time there’s practice and that’s when you come in
  • you’re not in orchestra, you’re actually there to help set up chairs because a friend asked you to and you witness the whole thing go down with vernon and his teacher
  • and tbh it gets you really mad
  • because how can a teacher just treat their student like that???? and before you know it you’re going over to where vernon is sitting with his head in his hands and you tap his shoulder and you’re like 
  • “your teacher was being really horrible, im sorry you have to deal with that.”
  • and vernon, who like ….you don’t know and he doesn’t know you is just like……looking up at you quizzically until his face goes pink and he’s like “oh god…….you saw what happened.”
  • and you’re like nO DONT BE embarrassed!!!! i just wanted to let you know that your teacher was being a douche!!! i wasnt trying to make fun of you oh my ogd….
  • and you’re babbling very quickly trying to clean up this mess you’ve started and in your head you’re like THIS is why people tell you to stop striking up conversations with strangers and sticking your nose into peoples business
  • but vernon suddenly just stands up and he’s like ,,,, “i have to go.” and before you can even gather your words again he’s gone and you’re like FRICK I MESSED UP UGH
  • and you like scold yourself but it’s like what can you do you won’t see him again right?
  • but you DO see you end up in the orchestra room next thursday again because your friend wanted to meet up there after her practice to go out for dinner
  • and so you’re sitting in one of the rows of chairs and you see vernon (you know his name because you had heard the teacher yelling at him before) and he looks so depressed to be there
  • and when the teacher comes you watch as vernon tries to focus himself and bring the bow up to play but again, he just clenches his jaw and can’t move his hand
  • and the teacher looks like he might start yelling again and you decide you need to save the poor kid
  • so you get up and rush over and stand in front of the teacher and you’re like “i can help him!!!!!”
  • both vernon and the instructor stare wide-eyed at you and you’re like in your head like cmon think think …..and then you smile up at the instructor and you’re like “i used to have anxiety before performing too, i know how to stop it so!!!! just give us time before the concert - ill help him!!”
  • and vernon leans over to whisper like “what are you do-” in your ear but the teacher is like “are you a friend of vernons?” and you’re like YEP WE KNOW EACH OTHER WELL SO DONT WORRY!! LEAVE HIM IN MY HANDS!!
  • and the teacher looks suspicious but at the same time you’re pressing the fact that this solo is REA L L Y important and finally he just gives in and points menacingly at vernon whose still standing behind you, quite frankly flabbergasted by your appearance
  • and he’s like “if she doesn’t fix you before the concert. …..we will have a problem and any recommendations i had planned on writing for you are in the garbage, got it?”
  • and vernon is still shocked but you bow as the teacher leaves and you pull vernon down so he does too
  • and when finally the guys gone you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and you turn to look at vernon and you’re like “SO i guess i should at least tell you my name and explain what the was all about”
  • and vernon, who has never been very…..good with new people….., is just like watching you blabber and not saying anything and you’re like oh god he’s gonna run off again
  • and you’re like “lISTen….i really want to help, maybe just because i don’t want your teacher to yell at you again for something you can’t control but also like you want to do well right? i mean this is your major?”
  • and you point to the violin and vernon pauses but slow nods and you’re like
  • “ok!!! well i…….i think i  can help so, how about you at least let me try? can’t hurt, right?” and you smile at him and vernon,,,,,well vernon can’t believe that his first thought as you do is ‘wow they have a really cute grin’ and the second is like ‘what is happening’
  • but somehow ,,,,he decides that he might as well take a helping hand 
  • and so you tell vernon you’ll see him tomorrow in her, right in time to see your friend come in
  • and as you leave vernon is standing there….trying to process what happened and the most he can come up with is that you must just be a really kind person to want to help
  • actually it troubles him to figure out why you’re doing this that he even ends up asking jeonghan about it when he gets back to the dorm and jeonghan is like “well - what’s the problem this person wants to help you with?” and vernon’s like oh right no one knows about my fear and so vernon’s like nvm nvm
  • but jeonghan is like………….*magnifying glass emoji* 
  • anyway the next day you meet vernon where you planned and you’re like “first things first: stage fright - does the rest of the orchestra know?” and vernon’s like “if i told them,,,,they’d all eat me alive for being childish and not grateful for this solo” and you scrunch up your nose like what kind of friends are those and vernon’s like Well…..they’re not really my friends
  • you nod and you’re like ok, do your real friend know? and again vernon’s like no,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like ok i promise i wont tell a soul and you like stick your pinkie out and vernon’s like,,,,,that’s childish but you’re like c’mon we gotta and he’s like…..ok…fine
  • and after hooking pinkies you like start to ask vernon questions about why he gets so scared and some strategies about pretending the audience is there/ imagining dogs instead of people/ etc
  • and vernon…..who is used to being always in competition with the people around him can’t help but watch you trying your hardest for him….a complete stranger…..and so he ends up actually telling you things that even the closest people can’t get out of him
  • and two weeks goes by, you see vernon almost every afternoon after his orchestra practice and finally you ask him to try and play something in front of you
  • and so you sit and vernon stands on the stage and you’re like
  • giving him a thumbs up and he rolls his eyes, but hides himself behind his violin to chuckle 
  • (he’s actually been smiling a lot more since he started doing this with you - everyone’s noticed but no one says anything) 
  • and he brings up his bow and you keep quiet and watch him intently and vernon concentrates………he thinks like you told him, of no audience but of things that are serene like nature or animals……he even thinks of how proud his sister would be to see him if he could just play a single piece
  • but then,,,,he looks to you
  • and unlike the cold, demanding eyes of his teacher and orchestra mates….he sees someone who has genuinely shown him care and 
  • he plays
  • he plays his whole piece perfectly
  • and at the end you’re scrambling up to the stage, clapping with joy
  • and vernon puts down his bow and looks at you and smiles, actually smiles
  • and you feel your heart in your chest skip a beat and when vernon says “i ,,,,, i can do it!!” you almost want to cry
  • but all you do is nod a million times and jump up and down like “yes!!! yes you can!!!!”  
  • and before you can think, you lunge over to hug him
  • and vernon freezes because,,,,such sudden skinship makes him embarrassed, but at the same time he feels like even two weeks of knowing you has proved that you’re the kind of person who shows this kind of affection easily
  • but the second he thinks to wrap his arms back around you
  • the door to the room opens and some students stare at the both of you and vernon gets redder than a tomato and gently nudges you off and you’re like !!!!!!! CARRY ON to the students and they’re just giggling as they walk past you and vernon 
  • vernon just gathers his bag and is like “um ill go,,,” and you’re like lgfkdjlfdwg
  • that night vernon frets over texting you because like,,,,,,do you guys still need to meet now that he’s successfully played in front of you/??? and he’s like laying on his bed with his phone on his face like having a crush is so h a r d why cant i stop
  • but then his phone lights up because you text him like ‘see you tomorrow, we gotta keep practicing till d-day!’
  • and vernon just grins so much and he’s like,,,,,,,,nvm i hope this crush never goes away
  • BECAUSE WOW DO YOU MAKE HIM FEEL WARM not that he’d ever admit that LOL
  • so you keep meeting and then finally it’s the day before the winter showcase and vernon can now even play when there’s other people in the room and it’s all going well
  • and then the teacher shows up and it’s the final test and before vernon goes up to play you take his hand in yours and you’re like “it’s going to be fine, if anything ill stand behind him and make funny faces to cheer you up!!” and vernon laughs like don’t do that we’ll both get in trouble but thank you
  • and you give him another thumbs up and he’s like god you’re so corny and you’re like DO GREAT
  • and vernon gets up there and for a second it’s all good, but then the sickening feeling comes again….the one that tells him that he’s  sure to mess up…he’s sure to look like a fool
  • and he clutches his eyes and he’s like think of something positive - what’s the one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing forever
  • and in his head,,,,,,all he can visualize is you
  • you with your big smile, your unapologetic laugh 
  • you……….supporting him…………
  • and all of a sudden he’s playing, like magic. he doesn’t even feel any strain - the piece comes out perfectly
  • and by the end the teacher raises an eyebrow when he looks at you but then looking back at vernon he gives a nod and says he’ll see vernon tomorrow night
  • you and vernon go out to celebrate by eating some ramen at the convenience store on campus and you’re just like “i knew you could do it. that teacher’s just a jerk who can’t learn how to properly take care of his students.” and vernon laughs because you’re right, but also because you look so cute getting all pouty over it….like it isn’t even your problem but you’re so riled up and it’s adorable
  • but then you lift some of your noodles, blow on them and offer them out to vernon with your chopsticks and you’re like “here let me feed you, the flavor i got is  so good!!!”
  • and vernon is looking at the chopsticks like a deer caught in headlights and he’s like “i….im an adult, let me feed myself” and he reaches out but you swat his hand away and you’re like “c’mon aaaaaaa-” and vernon goes pink again but complies
  • and when he’s done you grin and you’re like “good, right?” and vernon,,,,,,vernon finally realized that god this crush is something way more than a crush because he feels like just your smile makes his heartrate hit the roof
  • but he doesn’t say it, instead he walks you back to your dorm and is like “…..will i see you tomorrow? at the show?”
  • and you’re like “are you inviting me~~~” and he’s like don’t tease god but yes yes i am and you grin like ofc ill go i have to see all our hardwork pay off in that solo!!!
  • and vernon agrees, but for a second he catches himself staring at you for a bit longer than usual until awkwardly bowing and telling you he has to go
  • you watch him run off and touch your lips, a little sad that he only stared
  • finally it’s the night of the show and you’re looking for vernon behind the orchestra and once you find him you’re like!!!!!!!! how you feeling
  • and he turns around, except this time he’s in a suit with his hair slicked back and you’re like Oh ……. and you too, you’re wearing something fancy for the occasion and vernon can’t help but let his jaw hang a little
  • and the shocking silence gets a little too much so you playfully reach out to ruffle his hair and you’re like ‘do amazing, ok? or else you’ll get a scolding from me ok?’ and vernon’s like ‘pfft uhuh’ and you’re like ‘looK AT you getting sassy with me’ and you both laugh
  • but soon you go and take your seat and the lights dim and the orchestra begins its first piece
  • and you sit through everything until finally it’s vernon’s solo and you’re so excited you can’t keep still and when he gets on stage he looks just BREATHTAKING and you clutch your hands together with worry
  • but he brings the violin up and takes in a breath and……begins to play
  • and the sound is so beautiful, you can see how it captivates everyone in the audience and you do tear up because he looks so at ease, not the same scared student you saw trying to play in front of his teacher when you first met him
  • and when the whole thing is over vernon doesn’t even stay for the congratulations from the faculty or anyone who came to see, he runs straight to try and find you
  • and when he does, you turn and right then and there he sweeps you up into his arms and presses his lips to yours and you’re like!!!!!!!!????????
  • and when he pulls back you’re like oh ,,,, oh my god 
  • and he’s like ‘oh my god i did that…..’ and you’re like ‘oh my god you did………’ and you’re both shocked but then you just grin and pull him down by the collar to kiss him again
  • and it’s cute for the first time vernon is forward with how he’s begun to feel about you and you’re more then head over heels for him too, you realized this when you saw him play in front of only you and his determination just….just made him look so cool to you
  • but that’s not important, what’s important is you two walk out of the building hand in hand and vernon’s like “id like to take you on an official date” and you’re like ‘ooooo so mannered~~~” and vernon is like plEASe for one second don’t make everything teasing but you just giggle and kiss his nose
  • and the restaurant you go to is way more upscale than you expected and you’re like ??!!?!??! vernon can you afford this and he’s like “yeah, i tutor violin on the side so i have the money” and you’re like what. how did i not know and he shrugs shyly like,,,there’s a lot you don’t know
  • and over dinner you learn that although vernon loves music, he’s been considering changing majors and………that maybe that is also part of his stage fright and you even tell vernon of your own insecurities which is hard but you know you can trust him
  • you also learn vernon is in poetry club and you’re like “our second date is you letting me read your poetry” and vernon is like “you will never know where i hide my book so-” and you’re like “if you don’t tell me i will do aegyo for an hour straight” and vernon is like gbdklzfd NO FINE
  • fancy restaurants aren’t your biggest thing so after a while you’re like vernon let’s go get dollar ice-cream and walk by the han river 
  • and it’s cute you guys are way more suited to this casual kind of thing and when you try to sit up on the railing vernon has to pull you down because he’s scared you’d tip over into the water 
  • and like the whole time he’s going crazy thinking about kissing you again and it’s so obvious that when he drops you off after, you’re like “you have permission” and vernon’s like ???? and you tap your lips and he goes pink but it’s cute
  • his kiss is so shy ,,,,just like him
  • as you officially start to date, vernon gets so nervous about telling his friends because he’s like “they’ll never stop teasing us. like ever. you need to know that.” and you’re like “babe, it’s fine. we can deal with it.”
  • but the second you and vernon show up holding hands all of seventeen mc’freaking loses it 
  • s.coups is like we’RE THROWIng a PArty. jeonghan is like “I KNEW IT I CALLED IT”. seungkwan is asking you if vernon didn’t just pay you to act like it. and minghao is taking photo proof of your hands together for future reference and it is a certified Mess and vernon is like
  • like too embarrassed to speak and you’re just like “oh god vernon you were right we should have stayed quiet”
  • but then you learn about how useful the meme squad that is his friends are. like wonwoo informs you of how scared vernon is of horror movies so you pick on on your next date JUST to have vernon curl up against your arm and press his face into your neck out of fear
  • after you’re like ‘that’s the most skinship we’ve EVER had’ and he’s like adigfhbkglr plEASE don’t ever mention it or do this to me again…..
  • you buy a cute sticker and beg vernon to put it on his violin case and he’s like “sure, but i should ask my sister first since she originally decorated it-”
  • and that’s how you end up on skype with vernon’s lil sis who absolutely ADORES YOU
  • you two are being cute together and she’s like !!!!!!! my brother is lucky, don’t mess this up vernon and you’re like ill protect vernon and she’s like pls do and vernon is like oh m y G o d
  • vernon writes you a poem for your birthday, accompanied with a piece he composes for the violin and he plays it to you like five times over because he insists it HAS to be perfect because it’s your gift
  • but by the fifth time you just calmly ask him to put the violin down so you can smother him in kisses 
  • and he’s like nonoooonononononoooooo but kisses back and even puts his hand on your neck and you’re like “someone’s getting bolder” and he’s just blushing again
  • you keep vernon in a never ending loop of soft embarrassment,,,,it’s cute
  • when you meet him after practice you always make sure to distract him if you hear any of the seniors mumbling something about him because you want to keep him safe from negativity so you’ll like cover his ears randomly or start talking loud
  • and vernon actually knows why you do it, but he plays along because he can see you’re trying for his sake
  • but also if anyone says something too harsh you’re not afraid to approach them and give them a lecture and how AMAZING and PERFECT your boyfriend is to a point where vernon needs to drag you away because you’re getting emotional
  • and he’s like “don’t get riled up on my behalf like a little kid, we can just ignore them.” and you’re just fuming like verNON let me fight them and he’s like no. NO
  • he makes his phone background a photo his mom took of you two when you visited and  that his sister covered in like sparkly filters and it’s c*rny he’ll admit it but he loves it
  • when he’s playing basketball with like seungcheol and mingyu or something he wears a headband to keep his bangs up and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
  • you like specifically ask him to send you selfies wearing the headband and the basketball shorts and he’s like ‘what is with you’ and you’re like ‘vernon. you don’t understand you look CUTE’
  • you sometimes watch their mini games for fun and then run over to hand vernon water and mingyu’ll be like “wehere’s mine?”
  • and before you can even answer vernon is like “you don’t have hands? go get your own.” and seungcheol is like WOW DISSED TO The FACE and you’re like ‘i never knew you had this side’ and vernon shrugs like ,,,,,,,mingyu’s dumb anyway i love you 
  • and he opens his arms up so you can hug him because he never wants to SAY hug me but you just grin and kiss him instead and he’s like !! and you’re like ^^

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An Eventful Anniversary

Rating: T, for non-explicit sex acts and… well *cough*. 

Warnings: Diabetes-inducing fluff. AU, thus OOC. (Sebastian’s Drama Queen-ness is pretty IC, though.) Dialogue only.

“I can’t believe you did this!”

“I’m so, so sorry—”

“I thought you loved me!”

“I do! I really do love you, Sebastian.”

“How could you then? And with Sieglinde too, she’s my best friend Ciel!”

“Sebastian, I told you I’m sorry. Plus, she forced me into it, I was an unwilling participant in the act.”

“Is that why I found you comfortably asleep on top of her? Because you were so very unwilling and guilt-ridden that you cuddled her afterwards?”

“It was late, we were both waiting for you, but you didn’t show up and you know how persuasive she can be.”

“…I don’t know, Ciel. I trusted you, I don’t think I can do that so easily again.”

“For heaven’s sake Sebastian, I’m sorry that Sieglinde and I watched American Beauty without you!”

“I’m heartbroken, you know, you can be a bit more considerate.”

“Drama queen. Sieglinde was right to bolt out of here the minute you came.”

“Don’t even mention that traitor.”

“Would you stop it now? It’s just a movie.”

How dare you!”

“What, it is just a movie. What’s so special about it?”



“…you really don’t remember?”


“The day we first met, you snuck into the movie theater to avoid Elizabeth.”

“Yeah, and afterwards when she found me I grabbed onto you and pretended you were my date.”

“Heh, you were quite the vigorous kisser, if I recall. That red-haired girl next to us had a nosebleed.”

“Care to get to the point, Sebastian?”

“The movie we ended up watching was American Beauty, don’t you remember?”

“…oh. So that’s why you always want to watch it on our anniversary.”

“Yes, that’s why Ciel. But you had to give in to Sieglinde’s wiles and watch it without me.”

“I said I was sorry, Sebastian. She said she’d never seen it before and I didn’t think… We’ve been together for six years; my memory wasn’t all that good to begin with! Plus, if it serves right now, I think you kept me appropriately distracted throughout the entirety of the movie.”

“Don’t look at me like that, you threw yourself at me first. And you had cat ears on. Actually… I don’t think you ever told me why you had cat ears on.”

“Yes, and that’s not about to change.”

“Pretty please?”


“It’s our anniversary Ciel, how cruel can you be?”

“Tch. Alright, but you’re not telling a soul.”

“I solemnly swear.”

“Not even Sieglinde, Sebastian.”

“Yes, yes, now tell!”

“Okay, so you know how my aunt is a pediatrician, well she blackmail—ahem, convinced me to wear a cat costume for the ill children in her ward and then the Lizzie thing happened and I didn’t have time to change properly.”

“So… would you consider wearing the full costume for me?”



“Would you stop it with the puppy-dog eyes? They’re not working. Yep, totally not working… Okay fine, I’ll wear it you irresistible cat fetishist!”

“Lucky me.”

“Eep, Sebastian? Why are you this close?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean your breath is tickling m—ah, don’t touch there.”

“Where? Here?”

“Yes there, there’s absolutely no n-need for emphasizing s-squeezes, keep your pants on for two minutes, would you?”

“I was thinking more about taking yours off. Since, you know, they’re already unzipped…”

“Did you seriously just wiggle your eyebrows at me? S-stop licking my ear!”

“Aww, you were much more fun when we first met, much more passionate too.”

“Sex fiend.”

“I don’t remember you complaining, that first night… You were, as a matter of fact, rather adamant in your requests that I fu—”

“Don’t say that! Stop it.”


“… that easy?”

“Is that disappointment I hear?”

“The bedroom door is three steps away, just fuck me already!”

“Just like that first night.”

“Bastard—mmph, oh yes!”

“We didn’t watch the movie in the end. Are you mad?”

“No, just sore.”

“That’s your own fault.”




“I really do love you, you know, enough to wear this ridiculous, and obscenely small cat suit, even.”

“I love you too, kitten.”

“Sebastian!” (Ciel totally didn’t hiss that while hitting Sebastian with a pillow.)

… … … … … … 

A/N: This exists because if I had a middle name, it would be self-indulgence. Plus, I wanted to see if I could write a  dialogue only fic. 

I’m posting this here in ‘’celebration’’, so to speak, of surviving the worst bout of nausea I’d ever experienced yesterday. Throwing up 8 times within a day is just as fun as it sounds.

Ok but like...

How many people in this fandom actually paid attention when reading the stories? Because I’ve played through every single route at least five times and…

Ukyo kills you seven times? If I counted correctly? Not counting the worlds we don’t see. You die at least once by his hand in each world, with the exception of Spade, where he never kills you, and Joker, in which you die like four times because of him.

And these aren’t just “oops I stabbed you” murders. These are sometimes gruesome and painful and cruel. (The well one really got to me.)

And he keeps going world to world AND IT KEEPS HAPPENING. You’d think the fact that he loves you means HE WOULD STOP GOING TO WORLDS WHERE HE KEEPS CAUSING YOUR DEATH.

That said, please remind me how many times Toma kills you?


What was that? I couldn’t hear you. I think you mumbled something about “YEAH BUT HE DRUGS YOU AND LOCKS YOU IN A CAGE.”

Okay. Yes. That happens. Isn’t it fckd up? Yep. Do I agree with his actions? Nope. Do I prefer being held captive by someone with no ill will towards me who services all of my needs while captive and takes care of me over trying to survive a month of not getting brutally murdered? You betcha.

Oh yeah. Heart World “Bad Ending 2.” Yes. It’s implied that he kills you by poisoning you. When I was reading it, I read it as him drugging you into a coma and keeping you with him. In terms of dying…I’d take a painless route over getting smashed by debris, thrown off a roof, stabbed, stabbed some more, thrown in a well…

Oh that’s right. Ukyo is the “canon” route. It’s star-crossed love. Poor baby has a split personality. We have to forgive him and protect him. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the characters. I love how complex and dysfunctional some of them are. Characters with flaws make them so much more interesting and relatable. But excusing one’s bad actions and then actively bashing another? Nah bro.

Like I said. I don’t agree with Toma’s actions. I don’t agree with Ukyo’s actions. I was angry at Ikki for how he treats you in Spade World. And at Kent for being a brick wall for a lot of his. And Shin for being an jerk to you.

All of them have flaws. All of them have things that make them unique characters. And each of us are going to like who we like.

But can we please just enjoy our characters without actively tearing down others? Is your enjoyment of them co-dependent on making sure you insult others because you can’t prove you like them without shaming someone who likes someone else more?

I mean, it’s fun to joke around and all of that. But understand that each character is equally easy to throw sht at. (Ohhhh have I got plans for these characters though.)

Liking someone doesn’t mean you condone their actions.

“Well, if you like Toma you condone abuse.”

Alright, but I mean, if that’s the case then we got a whole fandom full of Ukyo lovers out there running around stabbing people and throwing them in wells. And also a lot of nerds giving math workbooks to people out of love. And people getting surgery for magic “fck me” eyes. And a lot of people playing amateur detective and being a jerk to everyone they come across.

Just, enjoy what you like without trashing others for what they like.

anonymous asked:

Do u ever think about Yuuri and Victor both being miserably ill at the same time? They don't know who to call for help bc their instinct is to call each other and they're so out of it


omgsh what if yuu/ri had to go back to japan for like a month for some reason, so they’re skyping a week or two into it and their voices are rough & a dead giveaway like

V: good morning yuu/ri! or evening… I forget which one
Y: it’s evening haha…..hey.. are you sick?
V:…. a-are you sick?

then there’s just a knowing silence for about 6 seconds.

seleneremusravenclaw  asked:

Can we have the GoM being taken care of by their SO when they're sick? Thankies! I really love your writing!

Uwaaaah~ Thank youuu dear! (●´□`)♡

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“Akashi-san, do you want us to call your doctor?” one of his maids asked, stepping up. Akashi waved his hand.

“No thanks.” he replied, coughing. The maid hesitated for a while, then nodded and closed his door.

It was quite surprising, that Akashi actually got sick. Not for the first time, but still. He was overworking himself. He should’ve listened to (Name).

Usually, his fever would go away for about 2 hours, but this time, it’s been going on for 5? 8? He didn’t know. He slept to make it go away.

A knock was heard from the other side of the door. Before he even got to reply, (Name) stepped in, a worried look plastered on her face.

She clumsily made her over to him. “Oh my god, Sei, are you okay?” she asked, placing a hand on his forehead. “Do you need something?”

Akashi smiled. Yep. This was definitely better than calling his doctor. (Name) blushed furiously when realising Akashi was staring at her the whole time she panicked on what to do.

She pulled out her phone from her bag. “I don’t know what to do! I never took care of someone ill before. Should I call Midorima? Uh.. yes. I should call him.”

Akashi chuckled softly at her exclamations and placed a hand on her arm. “(Name), you don’t have to.”

“But I really don’t know what to do!” she frowned, not wanting Akashi to tell her what to do while she follows his orders. That was just rude!

“Have you drank your medicine?” she asked, as her mind started to work on it’s own. Of course, he had to drink his medicine first, right?

Akashi shook his head. “For the day, I haven’t. I just woke up.”

“Well then..” she looked around his large room, then stood up, crazily waving her hands. “Alright, alright. Stay there. Wait, of course you’ll stay there! Let me ask the maids for your medicine..” she laughed awkwardly.

She kept looking over her shoulder and smiling so adorably at Akashi, he couldn’t help but smile, too.

(Name) bumped her back on the door, making her chuckle softly and pull the door open.

“Uhm..” she started, locking eyes with one of the maids that happened to pass by. “Would you mind.. giving Sei’s medicine? Or.. Akashi-san?”

The maid smiled at her clumsiness and excused herself. Then she came back with a small bottle and a spoon. (Name) muttered and thanks and made her way back inside Akashi’s room.

“Akashi-san?” the red head cocked an eyebrow, making (Name)’s cheeks heat up as she placed the items on his bedside table.

“I panicked..” she reasoned, pouring the medicine on the spoon.

Akashi sighed but smiled up at her as she served him the liquid. Without any hesitation, he swallowed it.

“Does it taste bad?” she asked curiously, moving her head closer. Akashi nodded.

“It does.” he admitted, earning a scoff from his girlfriend.

“So.. what now?” she asked, hoping she didn’t sound too awkward, which she doubted. Akashi grinned.

“Sleep.” he replied.

She nodded. “Well yeah, of course. I guess.. I’m done for the day, then?” she forced a laugh and stood up.

“No..” he responds. She furrows her eyebrows. “You look tired.”

“Me? Well.. I guess I do. Do I look that bad?!” she started combing her hair.

He smiled. “No. Not at all. You look beautiful. (Name), come here.”

She gulped, but stepped closer. Akashi placed a hand on her nape and pulled her closer to his ear. “Rest beside me. You need it.”

“I ned rest? Yeah! Of course I do.. like, why wouldn’t I need rest? Or you.. or rest?” she made her way to the other side of the bed, then kicked off her shoes.

“You’re adorable, (Name).”

“Of course. Yeah. She’s adorable..” she replied, laying beside him and gluing her eyes on the ceiling.

“Love, you don’t look too comfortable in your position.” Akashi frowned.

She laughed awkwardly. “Yeah. I’m totally comfortable. I can totally not hear my own heartbeat. Oh my god.” she covered her face with her hands.

“I’m so embarrassing, Sei! I’m sorry.” she apologised, turning to him, her face red.

Akashi chuckled and planted a kiss on her forehead. “You’re not embarrassing. You’re cute when you get nervous.”

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Got any lightning mcqueen headcanons, my dude?


- Lightning is actually highly afraid of thunderstorms / natural disasters

- Explaining his parents’ absence: they either passed away/were killed, abandoned him because he was ‘too much’ for them, or due to Lightning’s racing career/past cocky personality, they’ve lacked a proper healthy parent-to-son relationship

- Never encourage him to do something when he’s drunk, because he’s wilder than his usual wild-self and will hurt himself more dangerously than he would accidentally to others

- It’s very rare to see Lightning sick, and when he is, it’s a terrible case that lasts for a long time depending on what type of illness it is

- He’s very bad at lying

- Very scared easily

- Extremely supportive of his friends and loves to encourage them

- Though Lightning isn’t too good with portraying how he feels and trying to make someone feel better / convince them otherwise

- His favorite colors are blue and red

- Likes to watch deer in their natural habitat

- Will get extremely protective and pissed off if you try hurting Sally or Mater

- Hates cold water

- Loves stargazing (loves it more when he gets to do it with Sally or Mater)

(I might write stories based off my own headcanons wowow)

Any of these headcanons would anyone like to see written by me? Just ask! Probably will do it anyways, hehe.

Me rambling about Season 10

 I literally think I like Season 10 as much as I like stepping on an upside down plug barefoot. Okay, so maybe not that bad, probably just as much as I like stepping on a few Lego’s barefoot on the odd occasion. But yeah, Season 10 was pretty much like one of my least favourite seasons. I liked the first 8 episodes, and then after the mid season ‘cliffhangers’ it all just went downhill even more lol. (Season 10 spoilers undercut for people who aren’t up to date)

Don’t get me wrong, I did like some things about it, I loved that Tim and Casey got back together – I love them as a couple. I loved Caleb and Amy’s friendship throughout (even though he was in like 4 episodes) – I thought that was quite sweet. Of course.

I loved Mitch, my babe, just being there in episodes 1-17 ((which ever episodes he was in) I am basically making myself think that episode 18 did not happen because I literally think that was the worst episode known to man).

I loved Lou and Mitch’s relationship as always. I was really happy Lou and Peter got a divorce (not because I wanted her with Mitch) but because this happens in every day life – so having them get back together after two years would have been terrible.  I really enjoyed how Julia got more lines and was involved in storylines more, she was adorable and managed to lighten up the episodes she was in (although where the hell was Katie in 1017/18 we’ll never know lol).

 I loved Jack getting his Hall of Fame award, and them bringing back Will Vernon. I also adored how we got to see an actual relative of Lisa’s AND SHE WENT OUT THE HOUSE NUMEROUS TIMES IN SEASON 10!!!!!! WHATTT!? Let’s face it, Jisa are the saving grace of Heartland, k?

I just wished Lisa had been in more, Like seriously where was she all season? They barely even mentioned her when she wasn’t there – if at all! LIKE WHY ON EARTH WAS SHE NOT THERE FOR JACK’S POSSIBLE DAUGHTER? Like seriously? I actually think that was a really poor episode too, it just didn’t feel ‘right’ – kind of boring to be honest. I think if more people had been involved, it would have been so much better.  (Side note: I AM SO GLAD JESSICA STEEN IS ON SET MORE NOW LIKE SHE HAS BEEN MENTIONED IN ALL THREE BLOCKS FOR SEASON 11 WTAF!? – once again, Jisa are the saving grace of Heartland.)

As much as I liked Mallory and Jake coming back, I felt like her getting married was beyond a joke. Like that whole “marriage” thing is just like… Why does this show have to make out that you need to be married, or in a relationship in order to be happy? Seriously? Even Georgie is between boys and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has more on the go in season 11. Like as much as I ship some of these characters I don’t see why there is a need for people to be “together” to be happy all the time. Also wasn’t keen on Caleb and Cass’ marriage – like we haven’t really seen them as a couple so it’s hard to accept lol.

Two storylines that bothered me more than I’d care to admit were Mitch’s PTSD and Adam’s Diabetes. The show could have made so much more out of these conditions and really gone into some depths and detail about it. But no. It was mentioned, and then not really done anything about. Yes I am aware we have known about Adam’s Diabetes since 918 but when the “issue” came up in S10, it wasn’t delt with at all right and wasn’t even spoken about properly. Like legit I don’t think I have ever been so annoyed with storylines looking into disabilities and mental health as much as I have been with this show (even looking into S8 when Lou was ‘worried’ about Katie’s development). Imho I honestly think this show could do a lot more to be supportive of disabilities and mental health issues. Like Mitch, held a gun for the first time since Afghan – froze – talked to Jack for a bit and bang. All near enough forgotten… like really?

Also I love how the Mid Season Finale there was a car accident and no one was hurt or really affected. Georgie’s parents died in a car crash. Amy nearly died in the same car crash that killed her mum AND SPARTAN WAS IN A HORSE BOX BEHIND THEM AND HE GOT OUT THE TRAILER AND JUST TROTTED OFF WITH TIM ON HIS BACK LIKE NO BIG DEAL. Like yeah Georgie was a bit wobbly the next episode about the crash – but it was fixed with her and Amy having a 2-minute chat saying “yeah, I think about it too” – wow she really is the miracle girl cos she cured Georgie there and then! Like seriously, you would have thought there would be some trauma after it happened…

Amy’s pregnancy. Wow. It was literally just stupid (not even timeline wise). Like the fact she got pregnant in S9 was just annoying as well because of the whole “Yeah lets enjoy being married first” talk in 914. Those two must’ve really enjoyed being married that much they forgot to use protection, cos hello, 4 episodes later “Lol ur gonna be a dad” and Ty’s like “ooo yay” – REALLY?! But yeah, she had a scare in 1005 (I think, not rewatched) and didn’t tell her fam, or TY – WHAT REALLY? THEN IN 1009/1010 which was just terrible – she was like in lots of pain AND DIDN’T PUT HER BABY FIRST AND DIDN’T GO TO THE HOSPITAL – that is the most stupidest decision I have ever seen “amy” do – and kissing/lying about the prince is in the running here! THEN SHE LAUGHED IT OFF TO HER HUSBAND LIKE NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED!

I really enjoyed Ty going over to Mongolia for a bit, because I really enjoyed the new storyline. But it dragged on for 12 episodes. I’d have been okay with like 8 max. Even if he had to come home early because he missed Amy, or because he was worried – yep that’s fine. But 12 episodes just dragged. THEN they decide to get him ill? And he has a tick? SERIOUSLY? Like as much as I loved that episode I thought it was a little rushed – Ty and his ‘regrets’ and him ‘talking to brad that he’s gonna be a good father’ – sweet – but rushed. We also didn’t see anything about the poachers… like honestly why do that? Why even bring up the poachers if nothings going to be done/resolved?

 Ty was home for what, a day? Then Amy went into labour… *sighs* which meant we didn’t get to see Caleb and Cass’ wedding – which was another terrible story in itself and seemed to only be there as a catalyst to get Amy into Labour… Typicallllllll… AND THEN SHE HAD A HOME BIRTH – turned out she had talked it through thoroughly with the docs– I’d have probably been more okay with it if we actually got to see some of these conversations!? AND THEN AND ONLY THEN DID THEY HAVE A GIRL. I really wanted them to have a boy, it would have opened up so many more new storylines – why couldn’t there be a miracle boy? Like Why did it have to be a girl and her horse? Why not a boy and his horse? Ugh I cant even talk more about this storyline it annoys me too much.  

Basically, Season 10 started off good but turned out awful. Officially on #TeamNoExpectations and I am not expecting grate stuff (apart from Jisa our saving grace) in Season 11. I went into Season 10 with a lot of hope about some stories but after that season, I’m not even getting my hopes up. I really hope Season 11 is better than Season 10, one storyline I’m really not looking forward to is anything baby. I am so glad we are skipping six months! Still no homes are up. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still really love the show – but I love everything apart from Season 10… and I really love the actors – I will continue watching the show for them because of the hard work they put in – they obviously can’t help the storylines etc so as much as I don’t like certain characters/storylines I will always appreciate everything the cast and film crew do. I really had to write all this down and now I have I have realised how much I did not like Season 10 haha - I thought I enjoyed it more than I have done!

Dan x Reader - Taking Care of Your Sickness

I woke up feeling discomfort from the moment I opened my eyes. My body felt like it was on fire, while my throat was freezing. I turned over to see my boyfriend, Dan, lying next to me with his face turned to me.
“Good morning, love.” Dan said smiling at me.
“hh-Hi.” I squeaked out, trying to make a sound that sounded like the English language. He was too sleepy and didn’t notice, thank goodness. Today Dan and me were going to just have a nice day out, but I had to catch an illness.
“So have you figured out what we’re going to get up to today?” Dan asked as I coughed, shoot come on y/n, get it together.
“Mmmhmmm.” I said lying, I didn’t even think about what we going to do, I was too exhausted.
“Are you ready then?” He asked excitedly with his big doe brown eyes wide open. Man he’s too adorable, okay y/n suck it up and get ready.
“Yep.” I replied my voice sounding shaky and unsteady, on the verge of breaking because of my sore throat. I literally sounded like a croaked frog.
“y/n?” The boy looked at me with concern, “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” I shook my head down and leaned onto his pillow laying my head below his chin. He wrapped his arms around my neck. “Awww, I’m sorry.”
No y/n, shake it off, you’re going to go and get ready for a fun day with your boyfriend.
“Dan, it’s okay, I’m fine, really.” I said croakily, trying to hide it.
Dan scoffed softly and responded with “Fine, are you? Then why do you sound like a dying frog?” Ugh this kid’s sarcasm, I freaking loved it.
I giggled and let out a small smile. “Dan, seriously I’m okay. I’m gonna go get ready ready.” I said getting up and heading towards the on-suite bathroom.
But as soon I could take more than two steps Dan had grabbed my arm back. My protest wasn’t getting any where with him.
“You’re not going anywhere.” His brows furrowed while I stood pouting as he dragged back over to the bed.
Dan placed his cool hand on my forehead. “y/n, you’re burning up!”
Yes, but I was shivering inside or it felt like that at least.
“You’re not okay.” Dan said sternly with a frown, but I knew there was kindness in it.
“Dan. I’m fine!” I said. No, I yelled. Well I tried to yell, and my voice cracked. Why the heck did I just do that? My throat is bad enough and I just had to do that and my voice somewhat broke.
All Dan did was laugh at me and dragged me back down fully into the bed. I rolled my eyes at him, but allowed him place me back down.
“You’re so stubborn, y/n.”
“I just didn’t want to ruin the day we planned because I got sick and–” But Dan cut me off and put his index finger to my mouth to shush me.
“Shhh, you’ll hurt your voice even more.” What he said was true so I pursed in my lips closed while Dan looked at me lovingly with those chocolate eyes.
“I don’t care about that y/n, I care about you and your well being.” I sunk my head down once again. It’s crazy how much Dan cared about me and I’m crazy in love with him.
“I’m sorry.” I said quietly feeling bad that I messed up our day.
Dan looked slightly annoyed and chuckled. “y/n, it’s not your fault for getting sick.”
He brought my chin up to his face and said “I’m sure you didn’t want to, but things happen.”
Smiling and rubbing my back while assuring me that everything was okay, I nodded and looking into his beautiful olive complexion.
“Now I’m going to be a good boyfriend and take care of you.” Dan said cutely as he kissed my cheek quickly and tucked me back in the duvet. I happily laid back down on my back with his hand gently supporting me back into place.

“Relax y/n, I’m going to take your temperature.” Dan said trying to hide his concern for me.
I didn’t like seeing him nervous, so I tried my best to relax. But I relaxed quite easily because I knew it was in the best hands possible. It was Dan Howell for crying out loud, he was the sweetest and most caring guy ever.
“101 on this side and 99 degrees here. y/n I believe you have a fever.” He shook his head and took a breath out.
“Ugh.” I moaned. “My throat is sore too.”
“You should get some rest, I’m going to go make you food.”
“No.” I got a grip of left wrist and held him back. “I want you to stay with me and cuddle.”
Dan looked down at me with his cute little smile and said, “It will just be a little while and I’ll be back, plus you need to sleep anyways.”
I wanted to cuddle and if that meant doing a puppy dog face, so be it. “I don’t want you
to leave me.” I said in the whiniest voice ever.
“You’re such a baby.” Dan looked at me and I smirked, “I’m sick.” I did a pity cough while Dan just rolled his eyes.
“Fine, one cuddle and you have to try to fall asleep.” I won and got my cuddle after all. Dan arms were wrapped over my body and he was careful to not discomfort me. I fell asleep about 5 minutes after, and then he left the room. Darn his strategy. I really didn’t want Dan to go, but I knew I had to get some rest to feel better.

30 Minutes Later:
I woke up to a lightly hand stroking my face, it was Dan’s.
“Hello beautiful.” There was Dan’s perfect face gazing at me. The duvet was all over the place and the blanket was covering only my neck. What the heck happened in my nap?
“Hi.” I sat up and there he was now holding a tray of stuff, that I’m guessing was for me.
“I made you organic chicken and vegetable soup, and here’s some water. Oh, I’ve got cough drops too, your favorite flavor, and medicine for the fever, unfortunately its orange flavor.” He looked at me with soft and kind eyes promoting me to eat. I saw the orange medicine and thinking about awful artificial flavor, I pretended to gag silently while Dan just looked unamused.
“Thanks. There’s no need for the medicine though.”
“y/n come on, you have to take it to be better.” Dan said.
“Nope, no way. It’s gross.” I said shaking my head in disgust.
“Come on!” His large hands proceeded to me and I saw those piano playing fingers headed to get me, Dan smirked and advanced to tickle me. I began to squirm. “STOP.” HUFFF. PUFF. AH. IT TICKLES. “DAN. AH. I CAN’T BREATHE.”
“Okay fine! Fine! Stop tickling me and I’ll drink it.” I said retrieving my breath.
Dan just laughed at me while I squirted my eyes at him. “That only took 5 seconds.”
I drank the medicine while Dan sat there looking satisfied with himself. Then he handed me the large cup to wash it down. “Here.” I drink it and leave some water still in the tall glass.
“Okay, now you can eat your soup.” Dan said chucking while I did a small little growl at him in slight annoyance. I then ate the delicious soup and it was really soothing. Dan really knows how to cook and make a good soup.
“It tastes amazing Dan.” I said finishing up every drop last drop.
“Good.” He had a big proud smile plastered on his face.
I finished the soup and then popped a cough drop in to help my throat.
Now here I was laying with Dan and watching Netflix.
“Do you feel better?”
“Mmmhmmm. Much better. Thank you for taking care of me Dan.” I replied gripping his hand a bit harder.
“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t?” I blushed, I love it when he calls himself my boyfriend.
“Thanks for the being the best boyfriend.”
He winked at me. “Anything for you, y/n.”
“I love you Dan.” I told Dan grinning. I may be sick but this isn’t half bad.
“I love you too y/n.” Dan said sweetly as he gently pulled me closer to him in the blanket, tucking me in before placing a kiss on my forehead.


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Today was hell, first my last customer called me a bitch and left without tipping. That’s what I get for being a waitress in Gotham, to make money out here, you gotta be evil and I simply can’t hurt anyone, so I deal with assholes to pay my rent. Finally crashing down onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“I need someone to hangout with”

Looking over at my passed out cat , I decided to get up and go somewhere. Walking out the door in my yoga pants and crop top with my big black coat, I walked to the liquor store buying myself a bottle of tequila. Walking outside the cold wind blew past me, making my legs shake. Walking down a bit I saw I was on Grundy St. So I went to see if ed was still awake. Knocking on his studio door, I could hear muffled voices. Sounded like they were arguing, the door slid open with ed popping his face out.


“hey sorry am I intruding?”

“no, never its just 2 am.”

“bad day, wanna help me make it better?”

Holding up the bottle of tequila shaking it , ed’s face looked like he was about to say no.

“I mean if you don’t wanna , ill leave.”

“only if you can answer this.”


’‘often mixed with lemon in a refreshing cold drink. You don’t eat them ever, unless your drinking this drink, what am I?”

“limes, and yes I have some.”

Ed smiled moving so I could come in, slipping past him, I could see the green lights from the billboard lighting up his kitchen.

“green suits you ed.”

He smiled, his cheeks getting red. Ed was my first friend when I moved to Gotham as a kid, we were at elementary school and a boy was kicking dirt at ed for telling riddles, running up I boot kicked the boy in the groin making him never hit puberty. Edward and I have been friends ever since, I remember the first time I called him ed, he blushed saying that “ he liked It when I called him a nickname.” sitting down on ed’s bed, crossing my legs throwing him the bag of limes.

“you cut, ill pour.”

“sounds good.”

Ed sliced the limes and I poured two shots, we clicked out glasses taking the shots back.

“what made you think to come here y/n?”

“ you always make me smile ed, I needed that.”

“what happened to your boyfriend Derek.”

Ed’s lip curled while he spoke his name.

“wells turns out I was girlfriend number 3”



Ed poured the next  shots, we went a few more without speaking. Finally ed turned to me smiling.

'i’m a form of exercise, where you have fun, some people get paid to do it, some do it for fun, what am I?“

I had to think about this one, the tequila making me a bit loopy.

’'oh oh dancing.”


Ed grabbed my hand spinning me around and landing into his chest. Picking at a remote, ed turned on the stereo where the song like im gonna lose you started to play. Ed spun me around his room, helping me keep in step with him.

“how are you able to do this drinking ed?”

“luck I guess.”

Pulling me to his chest I could hear him hum along to the song.

'i’m gonna hold you like im saying goodbye , I’m gonna love you like im gonna lose you.“

The song ended and ed, looked down at me, the tension getting greater. I could see the panic in ed’s eyes start to approach when he shouted.

’'another shot!”

Running over to his kitchen his grabbed the bottle pouring four more shots.

“four ed?”

“yea, I figured why not.”

A nervous smile spread across his face.

“one , two.”

We took them down bam, bam. Ed sat down on his bed laying back covering his face with his arm. Walking over I sat by his side.

“a terrible feeling, sometimes thought to be paranoid, but all it is, is care, mothers do it the most, but none more than me, what am I?”

Ed lifted his arm up, so I could see his eye.



He sat up, placing his hand on my knee.  

’'why did you chose Derek?”

“what does that have to do with anything ed?”


“ I don’t know ed, in his arms I felt safe. Like Gotham wasn’t outside that door.”

Ed shifted in his seat.

“we need to lighten the mood.”

Ed grabbed my bottle, that still had a good 6 shots each in it. Lifting it too his lips, he took two big gulps. Passing it to me, I copied right behind him. Next thing I know ed and I have his music blasting and are sitting on his bed going back and forth with riddles.  

“worshied once, but no belittled, some are feral and some are royal?”

Thinking I shouted the answer.

“CATS, my turn.”

“said to be myth, but bodies have been found, you will never find this creature on ground?”

“a giant squid, please y/n challenge me.”

This went on for a few moments back and forth of riddles and mad libs.

“I got one more for you y/n.”


“never been said, most likely never should, felt it since grade school and adulthood, the pain is beared to show they care. Tear after tear, they never did part, all because of a feeling from the heart.”

I was stumped, maybe it was the booze but I was about to guss when banging came from the door. Ed got up answering the banging when I could hear a man start yelling at him.

“what the fuck nygma, why is your shit so loud, not like your banging a chick right.”

I hated when people treated him like he was a little bitch, walking over I swooshed my hair around  and pulled my top down just a little so it looks like he interrupted. Walking over I dropped my arms around ed, resting my cheek on his shoulder swaying my butt side to side.

“eddy come back to bed.”

Ed’s face went bright red, glancing back from the neighbor to me. The neighbors looking more confused than embarrassed seemed to have no shame.

“who are you and how much?”

“fuck off .”

I glanced up at ed, I had never heard him be so hard with his words

“the fuck you say nygma?”

“I told you to fuck off, now are you done or is there something else you wanna bark about?”

With that he slammed the door, walking over to the bathroom he slammed the door shut. I walked over tapping the bottle against the door.

“4 more shots eddy.”

He came out of the bathroom, still red in the face but not from anger. Sitting down we took a few more swings killing the bottle.

’t-t-tttt tell me eddy , whhhere did that fuck off come fffrom?“

’'The other voice …shhhhh”

We were laying on his floor looking up at the ceiling watching the green light flicker.

“oh oh oh eddy, I know your riddle.”


“yes, its love.”

He didn’t say anything just sat propped up on his elbow, staring at me.

“you are so beautiful, you know what let’s call Derek and tell him to fuck off.”

He got this excited look on his face, running for my phone. Trying to steal my phone back he dialed Derek, jumping on the bed I heard Derek answer.

“hello y/n? , listen I’m sorry.”

“im sorry this isnt y/n.”

“who is this?”

Snatching my phone from his hand, I hung up quickly.

“what the hell?’

He just smiled at me, he fell back onto his bed patting the area next to him.

’'lay with me y/n”

Walking over I laid next to him, reaching over I took off his glasses and placed them on my face.

“look eddy ”

Giving my best dork smile, I could see his smile, the brightest smile I have ever seen. He stared at me for a moment. His hand came up to my face brushing my hair away from my neck. His face looked so gentle, like the eddy I have known for so long, no matter how evil Gotham was, eddy always stayed good.  giving him back his glasses, he placed them on the table, his hand never  leaving my chin. Looking up at him as he smiled over me, made me never want to be sober again. Ed leaned down pulling my chin up with his hand. His lips landed on mine, his kiss gentle like he wasn’t sure. Once I kissed back, he put more into it. Deepening the kiss, his hand never leaving the side of my face. Once we broke for air, he kissed my forehead before pulling the pillows down to us.

“stay the night, I don’t want you to leave.”

I snuggled closer giving him my answer. Looking up I gave him one last kiss before slipping off into sleep. Waking up to ed making coffee. He was mumbling to himself.

'what if she doesn’t remember, then let it go, tell her.“

Without saying a word, I walked over.

’'good morning ed.”

Ed jumped startled by my voice.

“good morn-”

I kissed him before he could even finish, his arms wrapped around my waist.

“I love you y/n , I always have.”

“I love you too ed.”

“can I ask you something y/n?”

“of course”

“will you be mine?”

“of course ed.”

imagine for @feiendhabfhs

Hi!!! Can you do a stiles Imagine when they are killing virgins and Scott is your overprotective twin brother and you and stiles are dating and only Scott doesn’t know and he says he has to keep you two safe and you just go along with it and then it goes into like when Rachel and joey (on friends) are trying to tell Ross they’re dating but they can’t and then he walks in on you two kissing and at first gets mad at you and then calms down

*come up stairs, in the study xx*

you smiled down at your phone. you slid it into your back pocket of your black skinny jeans and walked through the hot bodies and up the carpeted stairs, no one was upstairs in Lydias house. she had strict rules about who went up stairs when she had a party. you walked past the closed white doors until you reach the one you knew lead to the study. you wrapped your fingers around the gold handle and pushed it open.

Stiles leant on the desk, he stood up as soon as you walked in.

“hey” you said as you turned to close the door. “what did you-“

you were cut off by his hands on your waist spinning you round, he pushed your body up against the door causing it to click shut. his crashed your lips together making you moan into him. you felt him smirk and pull away.

“thats what i wanted”he smirked looking deep into your eyes.

“well i want that too”you teased putting your hands on his chest.

“and i wanted to dance with my girlfriend” he said pulling you into the centre of the room and putting his hands on your waist, you put your hands on his shoulders and both your bodies swayed to the music that was muffled but still audible.

“you can’t expect me to keep my hands off you in that top do you?”he said.

“i knew it would turn you on”you laughed.

he smiled back at you. “you are horny tonight” you laughed.

“can you blame me? after Thursday night” he kissed you on the forehead becoming sweet Stiles again.

you loved it when he did that, you hugged him round his middle and he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and hummed along with the song.

suddenly the door swung open and Liam came in.

“Scotts coming” he warned. you both jumped away from eachother and smoothed out your clothes.

you heard Liam laugh. “you two” he sniggered, you glared at him just as Scott and Lydia walked in.

“Stiles, (y/n). we figured it out” your brother said walking in and shutting the door.

“figured what out?” asked Stiles.

“the pattern?” you asked.

“yeh, they are targeting virgins”Scott said.

“virgins?” asked Stiles.

“yeh, we were just talking to Adams boyfriend, they hadn’t done the deed yet” said Scott.

as Stiles walked up to Scott and they talked about it Lydia walked up to you, she looked from you to Stiles and wiggled her eyebrows. you first glared at her, the thing was was that your brother didn’t know about you and Stiles but everyone else did. it was sudden for you and Stiles and you just hadn’t gotten round to telling him yet. you then smiled at her and winked. she jumped happily then stopped realising Scott was here.

“i should go, i need to top up the drinks fountain ”she said and walked out of the door to her party again.

“obviously i will look after you”Scott said looking at all of you. “well i mean….they are going after virgins…and you haven’t….”

“Hayden”Liam interrupted.

“oh right well” Scott said looking at Liam and tilting his head.

“damn it”Stiles said reminding you of the bet you two had made.

“you owe me $20” you smirked.

Scott and Liam looked at you both confused. “we had a bet that Liam and Hayden hadn’t had sex yet” Stiles said rolling his eyes.

“and ill keep you both safe”your brother said turning to face you and Stiles. you side glanced at each other.

“oh…right sure, thank you”you said trying to act as natural as possible. you and Stiles had first done the deed last Thursday night. it was both your first time and of course, like everything else, Scott didn’t know.

“i think Stiles has taken care of-”Liam said under his breath. before he could even finish his sentence you smashed your heel onto his toes causing him to yelp in pain.

“what?”asked Scott.

“nothing”he hissed looking at you.

you all made your way back to the top of the stairs letting Scott go ahead of you.

“when are you going to tell him?”asked Liam.

“soon” you said looking at Stiles.

“yeh”Stiles said. “we just need to find the right time”

“Scott i need to talk to you about something” you called as you galloped down the stairs after him.

“yeh?”he asked going through some papers on the table.

“um well…me…and St….wait let me start from the beginning…you know ages ago…like 3 months ago…is that ages?…anyway…so when you went with Lydia and Liam…” you sighed. you couldn’t get it out, you had lied awake all night planning what you were going to say to your brother about you, his twin sister and his best friend dating.

“what is it? Stiles, Liam and Lydia will be here soon” he said.

“i know that”you said. “i just…”

“what!?”he asked getting annoyed.

“me and Stiles…..”

“you and Stiles? you and Stiles what?”he asked darting around the room trying to find something.

“will you listen to me?!”you snapped.

suddenly the door bell rang. “tell me later” said Scott as he whizzed off to the door.

you sighed in frustration and waited for the others to come in. they all walked in saying hi and Stiles walked over to your side. he looked down at you and gave you a questioning look glancing at Scott.

you shook your head. “i just couldn’t get the words out and he was being a dick”you whispered.

“right so me Liam and Stiles are going to see Deaton and Lydia you are staying here?” Scott asked slipping his coat on.

“yep” Lydia nodded and walked into the living room. Your brother and Liam made their way out of the room and to the door.

as soon he left Stiles grabbed your hand and spun you around to face him.

“its ok, don’t worry”he said comfortingly and stroked your hands with his thumbs.

you looked up at him through your lashes. “he needs to know”

“i know” he said. “ill tell him”

“what? are you sure?”you asked.

“yep, i’ll do it, i mean i have Liam to make sure he doesn’t kill me”he sounded hesitant.

you laughed at his dorky expression. “thank you” you planted a gentle kiss on his lips before he left.

“i love you” he mouthed before he left the room.

“i love you too” you mouthed back.

“wheres (y/n)?”you heard Stiles ask at the bottom of the stairs as soon as they got back. you had been in your room trying to find something that you had found a few days ago. it seemed irrelevant at the time and you had dumped it in your room somewhere. you rummaged through a pile of books while Stiles entered the room.

“i couldn’t do it”he blurted.

“oh why not?” you asked slightly disappointed.

“it just was never the right time, stuff just kept happening, i tried but then he would say something that made me feel like he would kill me and then stuff happened” he said as he walked towards you.

“its ok, don’t worry” you said.

“lets tell him together”he said. you were shocked for a second then realised it was the only way.

“agreed”you said. he looked into your eyes and ran his hand through your hair, he slowly leaned in looking at you lips. “his just down stairs” you laughed.

“just one”muttered Stiles against your lips

you smiled before leaning in too. you lips met and you sank into him, this boy could do things to you no one else could and you loved it. the kiss was slow at first but became deeper and more passionate. Stiles hands traveled to your waist and pulled you in closer, your hands rose to his shoulders and you moaned against his lips.

as soon as you heard the clicking of the door you knew you had been busted. no one said anything, you both knew it was him. you and Stiles had frozen in your actions. you both slowly turned your heads to look at your brother.

his expression was blank which surprised you both. everything was calm until he leapt forward and into action.

“Stiles!”he shouted. your boyfriend leaped behind you clinging onto your shoulders. “what are you doing?!”

“i…i…”Stiles stuttered.

Scott looked at you angry, his eyes bore deep into yours. you smiled weakly at him and stepped forward.

“look Scott we are sorry…”

“no! you can’t do this! this is my twin sister” he said looking back at Stiles.

“you are my twin sister”he said looking at you.

“yes i am aware of that Scott” you stated.

“and you are my best friend Stiles”

“yes”Stiles said still using you as a shield between him and your angry brother.

“my best friend and my sister”he repeated over and over pacing around your room. an awkward silence fell across the room as Scott paced with his hands cupped in front of his mouth.

“I’m in love with her”

the words shocked you aswell as Scott. you had said ‘i love you’ but never confessed you were ‘in love’ and he had just said it right infront of Scott.

“I’m in love with you too”you smiled at Stiles over your shoulder. you looked into each others eyes before Scott spoke.

“ok, i can deal with this, this is ok”he said.

“what? really?”Stiles asked.

“well i mean rather you than anyone else” he said looking from you to Stiles.

“thank you Scott”you said hugging him, he hugged you back and smiled at Stiles before walking over to the open door. you spun round to Stiles and leaned in to kiss him.

“ah don’t do that infront of me yet”Scott burst, you laughed and watched as he left the room and walked down stairs.

“well” you looked up at Stiles. “that went ok?” you asked cocking an eyebrow.

“eeerrrr yeh”he said looking at the door.

“come on lets get pizza” you said walking out of your room. Stiles caught up with you and laced your fingers with his.

“what if he’s plotting to kill me? please never leave me alone with him again ever”he said making you laugh before reaching the top of the stairs.

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