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UT Fankids Week
(kinda maybe? I mean the thing is that it had Sanscest in the tags…error ink is kinda sanscest so…. eh? I might be pulling a few strings here but even if these are not valid I hope to still do them!)

Day 1: First Words

Welp wanted to do something for this fun week! Even have a small story that goes along with it under the read more! ( well more of a ramble of a draft of how it could work but still! )

But man, this was fun to figure out what beginning PJ looked like. Heh man he looks like a MESS. Though no scarf or bag so yeah… he did just form o-o

I have no clue if PJ fits into the Fankids week thing but I like the prompts and hope to give more incite to how he’s like while growing up. 
(note the Ink and Error represented here are not canon however I tried to have them have more canon personalities and actions so *shrugs*. Just a warning cause yeah… technically there is no PJ but this is just how they are canon to his story o-o)

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Today I met my friend’s corn snake Darko (like the movie Donnie Darko). He’s such a cutie, y'all. Look at them eyes~ He’s apparently still a fairly young snake, so he should get bigger, but I’m not entirely sure. I don’t know much about snakes. He was reeeaaally smooth, tho. Gosh, snakes are so cute. I could let this little dude slither all over my arms for ages.


Holding a new snake is prolly one of the best experiences! You get so attached to em’ so quick lol~ Glitty rates him “good babie 10/10″!