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I’ll leave the context to your imaginations (Chicon 2016)

Re-reading your notes does not count as studying, even if it is the easiest way to technically study while watching Mad Men. Also, you’re ruining Mad Men. Watch Mad Men, and then set aside time to actually engage with the material. If you’re in science or engineering, do problems. If you’re in history, write out key elements of a period in a paragraph, or try to teach the chapters you’ve read to your lazy roommate who didn’t read them, and have him try to teach you the ones he read.

If you’re in English lit, put down the play you already read, and write a one page essay discussing how Hamlet was the greatest pussy of all time. Do something, anything, which tests your knowledge or makes you actually think, then use your notes to find out what you’d forgotten. Then do the problem again. Instead of sitting and reconfirming, “Yep, I sure can read this language all right!”

Fake studying is the worst waste of time since the American pilot of Doctor Who. If you don’t want to study, there are bars full of other people having more fun than you while not studying. And while they’re screwing themselves, they figure they might as well screw each other. You’ll always find the best college parties just before the exams. You’re missing that by studying, so make sure it’s worth it.

The 7 Dumbest Things Students Do When Cramming for Exams



Part 2: someday♡

So I heard Bulma is about to have a baby...

This makes me laugh because can y'all see how this happened? I’m 100% sure that whole situation they just got out of had Vegeta shook as hell. So what does he do once they’ve won? He goes back home with Bulma and they “enjoy each other’s company” for a month. No visitors. No excursions. No training. No living outside of that dome. Then one day Bulma rolls up on Vegeta with the good news and Vegeta’s like “how the hell did that happen?!” Bulma then tosses the test at Vegeta, screaming about how they’ve fucked 5 times a day for a month and what the hell did he think was gonna happen if they kept that up?

Yep. I’m 100% sure that’s how the conception went down.

And now hopefully my other post about the cat taking a liking to the blue-haired baby will come true.