yep nothing to see here

Going to confirm this, yes Wings Era was one of the sexiest and kinkiest era we have all ever seen. Period

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So much sexual expressions came with this historic era, its like they were aiming to seduce us and they definitely succeeded 

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We got so much sexy eyes from disrespectful Park Jimin, its not even funny. No seriously I die every time

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Yes this era gave us hip thrusts and not just any hipthrust, no BTS does hip thrusts from the ground so you get perfect vision from all angles

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So much hand on body action never seen an idol group touch themselves so much and he just had to add the body rolls and tongue to completely kill us

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Did I mention the sexy eye stares already? Yes well there’s freaking more!!! And it doesn’t stop….

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This era gave the most chest and skin action I have ever seen I felt like I needed holy water after watching them perform 

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Tongue, tongue so much tongue more than usual but I’m not complaining ;)

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So much touching and grabbing but hobi just wanted to be a bit extra so he just added the tongue. Seems to be a common theme the tongue 

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Seriously though amen to BTS stylist because you are the true mvp. You made namjoon a triple threat with a silk shirt, chest action and messy hair

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Oh Hi im just casually feeling myself and making a sex face while I’m at it. No big deal….

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Yep nothing to see here just BTS grinding the floor, move along….

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Yes I am being greedy but you can never have enough hip thrusting, especially when it comes in 7

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So basically this GIF summarizes that the Era was full of sweat, skin, chest, sexy glares and HARDWORK!!!  

stuff au sanses said to/about sci and edge after they were ‘officially’ a couple

((whah long title :O))

-”Fucking finally!”

-”I swear there was some tongue in that kiss.” “But we’re all skeletons.” “It’s called magic. Fucking idiot.”

-”Oh yeah, total- is that a hickey???”

-”Please tell me that you’re still a virgin. That I’m still virgin.”

-”It still deeply disturbs me that you’re the only one of us who has sharp teeth.”

-”Swiggity swooty he going for that skelebooty.”

-”When I said go fuck yourself I didn’t mean it literally.”

-”Oh, wow, hey, um, how about no.”

-”Look at them. Being gay and shit. I’m so proud.”

-”Is it bad that I feel like a mom? Like, a really happy mom?”

-”This could be us Geno.” “Fuck off Death.”

-”Somebody take Blue to the hospital, I think he’s having a seizure. Oh never mind. He’s up. And screaming. Yep. Nothing to see here.”

-”*incomprehensible babble*” “Blue calm the fuck down.”

-”Ha. Gaaaaaaaaaayyy.”

-”Is it bad that I think they’re cute together?” “Yes. Yes it is.”

-”Does this mean we’re all gay?” “I’m too tired for this shit, good night.”

-”Yes.” “No.” “Yes.”

Because I feel the need to counteract the crap-ola that is coming from a certain Mr. P.C.

Yep… nothing to see here folks… just co-workers co-workin… nothing to see here… move along all you crazy delusional super shippers… nothing to see. 


Insomnia got the best of me again.

Yeah so I wanted to stop blogging and I keep on/off coming back to Tumblr and well godammit. I suck. But anyways…

In all seriousness though…

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before about someone and it’s honestly scaring me. I got used to being alone for such a long time that the sudden shock of being in love is leaving me extremely vulnerable. I was fine at first but now I seem to have forgotten how to act. It’s not even anyone’s fault, I just feel like a complete and utter virgin (when I’m not) and I’m scared to do something wrong. I just want to keep you for as long as possible, and if it ends up being life long I’m more than happy to have that. I don’t understand how I went from being so comfortable at first to being insanely scared that you could do better (which you could easily do to be honest). I guess it’s a good thing my confidence got knocked down a little bit, though. I still feel like I was being a total bitch while you’re still being the best girlfriend I’ve ever had. I suck. Heh. I really don’t want to lose you…

Yeah holy shit I really suck goodnight. xD

ok so i know it probably looks more badass onstage

but when i listen to “right hand man” and alex says “let’s steal their cannons”

i just picture alexander and laurens disguising the cannons as a horse or something and waltzing right past some british officers like “yep totally normal totally a horse nothing to see here what of course we’re actually british can’t you tell from these OUTRAGEOUS accents”

ask-murderer-apprentice-ivan  asked:

"Stop acting dramatic. Being a boy isn't such a bad deal, you know--- wait do I have to teach you how to use the bathroom now?!"


Ouch my face……

N-No you don’t have to teach me anything I don’t already know! I-I’m just Amelia’s brother! YEP! YEPPIDY YEP YEP!!! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!…..Now…..LEAVE INTRUDER BEFORE I FIGHT YOU WITH TH-THESE BLANKETS ON!