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Tome Headcanons

Surprise!! tome is the love of my life now and id die for her

  • probably shops at hot topic
    • all of her shirts have shitty slogans on them
      • ‘bigfoot: ultimate hide and seek champion’ is one. ‘just give me some space’ with little alien head between every word is another. there’s another that just says ‘BEES’ in all caps and???? what
    • wears a lot of big hoodies that make her look like some blob with no discernible shape just how she likes it
  • when with people she doesnt know that well and strangers she just constantly looks like she’s glaring
    • if a stranger makes eye contact she stares them down until they look away
  • “sorry mob, I know we were going to look for telepaths today but shit just went down in The Last of Us and you’re coming to my house instead to watch me deal pixelated damage to these stupid NPCs. Bring some tissues its going to be a wild ride and one of us will definitely cry.”
  • when she first meets someone, her first instinct is to hate them
    • oh, that guy she met literally an hour ago? nope, Tome doesn’t like him. He’s too shifty eyed and leans on things too much. Tome thinks he’s hiding something
      • takes her a bit to warm up to someone, but when she does they’re never getting rid of her
  • is that one person that knows random facts that are hella irrelevant but will make u stare at a wall and question the world for a bit
    • “hey, did you know that Canada once had, like, a prime minister or whatever who would hold seances and use a Ouija board and a crystal ball to talk to his dead mother? Bruh this fucker tried to talk to his damn dogs. these ghosts influenced how a damn country was run. Anyways what were we talking about?”
  • when she talks, its 60% motion and wild gestures
    • she doesnt just talk with her hands. She shrugs a lot, rolls her head, makes faces, wiggle her hips, the whole works.
      • when she’s tell a story or something that once happened to her, she’ll fuckin jump up and reenact parts of it. It’s hilarious
  • very good at telling stories.
    • she always ends up in stupid situations so she has a lot of stories to tell
  • only hangs out with Mob and kind of avoids his friend group
    • When she met Ritsu, he kept staring at her funny. Tome realized it was because of the lochness monster on her shirt. He told her that all those cryptids were just stupid people messing with everyone.
      • mob had to hold her back from tearing him apart
    • the only time she met Shou, he laughed at her, said ‘you can’t read minds? that’s tele-pathetic!’ then disappeared.
      • He was never seen again, but Tome is ok with that
    • Teru…. she has Opinions on his character
      • “C’mon, he seems kinda….. weird. Like the popular asshats in our school who think theyre too good for everyone. Don’t you think so mob?” “…but Hanazawa-kun is very nice.” “but i swear he seems kinda… slimy? like an eel.” “Oh, he’s not slimy! his skin is actually very soft.” “No, that’s not–wait.” “especially his hands. I think he moisturizes.”
  •  “No, no, Mob–yes, I know it’s like ten at night and its cold and dark out but you don’t understand. I swear to every deity hovering above the solar system or whatever, I saw weird lights over the city. I swear to every god up there theyre aliens and theyre close. Meet me in the park two blocks from your house. And bring a flashlight and maybe some snacks. OOohh you’re mom made gingersnaps recently? nice…. yes of course you should bring them cmon.”
  • whenever someone asks how her day is going/how she is, she responds with a scoff and says “gay…. obviously.”
  • her room is full of posters of bands, cryptids, and cats
  • challenges people to fight way too often for someone her size
    • “Do you want to fucking go?” she says as she struggles to push open a door
  • seems to have no shame?
    • she’ll say shit that would embarrass other people with this fierce certainty, like she’s challenging you to make a jab at what she said
  • This girl? giggling? oh no oh no
    • when she laughs, she laughs
      • full body shaking, echoing snorts, chuckling that ends with wheezing, tears streaming down her cheeks
  • She’s just a very loud character in general
    • whispering really isnt her thing
      • neither is getting embarrassed, feeling ashamed, or anything of the sort
        • “hey, if they have a problem with something I do or say, that’s not my problem. It’s there’s. Why should I worry about what other people think of me anyways? now get out of my way i gotta fight the elite four and take my rightful place as the fucking pokemon master.”

No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

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She’s been running us ragged. Be a good chap and take her out tomorrow and give her a bit of a tour?


This is a Portal Oc i made and her ai pupper that she built!!

She built Tobi when she was around 5, her parents were scientists and they injected something into her mothers womb while she was being born so now she’s a genius of sorts. She had an older sibling as well, but she didn’t care for science and wanted to become an artist or something to do with sports I haven’t decided yet.

She didn’t have the robotic parts (eye, arm ,leg, etc.) until years later when Cave Johnson gets his hands on her and runs her through some (horrible) tests. By now she’s an orphan and her sisters dead, her family had died in a tragic accident involving a short circuit in one of her projects that lead to a large fire.

Caroline was one of the people who knew about her, the others were certain scientists; Rick, Wheatley, Neil and Andrew, anyway, Caroline looked after her and they had a mother-daughter bond. Then Caroline becomes GLaDoS and Lolita vists her all the time. When GlaDoS kills all the scientists, besides the ones previously mentioned as they were already transferred into cores; it doesn’t affect Lolita, the only one GLaDoS ‘tolerates’.

Ahh i’m rambling, okay, her love interest is Chell and the cores are like her big borthers and yeah, that’s it. This wasn’t supposed to be so long ah-

    okay i sorta wanna delve into christine and her sheltered life  in the opera house. before Erik revealed himself and the unmasking happened christine never truly felt caged. music was her freedom , the opera house walls were her home and she relished in it and with her angel of music she was ecstatic she never really felt deprived in a sense. not to mention they did have rehearsal breaks and her and meg would definitely leave the opera house christine simply had curfew and had to make it in time for her lesson and whatever madame told her to do since madame was her mother but christine never felt trapped. she loved the opera house , she loved the connection she had with her father in it and the performances and being surrounded by music. it was when Erik showed his frightening self did her world seem to crash and she realized he was controlling her. that’s when she wanted freedom because she was frightened and his opera house was his domain and he was everywhere in a sense. her freedom was escaping from Erik’s frightening persona but if he never did frighten her , christine would want to travel because she is a wanderlust child in a sense but she would always happily come back to the opera house because that’s where her soul belonged. also to her , freedom is having her own choice to do as she pleases. christine is the mistress of her own actions so she doesn’t want to be afraid to be tardy to a lesson , she wants to go out with meg and not worry about a curfew she just wants to be a normal young woman growing into adulthood basically and i could go on tbh

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