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Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs.

But honestly, I don’t download much music, just look it up on YouTube when I want to listen to it.   So ya’ll are just getting 10 songs that I pick  

Zombie - Family Force 5

My Name is Prince - Prince

Without Me - Eminem

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Praying - Kesha

Buttons - Pussycat Dolls

What You Need - INXS

Song for When You Want to Say I Love You - Rhett and Link

Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5

If - Janet Jackson

List Ten of your Favorite characters (One per fandom) and tag 10 people (nope sorry)

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Ok these are out of order, except for the first one lol. This will be an anime only list ^^

1) Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

2) Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha)

3) Hajime Saitou (Rurouni Kenshin)

4) Deidara (Naruto)

5) Crocodile (One Piece)

6) Grimmjow (Bleach)

7) Grell (Kuroshitsuji)

8) Neuro (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

9) Alucard (Hellsing)

10) Ginko (Mushishi)


Parts 1, 2 and 3 here

Part 5 here

Part Four

“Hey, Bittle. I owe you an apology.”

“Do you, Jack? And why might that be?”

“I swear I’ve put on six pounds of muscle since I started training with the Falcs. But I’ve never been faster.”

“You think you’re ready for your first game?”

“I hope so. I know it’s only preseason stuff for the next couple of weeks but at least it’s competitive. I need to find out how I compare, you know?”

“Yeah. I know.”

“Listen, Bittle, my parents are coming to the game. And I told my Dad you’re one of my coaches.”

“Ha! How’d he like that?”

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choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions

I was tagged by filipina-hime :)  thanks for the tag, this was harder than I imagined xD

1) Madoka/Homuro from Madoka Magica ^////^

2)Kageyama/Hinata from Haikyuu!! /uwu/

3) Kaworu/Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion TTwTT

4)Iwaizumi/Oikawa from Haikyuu!! >3> 

and 5) Kashima/Hori from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun \(^u^)/

These are only the tip of the iceberg tbh…

I will tag anyone who wants to do this c: 

Question Time :D

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