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Ok, here are some ship names but they're not that great. >_< I tried my best! 1:OrangeCream (geddit? The popsicle?) 2: StretchyTortoise 3:CheetoShell 4:DryBones (I'm sorry; couldn't resist a Mario reference) These were the best I could come up with. They're pretty lame but here you are! - Pink anon

I approve of all of these, and thank you so much for thinking of ship names for us in the first place! <33   I love them. x]

The Girl known as “Bad Luck”

Late one echoing night. A lonely girl wondered the streets of the city she lived in. No one knew her name, or where she came from. Only that she was willing to help no matter the situation. Some used that to their advantage against the girl, only to have it backfire. For this girl was known truly, as a bad luck charm. Misfortune followed her throughout her lifetime, but she could never figure out why. Or how to stop it.

           A small sigh left her lips as she slipped her hands into the pockets of her dark, ash grey hoodie. A low shiver running down her spine as a cold chill rears its fangs at her.

           “Just a little farther…” she mumbled to herself, but pressed foreword to her destination. A small café known as ‘The Vale’, it was lesser known and family owned but the girl considered it home. Despite never having a home to call her own.

           She shivered more as snow begun to fall around her. Her short red hair fell in front of her face, showing the black highlights in it. Her dark ruby eyes glistening from the bright street lights as they lit up around her.

           The small ghost of a smile appearing as she saw the lights of the café appeared in her sight. Though she soon stopped and removed her hands from the warm pockets they were hiding in before slipping off her red wired glasses and cleaning the lenses that had begun to fog up from her hot breath. She slipped them back on and continued to walk. Soon getting to the café and removing a single hand this time to open the door and go inside the warm café.

           The Barista gave her a warm smile as he saw her walk into the café. “Nice to see you, Ruby.” She gave a short and quick nod to the Barista and sat down. Though she kept her name to herself, most have just started calling her Ruby due to her red eyes.

           “The usual?” he questioned, preparing to whip up her usual drink. She gives a small nod and smiles a tiny bit, taking out a book from the small backpack she had on her shoulders. The Barista gives her a warm look and started to whip up her usual coffee with cream. She never did like having sugar in it.

           Smiling gently, ‘Ruby’ opened the book she had taken out of her bag and begun to read, her eyes sparkling happily as she entered her own mind. A world far away from this one forming around her as she read.

i’m fucking proud of 5sos and how they are growing up musically and mentally