yep i'm not done with this film

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Exactly! Remind me of the last time two cousins were described as feeling their "destinies are intertwined together" I'm sorry, that's just weird. Added to the fact that Kylo was checking her out throughout the entire film. And before anyone chimes in with "but Luke and Leia kissed" yeah they did, but that was before they were gonna retroactively make them siblings. LucasFilm is going to avoid having that situation this time around, believe me. These films are now well planned out in advance.

Yep, exactly. I think you’ve done a great job of summing up why the Databank stuff is such a smoking gun. People who try to compare the sexual subtext with Rey and Kylo to the Luke and Leia stuff are being disingenuous. The two situations simply aren’t comparable. 

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Lit the one problem I have with the FMA live action after seeing the trailer is the fact that I'm going to be put through the Death of Maes Hughes for the 4th time (manga, brotherhood, 03 and now film). Looking forward to it despite the oncoming tears. (But don't even get me started on Netflixes Death Note trailer - what the fuck have they done to an epic series, they've turned Light into a dumb punk white boy wtaf?)

YEP. (Also about the DN thing, becuase yuck?? Just - no. Why. Why would you.)