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The Heathers soundtrack in five words

Beautiful: Life sucks, then you’re popular

Candy Store: Cinnamon roll drinks the kool-aid

Fight For Me: Accidental foreshadowing by Veronica’s thirst

Freeze Your Brain: No liquor? Try slurpees instead!

Big Fun: Everything is great! Oh, nevermind…

Dead Girl Walking: Veronica’s Thirst 2: Electric Boogaloo

Me Inside Of Me: She’s actually super sensitive, guys!! :)

Blue: How do I get consent???

Our Love Is God: Veronica’s gullible ass causes homicide

My Dead Gay Son: Dads are the ultimate ally

Seventeen: Love songs fix everything, probably!

Shine A Light: Kids talk about feelings, right? 

Lifeboat: Popularity sucks when you’re nice

Shine A Light (Reprise): Duke is a mythic bitch

Kindergarten Boyfriend: My crush died, better follow

Yo Girl: Everything is shit, thanks JD

Meant To be Yours: JD has abandonment/anger issues 

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): STEP ON ME VERONICA SAWYER

I Am Damaged: Fuck you, empathise with JD

Seventeen (Reprise): McNamawyer is real, ship sailed!


alistairetheirin asked: mass effect + favorite platonic relationship

→ Commander Shepard x EDI

All the Team Bosses as Chickens

(Because why not)

Giovanni: Black Minorca

Maxie: Brown Red Old English Bantam (I owned these and they are feisty hot-headed birds. They are mostly all bark though honestly.) 

Archie: Random Water Chicken (though this one looks like an Rhode Island Red)

Cyrus: Silver Sebright

Ghetsis: Araucana (I had one and he was the meanest rooster I ever had!)

Lysandre: Buff-Laced Polish

Lusamine: White D’ Anver (These birds were quite popular at shows where I live and I always saw them as beauty queens.)

Guzma: White Silkie (look at that lovely poof.)

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help I've rewatched Madoka Magica 4 times this month and I'm gonna do it again


I haven’t watched it in years but it’s definitely a great anime!

@lyoth737 and I are currently watching it together (don’t spoiler her, she hasn’t seen it yet!)

Also I think Homura is my favorite ovo

He’s floating, at that stage between sleep and wakefulness where he feels weightless and warm. Dex shakes him gently. “C’mon, get up.”

Nursey shakes his head and burrows closer to the pillow. He hears Chowder’s muffled laugh. “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“C’mon, up,” Dex says. Nursey’s pillow moves under him. “Actual bed, now, c’mon.” He tugs at Nursey’s arm.

“Lemme sleep,” Nursey mumbles. The pillow shifts again. Nursey flails out his one clumsy hand, trying to keep it still.

“No,” Dex says, and succeeds in squirming out from under him. Nursey wakes up at the sudden shock of cooler air against his side. He fell asleep on Dex. Oh.

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Mystic Messenger is that type of game where you think it’s gonna be a stupid cliche dating game; but then you actually start and it just tears your soul apart.

Fish out of Water pt2

Humans are weird, and when you get the chance to get to know one and understand them better, you take it. But there are rules about interfering with human affairs, and breaking them might come at a higher price than you were willing to pay.

Part 1

Reader x Yoongi

Mermaid Au

Fluff, humor, maybe some angst? Not much though.

Yoongi waited on the beach with two disposable cups of coffee in his hands. The sun had gone down several hours ago, and as soon as he got off work he ran to the nearest coffee shop before hurrying back to the beach. When he opened his eyes earlier that day, he was lying flat in the sand, his clothes and hair soaking wet. He had then wandered home, still dripping wet (Jimin was quite concerned) thinking over what he had seen and what had happened. You must have saved his life—again—after he fainted in the water. That, or he had completely lost his mind.

Either way, finding out that you were a mermaid meant that he could not take you out for coffee after all, or take you out anywhere for that matter. But he had to do something to say thank you, and he had no idea what mermaids liked so he couldn’t buy you a gift. Throughout his whole shift at the restaurant on the pier, he had gone between questioning your existence and questioning how impossible it would be to get to know a mermaid. Finally, he settled on buying coffee and hoping that you would come back at all—then he could figure out what to do next.

He didn’t really expect to see you again—surely if humans didn’t know that mermaids were real, it was that way for a reason. You had already saved his life twice, it didn’t seem quite fair for him to expect you to be there a third time. But there he was, sitting with his toes buried in the sand waiting for a mermaid that might not ever return (or exist).

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you almost drowned enough for a while?” You asked, your head peaking around a column at him.

Yoongi smiled, relief washing over him. “I didn’t know if you would be here, but I wanted to apologize for earlier, and thank you again. I brought you coffee, but…Do mermaids drink coffee?” It had just occurred to him, and he wished he had done some googling before seeing you again.

“I don’t know.” You said, swimming closer. “I guess we’ll find out.” You sat mostly out of the water, your tail splashing lightly as you got comfortable. Yoongi scooted closer so he was sitting next to you, still completely in wonder of your existence and trying to comprehend what was happening. 

“It’s a caramel macchiato.” He said as he handed you the cup he bought for you.

“I thought you said it was coffee?” You asked, taking the cup and sniffing it. Yoongi nodded, realizing that you must not know much about the human world.

“It is, it’s just… A fancy kind of coffee.” Yoongi watched as you took the lid off to examine the drink. “Can I ask you something?” He asked after a second. He was trying very hard not to stare at your tail, and preoccupied himself with his own drink.

“I wouldn’t be here if I minded talking to you, so go ahead.” You confirmed. You still hadn’t tried the coffee, but watched as Yoongi sipped his own.

“Are there more… Uh, Mer…people?” It sounded ridiculous out loud, but it was too late to take it back now.

“Oh yes.” You nodded emphatically. “Lots. There are several kingdoms, my father rules one of them.” You said it offhandedly, and Yoongi couldn’t tell how serious you were being.

“Your father is King of the Merpeople?”

“One of them.” You corrected, imitating how he drank his coffee down to the tilt of his head. He watched as some of it poured down your front, and was grateful that it was no longer hot at least. “Oh.” You said, then laughed. “It looked so easy when you did it!”

Yoongi realized that you lived underwater, of course you didn’t drink things. He felt dumb for not realizing it earlier, and was about to apologize when you started talking again.

“I really like this stuff. It’s weird, and makes quite a mess, but it has such an interesting flavor…” You gave him a thumbs-up. “I declare that mermaids do indeed drink coffee! Or, whatever this is.” You brought the cup up to your lips once more, but this time just stuck your tongue in it. “This is a much less-messy way of consuming it.” You informed him, and Yoongi laughed despite himself—maybe it was nerves, he had never met a mermaid—never even imagined that he would—before the previous night.

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Heaven and Hell

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Demon Dean x Female Reader

An angel and a demon meet in a bar on Halloween, leading to a one night stand neither would ever forget.

Warnings: NSFW Mature content. Explicit Smut. Rough sex, spanking, oral sex, dom!Demon Dean. One night stand. Dirty talk, so many f-bombs. Alcohol. Roleplay. Demon!Dean being pure sex. I threw in a little bit of plot with this porn. WC: 2689 On AO3

A/N: This is for @sparklingcas Kinky Halloween Challenge. Prompt was rough sex in an angel costume with Demon Dean. This is also for Demon Dean Appreciation Day hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem and @kayteonline. Thanks to my awesome beta @andromytta.  Happy Halloween! 

The pulsing beats of Top 40 met my girlfriends and I as we sauntered through the doors of our favorite bar. It was packed full of people dressed in a variety of costumes, including multiple versions of Negan, Wonder Woman, and Pennywise. Our group found a booth and I offered to go order the first round of drinks.

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Way of act

Somedays it’s incredibly hard for me to say a single word, incredibly hard to talk to anyone - even close friends, but I’m good with actions -even though I’m hella awkward sometimes. I am very protective of people around me, I really like to make people feel safe, comfortable and happy -my actions speak what I can’t. But sometimes I wish I could just talk y’know? It’s not easy for me to get to know persons, because I have a hard time trying to communicate verbally, I get confused and overwhelmed very easily, and it’s harder to keep a conversation. And it’s not that I WANT to be anti social, it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you either, it’s just who I am… I am an introvert and incredibly shy person, and sometimes it really sucks, because I wish I could get to know more persons and let them get to know me too. There’s so many persons (here on tumblr) that write, paint, take pictures… and even without knowing who I am, these persons touch my life very deeply, they make me smile when I’m in the middle of an anxiety episode, they make me want to be better every single day, they give me strength to keep on fighting depression… but most of all, they give me hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better, hope that someday I’ll be ME and I won’t be afraid of it, hope that someday someone will love me for who I am, with all my flaws, insecurities and struggles. And sometimes I wish I could show these persons the meaning that their actions might have for someone, I wish I could show them that their work have this big impact in someone’s life. Their passion for what they do, for their blogs, is what touches my world, the LOVE that they put in every single detail is what moves me this way, and it’s the main reason why I’m writing this. I wish I could really bring them a mug of coffee and just sit and talk about anything and everything, the same way I want to and keep on trying to do to a few persons. But as I can’t do this, as I can’t act to physically show them, I decided to write this piece - it’s my way of acting. And maybe it will take me a few weeks (or months) to actually publish this, specially because I still don’t have the courage in me to do so, with the mentions I want to do and the content of this piece . But when I do, I want you, person that I mentioned, to know that I care for you and that you are important to this world, because I’m sure that I’m not the only one that loves your work and your blog, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds comfort and safety in your blog. I know that you might be having a bad day, I know that you have struggles, problems and that you face a lot of stuff on your life -let’s be real here, sometimes the universe is a bitch- but I just wanted to let you know that somewhere (in Brazil, in my case) a random stranger cares for you and wishes you the best, and to let you know that your actions somehow have a great impact for this random stranger. I could talk about the six degrees of separation theory, but I’ve already wrote too much and I’m sorry if this turns out too weird for y’all. Just keep on going people, you might be doing so much more than you think. Thank you, not just for your work that you put on your blog, but for your existence, and specially, for existing at the same time as me.

ps: I think the amount of likes/reblogs I’ve left on your blogs might have scared y’all, and I’m sorry for that… it was kinda my way of saying how much I appreciate what appears on my dash ~blushing furiously~

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B1 BlurredCreator

Sorry if I messed up the designs at all, I haven’t drawn them before!

(Creator belongs to @creatorsans, and Blurr belongs to @multifandomjunk - original meme by @starcre8tor)