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“What took you so long, I just sent you for a carton of milk?”

“Bumped into your ol’ man on the way.”

“Oh great, what did he do, harrass you like usual?”


 “I swear I’m gonna CHOP him good one of these days!”

“Lets make him a grandpa, should suffice.”



 “Wait. Soul…..did you just…?”

The Game

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-First off let’s get one thing straight Pidge doesn’t drink because A. Underage and B. Doesn’t like the taste of alcohol so they are the DP (designated pilot)
-Hunk has the best alcohol tolerance and barely ever gets drunk but when he does the kindness skyrockets as if that’s even possible, more hugs, compliments, and he lets everyone know that Lance is his best friend/ brother, and the paladins are also his family but he and Lance are hella tight
-When Shiro gets drunk he becomes a stuttering mess who tries and fails to flirt with Allura, but no worries because he never remembers it in the morning, and he doesn’t really get that terrible of a hangover
-Allura is magnificent in many things but being able to tolerate alcohol is not one of them. She is known as the lightweight™, and she relaxes more and just has a good time with the fam
-Coran is just a mess, he can’t do proper English or any language for that matter (it’s also how the team learned that Coran speaks and reads about 25 different languages fluently and can speak another 5 but it’s slightly more broken and he’s working on it) but he also sobers up really quickly
-Lance and Keith are a different story altogether, it’s like they switch personalities while they’re drunk
-Keith becomes really outgoing, uses wonderful one liners that almost gets him layed many times(but he always says he can’t but thanks the people for offering) how the world may never know, he also becomes a shit post generator. So really when you think about it Keith has 3 levels of drunk and he never remembers anything in the morning
-Lance however gets hit hard by his homesickness, he stops making jokes, he wanders to the edge of the group, starts making excuses to leave in his head, and smiles falsely, hides his hurt whenever he sees Keith flirting with someone and succeeding, because he wishes he were in those alien’s position
-Lance is never able to forget those nights, and each time he grabs a drink he promises he won’t become introverted and every time he succeeds at first until he spots Keith with someone else then it’s game over
-One night while they’re at a neutral trade planet and everyone is enjoying themselves especially Pidge because the others are oh so amusing
-Allura is the first one to go down and starts to laugh openly more and more
-It keeps progressing until everyone but Pidge is drunk, and suddenly Keith suggest they start a game
-Whoever gets the no nonsense bartender to exchange numbers, names, and a promise to talk, will receive whatever they wish from one of the players
-Pidge is immediately determined the judge, and the game begins
-Coran goes first and all he receives is the bartender asking if he wants a shuttle called for him which offends Coran, so he walks away back to the table and claims he is din (read as done)
-Allura goes next and while she’s relaxed and happy, she and the bartender just don’t really click, they would defend one another and not insult the other because girls from every planet should have each other’s back, but that doesn’t mean you really need to be friends so Allura thanks her for her time
-When it’s Shiro’s turn, he’s doing really well until he takes one look at Allura and causing him to apologize to the bartender and telling her his heart belongs to another and he didn’t mean to lead her on
-Shiro decides that he WILL tell Allura about his feelings tomorrow, and writes it down (he does remember, and Allura gives him a dazzling smile and tells him she would love to be in a relationship with him)
-It’s Hunks turn but when he’s on his way to the bartender he gets distracted by this other girl and he just starts complimenting her make up because that obviously took time and girl the winged eyeliner is on point
-And then the girl and Hunk spend time discussing how she applied everything giving him tips Hunk prepared a shopping list in his brain because he’s down to try make up because damn that eyeliner tho
-With Hunk basically dropping out it’s up to Keith and Lance, Keith goes first
-Keith starts off by making jokes and flirting with the bartender which immediately obliterates any chance he had at winning, knowing when to cut his losses he returns to the group
-Lance had seen Keith flirting with the bartender and he found he could no longer hold the fake smile and he stopped making commentary about the game and just sat back dreading walking up to the stranger for the game, he considers dropping out but he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself
-Lance then goes up to her, and the first thing he does is apologize to the poor bartender for all the shenanigans
-And he’s sorry he will be wasting her time and then the next thing he knows is telling he everything, from his homesickness to his feelings for the man who never remembered his name, and how even though he know he has everyone he can’t help but feel alone at times, like he has no one to talk to
-By the time he realized what he’s done he starts apologizing to the bartender surprised to find her smiling at him
-She then proceeds to tell him that it’s okay, her favorite part of her job is to hear people’s stories
-She let’s him know her name is Mel, she asks to exchange numbers because he is not alone, she will be there for him and beside she wants to her updates about the group’s antics and his possible relationship with Keith
-Next thing Lance knows he has a new friend/confidant and he has won the silly game
-So he puts on his fake smile and announces he won, receiving cheers from his friends
-Lance finds it to be too much and excuses himself to go to the bathroom, once he is washing his hands Keith walks in and claims that he always knew Lance was going to win the game
-He had felt it in his bones because who wouldn’t like Lance, Keith then claimed he tried, but ended up falling for Lance
-Lance is too shocked to react and Keith just casually walks out as if what he said was casual and normal
-When they ask Lance what he wants since he won the challenge he looks panicked for a second, which prompts Pidge to jump in and tell the group they should wait for tomorrow when they’re all sober, that way Lance can make a sound decision
The next day
-Somehow Lance manages to wake up before everyone else, only to find Pidge tinkering away with their computer
-Pidge straight up attacks Lance with questions about what happened last night
-Because Lance knows he owes Pidge for saving him yesterday he told them about Mel and then the confession from Keith if you even call it that especially since Keith becomes a big flirt with everyone and maybe he didn’t mean the falling for someone in the same way as others seeing as he doesn’t usually get things that aren’t literal
-Pidge slaps Lance in the face
-Tells him how the pinning has been going on for months and Keith never said anything because he felt guilty for not being able to remember Lance
-And how sure Keith flirted but he never went through with it and it was mostly just harmless, so go get your man™
-Later when Lance finally feels confident enough to talk to Keith about it he goes looking for Keith
-Once he finds Keith, Lance wonders if he should tell Keith and Keith asks him if he knows what his price will be for winning the game (Pidge told Keith about the game and NOTHING ELSE because that’s up to Lance)
- So Lance then decides what he’s going to do
-He asks Keith if he meant it, did he mean it when he told Lance he’d fallen for him and if by the he meant romantically
-Keith gets so red and flustered but he unmistakably says yes how could I not fall for you
-Lance then grabs Keith and starts kissing him only to stop when they hear the others cheering
P.S. Mel totally sent an audio message of her squealing when Lance told her

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w-wh-at??? I didn’t say that!! I don’t know what you’re talking abo- about Who was crying?? It sure wasn’t me! ahahahaha….

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How Riverdale Stole My Soul
  • Brain: Okay. Internet and TV services are both back on. Time to catch up on all the TV you've missed over the last 8 weeks.
  • Me: Sure thing great idea, then I can find new stuff to love!
  • Brain: Steady on tiger, let's just concentrate on one thing at a time.
  • Me: Okay sure, good plan. Right. Oh! I didn't know they'd brought Iron Fist out!
  • Me: Oh yeah sure. Sure thing. Yep. Ooooh! RIVERDALE!!!!!!
  • Brain: I swear to god-
  • Me: That's something to do with Archie comics right?
  • Brain: Yes but-
  • Me: You know I love me a good comic book adaptation...
  • Me: It looks really good. Oh hey wow look Luke Perry is in it, I used to be so horribly in love with him when I was 7!!!
  • Brain: We don't have time for this.
  • Brain: So help me god don't you dare press play!
  • Me: I'll just watch the first five minutes.
  • Brain: Hoe don't do it.
  • Me: [presses play]
  • Brain: I swear to god I hate you so much right now. Ugh. Let's just hope there's not a hot ginger guy in it.
  • Me: Holy SHIT there's a hot ginger guy in it...
  • Brain: *facepalm*
Petty anons today.

If you are petty enough to tell someone to kill themselves over writing fanfic… go fuck yourself. Or do the world a favor and fall off a cliff and nto a giant river of flaccid dicks..BECAUSE YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT. AND PROBLEMATIC. telling someone to kill themselves is shitty. How would YOU feel if someone told you to kill yourself? Nobody wants your invalid ass opinion anyway anon. And you are NOT forced to read it. If you dont want it on your dash umm maybe DONT FUCKING FOLLOW FANFIC BLOGS? BUT hey I guess you’re not mature enough to comprehend that now are you? I swear there should be a maturity test administered before people are allowed to live as part of society. Go on back to mommy’s tit now, okay little child? Or your right hand.. whatever works.

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What the signs must do

Aries: Protect Akashi smile

Taurus:   Protect Akashi smile

Gemini:   Protect Akashi smile

Cancer:   Protect Akashi smile

Leo: Protect Akashi smile

Virgo: Protect Akashi smile

Libra: Protect Akashi smile

Scorpio: Protect Akashi smile

Sagittarius:  Protect Akashi smile

Capricorn:  Protect Akashi smile

Aquarius:  Protect Akashi smile

Pisces:  Protect Akashi smile 

So remember, no matter your sign, YOU MUST PROTECT HIS SMILE. *cries*

  • me when i'm productive: I am flame. I am destruction. I am the youngest person on earth to be this smart. Generations will bow down to me. The world grovels in submission to my accomplishments, begging for knowledge. I will be their leader.

I’ve got scars, even though they can’t always be seen


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What anime(s) to you recommend?

Ouran Highschool Host Club of course, it’s my favorite.

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Kuragehime / Princess Jellyfish - That one is absolutely GORGEOUS. It’s incredibly moving and it talks about all different forms of beauty. (And it’s clean too. Even though there’s a part where you get worried… I promise. It’s clean. XD That’s actually one of my favorite parts too- somEONE SAVE MY POOR BABY SHU HE’S LITERALLY TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HIM) It’s super funny too though, it’s just amazing. <3

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Literally the only thing I didn’t like about it was the fanservice in the beach episode- BUT EVEN THAT WASN’T THAT BAD- I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD OF AN ANIME THIS WAS. AND LIKE? THE FIGHT SCENES WERE ACTUALLY REALLY ENTERTAINING AND INCREDIBLE??? It was just really really good okay?

Um… (cough) Well I do watch Hetalia, though I tend to…. not recommend that to people- PFFFFFT.

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FMA BROTHERHOOD IS PROBABLY THE BEST ANIME EVER MADE. I mean yeah, Ouran is my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. >_>

FMA has an incredible story line with incredible characters. I kind of get this Avatar the Last Airbender vibe from it, although the story is MUCH darker. (Lots of blood guys- there is a war going on in this one…) Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful though. I’m still amazed. <3

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DETECTIVE CONAN. HOLY CRAP. IM STILL NOT CAUGHT UP YET, IT’S HECKA LONG. But it’s sooooOOOOOOOoooOOOOO GOOD AND CUTE!!! And the story is addicting. :D I’m serious when I say it’s long. It’s like a few months older than I am and it’s NOT. DONE. It’s like Japan’s star trek, it’s like super old and nearly everyone loves it, lol. And the animation just keeps getting better with time. :3 IT’S SO CUTE THOUGH. And yeah, tons of filler, but at the same time, all those filler episodes are incredibly clever and really good mysteries. (it’s a murder mystery show) So I don’t care that it’s filler…. Just because… it’s… amazingly good mysteries. 

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These adorable boys in this show too. There’s like 4 boys that kill me. Just… jeeze. Like… it needs another gif. (The highschooler gets turned into a kid guys. and that kid is adORABLE. You don’t know how much you need a child with the mind of a highschool genius detective till you watch this show) (AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ROMANCE FEELS)

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Uuuhhhh…… That’s kind of all I can think of right now. I would have recommended Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler if it hadn’t pissed me off by throwing in a sex scene, which I DON’T watch. But it probably should not be watched by children anyways. Or… middelschoolers… maybe anyone who is wary of super dark things. XD (NO LIKE SERIOUSLY- IT WAS REALLY DARK. LIKE… IM NOT GONNA GO INTO IT. I think I didn’t understand half of it when I was in middleschool watching it, and now I remember things like…. why. Why did I watch that.)
 I just really liked Prince Agni, (cough-and viscount druitt- don’t look at me- he’s sick and demented and kidnaps people to sell as slaves- cough- but beautiful too and a drama king- cough- evil twisted tamaki lol- cough) and the Victorian England feel was so addicting and beautiful. And let’s not ever forget that Sebastian is the sexiest anime character alive. 

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(that plate in your face was from me sebby. I’m mad at you. I’m very mad at you for the circus ark. Go away.)