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Riverdale Photo Crackcap 112

Subtitled: In Which “Dude, Guess We Screwed the Pooch Framing Your Dad and Stuff. Can You FIFU? Not That We’ll Ever Apologize, Tho…”

Wake up dude, I wanna talk about my manpain from fucking you and your dad over!!! I mean it isn’t even my fault—-Ronnie said she’d blow me if I helped. IDK what you’re mad about, your dad’s a serpent so he must’ve murdered somebody, sometime and everyone knows poors are bad, subhumans anyway!

Yes, mom…I carried on like a sleazy, smarmy ho in front of the school, enraged Betty and Jughead and framed an innocent man because somehow that’s gonna keep YOU from going to prison. I mean, you heard how shitty we sounded, right? Gotta play to my strengths or people will know how much Douchie and I suck!

I am sooooo proud of you, my bby!!! Tomorrow’s lesson is “Ponzi Schemes for Dummies”. Gotta keep the cash rollin’ in until SoDale SoPale, with views of FP’s Prisoner 98745′s Historic Trailer is up and running!!!

Sooooo yeaaahhhhhh, Mommmmmm…..V and I totally framed Jug’s dad and now I need you to fix it AND cut my meat for me, since you’re in town. And don’t yell at me!!! Like I told this poor sitting next to me, I got a BJ outta it!!! My integrity and ethics for a blowie seems like a pretty rockin’ trade, no???

Your soul is as twisted as my plastic surgery….

YES, Betty….I might still love you AND be completely furious that you kept this from me. AND worried about my dad!

Sooooooo…..maybe a burger later at Pop’s???

Cause we all know ILY back (at this point probably more) and you didn’t tell me about the smarmy sleaze-storm that is our “best friends/disgusting assholes” V&A? And I kinda can’t go on without you?

So yeah, here I am with these two jackholes, one of whom framed my dad, one of whom is the son of the guy who probably DID the actual torture and murdering…..but I look hella good, amirite???? Is everyone enjoying looking at me/appreciating that I am seriously talented??? Yep. Knew it.

But they need to write in more scenes of me making out with my girlfriend. Cause those are the literal best. Enough angst RAS…

I don’t understand why you won’t just confess, Lackey Roscoe!!! We all know the Blossoms made you do it. I mean, look, my mom’s in her jammies, once again a fancee event was fucked….we both wanna go back to tapping our respective Jones men…but first you gotta confess so FP can be sprung and Juggie will speak to me again.

My mommy and I have needs, dammitt!!!

In Tandem   --[ Frozen Fanart, How Far We’ve Come]


Uh…yep. That’s the drawing I was exceedingly unhappy with. I need to  learn how to draw white clouds on a blue sky badly (stormclouds are fine, but this… not really) –and well, landscapes in general. Used multiple photo references because I have no idea what cliffs in Norway are supposed to look like. 

Sorry about the weird lighting and the weird clouds and… well, the background in general. I tried :S
(There’s Elsa and Anna in pants though–that should count for something… right? Right?)

Again, like/reblog/comment if you have the time! I love getting the feedback, positive or not (really! I need to learn how to draw backgrounds properly)! Thank you! 8DD

Summary of this years cosplaying.

Looking good.

Nice angle.

Crashing weddings, bonus.

Hanging out with the wife.

Making fun of my dad, A+ .

Teasing the wife.

Wow wife, much like. 

Nose bleed over the wife.

Tryin’ to eat the wife.

Meeting BRS homies. 

Hanging with the friends. 

Need to start working out again. 

Stupid edits.

I look forward to keeping y'all entertained. 

Hold That Pose.

Clarke hires a model for her rapidly approaching art show, when the perfect man shows up at her door, even though he’s two hours late, she can’t bring herself to be that mad.

Aka the one where Clarke accidentally mistakes Bellamy for a model and photographs him naked.

Read it here or on Ao3

“Finally!” Clarke exclaimed as she opened the door. “You’re over two hours late!”

She strode off to go set up her camera. It was make or break now, she had finally got her first prestigious art show, at one of the most popular art galleries downtown, so she could not screw this up. Problem was it was on Friday and it was Tuesday and she still didn’t have her headline piece. Enter: handsome man at the door.

“It’s a good thing you’re exactly what I was looking for,” she shouted over her shoulder. Then seeing him standing dumbfounded in the doorway, continued. “Well, are you going to stand there all day? Come on, inside!”

He began to cautiously enter the room, still looking a little apprehensive. Ugh, Clarke thought, they sent her a rookie. As she raked over his form with an appraising gaze, she couldn’t find it in herself to complain anymore, because he really was perfect.

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