yep i made this one lmao

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I'm really looking forward to that Hux having a kid fic! I feel like Kylo would def be super intense about Hux having a child and devoted to raising it lmao. And you always write reunions soo well <3 Have you made any progress on that fic?

Yessss, I’m so glad to hear it!! And yep, this fic is up to 16k now, heh. I agree re: Kylo being super intense, and he definitely is in this fic. And ahhh god yeah I love writing reunions so that is good to hear, thank you <3 This is a difficult one for Hux and he keeps trying to be cool and pushing Kylo away. I’ll probably post this story in three parts, so I’ll put the first part up soon. As much as it makes me jittery to have three WIPs going dsoifjdofdi sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Thanks for asking!


[Part 1] [Part 2] [Stammi Vicino/Viktuuri Pair Skate]

Yay! More QRs! With these, I only (ONLY, HAHAHAHAHHAHAH) have 11 more to go till I finish all the ones I had planned on making plus requests! Then I’ll be free to… what? Look for more. Yep. Because I’m not resting until I have at least all the skating outfits!!!

On a side note, please, forgive Emil’s and JJ’s QRs… Emil’s outfit appears for… like… 10 seconds on the show. And JJ’s was so HARD to make jfc… But Michele’s looks really beautiful in game! I’m probably going to use it for a few days now lmao, sorry Yuuri’s Stammi Vicino. I also included on this post Yurio’s FSP outfit because no one noticed I had already made it!

Oh well, I hope you guys like it!!! 

*lil edit, I named Emil’s wrong, this outfit is from his short skate program (ssp) not his free program (fsp) as it is written on the Qr name. Sorry!!!

okay so you know this tweet…

well i found the site the story came from and

I can’t breathe this is so funny

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Someone said that there is a picture of them having sex on a table... I doubt that it's that but can you post whatever table pic they are talking about?

Aha oh god, no there’s no picture of them having sex on a table.. however there is a convo where it could be assumed that Dan and Phil had sex on a coffee table, because yknow, what are friends for

P: did you know this is actually coffee table #2? Yep the first one got completely destroyed when Dan fell on it.

D: a bit of context here. I have a thing called ‘orthostatic hypotension’ which is the fancy term for ‘really slow blood’ so being an obnoxiously tall person, whenever I stand up really quickly when the blood is all still in my feet I fall over like a logged tree!

P: I kinda thought you died but then when I noticed you hadn’t it was kinda funny.

D: thanks.

lmao tbh knowing the phandom someone’s probably completely taken it out of context and made some fanfic or something