yep i love him already

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Alternate universe ed is frozen in a block of ice and in the middle of Oz's club to remind him to never let love weaken him. Yep. I ALREADY MISS HIM HE NEEDS TO THAW OUT DAMMIT. But yeah. Mom, never let Freeze turn ed into an ice sculpture please?


She’s been running us ragged. Be a good chap and take her out tomorrow and give her a bit of a tour?

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OMG THat EPISODE THEY TOUCHED they fucking touched. But honestly it was so good. The cave omg they were eye fucking the whole time and the shots when they were going out of the cave. What a power couple. And she listened to Jon. She didn't attack KL. She trusts him already.

Yep I love how surprised he was when he asked for her advice. L O V E D it.

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I love Wedge so much (and I totally get the ‘character is in a book for 5 seconds and makes it 500000x better’ thing because I may or may not get that way with Kyle Katarn). Is this your first time reading the series?

Yeah, I liked him even with how little he’s in the movies, and then Scribe(the friend I meet for coffee every month) got me started reading the Thrawn books, and then the other stuff Timothy Zahn wrote for the Star Wars universe,and I loved him even more. Yep, first time reading the series. I’ve already read I, Jedi, so I’m smirking every time Corran and Mirax interact cuz they’re all ‘Yeah, our dads hated each other, nothing can happen between us, it wouldn’t work’ and I start giggling cuz Just you two losers wait.  But I was trying desperately not to get attached to anyone outside Wedge and Corran since I know Stackpole’s not afraid to kill off protags/major characters.

It didn’t work.