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okay but what if Hiccup was the one who was blinded instead of Astrid in blindsided?????

Hey there! Sorry this took so long for me to answer. 

Sooo I think that the result would pretty much be the same. 

Astrid would be super protective of Hiccup, making sure he was never too far away from her. 

And something @tarched said when I asked him what his thoughts were, is that Astrid would be “unintentionally aggressive towards everything and everyone else (because she’d be scared).” Yep. This would happen for sure. 

Hiccup would worry about the future, not knowing if he will ever see again. Astrid would be there for him. 

So, yeah I really think there wouldn’t be too much of a difference if the episode had been about Hiccup being blind instead of Astrid. We would probably have a similar ending. 

Thanks for the ask! :D 

Idk. For some reason 90% of the anti symmrat posts are just the most superficial (and often ableist) bullshit.

“Symmetra would hate junkrat because he’s ugly and weird and she’s beautiful and I’m against pretty ladies with ugly men”

Can y'all hear yourselves? That shits gross and so superficial.

Or, alternatively, they say she’d hate him because she’s neurodivergent, completely ignoring the fact that junkrat

A. Is shown to have some intelligence, definitely enough to know how to behave around someone with autism


B. Is neurodivergent himself.

The other 10% of anti symmrat stuff is claiming one of them is gay. Which, we have no confirmation for. And like. Bi/pan people exist. I’m one of them. The evil bisexuals.


Here MaYuki for y’all;

“Like, this picture I haven’t uploaded on the net, yet. MayuYukirin– ah, where’s it? Ah, here! *shows* This is a MayuYukirin picture I took when we had the theater performance some days ago. You know, this phone is new, like I bought it very recently, so I’ve got very few pics on here. Ah, this one I haven’t uploaded on the net yet, either. *shows* A MayuYukirin picture of when we went shopping together. I always end up taking pictures with Mayu only! Here’s a piture of Mayu of when we both went to have a meat-based-lunch. Yep, she’s cute~ This one I’m pretty sure I haven’t uploaded yet, either. MayuYukirin at Music Station. I’ve got pretty a lot (of pics with her). I like this expression of Mayu right here *shows picture* She’s hella cute, Mayu-chan. So cuteH”. 



trigger warning: murder! | so, this is kind of inspired by pll and i know what you did last summer with a bit of a darker twist. basically ten years ago (yes, ten. which means i need 26-28 year olds!) a tiny group of seniors (16-18yos) went to party at an old abandoned church just barely inside east erie city limits and accidentally murdered their friend, jana. well. they thought she was dead. she didn’t appear to be breathing and she looked pretty dead, so naturally the decision they came to was to dump her body because fuck being a good person, i’m not going to jail! so, silas (my jai courtney) and another character volunteered to carry her to the lake behind the church where they used to do baptisms. only, jana woke up. and in their panic, they held her under. yep. their little secret.

the entire idea was no one actually knows what happened to her, but they all have their own reasons that make them look guilty. (e.g. jana threatening to tell silas’ girlfriend she was pregnant with his baby oops). i mean, sure, she actually drowned, but up until that point someone had fucked her up to the point that she looked hella dead. all of them swore to never speak of it again. and on top of that, the anniversary of her disappearance is coming up and someone is going to make damn sure they remember it. by any means necessary. who knows, it may even be jana herself. they never did find her body, after all. even the police thought she just ran off with some boy. paranoia’s a bitch.

I was thinking six or seven-ish characters total for this? maybe more if there are good reasons, like a sibling who trailed along? (like if someone wanted to make si’s little brother, that’d be bomb) how they’ve dealt with this trauma is totally up to you and basically everything for the chars is open, except their ages and i’d like it to be a pretty fair number gender-wise. like, at least one other guy kk. and bc drama, jana is actually anna grace’s (barbara palvin) big sister. anyone interested?

silas kuznetsov, 28, jai courtney, played by kai.
anna grace breeland, 26, barbara palvin, played by becky.
chase harker, 28, ruby rose , played by fox.
winnie warner, 28, haley bennett, played by nisha.
hadley abbott, 27, camille rowe, played by emily.
declan danvers, 28, nico tortorella, played by leah.
first last, ##, celebrity, reserved for suki.
first last, ##, celebrity, reserved for marley.


@shobogan said: YEP, although her telepathy was killing her at first. (Her X-Men Origins is good for that exploration, and Bizarre Adventures 27 has some too. And the X-Men Wedding album -…

I kinda headcanon that Charles saved her in more than one way by suppressing her telepathy when she was a kid, because all of the other telepaths seem … a lot more fucked up than her. Like, who are the other X-Men telepaths? Betsy, who’s addicted to killing people, Emma, the ex-supervillain, Monet, the narcissist, and Charles, the man who once attempted to lie to a projection of his own subconscious. And like, pretty much all the other telepaths are villains. But Jean is pretty well-adjusted. Why? Because she didn’t grow up with telepathic powers, because Charles blocked them out. 

Imagine the look on Jensen’s face when he first sees you in a dress for the first time.

“So of course I was like that” Jensen licked his lower lip, watching after at the directon you had left. Very glad you could once again not see him. 

You had decided to go visit him at his panel, seeign as yours and Misha’s was abotu two hours after his. It was a pleasant surprise, he could always say when he saw you unexpectedly, but seeing you wear that little dress just had him grinning like an idiot the entire time you were there.

He now was on the point of recounting the first time he saw you in a dress, unable to hold himself seeing as this was just the second time he had seen you wear one. He certainly enjoyed it.

“Yep, I think some lads here know what I mean” he laughed and so did the crowd “But I have to say I am pretty lucky she didn’t see me during the party that first time or else she would stop wearing them altogether”

“Nope, don’t want that under no circumstances!” he grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

Bright smiles were on everybody’s faces as they all clapped and cheered loudly. Jensen laughed as well, throwing his head back.

“Yep. Even if Dean is not having much luck with (Y/c/n) I sure as hell hope to get some soon!”

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Sooo first of all: CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERS!!! I don't know if you're still doing blogrates, but if you do, I'd like one :) Dan and Phil make me happy too, but mostly do my friends. They are incredible (you already know @amazingsavannaisnotonfire22 so you know what she is like) and so sweet and yeah sorry for the long ask...

I am still doing them, yep! <3 Also, I love longer asks like that and I love to hear more about the things that make you happy :’) I’m so happy that you have good friends who make you happy!!!

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(I am doing blogrates!)

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Maddy since sasuke stayed in konoha for at least 9 months before his redemption journey does it mean that he started to like Sakura or have genuine feelings for her during that period of time which then lead him to poke her forehead? How do u imagine him acting around Sakura during these months? Like do u think they hang out just the two of them? I imagine them having just honest conversations and sasuke asking Sakura how she'd been and step by step falling in love with her. Your thoughts?

Yep, I believe that’s when he started to have feelings for her.

And yeah I pretty much have the same headcanon :) It’d be a slow process of mending their relationship, almost as if they were getting to know one another again. They’d spend time together hear and there, discussing trivial matters, because these things provide the richness of life, and they’re part of the things that Sasuke overlooked due to his tunnel vision caused by the hatred.

They wouldn’t discuss the events of the main story just yet, those deep conversations would be saved for their travels. For the moment they’d just talk about other things, random things. And little by little, Sasuke would learn more and more about the unit that is Sakura Haruno. And now that he’d be able to embrace love instead of shunning it, feelings would develop from his new found knowledge.

That’s not unlike how Sakura’s feelings for him evolved from a crush, to love; because she learnt more about him, and got to understand the lonely boy underneath his “cool” persona ^_^


Raelynn: Hey, it’s been almost a year since Brayan has been single, right?

Shaowen: Yep. I don’t think he’s ever remained single for so long in his entire life. I remember when we were in kindergarten he got these girls fighting over him it was so-

Raelynn: I didn’t ask to hear one of your long, drawn out stories. 

Shaowen: Oh…

Raelynn: I have a friend. She’s pretty and nice we should set him up with her. 

Shaowen: I don’t know, Rae, he really wants to focus on being a dad, right now. 

Raelynn: Please! This is our brother we’re talking about who can’t keep it under wraps, who is always looking for an easy way in if you know what I mean. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. He’s so single that he calls himself moda now. He needs a girlfriend or boyfriend!