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STEREK AND #15. And a kiss maybe.

Thank you for the prompt! This probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you like it! (On AO3)

Stiles has a long history of hanging out in this hospital. He’d practically lived in the waiting room when Lydia had gotten very sick sophomore year, with Jackson right beside him, pretending he wasn’t scared. And he’d been there pretty often junior year, when Danny had his appendix removed, followed by the time his dad had been stabbed on the job.

So being here now is practically routine to Stiles. Everything is almost comfortingly familiar, from the terrible cafeteria food to the pervasive antiseptic smell.

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Has Anyone Seen My Harley?!

Request:Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.
Word count: 1,406

Harley POV:
“You said I was gonna be…” Jerome’s voice dies down and his heart slows down completely. “No! No. Come on Mr. J. Pull through. Come on Jerome. Come on! Stay with me you crazy thing!” I cry into his body.

I turn to see Galavan acting innocent and scared. “You son of a bitch!” I grab a knife and charge to him screaming. I’m unable to get to him when Babs grabs me and makes me follow her into the secret exit.

I cry as I run and as we come to a stop Babs holds me. “I know honey. I know it’s okay. Look. We can go shopping and get our nails done when we’re not wanted anymore! That’d be fun!” He says trying to cheer me up. It didn’t work.

Nothing worked.

A year later and I’m still moping around. Sure I’ve gotten back on my feet and gotten myself out there with the business, but it’s not the same. Not the same without J.

I look at myself in my mirror. I examine my red/black hair sectioned into two ponytails. My black and red corset hugging my body snuggle. my black and red shorts making my ass look incredibly sexy. The red and black knee socks on each leg topped off with one red converse and a black one. “Oh you’d love this look J. You always said red was my color.” I can almost hear his laughter.

I skipp up the street and giggle when everyone crosses the other way. I see a banner hanging in an alleyway. It has the eyes and HAHAHA! For the mouth. I’ve heard about this! It’s a tribute to Jerome!

Should I go? Yes! They would love to see me! Oh what am I thinking? No! It would hurt to much! Ugh so many choices!

Deciding against my fears and sadness I follow the sign and a few weird dressed people. I pull back the sheet and see a bunch of people chanting his name. Oh my Jerome has a true fan base! Oh he’d be such a proud daddy!

I look up to the front and see a man stepping down wearing a mask. Oh come on! This is Gotham! What kind of person wears a mask!

I look closer and see the details of the mask. The pale sink. The cute little curve of the lips… the red eyebrows… he’s not wearing a mask. HE’S WEARING JEROME’S FACE!

“Hey! What are you doing with Mr. J’s face?! That doesn’t belong to you!” I scream and make my way to the front. Gasps and laughs are faintly heard as I make my way to the man.

“You-you’re Harley Quinn. He- his beloved lover.” I smile and giggle. “Ah yes. But besides that! WHY DO YOU HAVE HIS FACE?!”

“Well I-” “GCPD! Nobody move!” Jim Gordon yells as he enters, and of course what does everyone do? Run.

I flip off the stage and walk to the gentleman. “Harley. What a pleasure.” Jim says sarcastically. “Always. Hello Harv.” “Evening darling. Care to tell us what this was?” I shrug my shoulders. “I’m clueless as you… HEY! How bout I help you out? I’m really good at finding clues! Oh come on please please please? I’m bored.” I say hugging to Jim.

He huffs and peels me off. “Fine. No funny business or we’re bringing you in.” Harvey says. “Oh yippie! Yay yay yay!” I giggle and tumble across the room. “Come along chaps!”

We look through the entire building until we come to the basement. “Ah… Harvey?” “Yeah partner?” I ignore them and keep playing with a rubix cube I found in this dump. “Why would he cut off his face?”

At this I drop my toy and run over to them seeing a body. A cold and handsome dead body. “Aw Jerome look at you. Faceless and still sexy. Can’t you just pull anything off?” I giggle and sit next to his body on the table.

“Harley do you know anything? You seem… normal.” At this Harvey laughs. “Doing fine. Just came to terms that he’s gone. I can always carry out his legacy. Obviously not as well, but I could!” “Right. Well how about you go home and wash your face, and we take this guy to the GCPD.” “Whoa! You mean I can’t come with you?” They look at me and shake their heads. “Aw man!” I huff and kick the dirt. “Guess I’ll just go shoplifting then. Been needing some new rags anyway. See ya fellas!” I wave and cartwheel out.

Lee Pov:
I walk back into the room and see a cop on the ground and blood dripping from his head. “What the-” suddenly I’m grabbed from behind with a hand over my mouth and a gun to my head. “Boo!”

Harley POV:
I toss another piece of popcorn into my mouth and chew flipping through the channels. I flip past the news channel and see that man from before. The one with J’s face!

Lee POV:
Jerome claps his hands after I tell him of his death and what has happened. “Well that is quite a story. Now tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great?” I scoff. “They’re a bunch of crazy lunatics.” “Ah my kind of people! I know you. Don’t I?” “Yep.” He steps slightly closer. “Did you and I ever…” he says with the gun at his crotch and thrust. “Ugh god no!” “Why? Gingers not your type?” “Why don’t you talk to Harley? I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate you asking that.”

He steps back a confused look painting his face. “Harley?” “Yes. Your girlfriend I assume. It’s never actually been said. You kind of always went along.” “Girlfriend… show me show me!” I point to a picture on the paper. “Got to say she a real trip. Always bouncing around.” “Ah. Harley Quinn. My Harley. Got to say red is her color.” He stuffs the paper in his pocket of the stolen cop uniform. “Now. One more thing. Where is my face?”

Harley POV:
I balance on my beam while watching tv when suddenly the channel changes. I don’t pay attention and keep focusing on my handstand from 4 feet off the ground.

“Am I live? Am I on air? Can you hear me? Ah, screw it. Let’s do it. Hi.” I fall off the beam to the floor and scrambled to the tv. Jerome! Oh baby! He’s got his face back! Oh I love it!

“Some of you may know, I died.Uh-oh. But take it from me, death is dull but coming back that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life. And I would like to share that with you. Uh, Officer, you look terrible.” Jerome walks over to the man who took his face. “Hey, you got oh.” He pulls out a stick of dynamite from his ear making me laugh.

“Tonight, Gotham, in the darkness, there are no rules. So, tonight, Gotham do what you want.
Kill who you want. Hmm? And when morning comes you, too, shall be reborn. Oh and has anyone seen my Harley? Cause baby I’m coming for you.” I throw my arms up and spin around the room. I then sit patiently for him to walk in the door.

Jerome POV:
“Oh and has anyone seen my Harley. Cause baby I’m coming for you.” I laughs and skip out leaving Dwight to die. I skip to her apartment and compose myself. I look down and pick a flower. I twist the knob. “Honey. I’m home.” I say laughing. I feel two arms wrap around my neck and I hear her cute giggle in my ear. “Ah there’s daddy’s girl.”

She brings up a torch and flips it on. “Oh J your face! Did it hurt?” I lift her chin and smirk at her. “Not in the slightest. Whatcha think? How does it look?” She bites her lip and circles me taking in my appearance. “I think it looks a okay.” She pulls my tie to meet her lips. She plays with the ends of my hair and I grip her hips. “What do you say we go on a spree? Like the old days?” She places the police hat on her head and spins to the door. “Right this way Mr. J.” Oh it’s good to be back.

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Lena: “So, I was thinking… Since we’ve been working well together lately, and we met thanks to our common friend Kara, maybe I can ask you for a quick advice?”
Supergirl: “Sure, shoot!”
Lena: “Should I ask her out?”
Supergirl: “Ask who?”
Lena: “Kara.”
Supergirl: “Right, Kara! Wait, what?!”
Lena: “I mean, we pretty much don’t know a lot about each other, and she’s a reporter and all, but what do you think?”
Supergirl: “…“
Supergirl: “Kara??”
Lena: “Yes, Kara. You know, the girl who introduced us.”
Supergirl: “Of course I know who she is, but-”
Lena: “But… she’s dating someone already?”
Supergirl: “Wow, so we are talking about a date!”
Lena: “That’s pretty much what I meant with ‘ask her out’, yes? Look, are you okay? You seem very uncomfortable right now.”
Supergirl: “Unco-… Me?? Nooo, no at all! Uncomfortable?? Nupe, no… I’m… I’m Supergirl.”
Lena: “Haha, yeah, right! Dumb question, I guess.”
Supergirl: “…”
Lena: “…”
Supergirl: “So you’re saying that you like Kara, right? Like… like like Kara?”
Lena: “Yep, your super-intuition is not letting you down.”
Supergirl: “Haha! Super-intuition… G-good one! Good one…”
Supergirl: “…”
Supergirl: “But why Kara, though?”
Lena: “What do you mean?”
Supergirl: “I mean that your are Lena Luthor! The brilliant mind who’s running the L-Corp! You are the real deal! While Kara is-”
Lena: “The first person who was nice with me since I got here?”
Supergirl: “If that’s the reason why you like her, I’m sure you’ll find incredible people who will be nice with you just as she did!”
Lena: “… Okay, what is it? I thought you two were somehow close.”
Supergirl: “We are!”
Lena: “Then why are you trying to make me change my opinion on her?”
Supergirl: “I’m not! I’m just-”
Lena: “Is she seeing someone or not?”
Supergirl: “What??”
Lena: “’Cause if this is because she’s dating someone already, or-”
Supergirl: “She isn’t! I-I mean, from what I know, it’s not like we talk everyday about everything, but-”
Lena: “Then what is it? Is it because I’m a Luthor?”
Supergirl: “Oh, absolutely not!”
Lena: “Well, tell me then!”
Supergirl: “I… I guess…”
Supergirl: “…”
Supergirl: “If you want to ask her out… you should ask her out.”
Lena: “… Alright. And you think she will say yes?”
Supergirl: “I… I think… Yes. I think she’s gonna say yes.”
Lena: “You think or you’re sure?”
Supergirl: “You asked if I think she’s gonna say yes.”
Lena: “I know, but are you sure? I really wanna know if I stand a chance or not with her.”
Supergirl: “Definitely.”
Lena: “Definitely?”
Supergirl: “Definitely.”
Lena: “…”
Lena: “Thank you. Well… I think… I think I’m gonna call her now, then!”
Supergirl: “Sure, you do tha-…  WAIT, WHAT ABOUT A TEXT INSTEAD???”

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Doctor, Doctor

A little miraculous ladybug doctor au for you! 

He was the best neurologist surgeon in Paris, people would come hundreds of miles to be treated by him. He was simply the best and he loved it. He loved meting his patients, getting to know them and then saving their lives. In all of his career, he never let the death of his patients get to him. He took comfort in the fact that he did everything in his power to save them, then move on to the next patient.

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i actually don’t totally hate this banner lol anyways
GUYS it finally happened!! i had no idea i would ever reach 1k followers, i’m still in awe, honestly?? why would anyone ever follow me?? anyways, thank you so much guys!! this makes me so happy, and i wanted to thank you all and say that i love each and every one of you!! 💙💙 also everyone in here is a mutual, i messed up with the banner but this is a mutuals appreciation, sorry lol (get ready for some very emo™ stuff under the cut)

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Prediction on who will survive to season 5 in the 100

Raven Reyes- she HAS to be there I will riot if she’s not
Bellamy Blake - aka the key and one of the two leads, he’s not going anywhere.
Murphy- he’s a survivor, he’ll make it.
Octavia Blake- I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty confident she’s gonna make it to season 5
Emori- let that girl live please
Jaha- even though he may not deserve it, he came down on a spaceship when there was almost no hope up on the ark. He’s gonna survive.
Luna- We’ve only just got to know this character, she’s not done.
Monty- He’s got to survive
Miller- yep
Harper - I’m 50/50 on this but I hope she survives.
Indra- 50/50
Clarke griffin- yes but it will be left on a cliffhanger
Ilian- he’s new so he won’t go.
Indras daughter I can’t remember the name of: she’s okay.

Who is going to bite the dust this season:
Abby Griffin- she’s overdue
Kane- I’m pretty sure him and Abby are gone this season.
Jasper- heartbreakingly I don’t think he’s gonna survive
Brian- He’s gonna die
Indra- Again 50/50
Harper- As I said I’m 50/50 on this one.

The line Kane says in the premiere leads me to suspect that the older characters will die except for jaha.
“The youth inherits the earth” as Bellamy and Clarke walk off into the distance seems like a strong message in this show. And it being a line in the premiere leads me to believe it will come full circle. And be an overall arc for the season and the show as a whole. Basically handing over the earth to these ‘delinquents’ so that they may not make the same mistakes. I can especially see Kane, Abby and Indra sacrificing themselves so that the next generation can live and make 'the new world’. The promo poster with jasper, raven, monty, Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy looking into the radiation wave is a powerful image. Also if it’s anything to go by Octavia is nit in the poster so maybe she does die? Also Jasper is in the poster so he could survive. And Raven is the only one turning away? So I have no idea what that means?

Anyway it’s just my theory.

Any thoughts?

Crossed Wires (Erik Durm)

“Wait, stop. I’m not ready yet.”

It was those two sentences that had haunted Erik for the last few months of your relationship. He understood that you wanted to take things slow, and so did he! That much was agreed upon when you both made it official. But if he was being completely honest, the wait was killing him. The expression ‘blue balls’ wasn’t enough to describe what he was feeling anymore. 

Erik was so into you, like ‘I’ll take you to my family and flaunt you around’ into you. He was starting to doubt that you felt the same. Every time a moment passed between you, and things got heated, you would back away. There were many nights where he had to, uh, deal with things himself. Erik was so sexually frustrated that he was starting to lash out at his teammates for no reason during training.

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Chapter Fifty-six

**The London experience continues … with a little help from Bad Company and the Dark Lord.  I just love writing jealous Robert. :-)  No smut (yet), apologies in advance lol!**

The stuffiness in the room brought a sheen to her skin, and Michelle reached for the menu, discreetly fanning herself. The paper was thick and rich, the woven fibers embossed with lines of gold. She hadn’t expected a dinner so formal and knew it was only a matter of time before it fell to pieces.  She covertly canvassed the table, sizing up the eclectic group around it.  Bonzo and Cole were already at it, regaling their corner with lewd jokes and raucous laughs.  Jimmy was somewhat insulated by his bevy of maidens, but Michelle could feel his gaze on her, as it had been since they’d taken their seats. Strange.  The thought receded as a line of waiters approached, presenting each diner with a delicate china bowl filled to the brim with mussels.  They moved in concert, a fluid display.  Very well trained.  I wonder if they know it’s all lost on most of these heathens.  She glanced at her server, a coy smile lighting up his handsome green eyes.  Yep. They do.

The men vanished as quickly as they’d come, leaving everyone with their new treasure. Michelle sensed Robert’s amusement as he prodded the shellfish, exchanging a look with Bonzo.  Trouble was afoot.

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OMG, the kids all have ice skates on in the family picture! That is so cute <3 Also, I love how Victor always looks so chill and confident in this AU -- I feel like he, maybe even more than Yuuri, never worries about being accepted in his family and being able to stay with the people he loves. Thanks for the ABO update!

Thanks so much for liking all my super self-indulgent posts for this AU! :’D And yep, I mean given the parents, the kids start skating VERY early ha ha (Arisa has black skates too bc she didn’t want to be the only one with different colored skates).

Victor is definitely very chill and confident <3 I like to think they all are to an extent, but especially for Victor, it’s a pretty novel feeling having so many people he can so openly depend on. In addition, he’s the eldest, and while they all have their areas of expertise and he knows it’s not like he has more responsibility than anyone else, Victor also likes being able to look after the others and guide them when it’s relevant, and he can’t quite shake the coaching tendencies he has with Yuuri and Yurio ^ ^;

Small Town Frights

(Part 1) (Part 2)

This is a little shorter than I was planning, but finals are coming up and I want to get something done!!

Maude woke with a jolt as the plane touched down. Maude pressed the button to turn the window next to her clear, and she could see a snowy runway breezing past her. She touched the window, and felt the biting cold through the glass.

“Kenna, Kenna, wake up.” Maude said, shaking Kenna into consciousness. “Look, it snowed out.”

“What?” Kenna muttered, yawning widely. “It didn’t snow—it never snows.”

“Not at home. But we’re in New York now, baby!” Maude said. She grabbed Kenna’s hand and pressed it to the window. “See? It’s snowed!”

“It’s just cold because we were in the air.” said Kenna, pulling her hand back, then blowing on it a bit.

“Whatever, you non-believer.” Maude settled back in her seat. “Just know that I’m forcing you to wear your coat after this.”

“Of course.” Kenna said, rolling her eyes.

The plane had arrived at the airport exactly on time, so their terminal was ready for them to get off their plane, and head to baggage claim three to collect their bags. Newark was a huge airport, and it took a good fifteen minutes for Maude and Kenna to cycle through the bathroom and get to the bag return.

The light had just started flashing when they got there, and the first bag was making its way down the conveyor belt.

“Here,” Maude said, reaching into her backpack to pull out her and Kenna’s coats. “take yours and put it on.” she handed the wad of clothing to Kenna.

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Secrets and Lies

Fandom: Now You See Me

Request: You are Jack’s secret girlfriend when he “dies” in the car crash. You don’t know he survived until you meet him again years later. Only this time, you’re the mother Jack’s daughter he never knew you were pregnant with, you’re dating Daniel Atlas, and are the only one who could finally settle him down

Warnings: Angry Jack Wilder (though that’d be kinda sexy I think…..) bad puns, and a strong word here or there. Idek.

Word Count: I’m not on not laptop, so idk.

“I’m sorry Jack. This is how it works.” Dylan was sitting at his small coffee table in his living room, Jack sitting across from him. “To the world, you’re dead. No one can know that you’re alive.”

“You don’t understand Dylan. I can’t do this to her.” Jack pleaded. He loved you so much. You had been together for almost three years now and there was no one he loved more. You were his life and he wanted nothing more than for you to be as happy as he could possibly make you.

This was the exact opposite of that. There would be no more forehead kisses before bed. He couldn’t be the one to dry your tears when you cried over his ‘death.’ No more late night cookie baking. No more lacy days playing video games on the couch. No more flowers from ‘secret admirers’ waiting in his dressing rooms. It was all gone. And the young sleight of hand thought it was worse for him, because he knew the truth. He had to live with the guilt of never being able to reunite with you.

“You’ll put her in danger the second you make any kind of contact. You need to be a man about this. It’s over.”

“If you loved someone as much as I love her, you wouldn’t do this. You would understand. But you’re unhappy and lonely. You have no problem telling me to let her go because you don’t know how it feels to love someone more than you love yourself.” Jack pushed his chair back, stomped out the front door, then yanked his hoodie up so he wouldn’t be recognized on his way to his own apartment. Screw this. Screw Dylan. Screw it all. If he could call someone to vent, he would have in a heartbeat. But, he was only left with Henley, Atlas, and Merritt. And none of them knew that he even had a girlfriend. You were his secret treasure. And now you were gone.

Little did Jack know, you were sitting in the bathroom, hands tightly clutching a small stick. It had only been 24 hours since the accident, you had cried all that was in you, and now there was this. You were pregnant with his child.

You’re POV

Almost two years later you had found a way to move on. You had your gorgeous daughter, Annabeth. You had a steady job from home so you could raise her. Most of your thoughts of Jack had subsided. Beth still did look like him. She had long brown hair and light brown eyes like he had. She was always happy and smiling. Besides her and a couple pictures, there really wasn’t anything left in your life that kept you connected to his memory.

Oh. Except one other thing.

A quick succession of knocks hit your door, signaling a visitor. You knew exactly who it was too.

“Come on it!” You called while wandering through the living room on a desperate search for your other boot. The door wasn’t locked. Nothing was every truly locked though….. The door opened, jarring you from their thoughts, and revealing your 5 foot 9 boyfriend holding two sunflowers. He let himself in and shut the door behind him.

“Good morning.” Daniel Atlas smiled, watching as you tore through the room. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t find my other rain boot. The yellow ones? I have the right, but I can’t find the left.” You looked up when he chuckled. What was so funny??? Atlas pulled something from behind the armchair by the door. Your other boot! “Thank you so much.” You went to grab it, but he held it above your head.

You knew exactly what he wanted. It had only been four months, but you already knew just how he worked. Stretching up on your toes, you pressed your lips quickly to his. Atlas smiled and kissed you back, then handed you your shoe.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. This is also for you.” He handed you one of the flowers. “Where’s A.B?” Almost as if she was waiting for him to ask, the little brunette beauty came running into the room.

“J!” She cried, completely disregarding you and going straight to him.

“A.B!” He grinned and scooped her up in his arms. “This is yours.” He handed her the second sunflower and smiled as she grinned and hugged him.

“Pretty!” Her tiny little arms wrapped around his neck

“I know you are.” You couldn’t help but smile even wider than you already were. The two of them were so cute together. Daniel was going to be a very good father sometime. Maybe Beth’s father someday……. “Ready to go girls?”

“Yep.” You grabbed your bag from the stool at the breakfast bar and tossed it over your shoulder. “Let’s go.”

Daniel was taking you and Beth to meet the other horsemen. The last thing he wanted to do was keep one half of his life in the dark about the other half. It could be potentially dangerous, but they were all smart and there was no way better to keep you safe than for others to be on the watch as well. Plus, it was a secret meeting. No one besides the horsemen should know.

You, Daniel, and Beth were the last ones to arrive. The entire time your nerves had your stomach in your throat. What if you saw everyone and were suddenly hit with a surge of emotions because they were the last people to see Jack alive? What if someone commented on how much Beth looked like Jack? What if one of them recognized you because he had accidentally slipped up and mentioned you?

Daniel must have seen the nervousness and panic on your face, because he reached over and gave your hand a squeeze. A smile instantly lit your face up. You squeezed back and sighed. Everything would be fine. There was no need to get so worked up about it.

Before you knew it, Daniel had parked, had Beth on his hip and his hand in yours, leading you up the stairs to a corner apartment. This was a good thing. There wouldn’t be secrets this time. No secrets. No lies. It would be a healthier relationship. Better for everyone involved.

You didn’t even have to knock on the door before someone opened it. They must have been expectantly watching for you to come. A man with a graying beard opened the door and welcomed you in. An older man stood behind the couch, his eyes trained on the three of you coming into the room. He tipped his hat as an acknowledgment of your presence. His eyes locked on Beth though.

“Well who could this little gem be?” He asked, walking closer.

“Find someone your own age to hit on.” Atlas said as he shut the door behind himself.

“Oh soothe your boobs Atlas. I was talking to the kid.” The look on your boyfriend’s face was priceless.

“Alright, can we wait for intros?” The man who opened the door asked. “Can we wait for everyone?”

“Everyone?” You asked, looking up at Daniel. He sighed and muttered for you to hold on. He set Beth on the couch and found a channel running cartoons. Once he was sure she was content, he rejoined your side.

“We have a secret. That you have to promise you won’t tell anyone? It’s vital for us to keep it under wraps so we don’t end up back in the spotlight and have the fuzz chasing us again.” If the cops went after him, what in the world would you do? Daniel fixed things in you that had broken. He had put you back together, loved you, and loved Beth.

“I swear. My lips are sealed.” You promised. The bearded man nodded once to the older man in the hat, who disappeared behind a door that led to another room in the apartment. He came back a minute later with someone following in his footsteps.




No no no no no no no no no no. This was not possible. How the hell…… Why…… When….. No. It couldn’t be real. This was a dream. A horrible, HORRIBLE nightmare.

“Y/N……” Daniel started. “The last time we were the center of the public eye was before you and I met. When there was four of us horsemen. It ended in the car crash on the bridge, and Henley, Merritt, and myself vanishing. What no one knows about that trick…. Is that Jack never died.”

Jack Wilder now stood in the room with you. A wave of emotions surged over you. You felt sick to your stomach. Anger boiled in your veins. Tears filled your eyes, but were rapidly blinked away. Don’t you dare show him that you’re upset. How could he? How could he just leave you? No word. Nothing. Nearly two years and he kept you in the dark, forcing you to raise Annabeth alone. Dodging her constant questions about where Daddy was. Being a single mother was far from easy. He could have changed that. Yet….. Nothing.

“The infamous Jack Wilder.” You said, bitterness in your voice. “Nice to meet you.”

“You as well.” Jack responded, his eyes wide. He opened his mouth to say something, but Beth came wandering in.

“All done.” She held her hands up like she was done with something and had to show her empty hands. The TV was on some random channel. She must have tried to turn it off. Precious little girl….. “Ups Momma.” She opened and clapped her hands towards you. You scooped her up and held her in your arms.

“Well, you’ve met Jack.” Beard man said. “I’m Dylan. FBI. I work from the inside to make sure these idiots don’t get caught.”

“Baby ears.” Daniel warned with a death glare, kissing the top of your daughter’s head. Dylan just held his hands up in surrender.

“I’m Merritt. Hypnotist.“ The guy in the hat said, holding his hand out. You shook his hand and smiled. He had a smile that was kind of infectious.

“Well, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you all. Oh, and this is my daughter, Annabeth.” You made sure you had your eyes on Jack when you said ‘my.’ At first, he looked confused. But after a few moments, you saw that his expression had changed.

“Huh. So this is why you’ve been so different lately Atlas.” Jack’s tone was joking, but it sounded forced. He was hiding the pain. At least that’s what you wanted to believe he was doing. “You’ve got a girl and a kid. I was wondering why you weren’t out with someone new after every show.”

“Oh, you think you’re funny huh? At least I can get some. No one wants to screw a ghost.” Daniel threw back. “Besides, A.B. isn’t mine.” Holding his hands out, your baby girl leaned straight into his arms. He sat her up on his shoulders, held her there with one hand, and wrapped his other arm around you.“ She was already here when I met Y/N. She’s almost two, and Y/N and I have only been together for four months. A.B. was a bonus in the deal.” He smiled proudly. Gosh, that smile made you fall even more in love everyday.

A quiet fell over the group. No one knew what to say. Jack had a funny look on his face. Dylan noticed first. He said that they’d be back and pushed the card master out of the room. Merritt excused himself and joined the other two. Daniel said he was going to put A.B. down for cartoons again and told you to make yourself at home. He quickly kissed you and collapsed onto the couch, Beth giggling as he held her and ticketed her stomach.

A smile stretched across your face as you watched them for a second. So sweet. You could have everything you ever wanted with him. Jack was childish. He hid behind a secret. He couldn’t come out of the shadows and tell you he wasn’t really dead. Yet here was Daniel, bringing you here to let you in on the secret.

For crying out loud, Daniel was more of a father to Beth than Jack was! Sure, they shared DNA. But Daniel was there. He spent nights with you and ended up staying up all hours of the night while Beth was sick and you had to sleep. He was planning to take her out for her birthday. He told her he loved her on the phone when he called to say goodnight. She colored him pictures. His phones background was a picture of the two of them with some goofy Snapchat filter. He really truly did love her.

Beth was yours though. She was your daughter. Maybe Daniel would be her dad someday. But as of right now, you were her only parent. She was the most important part in your life. Daniel could easily leave. Jack had. Before he even knew. But still. He hadn’t been around. Beth was all yours until there was a ring on your left hand.

Jacks POV

Aw man, had he messed up. He should have told her. He shouldn’t have listened to Dylan two years ago. He should have told her. Annabeth was his. It was obvious. Y/N made it clear to him that she was. Atlas shouldn’t have his hands on her. Either of them. Those were Wilder girls.

“Jack, what the hell is your problem?” Dylan snapped.

“You.” Jack snapped right back.

“How am I the problem?” He asked. “I have done nothing. I introduced myself to Atlas’s girlfriend. That’s it.”

“Because she was mine!” Jack whisper yelled at him. “Two years ago when you told me I couldn’t stay with my girlfriend because I had to guard my precious secret? Y/N was mine. Annabeth is mine. Not Atlas’s. Mine.”

“Whoa. Did I hear that right?” Merritt asked as he snuck into the room. Great. Just great.

“Yep. I had a secret girlfriend when I joined the group, and it was Y/N. When I died two years ago, Dylan wouldn’t let me tell her that I was alive. I was sworn to secrecy. Now look at Annabeth. She’s almost two. Coincidence? I think not!”

“Alright, you need to calm down.” Merritt said, putting his hands on his young friend’s shoulders.

“Don’t tell me what to do. This is bull.” The bedroom door opened again, Daniel coming in this time. He paused in the doorway and scrunched his face up.

“The tension is so thick it here I could cut it as easily as I can cut a deck.” He took a second, then shook his head and came over to the others. “You guys okay?”

“Yeah. Fine.” Jack said, pushing a hand through his fluffy brown hair. “What’s up?” He pushed his anger and bitterness down. He needed to talk to Y/N. Apologize. Meet his daughter. Atlas needed to hurry up.

“I need your opinion. Is it crazy to propose after four months?” The room went dead. Dylan and Merritt shared nervous glances. Jack’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

He had to be kidding. Atlas could not be proposing to the girl Jack loved with all his heart. He couldn’t be. Not until after he was able to talk to her. Maybe talk some sense into her. Get her to come back. He still loved her so much. Even more now that he knew they had a kid. They could be the perfect family. Not if Atlas was in the way though.

“I’m serious.” Atlas said after he got no reaction. He pushed through the group and pulled a small box out of the pocket of a coat he had hanging in the closet. Flipping the top open, a gorgeous diamond halo ring sitting inside the pristine velvet.

Atlas had to know. He couldn’t go through with it. Not where there was this much at stake. Jack’s entire world was back. Plus one! He couldn’t give that up to Atlas of all people. The womanizer. He wouldn’t treat her right.

Just as he was about to own his mouth and tell his “friend” about it all, Merritt cut in.

“If you love her, and you’re sure about it, then go for it.” Jack closed his mouth and forcibly nodded in agreement when Dylan scooted over closer, clapped his hand on Jack’s shoulder, and dug his fingers in.

“We’ll back you up buddy. If this is what you want.” Dylan encouraged. “You’re a wild card. I’m glad you finally found someone to tame you.”

“Thanks” Atlas sighed a breath of relief. He put the box back in its hiding place and left the room to go sit with his girls. Jack slapped Dylan’s hand away once he was gone.

“Wild card? Really?”

“Yeah. He’s the wild card. You’re the wilder card.” Merritt smiled at the joke he had made.
“You are far less funny than you think you are.” The bitter card master spat. “And you.” He turned to their mentor. “You have ruined my life. I will never, EVER forgive you for this.” Letting himself steal one glance, Jack looked through the open crack of the door and see his entire world snuggle herself under the arm of his former idol.

Annabeth giggled and called him J. She pressed kisses to his cheek. He kissed her cheek back. And then kissed Y/N on the lips.

In the moment, Jack Wilder wished he had died in the car crash. Death would be better than living with this.



summary: four times it was just a kiss, and the one time it was more
pairing: gerald x reader (second person ofc)
rating: pg-13 (first chapter)
a/n: just as kind of a heads up, I know a lot of second person fic uses the ‘insert your name/eye color/preferences’ here thing and that’s cool but I can’t write that way. while the narration is still from the reader’s pov, I still have to write a character to draw from and that might be (understandably) confusing for some people at first. this makes it more fic than imagine but I still prefer writing second person.
read more: all my other g eazy fics here

chapter one: first

make my world go black,
hit me like a heart attack,
knock me flat on my back,
I don’t know how long that I can last

It’s 2010 and you have no idea who’s show you’re at. All you know is the venue is packed, body heat and smoke making it difficult to breathe. The room is like a hot box and even though the second hand high feels good, your lungs (and your brain) have hit their limit. You need some damn air.

Outside, the LA night is still warm but a relief from the crowd downstairs. Leaning back against the brick of the alley wall, you push your hair back out of your face and drag in a few lungfuls of oxygen. You like a good night out but this is just stressful. Maybe I should just book and see about that party in the Hills that MJ invited me to…

But you promised Rachelle you’d stay through his set…whoever this guy is she keeps raving about. G…Easy? Something white boy and unoriginal like that. With a sigh, you’re about to force yourself to head back in. But across the alley, a flame sparks to life in the shadows and you freeze. For a moment, there’s only the sound of his lighter being closed and pocketed. But after a deep drag that makes the cigarette glow bright, the light reflecting in his eyes, whoever is over there speaks up.

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Such a joker (10/?)

“(Y/n). Can I come in?” I stir caused by the knock on the door. “I got your favorite. 2 blueberry pancakes, and a full cup of coffee.” I spring up at the words of my favorite breakfast foods. I open the door to see my father with a box of take out from my favorite diner. He smiles and places the box on my desk.

“You never bring me breakfast.” “I know, but it’s the perfect time 7:00 am, and you’re probably hungry. This is an I’m sorry gift. I’m sorry for yelling and treating you like a child. After your mom, and now Barbra I just can’t take the chance of losing you. I’m sorry (y/n).” Everything just crushed down on me.

Jerome will most likely get caught knowing my fathers work, and if he’s gone dads all I got. I let a tear slide down my cheek and I hug my father. Something I haven’t done in a long time. “I love you daddy. I’m sorry that I’ve been so distant. I just… Your work, and then Barbra, and I just-” “shh it’s okay. I know I understand. I love you too.” He kisses my head and hugs me tighter.

“eat. We’re going to be checking phone records, and then tomorrow we’re going to look at the crime scene. Are you in? We can get ice cream after.“ I laugh and pull away from him. “Of course I’m in, but only if it’s Peggy’s Icecream. It’s my favorite.” “Just like your mothers.” He kisses my head once more and exits the room letting me eat my breakfast.

As I exit the room with an empty box I see Jerome slumped in one of the uncomfortable wooden benches just staring off into space. Aww he looks so adorable. I walk over the the trash can which is conveniently place right next to Jerome. “Hey. How you holding up?” I ask as if we just met seeing as other officers are around. He smiles slightly he shrugs looking up at me. “I’d a lot better if you’d keep me company.” “I wish I could, but a girls gotta work, but how about after you leave we meet up at your place? Movie, cuddles, and kisses?” “Perfect doll.”

I wink and walk up to the top level ready to talk to chief. “Whoa whoa back up. You did what?” She asks with a shocked face. “They let the snake out. The have amazing sense of smell.” I say making my presence known. “Huh. Well now I know.” She says with a smile.

“And your prime suspects are a clown, and an acrobat?” “Yep.” My father says hugging me to his side. “Ain’t this one a doozy?” Harvey asks in a joking tone.

Suddenly Ed, and Lee walk in. “Your victim Lila Valeska was killed by a large knife or hatchet, multiple blows to the head, and upper torso. Hello Ms. Gordon.” Ed says smiling at me. “Hey Eddie.” He smiles and walks a bit closer to me. “How do you spell a pretty girl with only two letters?” I tilt my head thinking “uh I don’t-” “Q.T.” Ed smiles blushing slightly. I laugh and smile as him. “Good one.”

“She was killed at 3:00 yesterday afternoon.” Lee jumps in. “From 2:30 to 4:15 both Grayson and Loyd were in the ring for the matinee.” My father says. Shit come on J please get away clean.

“Well how precise is that time of death?” “Give or take 45 minutes.” “Still possible then, but cutting it close. Very impressed you guys but keep looking.” Chief says. “Yeah boss. We’re going to the crime scene later. We’re checking phone records now.” Harvey says walking out with my father and I.

“Alright! We’re going to send the rest of you home now, but the investigation is on going. No body leaves town. And listen up! No more fighting. Look where your friends are. What good is this doing you?” My father yells to the crowd of clowns, acrobats, and Jerome.

“Hey dad I’m going to go out with Steph. She says she has a bit of a problem. Probably going to sleep over there. You got everything for right now?” “Yeah. Do you want me to come get you when we go to look at the crime scene?” “Uh no. I’ll just meet you there.” “Okay, but first I want you to meet someone. (Y/n) this is Lee. She’s the woman I’ve been-” “dating yeah I know. Nice to meet you.” I extend my hand out for her. She smiles sweetly, and shakes it. “Pleasure is all mine. I’ve heard so much about you. Your father is very proud of you.” Lee says still shaking my hand. “excuse me.” My blood runs cold at his voice.

I turn my head to see the blind fortune teller. “Am I speaking to detective James Gordon?” “Yes.” My father answers stepping forward. “Then this must be Dr. Thompkins the medical examiner, and this is your lovely daughter (y/n).” He says.

“I’m sorry how do you know who we are?” Lee asks. “My name is Paul Cicero I’m a physic. Lila Valeska was an old friend of mine.” “Physic. I see. How can I help you?” My father asks obviously believing he’s a scam.

“I sense that you don’t thing either of your prime suspects guilty.” “You must be physic.”

“In which case you might what to hear the message Lila sent me from the other side.” “Thanks Mr. Cicero, but we’re not quite looking at the other side yet.” “As you wish. I’m merely a messenger.” Paul starts to walk away till Lee speaks up.

“What was the message?” “Lila said that the servant of the devil lies in the garden of the iron sisters.” “The iron sisters? What does that mean?” I ask in curiosity. “I don’t know.” “We’ll get right on it.” My father says turning away. “I don’t think sarcasm is your mate here James. Take the message as you will. Good day to all of you.” He says and leaves.

“Okay well then I’m gonna go. Later dad. Bye Lee.” I say walking out and to my car. I grab some clothes from my back seat and change quickly. I can’t stand wearing the same clothes for two days.

I drive to the circus and carefully make my way to Jerome’s trailer. I just walk in not seeing the point in knocking. I walk in to see him sitting at the table shirtless eating a piece of toast. “Well good morning handsome.” I laugh kissing his food filled cheek.

“Hey there babydoll.” He says sitting me on his lap. “So Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street?” He asks holding up the two movies. “Seems like you’re in a murder mood.” “Call it getting inspiration.” I laugh kissing him and resting my head on his. “Surprise me.” I say smiling at my love.

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hyperdimensiondetective  asked:

Wait you have cats? Please tell me about them! Also at your earliest convenience please give each of them a smooch/pat/whatever they like.

Yep! I have two lovely little kitties! They are both my life and I adore them! I’m more then happy to ramble about them and I’ll pet them as soon as I can!

Here’s Nico! She’s pretty stand off and dislikes most people, she likes me though! She’s not very cuddly but she’ll come and nap on my lap once in a while. She loves sitting in the sun and going outside to run around and hunt, she brings me ‘presents’ and once even tore one apart because she thought I didn’t know how to eat them and decided to show me. She hates sharing and when we got a scratch post she claimed it as hers and chased Litten off of it until just recently. She’s a good girl and I love her lots.

 And this is Litten! He’s my chubby man! You can’t see it but he only has a nub for a tail. He was a stray we found going through the trash and took in because he’s such a sweetie. He’s a super lovey boy and is always asking for pets and will follow you around until you pet him. Because he was starving when we got him he loves food and will eat pretty much anything, like pretzels. He has to sniff everything he sees too. And he has the energy of a kitten, he loves to play. We got him a electric toy where it waves a wand around for cats to play with and the second he hears it he comes running. He’s not an outdoors guy, he went outside but when he wanted to come in he called for me to escort him back. He’s a good boy and I love him lots too. 

A Dirty Little Secret

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word count: 1802

Request:  Hey I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is Lauras daughter, but was taken by the ghost riders around the time Peter killed her, which is why no one in the Hale family has mentioned her, and when the pack saves Stiles she’s also saved and since she’s a werewolf without a pack she joins Scotts pack after explaining who she is. And she’s got the typical Hale sass you know? And maybe she falls in love with Theo and actually manages to keep him on the good side? Thanks!

A/N: Hey, here it is! Hope you like it. I made a few changes, hope you don’t mind. Sorry for any wrong word, English is not my fisrt language. Anyways, enjoy!!

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King Asshole. (SMUT)

Anon request: Eisuke (KBTBB) x MC

“ Hi you amazing smut writing thing you😘 can I request an Eisuke smut? Of course any kind of smut you pick would be fine😊”

[I just wanna say, I hate the MC in Eisuke’s routes she’s ridiculous & damned stupid representation of the female form so I’ve written this MC more or less as a complete opposite but I digress… Also sorry this turned into a jealous smut…I just got the idea in my head & rolled with it. Oh & I saw someone call Eisuke ‘king asshole’ & now that’s basically all I call him (I will change it if someone doesn’t like me using it)…Anywhoooo ENJOY.]

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The Marauders - Trying to sneak out of Hogwarts’s train

Word Count: 481

Warning: None, just cursing 

(A/N): Ok, I can’t be the only one that when read that fanfic called Cursed Child thought how they tried to escape and why, soo….. YEP. Hope you like this drabble <3

Fuck no!”  Moony screamed over his book when James Potter and Sirius Black started to tell them about their plan of getting out the Hogwarts’s train to spend some time with a hippie muggle that Padfoot had met that summer

“You kiss your mum with that mouth, Remus?” Sirius laughed pulling his wand out of his robes 

“I fuck yours with it.” 

“Now that’s just disgusting” Prongs smirks slapping Remus’s shoulders

“Whatever, you are not leaving this train to go fuck some muggles, Padfoot!” 

“Do you smell that, Wormtail?” Sirius asked, making Peter sniff the air and deny with his head “This, my dear friend, is the smell of jealous” 

“I’m not jealous, you twat. I’m worried about you two dying for such a stupid reason! If you two don’t die because of the fall, you will when Lils and McGonagall find out.” 

“You little fuck, you wouldn’t have the courage to tell Lily” Remus narrowed his eyes to James

“You can believe, yes I will.” Before Moony could get up, Sirius and James were already oppening the window of their cabin and as soon as they got up on the train’s roof, Remus followed them. “I WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU TWO

“Rude!” Padfoot laughed, trying to scream louder than the wind. 

“Shut up, you two!” Prongs screamed, suddenly turning pale and pointing at something behind Moony. 

“Please, God, Merlin, Buda, anyone, don’t let it be McGonagall, please.” Remus started to pray while slowly turning to what Prongs was pointing, but he almost choked with his saliva when he saw the Trolley Witch walking with her trolley as if there were no difference from the train’s corridors to it’s roof

“Anything from the trolley, dears?” She asked calmly

What. The. Actual. Fuck?” Sirius was speechless and trying to get his hair out of his eyes 

“Shall we return to the train?” She got one of the chocolate frogs and smiled as Remus’s favorite dessert turned into a sharp knife, giving him chills

“Ok, I don’t know what is happening but-”

“Oh, my dears! You three are not the first ones to try to get out of this train, and certainly won’t be the first ones to be able to suceed.” James was slowly returning to Remus

“Sorry, Mate. I’ll listen to you, next time.”

“No, you won’t.” 

“Yep, I won’t.”

“My mission is to not let any student leave this train, so please, return to your cabins before I have to harm this pretty cute faces, yes?” 

“Y-yes, Ma’am” They began to crawl back to their window when she threw a bomb made of her Pumpkin Pasty, Sirius screamed falling with his face in the cabin’s floor. 

“Well, at least we have a hell of a story!” Prongs laughed, the cabin’s door was violantly open giving the Marauders a vision of a really angry Lily:


Playing with Fire, Part 2

Pairings: OC Jack x Reader, yet eventually someone of the Avengers x Reader

Words: 1.8K

Warnings: Arguing

OC’s: Okay so obviously everyone in this series except the Avengers are original characters and I just wanted to inform you that Jack, the boy reader is dating –I pictured him to look like Nick Robinson, because well, have you seen him? Yep, I know.

A/N: So, like some of you might have noticed, I already posted the 2nd part some time ago, but I just hated it. I wasn’t happy at all how it turned out -but hey, that happens, so I deleted it and wrote it again and here you go. I’m so happy I did that, because now I truly like this part and I hope you do as well x

Part 1

The hand gif’s from Google

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“Sweetheart, are you sure you are able to go back to school?” My mom frowned looking way too over concerned, while rushing after me around the house as I was trying to get everything I needed.

“Yes,” I let out a soft laughter, dropping my keys to the bottom of my bag. “I feel more than okay, I have no reason to skip the classes any longer.”

It was true, I was feeling better than well. Okay yeah, I was still freaking out because of what happened, but my powers, as I guess I was supposed to call them - had vanished as quickly as they had appeared. I knew I was already the hot topic of all the biggest gossips around the school and I didn’t want to feed the flames by staying at home.

“I’ll come home early if I don’t feel okay,” I asserted, pulling shoes on and taking one last glance through the mirror. “But I’m truly okay, I promise.”

“If you say so, sweetie,” she sighed, pulling me into a deep hug, making me roll my eyes with a laughter. We were close with mom, but hugging and calling each other with corny nicknames was way out of our league.

“I’m going to be late if you don’t let go of me,” I laughed, making her pull further with a grin.

“Just- be safe, okay?” She frowned, nipping her bottom lip between her teeth, as I rolled my eyes with a soft laughter, before rushing to my car and pulling out of the driveway.

The Avengers Tower, NYC

“We can’t just rush into her house and kidnap her,” Steve sighed, shooking his head. “We have to be subtle.”

“For how many times do I need to say this,” Tony rolled his eyes, “she might be dangerous.”

“Exactly, that’s why we are going to talk to her calmly,” the blond man stated, trying his best to stay calm, but Tony was –once again poking on his nerves.

“So you are saying that we should just rush into her house and sit down for a cup of tea?” Tony frowned, glaring at Steve. “Do you even-“

“Boys,” Wanda called out reservedly, glancing at the annoyed men in turns. She was surprised as both of them stopped arguing immediately and turned their heads towards her, looking curious. “I think I should go talk to her.”

“Wanda, with all respect, I don’t think-,” Steve started, yet Wanda cut him off with a glare.

“Steve, I know what she is going through,” she notified, shrugging her shoulders with slight frown. “I can talk to her –I can use my past to confirm her to come with us.”

“Wanda, Tony’s right, she might be dangerous,” Steve sighed.

“And you think it is better idea to corner her?” She shook her head. “I can handle her and you know that.”

“So, how’s our Super-girl doing?” I heard a soft laugh calling after me as I walked across our school’s parking lot, shoving my car keys to my bag. Soft smile raised to my lips as I saw Jack jogging after me, his face turned into amused smile.

“Hey,” I smiled as he reached me, running his fingers through his light brown hair.

“Hello,” he chuckled, his green eyes focused straight into mine.

Okay yeah, I guess I have to admit that he was handsome. And funny and kind –and like Jenny said, there was nothing wrong with him. Actually, he was alarmingly the opposite of “not okay” –he was almost way too perfect and therefor so out of my league.  

“So, I heard what happened at the chemistry class,” he raised his eyebrow, looking slightly amused. “Did you really have the fire in your control like the rumors say?”

“So there really are rumors running around about me,” I let out a laughter, trying to dodge his question. “Please tell me they are only good things?”

“Oh believe me when I say, there have never been so good rumors about anyone so far,” Jack let out a soft laugh. “At least as far as I’ve noticed suddenly every single one of the boys at the football team are chasing you –not even mentioning the comic nerds, you are like Goddess to them.”

“You can’t be serious,” I laughed, shooking my head. “And the girls?”

“The girls either want to be you, or kill you because of their jealousy,” he laughed, shrugging then with bright smile on his lips. “I’m only saying what I’ve heard.”

“Well I guess things aren’t as bad as they could be,” I let out a laughter, before nipping my bottom lip between my teeth, glancing at him carefully. “Jack listen, I –I’m sorry that I cancelled our date last weekend.”

“Oh no don’t be, it’s totally okay,” he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck as he let out a nervous laughter. “If you want to, we could always try again –let’s say tomorrow night?”

For my surprise I found myself nodding my head with smile on my lips. Something told me that I really should give him a chance.

Suddenly I realized that Jack’s talking about the rumors indeed wasn’t just talking. Till the end of the school day I had dodged at least six hit lines, found three girls who looked like they were planning on how to kill me in most painful ways, and ran away from the worst gossipers all day long.

“This is awful,” Jenny let out a playfully dramatic sigh as we were sitting on the grass at the school’s yard, eating lunch. “No one even knows who I am anymore, I’m turning into you –I’m going to die alone. What an awful destiny.”

“Jen they don’t even have a proper base to their admiring -I didn’t really even do anything,” I laughed, rolling my eyes. “It was just some kind of physical effect.”

“You saved the whole school from exploding,” she notified with a kick of her eyebrow. “It doesn’t really matter if you have some kind of superpowers or not, everyone still sees you as a hero.”

“Well in that case,” I smirked playfully, covering my eyes with sunglasses, “I guess we just have to get used to all of the fans. You could be my manager and bodyguard, keeping all the admirers away and responding to my interview requests as well as invitations to the finest parties of New York.”

“That actually sounds pretty good idea,” she laughed, finishing her smoothie. “Who knows, maybe you’ll even get an invitation to one of the magnificent parties of Tony Stark himself.”

“Oh, I like how that sounds,” I giggled softly. “Partying with the Avengers wouldn’t be bad at all.”

Out of nowhere Jenny’s expression changed into truly concerned. “To be honest getting a bodyguard to you isn’t a bad idea at all,” she frowned, nodding towards a group of girls walking towards us, their faces turned into everything but kind smiles.

Yep. In every college there is this one group of girls that love to cause drama by hook or by crook. And in our school it was Jessica’s group –well, more like Jessica and her group of minions.

“Oh, not today,” I sighed rolling my eyes, before getting up from the grass as I kicked my eyebrow at the blond girl who was reaching us confidently, notwithstanding the fact that her high heels were sinking slightly to the ground with each step.

“Hey Super-girl,” she chuckled, making her minions giggle brightly. “What’s up?”

“Oh, beside your ego?” Jenny cooed, squinting her eyes dangerously. “Just turn around and keep walking, Jess.”

“Excuse me, are you deaf or did you just not hear that I’m talking to Y/N?” Jess hissed, stepping a bit closer to Jenny.

“Umh, are you stupid or did you just not know that being deaf and not hearing is basically the same thing?” Jenny let out an annoyed laughter, closing the gap between the two girls, looking straight into Jess’s icy blue eyes.

“Let’s just calm down, okay?” I called out, pulling Jenny further from her. “Jessica, what can I help you with?”

“Oh, yeah about that,” she smiled artificially, tilting her head slightly. “Stay away from Jack.”

I raised my eyebrows, letting out sarcastic laughter. “Excuse me, what was that again?”

“Don’t play stupid, you know that Jack and I share a history,” she cooed, crossing her hands to her chest. “So stay away.”

“I don’t have time for this,” I breathed out, rolling my eyes as I turned around, grapping my bag from the grass. “Jenny, let’s go.”

“What’s the rush, Freak?” I heard Jess’s squeaky voice calling after me. “What makes you think that Jack would ever touch a freak like you even with a long stick?”

I turned around, rising my eyebrows. “What did you just call me?”

“Oh, freak wasn’t your name?” She frowned, turning the corners of her mouth downwards. “I’m so sorry, I forgot that it was just a name that others use from you behind your back. Foolish me.”

I felt tears of annoyance ascending to my eyes as I saw the purely mean smile on her face. “You have no right to say that-“

“I’m just telling you what you are too stupid to see by yourself,” Jess laughed, “Jack doesn’t want you, Y/N. He has a bet with the football team and all he needs to do is get you on his bed and he wins.”

“That’s enough,” I snapped, stamping my leg to the ground as I stepped closer to her. “You have no right-“

Yet my sentence got cut short as the voice of tens of car alarms filled the air, the strident noise making all of us cover our ears with our hands.

“What’s happening?” I shouted over the racket, glancing at Jenny and Jess alternately, earning just a shrug of their shoulders and confused and fear-filled expressions on their faces.

And then I felt it –the ground starting to shake, the quake getting harder and harder each passing second.

Avenger’s Tower, NYC

“Suit up and get to the Quinjet,” Steve called out, his face turned into a deep frown. “There is an earthquake.”

“Earthquake?” Natasha frowned, rushing to get ready to leave. “Since when has it been our job to take care of the natural disasters as well?”

“Since they’re happening at a small part of Manhattan,” Steve responded with strict voice, clinging his shield to the back of his suit. “And it seems that Y/N is behind it.”

“Y/N –the girl who played with the fireball thing?” Clint frowned, shooking his head. “No way.”

“Yes way,” Tony sighed, shooking his head with purely annoyed expression on his face. “I told you she was dangerous, but surprisingly no one gave a damn.”

“I gave a damn, Tony” Steve snapped, as the Quinjet got to the air. “I gave a damn about her safety and I apologize that I was wrong, but this is not the time to turn up against each other.”

“What do we do?” Wanda took a deep breath, her eyebrows knitted to a deeply concerned expression.

Tony kicked his eyebrow, the red helmet of his armor setting down to cover his face. “We fight.”

How Exo would react if another idol is hitting on you

Xiumin: He would try to look as calm as possible, he would tell himself that he doesn’t have any reason to be jealous since he trusts you. But when he notices how BTS’s Jungkook is flirting with you, he isn’t able to keep watching. He walks over to both of you, takes your hand and gives you a kiss on your cheek.Then he looks over to Jungkook who has turned his look to the ground, avoiding your boyfriends look. Then Minseok ask him to excuse you because he has something planned for you and smiles. you may not notice but the way he smiled at Jungkook looks as would he want to say “bitch back off she’s mine!

“Sorry for interrupting your small conversation, but I have something planned for my girlfriend… you don’t have anything against that right?”

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Luhan: would be one of those who can’t hide the fact that he is jealous. Even if he tries his best to look manly and cool, his eyes are telling otherwise. He is sitting right next to you and Seventeen’s Jeonghan who has the nerves to flirt with you while he is sitting only one seat away from both of you. He was already pissed, but when Jeonghan starts to touch your cheek it’s over. Luhan pulls you back on your shoulder and looks right into Jeonghan’s confused face.

Excuse me?! I don’t know if you are stupid or just blind, but she’s taken and I won’t sit back and watch you and your cheap flirting tricks just one more second. So excuse me, I will take my girlfriend now and go home. Bye! ….. Y/N, we’re going home, come on.” he says while taking your hand and pulling you away from his rival.

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Kris: Honestly, he doesn’t even tries to hide his annoyance. He is on his phone and tries to look as pissed as possible because he wants you to notice how he feels about your and Got7′s Jacksons conversation. You two stood there for already 10 minutes, talking about unimportant stuff and with every minute Jackson got more and more touchy around you. That is not really smart, especially because Kris is already pretty pissed. So when Jackson takes your hand in his, Kris puts his phone away and gives Jackson the most shadiest look ever. He doesn’t says anything to him, he just stands up and looks at you.

“ Y/N, we’re going now.”

“But I am not done talking to…”

“That was not a question! You already talked enough. Now let’s go!” he said while giving you the most dominant and commanding look ever.

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Suho: He really has to control himself. The picture in front of him , you standing there, helpless and slightly embarrassed because of Ikon’s Junhoe’s cheesy compliments, is just too funny for Suho. You don’t want to be rude so you just stand there, always looking in Suho’s direction to search for help. After a few more minutes of embarrassing pick up lines, Junmyeon finally decides to help you out. 

“I really don’t wanna interrupt your cute conversation, but I think my Jagiya wants to go home now, right princess?” he looks in your direction and you shyly nod. sudaddy strikes again

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Lay: He honestly thinks he missed something…. ‘Isn’t she my girlfriend?’ he asks himself while watching BigBang’s Seungri flirting with you and totally ignoring him. He doesn’t really know what to do. Should he interrupt you or should he just keep watching you? He doesn’t want to be unpolite, but this situation starts to bother him. So he decides to step in and starts to tell Seungri about all the nice moments he had with you, until Seungri finally understands what Yixing wants to tell him with those stories…. that you are his. 

“…oh, and do you remember Y/N, this one night when we had this blackout and we had to turn on all those candles and layed on our couch all night wrapped up in blankets searching for other things to do with our time if you know what I mean…” he says while wriggling his eyebrows and leaving Seungri completely uncomfortable.

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Baekhyun: He is constantly searching for ways to get your attention away from BTS’s Jimin. He was flirting with you the whole day and it slowly starts to piss him of. Just kidding, he was pissed since the first second. So he approaches the two of you and doesn’t even tries to hide his jealousy.

“Hey jagi, hey boy that is obviously on a lower level than my precious Jagiya. I don’t wanna sound rude or something, but how about you, searching for a girl in your league because Y/N here, is mine and only mine!. Okay … since we clarified this… we are going now. Come one honey…” he says while facing the poor boy who is obviously overwhelmed with this situation.

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Chen: Sassy af. He doesn’t even wait until Super Junior’s Heechul has time to get too close to you. Chen appears by your side the moment Heechul said his first pick up line and sasses him to death.

“Yeah, she’s extremely pretty and talented and totally amazing, I know this, that’s the reason I am dating here, yep that’s right, I’m here boyfriend, we are in a relationship. She already has someone who compliments her, she doesn’t need you, so do us a favour and leave because I wanna spend some time with my girlfriend…ALONE. bye bitch “

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Chanyeol: He would be jealous immediately, but he doesn’t wanna come off rude so he slowly walks up to you and Monsta X’s Jooheon and tries to explain the situation as calm as possible, even if he is jealous af and wants to rip of the rappers head.

“Look, I don’t wanna be rude or something, but Y/N is already taken, she is my girlfriend, and the fact that you are flirting with her is embarrassing for all of us, so please stop it and  search for another girl in your league.”

After Jooheon left and you told him that he was kinda mean.

“OMg, I didn’t want to be mean, I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings…” 

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D.O: He is normally a really calm person, and the fact that he wants to slap Seventeen’s Vernon against a wall, makes him slightly uncomfortable. But the way the handsome young boy is flirting with you is just too much for him to handle so he decides to step in. he doesn’t really need to say anything, the look in his eyes and the fact that Kyungsoo’s hand is on your waist is enough for Vernon to understand what’s going on.

“I think you should leave now…” Kyungsoo says.

“Yep, I think so too…. bye Y/N, see you next time…” Vernon says while slowly turning around.

“I think you scared him” you say before Kyungsoo is covering your lips with his own.

“Good.” he says with a grin on his face.

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Tao:  He is sooo in rage, he can’t believe that G-Dragon is really flirting with you, and he totally can’t understand why you are letting him flirt with you. ….Okay, he is handsome and a really big deal in Korea… and yeah, he understands how to seduce people… but still… you are his girlfriend, and he can’t stay there, watching G-Dragon whispering obviously cheesy things in your ear. So Tao makes his way to the two of you and appears behind you, putting his arms over your shoulder and pulling you in his embrace while piercing his opponent with dirty looks.

“She is mine, and all your fame and money and handsome face won’t change anything about that. Now get lost!” Tao says in his usual sassy and childish voice while pressing you so hard against his body that you can barely breathe.

“Okay, got it. Oh, and  if you get bored of that guy, call me  Y/N” Jiyong says with a huge grin on his face before he turns around and leaves. 

It took you three hours and a lot of favours if you know what I mean to convince Tao that you won’t get tired of him and that you will never leave him for G-Dragon.

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Kai: would not believe his eyes when he saw Taemin, one of his closest friends flirting with you, his girlfriend. But he would trust you, he would watch you from the distance for a few minutes until he finally decides to approach you and to confront Taemin.

“He Jagi, what’s going on, I hope it’s not what I think it is.” he says while looking at Taemin who gets what Jongin is talking about.

“Noooooo, you are my friend, I would never try to get your girl.. really, we were just talking, nothing else….” Taemin says quickly and slightly uncomfortable.

“I hope so… would you excuse us now, we have a date now…” Kai says while grapping your arm and gently pulling you away from Taemin.

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Sehun: would react pretty similar to Tao. He would also be in rage. He knows that you are beautiful and that there are many people who want you. But that BTS’s Namjoon dares to flirt with you so boldly while he was away for only two minutes to get some drinks for the both of you, that was too much for him to take. Sehun appears besides you, kissing your cheek and handing you your drink.

“Here babygirl, your drink,.. I see you made a new friend.. nice to meet you, I’m her boyfriend and she will be mine, until I die, so if you had planned to get her and make her yours, I’m sorry to destroy your plans. But there are hundreds of random mainstream girls in this room you can have if you want. But Y/N is taken.So go ahead and search for someone else to bother.” Sehun says with one of his sassy grins on his lips. 

After this speech, Namjoon is looking at you and smiles “It was nice to meet you, but I think it’s better when I go now, before your boyfriend is killing me with his stares.” and leaves.

“You didn’t have to be so mean he would have understood it even if you told him like a normal person.” you said while looking up at your obviously satisfied boyfriend.

“Yeah, maybe.” he said before pulling you in his arms and kissing you passionate so that everyone in this room can see that you are his.

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Yang taking revenge on Adam by talking about her relationship with Blake

(Yang calls Adam on his scroll)

Yang: Hey. Am I speaking to the White Fang member, the masked asshole?

Adam: I am the leader of the White Fang, Adam Taurus.

Yang: Yeah yeah, just like I said; the masked asshole.

Adam: How did you get this number? How dare you speak to me like that? Who are you?

Yang: I got your number from Blake. And as for who I am, remember the girl whose arm you chopped off last year?

Adam: (smirking) Oh, I definitely remember. The blond bimbo who ran around Blake all the time. What is it girl? Did you wish to swear vengence?

Yang: No, not really. I mean I will definitely break every bone in your body soon, but that is not why I called you. Actually, I called you just to thank you.

Adam: What?

Yang: Yeah, you see. After what you did, I was miserable at first I felt weak and useless…

Adam: That’s right. That is what you get for…

Yang: BUT THEN, my team came back together, and told me how much they missed me and how much they need me. Especially Blake.

Adam: (Confused) What?

Yang: Yeah. Blake and I were always close and everything but after what you did, we became even closer. We pretty much bonded over our mutual hatred for you.

Adam: (Enraged) WHAT?

Yang: Hey, stop screaming ok? Blake is currently sleeping in my bed and I want to let her sleep a little longer. She is very tired, she barely got any sleep last night. We were pretty active, if you now what I mean.

Adam: (His voice low but shaking with anger) You are lying.

Yang: (With humor in her voice) No no, I am not. I could send you pictures if you want but I would have to get Blake’s permission first. I wouldn’t want to make my girlfriend uncomfortable by sending her pictures to random strangers. I love her a lot you know. Even if she is the one who confessed her love to me, our love is definitely mutual.

Adam: (Angrily) I don’t believe you. Blake would never do that.

Yang: I am not lying. Yeah, she is normally a bit oblivious when it comes to feelings. So was I for that matter. But that is why I wanted to thank you.

Adam: What the fuck are you talking about?

Yang: You see, she told me that after you told her that you would destroy everything she loves -right before cutting of my arm- Blake realized how much I mean to her and that she couldn’t stand the idea of losing me. At least that is what she told me. So really, you are the founder of our relationship Taurus.

Adam: I’ll kill you for that you stupid little…

Yang: (Calmly) Try it. Please do. I am much stronger than I was last year. As I said, I’ll break every bone in your body. (After a short pause) Although I might leave a few bones for Blake, I am sure she would enjoy breaking a few of them. Would that be a good present for her, what'cha think?

Adam: (With his low, threatening tone) Good luck beating me with just one arm. This time I’ll take your other arm, or maybe your head.

Yang: (With a fake tone of surprise) Oh yeah, did I not mention that I now have a new, bionic arm. Atlas tech style, it is pretty good. Has some sick functions as well. Most of them are for fighting but there is also a vibration function. Blake really appreciated that one.

Adam: …

Yang: I was also thinking about giving Blake my old arm. You know, the one you chopped off. I am sure she will put it to good use in the rare times I can’t be there with her.


Yang: Taurus? ( a pause) He hung up. I wonder if he heard the last part.

(From the distant, Yang hears a barely audible scream of rage).

Yang: (Smirking) Yep, he did.