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When’s The Wedding? / Conor Maynard

Request:  Can you do a conor imagine where he goes to the readers annual family dinner and they’re being really cute in private and their family tease them?

“Conor, babe, are you almost ready?” You asked, looking at your reflection on your full-length mirror.

“What shirt?” He asked, walking back into your shared bedroom.

You looked at the two shirts on his hands and pointed at the white one. He put it on quickly and you helped with the buttons, kissing his lips softly once you were finished.

“You really don’t have to go, you can go out with the boys.” You smiled.

“I missed it last year, they’re going to think I’m a bad boyfriend if I don’t go to this one.”

“They wouldn’t.”

“You look gorgeous, by the way.” He said as you were applying perfume to yourself.

You smiled at him through the mirror. “So do you. Do you have everything ready? Remember we’re staying at my parent’s for two days.”

“Yep, I know. Everything’s in the car, don’t worry.” He said, as you both started walking towards your front door. “Do you want me to drive?”

You nodded. “Please.”

Three hours later, you were entering your hometown, memories flooding your mind as you drove through the streets you had walked along thousands of times, for years. You didn’t get to go back as much as you wanted because you and Conor seemed to always be too busy, but once a year, you left a few days free of any activity for one special thing: the annual dinner. You never missed one and you weren’t planning on doing it any time soon, either.

It was something you had done your whole life, and even though some people may find it a bit tedious to sit at a table with your whole family, you absolutely loved it. You were always close to your family, even though it was a big one, you were all close and loved each other. There just was something about that night that always felt special, maybe it was your grandparents seeing all their sons, daughters and grandchildren all together or being able to see how everyone is building their lives year by year.

Two years ago, you decided to invite your boyfriend, Conor, to one and loved seeing him getting on so well with your family, it was like he became a part of it that night. Last year though, unluckily he couldn’t go because he was in America but to your surprise, everybody asked why he hadn’t come and the thought of your family caring so much for him warmed your heart. You were glad they loved him so much, because even from the start of your relationship, you knew you were going to fall for him, hard. And you did. You both did.

“Babe, we’re here.” Conor said as he parked the car, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Are you okay?” He asked, turning to you a bit.

“Yes.” You smiled. “Let’s go, I wanna see everyone already.” You said excitedly, making him chuckle.

“Well go on, I’m gonna get our things.” He kissed your cheek.

You got out of the car, running towards your parent’s house front door, knocking on it loudly out of pure excitement. Your mum was quick to open it and engulfing you in a tight hug and when she let go, you were quickly wrapped in your dad’s arms.

“How are you?” You asked them, letting go of your dad.

“We’re good, and you? Where’s Conor?” Your mum asked, her face radiating happiness.

“I’m here!” He answered, going to hug your mum and shaking hands with your dad.

“We’re good, too.” You smiled, as Conor placed his hand on your back.

“Well, come on. Everybody’s in the back.” Your dad said, and you nodded.

“We’re just gonna get our stuff to my room, first.”

Grabbing one of the bags Conor left on the floor by his feet, you started walking up the stairs, him following close behind. Once in your room you left the things on the bed and turned to look at him, a smile on your face as you caught him looking at himself in your old mirror. You walked to him and hugged him from behind, going on your tip toes to let your head rest on his shoulder so you could watch him through the mirror.

“Are you sure I look fine?” He asked. “Like, it’s stupid that I’m a bit worried because I already know them but, I don’t know.”

“You worry because you care, it’s okay.” You kissed his shoulder before standing in front of him. “You look fantastic, babe. Really, really handsome.” You pecked his lips.

Lacing your fingers with his you walked to the back yard, where your whole family cheered to say hi when they saw you two, and after greeting everyone and catching up a little bit with your cousins, you and Conor sat down at a little table with some of your uncles and aunts.

You smiled, watching Conor talk with your uncle about god knows what, seeing how he would listen carefully to what he was saying before answering with a smile or laughing, and even though he was almost turned all the way towards your uncle, his hand was on your thigh, his thumb drawing invisible shapes on it every now and then.

“That, right in your eyes, is a look of pure love, dear.” Your aunt said, leaning in to say it to your ear.

“Sometimes I just look at him and just think about how much I love him, is that weird?” You asked, making her laugh as she shook her head lightly.

“Not at all, sweetie. Happens to me all the time.” She smiled. “It’s like on a daily basis you don’t think of how much you love him and then when you realize is like, wow, I love this guy way more than I thought.”

“Exactly.” You laughed.

“Everyone, dinner’s ready!” Your mum yelled, taking some plates to the dinner table in the middle of the garden.

It took you all a few minutes to settle down, you were quite a few people and sitting almost seven children down for more than five seconds was quite the challenge, but somehow you managed to do it, and started eating.

“Do you want some of this, Rosie?” You heard Conor say, and you looked at him, only to find that your four year old niece was sitting comfortably in his lap.

“Yes, please.” She nodded.

“Rosie, come here, let Conor eat.” Your brother said.

“Oh, no. It’s okay, she isn’t bothering at all.” He answered quickly, making you smile.

“So Y/N, Conor, when’s the wedding?” Your other brother asked.

“What wedding?” You asked, confused.

“Yours, of course.” He answered and you blushed.

“Oh, I can just imagine my little girl walking down the aisle in a white dress, you’d look so beautiful. You’d make a gorgeous bride, honey?” Your mum said dreamily.

“Mum, please!” You said, not daring to look at Conor. “It’s too soon.”

“I proposed to your grandma after less than a year together, sweetheart. It’s love, it’s never too soon.” Your grandpa said, smiling. “Besides, I want to be there on your wedding day, and dance with you.”

You smiled and looked at Conor, who was smiling. He looked at you and you mouthed ‘sorry’ to him but he just shook his head and squeezed your hand a bit, letting you know it was okay.

“Yeah man, you just gotta pop the question.” Your brother said, looking at Conor.

You were sure you were as red as a tomato, how could you not be? You never really talked about the future with Conor, only once, and even though you were sure that you wanted to be with him for as long as you could, you didn’t know what he thought, so when he answered your brother you were surprised, his words making you melt inside completely.

“I will do it,” He smiled “I’m just having a hard time picking the ring.” He finished.

Hours later, you were both changing onto your pajamas, ready to go to bed. And even though you were tired, your mind was racing, his words playing over and over in your head. You brushed your teeth and got into bed, your head finding its usual place on Conor’s bare chest.

“Is it true?” You asked. “That you’re trying to pick a ring?” He hummed.

“I wouldn’t lie to your family.” He smiled. “I know I’m not supposed to tell you, but the words just flew out of my mouth.”

“Do you really want to spend the rest of my life with me?” You asked in awe.

“Can’t see myself with anyone else.” He kissed the top of your head. “Do you?”

“Of course.” You smiled. “Wait, this isn’t you proposing, right?” He laughed.

“No, I want it to be more special and something we won’t forget. I’m not gonna tell you when I plan on doing it.” You nodded. “So, we’re gonna get married, have an amazing honeymoon, have amazing sex,” You laughed “ have kids in a few years and grow old together, doesn’t sound bad, huh?”

“Not at all.” You kissed him. “Specially not the sex part.”

“Hmm, I know you would like that part, baby.” He smiled.

Dad: When I was your age I put out 200 applications to things I wasn’t even close to qualified for just keep at it 

Me [internally]: Yep and now they’ve got they’ve got online filters that toss out your application if you’ve got the wrong degree or not enough experience or too much education. Now I have to choose between part time losing my insurance and having to pay for my own which would mean basically working for free or not having a job at all because the system’s fucked. No I can’t hit the bricks and go out and look it’s literally all online and I never hear back. Never. Not yes not not no just the eternal searching for a job purgatory 

Me [outloud]: Yeah I know I’m going to keep trying


So, I was bored and decided to do a “Powerpuff Yourself” thing. A friend happened to see it and told me I should try putting my hair in a bun in the PPY, and then laughed when my jaw dropped and I said that I just realized I looked like Astoria’s MC if I had my hair up in a bun and didn’t wear my glasses…

So, I decided to do PPY up for Astoria : Fate’s Kiss characters - MC, Hydra, Cerberus, Chimera, Medusa, Hades, Cyprin, then MC again (pensive/thinking this time, probably about to bake), and because I couldn’t get their sad face out of my mind a sad-faced Cyprin in their hoody at the karaoke bar, and lastly May (because you can’t forget your biggest supporter and best friend~!!!).

So… Yep. I have too much free time on my hands, sometimes. And now, going to replay all the routes (starting with Cyprin’s, for the eighth time, lol).

Just Like Me

Could you do an imagine where a new girl joins Alexandria and the others tease Daryl that she could be his sister because she is similar to him in many ways down to the dark hair hanging in her face.

Hope this imagine turned out the way you liked!

NSFW: swearing

Alexandria was the closest thing anyone would ever get to normal. And it really was the first time Daryl had ever been in a normal setting. It took some time but he got used to it and embraced it, accepting everyone there as family as he had done with his own group. Still, he rarely made eye contact and the more his thin hair grew, the harder it was to see his face. And that made reading him so much more difficult as his blue eyes spoke more than his mouth. His eyes gave him away every time.

“Think I’m gonna go out on a run,” Daryl declared, “I can see we’re runnin’ low on a few things.”

“You sure you wanna go alone?” Rick asked.

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, throwing his crossbow over his back, “Work better alone anyway. Haven’t you figured that out by now?”

“Alright, alright,” Rick chuckled, “Just watch yourself out there.”

Daryl had been gone for most of the morning and into the afternoon. He’d caught quite a few squirrels and a possum as well. He wanted to stay out longer in hopes of catching something bigger like a deer. But he’d actually done pretty well this time around. Everyone would be plenty fed when he brought this back. And it would be best to get back home before it got dark and he did have a long way to go after driving a little farther than he’d originally planned.

As he headed towards his truck, rustling from the bushes behind him made him come to an abrupt halt, slowly loading up his crossbow. He took a deep breath before whipping his body around, facing a young woman who had a gun pointed at him.

“Drop your gun,” Daryl ordered.

“Not until you drop your crossbow,” the girl said. She was covered in dirt and sweat. Leaves and twigs were tangled up in her greasy hair, her clothes sticking to her body, exposing a stick thin body that clearly hadn’t been given food in days. He almost felt sorry for her. She didn’t look like a bad person, just hungry and tired.

Daryl held his hands up in surrender, relaxing his body so she would feel more at ease, “Look, I ain’t gonna hurt ya. You alone out here?”

The girl narrowed her eyes, lowering her gun slightly, “Yeah.”

“I’m from this place,” Daryl explained, “There’s food and shelter. And a shower. I’m bringing this meat back. You can come with me if ya want.”

“I don’t know,” she muttered, “How do I know this isn’t some kind of trap?”

“I can’t prove it to ya but if ya really don’t believe me, then I’ll just leave right now,” Daryl retorted, “Or you can trust me and come back with me.”

“Fine,” the girl snapped. She checked her gun one last time to ensure she had enough ammo to protect herself. Keeping her gun raised and her guard up, she followed Daryl to his truck. As he tossed his squirrel and possum corpses into the back of his truck, the girl walked around the area surrounding the two of them.

“Would you come on?!” Daryl snapped, “We gotta get back before it gets dark!”

“Fuck off,” she shot back, “I ain’t sure I trust you a hundred percent yet.”

After she did her search and realized they were truly alone, she was satisfied and got into the truck with Daryl, though she remained tense and unsure. Daryl wasn’t going to try and convince her that she didn’t need to be cautious. Hell, he was surprised she’d even agreed to leave with him. Maybe she was just desperate enough that she would take any opportunity to have something to eat and a bed to sleep in. Or she was placing Daryl in a trap of her own. She was almost as unreadable as he was.

Seeing the gates of Alexandria for the first time and seeing that there were actual people inside, she was stunned. Turns out this stranger was telling the truth. However, that didn’t mean she would automatically be welcomed with open arms. When Rick and the others guarding the gate noticed a passenger in Daryl’s truck, they reached for their guns.

“Wait a second,” Daryl snapped, “She’s good, she’s good. She’s already jumpy as it is. Ya wanna make it worse?”

“Who is she?” Spencer inquired.

“Don’t know,” Daryl replied, “Found her while I was headin’ back. She’s got nothin’.”

“She’s got a gun though,” Spencer argued, “You let her keep her gun? I thought you were smarter than that.”

“Fuck off,” Daryl snapped, stepping forward with his fists clenched. With the two men prepared to use their fists, Rick stepped in and pushed them both away from each other.

“Both of you knock it off,” Rick demanded, “Spencer, that girl looks harmless. I mean, look at her. She kinda reminds me of Daryl when I first met him.”

Glenn piped in with a laugh, looking over at the girl still sitting in the truck, “She does!”

“Stop,” Daryl grumbled.

“Are you sure the two of you aren’t related?” Glenn continued, “Her hair even hangs in her face the way yours does.”

“I’m done,” Daryl muttered. He approached the truck, tapping on the window to get the girl’s attention, “You gonna come out or what?”

The girl shrugged, which earned more laughs from Glenn and Rick, “Guess so.”

She opened the door and climbed out of the truck, glaring at everyone surrounding her. Glenn nudged Rick, “It’s like being back in Atlanta all over again.”

Rick smiled and nodded while Daryl cringed and gestured for the girl to follow him. She glanced at Glenn and Rick, frowning in confusion, “What the fuck are those two giggling like schoolgirls about?”

“Nothing,” Daryl said, shaking his head, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just get you some food and some clothes.”

The girl nodded and she reluctantly tucked her gun back into its holster, “Guess I should thank you…ya know…for getting me back here. Don’t think I would’ve lasted much longer out there.”

“I can tell,” Daryl said, “Looks like it’s been weeks since you had somethin’ to eat.”

“Pretty much,” she said, “All I had left was this gun. And even then, I barely had any ammo left. You guys have running water around here?”

“Yep,” Daryl replied, “Shower and everything. Good thing too, ‘cause you really need one.”

“Oh fuck you,” she retorted, “You’re a giving this place the worst first impression right now.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Daryl scoffed, though he allowed her to see a smirk on his lips, “You’re free to leave at any time.”

“Such an ass,” she whispered. Daryl took her back to the house and sat her down in the kitchen, bringing her some fruit and bread. She ate slowly despite wanting to devour everything in front of her. She didn’t want to overwhelm her stomach.

Daryl took an apple from her bowl of fruit and sunk his teeth into its green flesh, some of its juice dribbling down his chin. He wiped his face with his sleeve as he chewed, watching the girl nibble on her bread. He hated to admit it, but he saw what Glenn and Rick were talking about. She did remind him of himself in the beginning and how he still occasionally behaved. But like him, she couldn’t hide her emotions as they were displayed clearly in her eyes. No words needed to be spoken, it was all in her face.

“So,” Daryl said as he swallowed. She looked up briefly as she popped another piece of bread into her mouth. Now that she was fed, she looked a bit livelier, her eyes wide. He chuckled, gesturing to her with his apple in his hand, “You got a name?”

Hope you liked this and thank you for reading! As always, be sure to leave me some requests! Thanks so much and I love you guys!

  • SALM: So, we don't have any of the kids tonight. All night.
  • Me: Yep!
  • SALM: So do you want to- I mean, what would you like to do? Because I'm about to get into it with this semester and I want to spend this free time with you.
  • Me: I want to spend time with you too!
  • SALM: What have you got in mind?
  • Me: Well, it sounded like you were about to suggest something. What is it?
  • SALM: Well, I don't want to assume, but you've expressed interest in the readings for my Monday class.
  • Me: Oh, heck yeah! I want to read all your things.
  • SALM: I was thinking... maybe we could go to the BBC, throw a few beers on the table, get some nachos, and read these two articles.
  • Me: And annotate them?
  • SALM: No, I mean like read them out loud to each other.
  • Me: Read them out loud to each other and annotate them?
  • SALM: Yeah. I mean, if you were interested.
  • Me: Are you kidding? That sounds AWESOME! Talk nerdy to me!

killmewithcuteness  asked:

How about christmas prompt 24 for makoto x nagisa? I need more love for this ship. Also I hope you're having a good time ♥

[CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #6] Free! (Makoto/Nagisa) - 24: “Is it snowing?” I LOVE THIS PAIRING. I don’t even know what I wrote but here I go. Sleepy cuddly christmas tickles for you~ Thnx for the prompt ^-^

Word Count: 921

Makoto opened one eye and smiled a little, feeling Nagisa’s tiny body curl into his arms. With their height difference, Makoto was being the big spoon as always, and he leaned forward and nuzzled Nagisa’s neck.

Nagisa hummed sleepily, seemingly half awake, and Makoto smiled against his neck, placing soft good morning kisses. He loved his cheerful and energetic boyfriend, but it was a rare and lovely case when he was calm and sleepy like this. Because it was only a matter of counting down until….

Mako-chan!” Nagisa chirped loudly, suddenly awake and disturbing the peace and calm as he squirmed in Makoto’s arms. Oh this precious boy full of energy, Makoto thought as he tightened his grip on him and continued to nuzzle his neck. Nagisa always had a reason to be excited. Swimming practice, a planned date together, appointments with the others, any activity, and this time–

“-Mako-chan is it snowing? They said on the news it would! Let me go! I have to go look!” Nagisa stretched his arms out at the window, making grabby hands but barely reaching the curtains. Yep, this cutie just loved snow. Too much

“Hmmmh…” Makoto sighed, and he continued to nuzzle his neck, pressing his tiny body tighter against him. Nagisa was so warm, and he felt so comfortable. Besides, they played games until late night. Makoto was tired. Why not stay in bed some longer while they were free for the holidays anyway?

“I need to look if it’s snowing! Mako-chaa-aahaha noho whyyy!” Nagisa suddenly whined through a spontaneous giggle fit, and Makoto smirked. As much as he loved snow, Nagisa was also deadly ticklish.  

“Because it’s only nine in the morning and you’re being too loud already,” Makoto sighed.

He was just lazily brushing Nagisa’s stomach with his fingers, just the spot where his hands were resting. All he did was curl his fingers a little and tickle the bare skin lightly, but Nagisa was already starting to giggle and snort, his little body arching and squirming in Makoto’s strong arms. 

“Mahahako-chan!” Nagisa began to shake as more giggles spilled from his lips. Makoto felt his own smirk tug at the corners of his lips, oh this cutie was just too adorable. Fingers brushing and scribbling all over those sweet spots, he let his hands travel up, and the squeal he wanted to hear sounded through the room once he tickled Nagisa’s ribs.

“But snoooow! Nohoho fair, I want to - aaahh!” Nagisa had oh so persistently managed to keep his arms stretched as he tried to escape his boyfriend’s clutches, but that was until Makoto slipped his hands under Nagisa’s arms. His warm armpits felt comfy and oops, it made him wiggle his fingers in satisfaction!

“NYAaahaha!” Nagisa pulled his arms back, squeezing them against his sides and trapping Makoto’s hands in the warmth of his armpits. Makoto didn’t mind at all.

“Heh. I keep telling you you’re too active in the mornings. How about we don’t, just once?” Makoto remained calm and playful, the big tease he was, and with a grin from ear to ear he gathered Nagisa’s hands in one of his huge hands and tugged his arms up over his head.

“Oh noohoho p-please eyahaha!” Makoto rolled from his side onto his back and pulled Nagisa’s stretched body on top of him, face up. 

With one hand he kept his hands together, and he placed soft gentle kisses on them as Nagisa clenched them into tiny fists. Meanwhile, his other hand was hungrily traveling down the length of Nagisa’s exposed torso, fingers wiggling down his underarms and ribs. 

“MAh-mahahako-chaaan!” Nagisa struggled and squirmed on top of him while sweet giggles poured from him, but Makoto kept him in place with ease. He lightly scribbled his fingers down his ribs, tweaked his side, and then clawed his tummy. That last move was very effective. Nagisa’s laughter got louder, a higher pitch, it was just lovely.

“EHEHE NO! Nononono not there!” Makoto chuckled and released Nagisa’s hands so his other hand could join in. Now with both hands he dug his fingers into Nagisa’s tummy, making the blond thrash and buck on top of him, his hands desperately trying to pry Makoto’s evil hands off.

“Cahahan’t breathe! Mako- you’re kihihilling me!” Killing his energy, right, Makoto thought with a satisfied smile. He could keep it up just a little bit more. His tummy was his weak spot, he could just keep going at it and..

“AHh!” One innocent finger wiggled in Nagisa’s belly button and it had him squealing and squeaking in the most adorable way. A couple of squeezes of his waist had Nagisa flop around like a fish out of water, right on top of Makoto, and the playful tickler only just escaped a couple of injuries.

“We’ll sleep a bit longer today, Nagisa-chan. Then we’ll check if it snows,” Makoto finally said as he stilled his hands, and Nagisa’s exhausted body slumped against him. 

Still lying on top of Makoto, Nagisa panted tiredly and nodded. Makoto let him slide back onto the mattress and soon they were both back in the same position as when they woke up. 

Makoto could feel Nagisa’s heaving body calm down as the tickle-tired boy drifted to sleep again, and he smiled a little before he got sleepy again as well. Tickling was so effective, and yup, Makoto got his desired rest: they slept until at least eleven. Oh and if it snowed for real? Poor Nagisa, but no!

anonymous asked:

Hello, can i have some headcanons relationship with Kuroo + Bokuto + my Bby Tendo with a smoll s/o like 5'0-5'2 ? *^*

Yep, yep! Sorry for the wait (this goes for many other requests too! D:)  Lately I’ve been doing more headcanons since they take a little less time to produce and are much easier for me somehow with the workload of another puppy (we now have 2… my eyelids long for sleep). So I hope I can get some scenarios out soon! I’ll be playing the free Overwatch this weekend because I’m trash for many characters and the game itself even if I don’t own it, so please bear with me some more! Thanks, please enjoy these headcanons, lovely anon! -Admin 4AM (Hooo boy, I never realized how tall they all were, each of then are 6′1-6′1.9 (185-87cm)! I’m just… w o a h t h e r e)


  • Will never not use his s/o as an arm rest, he will jump on the opportunity whenever he is given the chance
  • Okay but you can’t just expect him to not take the other opportunity to put things on a higher, harder to reach shelf
  • He has this super smug smile on his face when he’s asked to go help and reach for the skies
  • AKA the third or fourth shelf
  • He really, really likes to see how many pillows can cover his s/o entirely
  • Just another excuse to mess up the room with a ton of tiny pillow forts, as well as the occasional blanket here and there


  • Expect a lot of being lifted up from underneath the armpits and then being swung around
  • Super violent swinging though, you can practically feel a chaotic tornado forming
  • Likes to tease his s/o for a kiss, purposely keeping his face out of reach
  • He gets really flustered when he’s yanked down though, especially by any sort of tie he’s wearing (he may or may not wear ties just to create this outcome)
  • Also attempts to have his partner give him piggyback rides


  • Sometimes for the fun of it, he’ll pretend he can’t hear anything his s/o says because they’re “so down low that he can’t hear anything”
  • He’s often tripped because of his silly comments, and it turns out he really can’t hear anything from down low sometimes and doesn’t realize that his s/o took a running start to trip him up
  • He likes to run up to his s/o in retaliation and whisk them off their feet, quite literally
  • Whether it’s in public or not, with anybody, he will grab his s/o and hold them in his arms until he’s had enough
  • Can never win any game of hide and seek

chamomiletealove  asked:

Your 'they just won't shut up about each other' series is just ridiculously good oh my goooodd. Thank you for your hard work on creating it! Do you plan on doing all season? I mean it's A LOT of work (they really won't shut up about each other) but this series is so briliant 😄 anyway, insta follow! Have a nice day 😀

Aw, thanks, I’m so happy to hear that! 🖤 Yep, I’m going to do all seasons and yes, it does take A LOT of time, haha. Especially because I use Gimp so I have to edit each frame separately because my broke ass can’t afford Photoshop, tsss. Anyway, thank you for your appreciation and following us. Have a wonderful day.