yep i drew it

Hello there! I drew some het!JeffMads for you, yep, there’s fem!Madison and I just love her so much. I think it’s bc girls are so beautiful, and I like them, and I also like Madison and it’s, like, perfect for me, haha. Actually, I just really like JeffMads in all its forms <3

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Are you going to continue the tom turns human comic?

yep. I already drew a several pages. I’ll post it when the starbomb ends.


Okay, so I’ve been listening to the full version of the Blood Moon Waltz a lot (Like, a whole bunch), and I really wanted to figure out a scenario where the full song could be used in the show. What I came up with was this: Because Marco and Star have a soul bond thing, their separation provoked a latent effect of the Blood Moon, which gives them a shared mind space of sorts… where they dress fancy and have serious conversations while dancing, of course.

(This is maybe an obscure reference, but I was thinking something along the lines of the dance between Maka and Soul in episode 20 of Soul Eater.)

ANYWAY, for this imaginary scene in my head, I figured they should be wearing what they wore to the Blood Moon Ball, just fancier. So I drew that. Yep.

Ok so I really REALLY hated how the background in the last picture came out. So, since these are images to go with my shameless fanfic, I decided to make this one out of renderings from the actual show. (just the background. I drew the rest)

Yep. Not much more to say about it. Mephisto didn’t come out how I wanted him. He feels… empty to me. Idk.  but I am enjoying playing dress up with him. haha.

Basically, After making a fool of himself at their engagement party, a very hungover Mephisto sprints to Talia to try and smooth things over. Unfortunately Talia isn’t in the best of moods (being handed over to an evil tyrants ward will do that to a gal). And things get emotional very quickly. *edit: its been pointed out to me that the wording if this may be misinterpreted to seem like Talia is a slave. She is not. She is the second born princess of Xeris (like in the show) who was betrothed to Mephisto by Gramorr and her parents to stop the war that happened in canon. I’m really sorry if it seemed I was being insinsitive. I wanted this story to be a melodramatic cross between beauty and the beast and ranma ½.

Between that venture and the day he started listening to the radio, his dreams typically went like this:

He woke up alone. The streets he walked were quiet. The punches and kicks landed, but he didn’t feel them. People’s faces were muddled and faded. Some of them laughed, but he didn’t hear it. He was always on the ground sooner than he anticipated - or maybe his perception was just warped, this wasn’t real, and the road here was just too uneventful and too quiet to remember, this wasn’t real, and it broke out too quick, and it wasn’t real— and someone pulled out a knife, and it ended up in his hand. So he swung it.

Then he woke up. Alone.

He didn’t remember much of his dreams since he started using the headphones.

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