yep i drew it

a quail-ity education

i found a screenshot of this tweet on instagram and had a strong feeling that @incorrect-hatoful-quotes had it in their collection and sure enough they did

(ah also i made 2 versions because i couldn’t decide which was better)

Between that venture and the day he started listening to the radio, his dreams typically went like this:

He woke up alone. The streets he walked were quiet. The punches and kicks landed, but he didn’t feel them. People’s faces were muddled and faded. Some of them laughed, but he didn’t hear it. He was always on the ground sooner than he anticipated - or maybe his perception was just warped, this wasn’t real, and the road here was just too uneventful and too quiet to remember, this wasn’t real, and it broke out too quick, and it wasn’t real— and someone pulled out a knife, and it ended up in his hand. So he swung it.

Then he woke up. Alone.

He didn’t remember much of his dreams since he started using the headphones.

- The Half Cat (Tumblr | AO3 |

since this is a daily ALOLAN raichu blog and i did not post one for today have this SKETCH LESS thats right ladies and gentle man, sketchless regular raichu. A thing i did just to torture my self in MS paint. it looks pretty ok though.

Overwatch OC Meme: #4 - Formal Attire 

Yep. I already did this one, but when I drew it out on paper, I couldn’t decide if I wanted her in a suit or in a dress. The dress won out for the coloured version in my sketchbook, but I realized that I still really liked this one - enough to make it digital as well. 

And like, I want the whole outfit. 

“I’m just dripping with good looks.”

“[…] me has quemado con fuego la sangre, desenterrando,
un corazón que murió de dolor, es verdad que del odio al amor,
solo hay un paso.”

so theres this telenovela that inspires me a lot as well as mariachi music so have this flirty Mccree