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“Like elder brother and younger brother”

(Shoma and Keiji’s interview in Quadruple 2017 Extra magazine. Thanks to @chestnutskating for the scans!)

Shoma Uno and Keiji Tanaka have been leading Japanese men’s figure skating since they were juniors, and they finished gold and silver at this season’s Japanese Nationals. Their joint interview became a reality after they finished their segments at Worlds. We got a sneak peak into the 19 and 23 year olds’ raw, true selves which we do not get to see most of the time.

– Well done at the World Championships. Were you in the same room this time?

K + S: Nope, we weren’t.

S: We haven’t roomed together much since we became seniors right?

K: Nope, not normally.

– You roomed together frequently when you were juniors.

S: Yep, that’s right.

K: We did room a lot when we were juniors.

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Let me tell you why.


This photo is a HUUUUGE step for me.

I haven’t smiled in a photo for nearly 10 years now. Yep. Ten years.
After my uncle’s suicide when I was 8 years old, my mental health got really bad and it has been a rough road ever since.
My depression made me HATE the way happiness looked on me. The way my chin pointed a bit when I smiled, the crookedness of my teeth…. I wanted to hide.
I would change the way I walked, hoping less people would look at me. I didn’t feel cute enough for that attention. I wanted to put on a cloak of invisiblity, conceal all the flaws.

I used to really, genuinely think I wasn’t going to make it to eighteen. I fully believed it, with all my heart. Some days I still struggle but I refuse to let my depression, anxiety, and OCD keep me anymore. They will 100% visit from time to time, maybe even stay in my home a bit longer because I’m not at that point in recovery yet… But, I now know that I own them.

They do not own me.

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i just don't get why they couldn't have been like "yep we're takin a couple years off and doing our own thing for a bit." i know people always like to say that maybe their plans changed along the way but if harry started working on his solo album in february and liam had a leaked demo in march then that means that.. they were planning on going solo.. lol

yeah exactly, that’s always been my issue. i mean, harry said he started writing for his album in february last year - he talked about being overwhelmed by it - so it’s not like he was just writing in general and suddenly thought ohhh you know what, maybe i’ll write an album. i think he and liam definitely planned on doing solo music, and maybe niall too. i’m not sure about louis planning for it before the break because it does sound like jho kinda came out of nowhere and it became something really important to him and he enjoyed the process so much that he wanted to do more solo music himself. i’m fine with them doing solo stuff and i feel like it was to be expected, but they actively denied that they were going to do solo music (and i don’t care that people think it was expected and oh, of course they’d go solo…..the boys are the ones who said it wasn’t happening) and they put timelines on the hiatus several times, and while those timelines varied somewhat, none of them were longer than two years. and it’s not like they couldn’t have been vague - they WERE vague in some interviews, and then in others they chose not to be rather than just continuing to repeat themselves (as annoying as that may have been) so fans at least received one fucking answer about the hiatus. i feel like i’m in the minority with this opinion, but yeah, i don’t think they should have done that and i wish they’d been more honest about things. a lot of people are like “OHHH WELL FANS WOULD’VE FREAKED OUT” and i’m like lol ummm fans freaked out regardless, and with the fans who don’t believe they’re ever coming back, it didn’t and doesn’t matter what the boys say to reassure them….they’ll believe that no matter what, so you really can’t cater to those people. and it’s the same thing with the media - they were always going to say 1d wasn’t going to come back whether the boys were vague or as specific as saying “we’ll be back january 1st, 2018″ because the media loves drama and because of the history of boybands generally breaking up/going on hiatus and not getting back together. and i know some people have tried to say that it’s just contract issues or whatever that are holding the boys back in terms of reuniting, but they all sound pretty nonchalant and unconcerned and “ehhhh we’ll see when it happens,” so i just don’t know.

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Exciting!!! How about a T rated version of 17? :) Thank you!!

From this prompt list-

17. Hungry kisses on every bit of newly visible skin as clothing is slowly peeled away

Ok so I feel like I kind of tweaked this a bit. The whole “slowly peeled away” part…yeah I changed that lol. Idk, this scenario was just the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at that prompt, so hopely you enjoy it despite the fact that what I wrote is probably different pacing than the prompt actually calls for. *shrug* I went with the inspiration haha! 

Welcome Home

Sherlock barely saw it coming. The second he’d walked into the flat, Molly collided with him at enough speed to shove him backward against the door he’d just shut.

“Molly, you’re still up- mmph!”

His words were drowned instantly as she grasped his face between her palms and lifted up on tiptoes to passionately consume his mouth. He was actually a bit dazed by the time she pulled away.

“Hi,” she breathed out, eyes roving excitedly over his face.

“Well…hello,” Sherlock answered with a little chuckle.

“You were gone so long,” she groaned through clenched teeth, running her palms firmly over his shoulders, chest, and arms as if she were trying to get every bit of what she’d been missing so desperately.

“Yes, it was an incredibly long and taxing week, and I’m relieved to be home now that the case is solved,” he said with a weary little sigh. “And I’ve also been in the air for almost eight hours, so I desperately need to wash up.”

Molly’s eyes lit up even brighter as she took his hand and dragged him, almost too hastily for him to kick his shoes off.

“Oh you’re right, you should have a nice hot shower!” She practically skipped into the bathroom, pulling him in before shutting the door and then turning on the tap.

“Darling, no need to worry about me. I’ll be fine,” Sherlock said kindly as he shrugged off his suit jacket and hung it on the door. “It’s almost one in the morning. Why don’t you get some rest and as soon as I’m-”

Sherlock’s back hit the bathroom wall as Molly pinned him with unexpected strength, fisting some hair on the back of his head to bring his mouth down to hers again. She used her lips to easily part his and kissed him deep enough to make his tired body simultaneously melt and come alive.

She pulled away again, both of them now breathing hard as she started working at his shirt buttons.

“You were gone,” she gasped, “for too long.”

He heard some little pops as a couple innocent button were sacrificed in the process of her whipping the dress shirt back and off his shoulders.

“A-apparently,” he choked out as she began covering his chest with very appreciative kisses.

He could swear she wasn’t missing one single muscle, as if she were counting them off along the way.

Well, it was Molly. So it was possible.

“Never…leave me for that long…again. I don’t care…if the case…is a twenty!” she practically growled.

The anger in her verbal chastising at his absence was somewhat muted seeing as every few words were punctuated with the warm touch of her lips. She paused a split second to throw her own dressing gown off almost angrily before returning her enthusiastic attention to his skin, moving upward and pressing kisses all along his shoulders and neck.

By that point, especially with the occasional addition of her teeth and tongue, Sherlock could barely think clearly enough to do anything besides hold onto her tightly, burying his fingers in her hair as he basked in the euphoria that only her touch and her lips could offer. Yes, he silently agreed with his wife, he had been gone too long. He’d missed her far more than he realized.

Still happily sighing into Sherlock’s neck, Molly reached over blindly to push the shower curtain aside before finally lifting her head.

“Come on, let’s get in,” she commanded breathlessly with an accompanying tug at his belt.

Sherlock chuckled low as he took her hint and continued with the rest of his undressing, though he went at a more leisurely pace while taking the opportunity to tease just a bit.

“You know, I was wondering if this would happen. I had my doubts and thought that it could be a bit of a myth, so decided to reserve my judgement. But it seems you have indeed turned the corner since my departure for the case. This is what now? Almost fourteen weeks? Mm, yes the timing would make sense. Suppose it’s true what they say then…about the second trimester.” He gave her a little wink.

Molly’s lips twisted in mild amusement, though she was also clearly still oozing impatience as she gestured aggressively toward the shower.

“Are we going to stand here and discuss my hormones or are you shutting up, getting naked, and getting in the shower with me?!”

The fact that she then discarded her sleep shirt and gave him a pointed look while stepping behind the curtain definitely ensured that his choice was to very happily follow her lead. There was quite honestly nowhere else he’d rather be.

Though, he did make a mental note to record the latest findings on his pregnancy spreadsheet in the morning.


EXO Reaction: Their tall girlfriend making fun of them for being short

||| @gabrielleolene asked:  Can you do an exo reaction to their super tall gf making fun of them for being short? |||

Park Chanyeol

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He would be kind of lost.

“What are you talking about? You can’t be taller than me, let me measure you again.”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would start pouting.

“I’m not even that short.”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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“Don’t test my patience, girl.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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He would probably start crying or smth like that.

“Okay fine. I get it, I’m shorter. You don’t need to be rude about it.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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Omg she would have to be a giant to be taller than him wth 😂

Teases you back.

“At least I don’t hit the ceiling every time I walk in the room.”

Oh Sehun

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He would not put up with it.

“You’re trying to make fun? Of me? Get your sweet ass over here, so I can teach you a lesson.”


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*Manly man is not happy*

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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He would probably start getting annoyed because you teased him whenever you got the chance.

“Aish, again with that nonsense.”

Byun Baekhyun

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Actually likes when you start teasing him because then he can come up with different ways to get you back (if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)).

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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Not happy. Not one bit. Ignores you till you stop.

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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“Easy for you to talk when you’re in those high heels.” *You take off your shoes* 

“Okay never mind, continue with what you were doing.” *embarrassed af for always forgetting how tall you actually are*

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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Avoids mentioning anything about height in your conversations because you immediately go on a rant how small & cute he is.

“Yep, you got me.” *Tries to change the subject* 

A/N: My computer completely gave up on me when I started searching for the gifs but I somehow managed no to throw him out the window.  So yeah, hope you enjoyed! 😂 Feel free to request more reactions, scenarios etc!!

Bad Days and Delivery Boys

Prompt: Ignore the fact that I keep requesting stuff but I love your writing and the aus are my favorite so could you write ‘Fuck me you’re cute why did we have to meet on the one day I decided to stay in my sweats??’ with Jay? by @natasha-baggins

Y/N groaned as she kicked off her heels. Some days are longer than others and this one in particular had to be at least twenty years long.

She went to the bedroom, put on her favorite pair of sweats, and then settled on her couch to watch netflix. She was about halfway through the first movie she put on when she decided to order takeout.

“Remind me why we decided to get jobs as delivery boys.” Jason grumbled as he gathered the items for the order he was about to deliver.

“Because mercenary work is slow and we need the extra cash?” Roy supplied as he also got ready to head out. “Stop bitching, Jaybird. It isn’t like this is the worst gig we have ever had.”

Jason just groaned and headed out the door.

Y/N had about reached the point of starvation by the time the doorbell rang. She quickly grabbed her wallet.

She opened the door to find literally the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. Tall. Dark hair. Bright blue eyes. He took her breath away. And here she was in sweats with her hair up in a messy bun. Whatever makeup was left on her face was probably smudged to hell and back.

She blushed slightly and gave what she hoped was a friendly smile. “So what was the total again?”

The man started a bit because he had also been entranced. Jason honestly thought she looked so cute and would have loved nothing more than to join her on the lazy evening she was obviously enjoying. “Oh, it is, um, $15.” He said as he checked the receipt.

Y/N pulled out a $20 and exchanged it for the bag of food. “Keep the change.” She was about to close the door when Jason said “Wait! I need you to sign this.”

“Oh okay. My name on this line?” Y/N said as she grabbed the pen and receipt.

“Yep. Your name and your number.” Jason said with a slight smirk.

Y/N paused for a minute, a slight blush appearing on the bridge of her nose at the realization.

“Why? You need me to take a survey or something?” She joked slightly as she wrote it out.

“Yeah, I need to know if you were satisfied with my service.” Jason answered with a smirk.

Y/N giggled and handed him the receipt. “Oh, I will definitely let you know.” She laughed. “Until next time then.” She closed the door and covered her hands with her mouth. Super hot delivery guy thought she was cute enough to ask for her number.

Wait until her best friend Roy heard about this.

Young Justice Batmom: Part 5

Prompt: Batmom in the young Justice universe

words: 918

AN: I love diving into this universe. This first part is a little short, but the next parts will be longer. Thanks to my wonderful Beta’s who are plowing through my stories!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

You take a sip of your wine and smile at your husband. He reaches across the table and takes your hand, “This is a nice surprise.”

His thumb strokes across the top of your hand and he says, “I missed date night last week. I wanted to make it up to you.”

Your smile widens, “Well, this dinner is an excellent step in that direction.”

He raises an eyebrow, and smirks, “Only a step?”

You nod, “You can make the rest up to me at home,” Then you wink.

Bruce’s grin just grows, raises his hand and says, “Check please.”

The two of you stumble in through the door, making out like you’re teenagers. The clearing of a throat forces the two of you apart. You give a guilty little grin as you turn to face Alfred, leaning back into Bruce’s arms. You grin, “Sorry Alfred, we figured you’d gone to bed by now.”

The butler just smiles, “I hate to interrupt, but Master Richard has returned home.”

Your brows knit together, “He was supposed to stay at Wally’s tonight. They were going to have a video game marathon.”

The butler’s eyes slide to Bruce before saying, “He’s currently on the rings.”

Your head swivels to Bruce and you ask, “You know what this is about?” Bruce nods, “You know how to make it better?”

He just kisses your cheek and says, “Yep, but part two of our evening is going to have to wait a few hours.”

You just kiss him and say, “Have fun, and I’ll meet you in the bedroom in three hours.”

Bruce just winks at you, and starts walking off, but Alfred remains. You smile, “I know that look, you have a mission for me or something?”

The butler grins a bit, “Of course not Miss Y/N. I did however hear something about Mister Kaldur.”

You nod, “I’m on it.”

You make your way back to the mountain. You’ve changed into jeans and a t-shirt, and find Kaldur alone in the kitchen. His hair is still wet, and in front of him is a glass of milk. You slide into a seat across from him, he looks up and meets your eyes. You give him a small smile, “I hear you had a bad couple of days.”

He nods, “They were not the best I’ve ever had.”

“Want to talk about it?” There’s a moment of silence, and you smile a bit, “What’s her name?”

He looks up, surprised, “How did you know?”

You shrug, “I’m a mom.”

There’s a moment of silence before he says, “Her name is Tula. I returned home to try and win her affections, but she is in a relationship with our friend Garth.”

“You know, there’s this saying that it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all… It’s a completely ridiculous saying. Heartbreak sucks.”

Kaldur nods “Tula … Tula is not a drain. She loves me, but as a brother I believe. I understand it. But it still hurts.”

You move to sit beside him, guiding his head to your shoulder, “Yeah it does kid, but when you find the right person, the one who loves you back with everything they have, it’s the most miraculous feeling in the world. There’s nothing quite like it.”

“Do you think I’ll find that person?”

You nod, “Yeah kid, I really do.”

You sit with him for a bit longer before sending him off to bed. You return home to find Bruce carrying your almost asleep son upstairs. You grin as you whisper, “He’s out for the count, huh?”

Bruce nods, “He even managed to score a few baskets.”

“Someone is getting OLD,” You tease.

Bruce just raises an eyebrow in question. You giggle a little bit. The two of you tuck a fast asleep Dick into bed, before going to your own room. When the door is closed Bruce asks, “So where did you disappear to? Usually you help Dick cheat.”

“You two needed time together. Father, son bonding and all that.”

He pauses, “Where’d you go, Y/N?”

“Teenage heartbreak at the mountain.”

Bruce nods, “So he came back then?”

You smile, “Kaldur is a strong kid. He’s young but not as young as the others, and now Arthur and Mera are expecting so I think he’s probably feeling a bit alone himself right now. He needed a mom.”

Bruce just pulls you onto his lap, “No rest for the batmom.”

You smile, “And I’m okay with that. These kids are dedicating their lives to protecting people. Someone needs to be willing to protect and support them.”

Bruce leans his forehead against yours, “You’re always trying to protect people, comfort them, support them. Who does that for you?”

“Alfred. He and I have weekly meetings where we check in with each other. We’re each other’s sidekicks,” Bruce laughs, and you smile, “Every time I see you smile, or hear Dick laugh, or watch Alfred chastise one of you I find comfort. Every time I want to try something new, like that new Chinese place we went to tonight, or becoming batmom, you guys support me. And when I cry, you’re there to hold me, Dick’s there to hug me, and Alfred is there with a cookie. This whole thing works because we’re a family. We support each other and love each other, and comfort each other.”

Bruce just pulls you in for a kiss, when he pulls back he asks, “You still up for part two of our evening?”

You just kiss him as he pulls you down onto the bed.

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how do u think keith n lance officially got togther? how do u think theyd act as a couple? this can be in any universe u want i just love ur interpretations

omg so like it really depends on the fic, but my personal favorite progression is: forced cohabitation>realizing each other aren’t as annoying as they previously thought>confronting feelings through a fight>said fight ends with an uncoordinated kiss

And I guess camp counselor AU specific:

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Some kind of weird Fallout 4 AU. Though, actually, I just changed Nick Valentine’s story a bit. I love Nick, but this time I’m not even sorry.

So, let’s say that during his travel Ford comes across a dimension quite similar to our own (yep, another one), but with some technical differences (nuclear energy everywhere). And with a nuclear war about two hundred years ago. So Ford decides to stay there for a while out of pure scientific interest. And one day he meets a synth wearing some shabby human clothes and a wig, which is pretty weird. And he calls himself “Stanley”. And that synth somehow recognizes Ford and later explains that he has all the memories and emotions of the real Stan Pines who lived before the war. And he’s happy to meet Ford after all these years, even if he’s from another dimension. The real Ford from this universe is long gone, he was one of the scientists who transported Stan’s memories to the synth body. And unfortunately both Pines didn’t survive the war. Now the synth Stan tries to live his prototype’s life and at the same time he wants to have his own life, too. Ford can’t leave him like that, but he has no idea how to help him. And his own memories of his real brother make everything even worse.

Sorry, I’m not good at explaining all those AU things. 

99 Problems

Things had been decidedly less exciting around Storybrooke since the final battle. Emma felt as if she was taking the world’s longest exhale. No curses. No monsters. No dwarves screaming of impending doom. There was something profoundly wonderful about the luxury of being bored. With all the madness aside, sheriffing had become a normal job. A few drunks getting too rowdy for the Rabbit Hole and every now and then she had to bust teenagers for vandalism. She even wrote a parking ticket yesterday.

As she strolled into the office that morning, she practically beamed. Bringing her to go cup from Granny’s to her lips, she savored the earthy dark roast. Taking a deep breath with a satisfied exhale as she settled at her desk, delighted by the monotony of paperwork.

“Hello wife” Killian greeted her from his desk with a soft smile. They usually tried to drive together, but as it was the first day of high school she couldn’t resist driving Henry to school…much to his disdain. Suddenly it wasn’t cool to hang out with mom in public. Teenagers…

“Hello, husband” she replied congenially as she watched the color rush into his cheeks and the tips of his ears. Something was still so, so sweet about those words. Even two months later.

She took in the stacks of paperwork: incident reports for car accidents, tickets, budget information, and of course, complaints. She took note that her sweet husband was kind enough to separate Leroy’s complaint letters out from the others. Chuckling to herself, she grabbed the impressive stack and headed toward the filing cabinet. She passed by his desk with an extra bounce to her step as she deposited the letters in the file marked “Leroy…again”. They didn’t really even read them anymore. A barking dog was not an emergency.

As she turned back, she caught him with his eyes fixed to her body, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks. His tongue pressed between his teeth as if he hadn’t already had her once before work.

“Down boy.” She said with a musical laugh as she stopped to kiss him quickly on the cheek.

“Can you blame a man, Swan? You look positively radiant today” He waggled his eyebrows and scratched behind his ear as he grinned at her.

“Well, you know, I’ve got 99 problems but a curse ain’t one” She threw over her shoulder as she walked back toward her desk.

“99 problems? Is there something you’re not telling me, love?” His face scrunched into one of concern.

“Oh, um, no. It’s Jay Z.”

“Jay who?” He cocked his head in confusion. She scrambled to think of how to explain modern music to him. He still sings sea shanties.

“He’s a rapper”

“Oh. What does he wrap?” It was all she could do to contain her laughter. He was so innocent sometimes and so not innocent other times…she snapped her thoughts back to the present.

With a smile twitching on her lips, “Not wrapping like presents…rap as in music. He’s kind of a musician. It’s like a poem set to music” And there’s a lot of bitches and hoes, but she didn’t tell him that part.

“Oh, well I gather that would be quite pleasant” He said, no doubt thinking of those Walt Whitman poems he had found set to some charming and wistful violin.

“I’ll show you some time.” She said with a smirk.

A few days later, she sat at the kitchen table wrestling with her broken coffee maker. “Stupid motherfucking thing, just fucking-” She cursed as she jammed the screwdriver in with more force. It was still early and he was still asleep. He’d been up late last night making her toes curl and her voice hoarse. She had a hard time getting comfortable all night and after waking up three times, she decided to just get up for the day. It didn’t mean she couldn’t grumble about it.

“Oi! Love, what did that poor contraption do to you?” Killian asked sleepily as he entered the room, taking in the hilarious sight in front of him. He’d awakened suddenly, feeling bereft without her by his side. He ambled after her guided by the loud and quite angry sounding music and a few colorful words from his wife. She jammed the flathead into the toaster again and with more force. She didn’t appear to know what she was doing at all, unless she was trying to destroy it.

“It deprived me of coffee and for that it must be punished” She seethed. She jabbed the machine’s guts again, hoping that maybe hitting it would somehow cause it to freaking cooperate. Hechuckled and made his way to her, carefully taking the screw driver from her hand and safely depositing it back on the kitchen counter.

“Easy, love. Surely we can remedy this affliction with some Granny’s?” He affectionately rubbed her back with his hand.

“I’d have to put on real clothes and drive there though” He sighed. Taking in her indecently short pajama shorts and her tank top pressed tightly to her chest so as to hint that she was not wearing a bra, he decided he didn’t want her to change clothes. He liked her just fine like this.

“You’re fortunate that you’re actually quite adorable when you’re acting like a petulant child. Not to worry, your dashing husband will fetch it for you.” She smiled up at him. Yep, he was a keeper.

“Aw, thank you Killian” she said coming up to meet his lips.

“No offense, wife, but do you mind if I turn this music off? It’s putting a bit of a damper on what is to be a very romantic kiss.” She laughed and pressed the pause button on her music. “Ah, thank you. What is that stuff?”

“It’s rap. Remember I told you about it?” She said, grateful for the silence. While “I Don’t Fuck With You” is exactly the sentiment she had meant for her worthless coffee maker, it wasn’t great for when she was very tempted to take her husband on the kitchen table. Because let’s face it, she does fuck with him. She does it a lot, in fact.

“It’s…it’s a tad louder than I expected” Well. It certainly wasn’t Walt Whitman with a violin, she bemused.

“Not all of it is that way. I listen to it when I’m working out some times”

“Or when you’re destroying our appliances” Killian added unhelpfully, if she was being honest.

“Hey! That thing started it” She pouted despite the obvious smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. He gave her a kiss and headed to the diner for her precious coffee.

He was cleaning the kitchen when she first heard it. Killian rapping. It wasn’t great technically speaking, but at the same time she was convinced it was the best thing that had ever happened in the history of time. She hid behind the corner of the wall and watched.

“Sit down! Be humble!” He said along with the music as he swept the floor. He was just a bit behind the beat and a little too eager to get the words out. She didn’t take him for a Kendrick Lamar fan, much less a rap guy at all. He was full of surprises. She wasn’t even aware he’d been listening to it since she said it in passing. But then again, Killian has always tried to learn as much as he could about new things. He’d almost gone a month with his iphone before he’d cracked the screen.

“Captain Hook has bars…who knew?” She cackled, revealing herself. His face flushed enormously and he scrambled for composure.

“I’d hardly say that, but I am enjoying the rap music”

The rap music? How old are you, 75?” She couldn’t contain her giggles, reminded of the grandfather types she had seen on television. He certainly didn’t sound like her thirty-something looking pirate.

“Much older, so you’d do well to listen to me, lass” he joked back, though his crisp tone as he said ‘lass’ definitely was giving her some ideas. He ran his hand through his dark hair, laughing freely as he took in the interest in her eyes. It had all been much less intense as they settled into a normal life. There was more freedom to make fun of each other and less pressure on keeping things romantic all the time.

“Oh okay, I’ll make a note of that, sir” She winked. She thought maybe she saw a tinge of lust color his eyes, but she ignored it. It wasn’t every day that you could make fun of a pirate for rapping.

“Seriously though, what’s your next single? Walk the Plank feat Smee?”

“Very funny, Emma. If you must know, it’s got a nice beat and I happen to have a lot in common with some of these rap artists.”

“Oh, really? What’s a centuries old pirate have in common with a rapper?” She asked incredulously. His eyes lit up mischieviously and she realized far too late that she’d set him up for the punch line.

“They both love booty” She laughed despite herself.

“You’re ridiculous.” She rolled her eyes and snatched the broom from him. “You know, I pictured you as more of a Foreigner or Journey kind of guy.”

“Are those musicians?”

“They’re bands. Rock. You’ll like them” He smiled and wrote himself a note on the notepad on the counter.

“Any other suggestions?” he quirked his eyebrow.

“Boston.” Seeing his confusion. “It’s a band, not the city… Def Leppard…”

“A hearing impaired jungle cat?” His eyes widened comically, but the glint of humor showed her he was kidding.

“You did that one on purpose” He chuckled and nodded his head.

“That one came up on the radio a few days ago. Something about sugar.” He admitted. He stepped closer into her space as he smiled at her.

“Pour Some Sugar on Me.” she answered.

“If the lady insists…” He licked his lips, moving closer but she stopped him right before with a finger to his lips.

“You’re annoying” she said, but her smile stretched wide and her tone was affectionate. She trailed her finger down his lips over his chin then stepped another step closer, pressing her body to his. “But you’re cute.”

“My special super power. Everyone has one, Swan.” He teased. Bringing his lips down to hers, he kissed her. She pulled his shoulders closer and deepened the kiss. Staying there for a moment, tangling their tongues and nipping at his lip. He gently pulled away and rested his forehead on hers.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, boo.” He said sweetly, but he couldn’t keep from teasing her just a little more.

Oh my god, stop!” She pushed back and started to walk away.

He laughed and caught her arm. “What? I’m just trying to holler at you!”

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Okay but can you imagine H getting your initial tattooed near his heart and then after you get married and your last name changes to Styles, he adds an S next to your initial. Yep I love killing myself. Can we talk about this?

Me: *was just telling @aqua-harry how I don’t plan on changing my name if I ever get married*

Also me: *severely hurt by this*

Doing it totally on the sly. You come home one day and he’s got a bandage on and you’re like, “What’s that?”

And he looks down cause he’d forgotten about it by now apart from a litttttle bit of the itch. “Nothing really,” he says with a shrug. “Just had a bit of a touch up.”

“I want to see.”

He’d always joked about this, but you’re suspicious cause you don’t think he was joking at all, and when he doesn’t fight you when you peel the bandage back, you know it before you even see the strong, slightly raised, single initial added on behind yours. Maybe with the initials of your anniversary inked underneath them in small, scratchy letters that you recognize as his handwriting, although he’s clearly nicked something you’d signed to steal the S in your handwriting.

“It’s permanent now, innit?”

You look at him, pulled from your reverie, and he looks… proud, nervous, and mischievous. “Can’t go anywhere now, ‘less yeh want me to get something stupid to cover it up.”

You smile softly and he returns it when you cup his cheeks between your hands. “Only to teach you a lesson,” you say sweetly.

He’s still laughing when you kiss him.

Just for you

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Part 1

Request: “Can I request a two part angst with Baekhyun where you were best friends and he loved you but he was two late to confess because you were dating Sehun. Then 3 years later you guys met each other and… will you finish it because that’s all I have. 😘”-anon

Genre: Angst. Prepare yourself because there ain’t gonna be no fluff.

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: He has been waiting so much time for this. Knowing each other for so long, he knew you were the right girl for him. But when he gets the courage to confess his feelings to you, he is faced with the fact that you’re already taken.

Today was the big day for him. The day he would have to finally man up. The day he would take actions for what he has felt for a long time. The day were he will put his fear of rejection aside and take up enough courage to tell you everything he wanted to all this time.

He convinced himself, it was the day. Because previous days he would think of doing it but end up dismissing the idea and not doing anything. But this time was different, this time he was going to do it.

He had everything sorted out, well almost everything. He did invite you for dinner at a nice restaurant but was he didn’t know exactly was what he was going to say to you. Or more specifically, how he was going to express his feelings to you.

The anticipation was eating him alive. Of course you were his best friend, known you for years now. But that didn’t stop himself from getting anxious for your reaction. What would you think of him? Would you feel the same? And If you didn’t what would happen with the friendship you both had?

If there was something putting pressure on him more than the rest for his worries of the night, it was that. He didn’t want the bond between you two to end at all, but he wanted to be honest with you. You were his best friend after all and he told you everything that was bothering him or things like that. Everything but his feelings, and that was going to change.

He was already at the table he reserved for the both of you in the restaurant. He had a nice buttoned up shirt and dark jeans. He wanted to seem like he put some thought to his outfit but not too much that would make him seem like he was trying too hard. And it was really a rarely the times he got to dress in anything other than his usual clothes so he figured he’d give them a shot. After a few moments of looking back and forth waiting for you, there you came. You walked in with a casual medium length dress, hair behind your shoulders and a loving smile making everything he noticed about you even better.

You spotted him and walked to the table. Baekhyun stood up and walked to your seat and pulled out the chair for you. You were flattered by his actions and grinned to him “Such a gentleman Baekhyunie~ Please take a seat, don’t worry about me” he grinned back at you and sat down in his seat.

He sat a cross from you, starting to feel his heart flutter. You both talked to each other a lot and it was a normal thing to eat together but this time was different. This time he had been holding back his feeling and he was planning on letting them go for once. This time was the time for Baekhyun to finally let you know.

“So, how has my bestfriend been in these few weeks?” you asked Baekhyun, “You know, we should go eat together a lot more and even more now if you’re the one paying.” He laughed and replied “What are you talking about I pay for you all the time!” you laughed along and said “I know, I’m just teasing you.”

“I’ve been fine as ever, not much has happened since we last talked” he admitted. You looked at him suspiciously “Not much? From Chanyeol’s point of view, you seemed to be stressing a whole bunch about something he refused to tell me himself” you said to him.

In that moment, he cursed at Chanyeol in his head. His beloved close friend was well aware of his struggling with feelings towards you and even encouraged him to talk to you. What Baekhyun didn’t know is that Chanyeol was spilling the truth (well, not the complete truth, thankfully) to the one person it was about. He made a mental reminder to choke Chanyeol as soon as he sees him again for almost snitching on him.

He gasped “You’ve been talking with Chanyeol about me behind my back?” he added “I did not expect this from you, tsk tsk. If you want to know how I am, just ask me, not that idiot.” You then said “Well he did tell me something you haven’t told me. Come on Baekhyun, I’m your bestfriend, shouldn’t you feel comfortable enough to tell me if something is bothering you? I know I’m not always full of advice to give you but I’m always here to listen to anything you want to rant or just talk about” you finished, putting your hand on the top of his arm that was resting on the table and caressing it while looking at him with a sweet smile in your face.

He reciprocated a small smile to you as he put his other hand on top of the hand you were caressing him with. “It’s now that, I know I can trust you Y/n, but it’s just not that easy” he admitted while avoiding eye contact. He knew that if he looked up to your doll like eyes again while you touched him so softly, he’d crack and tell you everything in that moment and he didn’t want that. He wanted to wait a bit more, enjoy this moment with you just for a little longer just in case things went badly after he confesses to you.

You were about to ask him what exactly wasn’t so easy to talk about as he just claimed but your thoughts were interrupted by the waiter greeting the both of you and asking for your orders. You sighed quietly and smiled politely to the waiter to then look at your menu quickly and choosing the most appealing meal you could find. You knew something was up with Baekhyun and obviously you wanted to know what was bothering him so much. It did worry you a bit but you decided to let him talk to you about it when he was ready to. You didn’t want to rush him and possibly make him feel a bit more stressed because of it.

After the waiter left, he got oddly quiet. You guessed it was because of what you had previously were talking to him about and felt a little bad. You looked down at your lap, messing with the skirt of your dress, thinking of how to enlighten the conversation of at least change the subject he was clearly not comfortable enough to talk about in the moment. And then something popped into your head.

“You know,” you started telling him “you’re not the only one with secrets” that made him look up to you slightly confused. “There’s something you haven’t told me?” he said tilting his head unconsciously like a puppy. You giggled at his gesture and nodded “Yep, I was planning to tell you later on the week but I guess I can tell you now” you said and he nodded waiting for you to continue.

You inhaled and exhaled, feeling a bit nervous for what your best friend thought about what you were about to tell him but you pushed your anxiety aside because you knew he would support you through everything, like he always had.

“Well I have two things to tell you actually” you started saying “The first one is that I was offered a really good job outside the country. They’re going to pay me a really good amount per hour and also pay for my transportation. I know what you’re gonna say; it’s far away. But I’ve thought about it for sometime and I think it’s a good idea” you ended. He didn’t have any specific expression on his face, it was very serious and blank, but you knew him well enough to know he didn’t feel the happiest about it.

He continued to look at you and sighed, taking this information in. You, his bestfriend and girl he was madly in love with was going to move far away from him for sometime, who knows how many years. It pained him the thought of not being able to see you often as he would, not being able to share more times together or not having a chance at a relationship with you. Distance was going to be a pain in the ass, he knew skype calls and text messages wouldn’t cover or makeup for anything they can do in the moment together. But he also knew how hardworking you were and if you were even considering it, it must be because you wanted it.

“What did your parents say about this?” he asked “I know they wont be pleased with not having you around them”. You replied “I haven’t told anyone besides you, Baekhyun” and added “I was going to tell everyone this weekend but, I guess I just couldn’t wait to tell you”. That made Baekhyun’s heart skip a beat. You didn’t say it with the intention of making him feel some type of way but the your voice was so soft and lovely in his ears, he couldn’t help but to feel special.

He quickly snapped out of his little daze when the waiter came to their table serving them their orders. They both thanked the waiter as he walked away and began eating. Baekhyun paused himself, wanting to continue the conversation and said to you “Well, you better not think you’re getting rid of me that easily Y/n. You’ll have to do more than just move far away to do that” you laughed at his comment and said “Oh I’m sure it wont be easy but don’t worry because you aren’t getting rid of me either. I’ll come back for the holidays and gossip with Chanyeol to keep tracks on you” and he laughed loudly at that.

“But there’s also something else I have to tell you” you said catching his attention. He lifted his look from his food and stared at you waiting for you to continue. “You know Sehun from our hometown?” you asked and he responded “Oh Sehun, the one who was in our elementary school?” you nodded. He said “Yeah I remember him, barely but I do. What about him?” you then paused for a minute trying to collect the words to say and ease this to him. He was always understanding and supportive when it came to the decisions you took but even then, you didn’t fail to feel nervous as the words were about to come out of your mouth.

“He contacted me not so long ago and we started hanging out” you said “He’s actually really funny and cool. He dances amazingly too, like a professional dancer-” and without noticing you proceeded to rabble on about him to Baekhyun. Baekhyun began to feel jealous as you talked a bout another guy so deeply to him. He balled his fists under the table so you couldn’t see them as  thoughts about where this was going clouded his mind. Something told him to stop listening, to just get up and go. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He cut you off, unable to let himself hurt even more and asked “Your point is?”. You stopped your rambling and cleared your throat to talk. “I’m in a relationship now, with Sehun” you said looking at his face to see his reaction when you announced to him the news. But you began to feel strange as there was no expression, he was just blank.

In Baekhyun’ s mind, he was in chaos. He knew this would happen sooner or later if you didn’t feel the same for him but he didn’t know it would hurt this bad. It was like a blow to the heart. He didn’t even get to tell you how he felt, damn it, he thought. If he would have talked to you sooner. If you wouldn’t have met Sehun again. If you actually would have fallen for him, he wouldn’t be hurting so badly. He thought about all of this but he knew deep inside, there was no point to think about the it’s and what if’s.

The reality of the situation was presented to him with a spoon full of sugar but it tasted to bitter to him. He couldn’t swallow and digest it. The thought of you being in love with another man made his stomach turn. The thought of you being touched, kissed, caressed, loved by someone else made him sick. He wanted to spit out this awful truth but he couldn’t. He loved you and loving someone means taking care of and wanting only the best for them. And if loving you meant he’d just have to let you go and let you be happy with another man, he was willing to do just that. Just for you.

You stayed seated anxiously as the minutes flew by and you waited for his response. He stayed dangerously stiff also, not flinching at all when you moved in your seat. You wanted to know what he was thinking, what was running through his mind that had him so lost in thought. You wanted to say something and pull him out of his thoughts but you didn’t for some reason, you just sat there waiting for him to speak again. And he did.

Baekhyun sighed as he directed his eyes back to your face. The face he looked at with so much love was now full of worry. He took his hand from under the table to take yours. His thumb caresses your hand as he savored this little moment in his head. He pasted a smile on his face for you as he finally responded “I’m really happy for you Y/n, I hope he makes you really happy” in a caring tone. You smiled at him as the weight was lifted of your shoulders. Seeing him so supportive made you happy and glad you told him before anyone else. You squeezed his hand in yours and said “Thank you so much Baekhyun, you have no idea how much this means to me” making him squeeze your hand back and reply “Just as long as he’s a good guy and treats you right, I’ll approve it. If you’re happy, I’m happy”.

You felt your smile grow even larger if it was possible and looked at him. You both pulled your hands away and went to continue eating. As you were about to lift up the fork, you felt your phone vibrate in your purse. You took your bag and looked at your phone. It was a message from Sehun saying  he’d come to pick you up and he was waiting outside. You looked out and quickly spotted his car.

“I’m sorry Baek but I have to get going” you said to him as you began to lift up and stand from your seat “Sehun came to pick me up”. His gaze never left his plate as he nodded and said “Oh okay, I’ll see you around then”. You said your goodbyes and before walking out you hugged him from behind and said “Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it” and he replied “Anything for you, Y/n” and with that you un wrapped your arms from him and walked away.

You got outside and walked directly to Sehun who was leaning against his car in the parking lot. “Who was that?” he was asked and you couldn’t help but laugh at his straight-forwardness. You kissed his cheek and walked to the passenger side telling him “Baekhyun his my bestfriend, don’t stress about it”. You both sat in the car and you continued saying “In fact, I want you two to met soon” and he nodded his head. “Well if he is your bestfriend then he must be a good guy” he said and you mumbled “He sure is” as the car drove off and you were on your way home.

Baekhyun stood up later after you left and called the waiter to pay the bill. At this point his appetite was gone and he just wanted to leave, wanting nothing more that swim in the bed sheets of his room and sleep, hoping to dream with a reality far better than this one.

He stepped out of the restaurant and walked to his cars with his keys in hand. He opened the door and sat down in the driver seat. Closing the door he took a deep breath, still taking in what just had happened. Turning on the car radio in hopes to distract himself, he rested his head on the staring wheel and listened to the songs being played. After a while, he lifted his head and started the car. He could already feel the wetness in his cheek from the tears that had ran down his face. He couldn’t help them. He was alone and vulnerable so he let himself go while he was driving home. His vision was cloudy and it was almost not possible to see the road correctly but he couldn’t help it. He just loved you that much.

A/N: So sad! And the best/worst thing is that there wasn’t someone who was being the antagonist, both characters were doing what they thought was best. There will be a second part where they meet again though, so yeah. Any questions or thoughts leave them in my inbox! Take care, sweeties *waves goodbye*
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Fic for @cerusee
Gen/Family Bonding
Young!Jason Todd
Rated: T

The massive clock ticked off the seconds of the fourth quarter and far below on the field, players were moving into formation at the Gotham Knights offensive twenty yard line. They looked minuscule from the windows, so the few people in the luxury box mostly watched the game on a huge flat screen television mounted in front of a curved leather couch.

On the other side of the room, a table with the remnants of catered h’or d'oeuvres was set back against the wall, beneath framed and signed photographs.

Bruce Wayne was doing three things at once, during the last quarter of the game. He was giving just enough attention to the score that he could react appropriately during plays. He was keeping up a buddy-buddy conversation with two executives that were considering merger deals that let Wayne Enterprises essentially buy out company control in return for shared accounts and research funding.

And finally, he was occasionally twisting around on the couch to glance at Jason Todd. The tiny thirteen year old could still pass for eight or nine despite the fact that he’d single-handedly cleared about a third of the catered snacks himself. The boy had been visibly excited at the prospect of the luxury box when Bruce had mentioned it, but the thrill had clearly faded when it became clear that Bruce was busy, in a way, and that there wasn’t much to do other than watch a football game.

Jason wasn’t, for all his protests, really that interested in sports.

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When Your Mad At Me (J-Hope x Reader)

Request : Can I request a smut of jhopexreader based on the song When You’re Mad by Ne-Yo?

Thanks for requesting this, it was fun to write so I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to request more guys! Hope you all enjoy this story! (Btw it’s like the tiniest bit angsty at the beginning) ~Park : )

Band/Member : BTS/J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)
Genre : Smut
Warnings : nopeeee


You sighed as you watched out the window for the familiar truck of your boyfriend, but the streets were empty and dark and you knew what this meant.

He forgot.

You glanced over at the clock, 10:57pm, yep he’s not coming. You pulled the curtains shut giving up on your boyfriend and walked over to the sofa. You took off your heels and set them on the floor next to the sofa, debating going up to change out of your dress, but decided you could put up with wearing it a bit longer. You turned on the TV and flipped through the channels unable to find something to watch.

I can’t believe he forgot our night.

You shut off the TV and chucked the remote onto the floor. How could Hoseok forget? The thought enraged you, you laid back at the couch and stared at the ceiling. He’s probably sleeping or out with friends. He probably doesn’t even care that he forgot about you. Eventually the darkness consumed you and you fell asleep.

The doorbell awoke you and you looked at the clock, 2:12am, it better not be Hoseok. You walked down to the door and opened it.

“Hey-” you slammed the door on Hoseok before he could give you some dumb excuse. You turned around and walked right back up the stairs as he opened the door and followed you in.

“Look I’m sorry,” he pleaded following you up the stairs. You turned into the living room completely ignoring him as he followed. “Jagiii, don’t be like this”

“Shut up,” you spat out picking up your heels and turning around to go up to your room.

“At least let me explain-”

“No! You have nothing to explain!” You screamed at him.“You stood me up and now you think you can just waltz in here and everything will be fine?!”

He walked closer to you and reached out to grab your hand, “I was at the studio and got caught up in dancing and lost track of the time I swear.”

“Don’t touch me!” You stepped back away from him, “I already told you I don’t want any of your dumb excuses!”

Hoseok reached forward and pulled you in, locking your lips together. You pulled back and hit his chest in anger, “You think you can just kiss me and it’ll be better?!”

Hoseok grabbed your wrist and pushed you against the wall, pinning your wrist above your head. He sloppy kissed his way down your neck. He held your wrists above your head with one hand and used his other hand to unzip your dress. The dress fell to the floor and you stepped out of it as Hoseok pulled off his shirt and jeans.

“Matching lingerie?” Hoseok asks, eyes raking your body.

“Quit looking at it, I’m mad at you.”

“Good.” Hoseok reaches his fingers back to remove your bra whilst sucking a hickey on your neck. You let your bra fall to the ground and Hoseok moves his lips down to your breasts. “You’re so sexy when your angry.”

He picks you up and moves over to the bed laying you down and hovering above your body. He sucks on your breasts as his fingers run down your body, they reach your underwear and remove them. Hoseok runs his fingers along your folds making you gasp.

“Your so wet for me.” Hoseok whispers, “Maybe I should do something about that” He slowly kissed his way down to your sweet spot, once there he licks a long stride up your folds making you moan out. He slides two fingers into you moving them in and out and licking figure eights around your clit. He began moving his fingers faster and faster, taking your clit in his mouth and sucking it until finally your walls clenched around his fingers and you screamed his name, juices flowing out as he lapped them up with his tongue.

Hoseok removed his fingers and licked up his fingers, moving up to kiss your lips as he removed his boxers. He lined himself up with you entrance and pushed in as you moaned into his mouth. He broke you kiss and put his hands on your hips thrusting into you hard and fast, giving you no time to adjust as he pounded into you. You moaned and wailed his name and that seemed to spur him on more as he relentlessly thrusted into you. You felt a knot start to build in your stomach when Hoseok pulled out.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded, sitting back waiting for you to one him. You shifted over onto your hands and knees and Hoseok slapped your ass before slamming his dick back inside you. You screamed out his name at the sudden pleasure as he moved in and out of you quickly. Soon enough your walls began tightening around his dick deep inside you as you came closer to your climax and his thrusts were beginning to become erratic. He reached his long fingers down to your clit and began swirling them around the bud, making you a moaning mess. Finally your hands gave out below you and you came moaning Hoseok’s name as your walls tightened around his dick still slamming in and out of you. After a couple more thrusts Hoseok came, shooting his load inside of you. He pulled out and went to grab a towel to clean you both up.

After he cleaned you up he layed down on the bed next to you and wrap his arms tightly around you, giving you a soft kiss. “I’m sorry I missed our night Jagi.”

“It’s okaie, I guess we still kinda had it right?”

“I’m gonna make it up to you, how about we go see that movie you wanted to see this weekend?”

“Okaie,” you whispered, “promise?”




This is NOT a Rant or Mad Raving. Just the FACTS…

I’m just gonna put this out there. What the hell show are some folk watching? Every week I read the reviews and recaps (both sides, great jobs) and I’m like… “Shut the front door!” Folk got that…from what I watched? Really?! And not just about John and Madi. Although, they are the sole focus of my Black Sails musings. It would be all I could do to just 👁👁 and keep my mouth 🤐. Okay, I’m not always successful at 🤐and today won’t be any different!! 🤣🤣😂Get comfy 🛌🛋

With all due respect, James McGraw aka James Flint is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination (and it has been stretched to unbelievable proportions), the protagonist in this show. He is very much the antagonist. Captain James Flint is not the hero. Not the kind, loving, innocent ginger being betrayed by his dastardly, low down, Pirate friends. James McGraw is the enemy. Period. No matter how you romanticize his actions, James McGraw aka Captain James Flint is a bad person. Harsh but true.

Let’s briefly recap. 1) James McGraw has an affair with a married man, Thomas. How many would be understanding of your wo/man having an affair? Thought so. Then why folk acting like this is ok? Oh, right. Fantasy not reality. So run with it. Thomas and James, their kisses were so adorable. So loving…and in front of Miranda (which had to hurt) and so wrong. *Let’s be very very clear… I give less than a darn that it was a gay relationship. What James McGraw and Thomas Hamilton did was wrong. Gay, straight or otherwise* There are consequences to actions, Thomas dies… 2) James McGraw is exiled…but strangely enough, has no trouble sleeping with the “love of his life’s”, wife. What the hell?! How is this acceptable? I totally get Miranda banging Flint. What better way to get back at the one who hurt you? Alive and/or dead. Make him love you. But Flint? What’s his excuse? Now, he loves her too…Get the Capital, bold and italicized “F” outta here!! And suddenly, James McGraw is the victim! 👉🏾No. His actions cause the death of 2 people. NOT the victim. 👈🏻

Miranda is the victim. She is the victim of her birth and of society’s demand that she stoically accept her husband’s dalliance. BUT, I get it. Without James’ anger and desire to kill everyone, there’d be no, “real” protagonist, John Silver. Yep, this is about John AND Madi. Okay. John……Madi too! ( I can’t help myself 😇). I digress. James McGraw, like everyone else, who chooses to hurt others, loves James and James McGraw, only. Interesting that folk just want to see him reunited with Thomas but not Miranda, when he loved both. Right?! Hmm?!! That supposedly loving threesome seems shadier when viewed in this manner. Poor Miranda.

Flint kills supporters/allies when their usefulness is at a predetermined end. Bad guy! The average, sane, individual, doesn’t kill their friends or people who help them along the way. Especially, after they pull your ginger arse from a tight crack. It boggles the mind that folk are mad at Billy for wanting to kill Flint. Hell-oooo! Billy lied FOR Flint (that was a blank sheet of paper) and once Billy had knowledge from Miranda, he “accidentally” falls overboard?! You bet your sweet tail feathers I’d be gunning for Flint, if given a chance to get revenge. Billy is now being seen as irrational and jeopardizing the lives of others! Can you say… WTF?! Hellloooo!! Flint. Tried. To. Kill. Billy. And as a result Billy. Was. Tortured!!! Nuff said. I’d be off center too. Psst! This IS rational behavior. What isn’t sane, is expecting a person who WAS BETRAYED and almost killed, to be okay with it. Wait, I hear folk defending Flint. Nope, he is at the root or cause of Billy’s madness. John plays a part in this too; although, unwittingly. I can understand Billy’s shock, at John’s changed behavior, upon his return. Billy was used to speaking and thinking of Flint in a certain light and having John’s support. I suspect a bit of a mancrush on Billy’s part. Why else would he build up the legend of Long John Silver? Crushing all the way! Billy didn’t have the benefit of witnessing, up close, John’s transformation due to Madi’s love and falling over board. Now that’s a parallel for you. Both men went into the water and came back changed men. Now, when Billy speaks words of caution. John perceived them as the usual, until Madi’s name is mentioned, then it’s a threat! Not sound advice, as it is. Which, is why Billy goes after Madi. John sided with Flint. He is now the enemy. In addition, its a logical step for Billy. Dang it! I went off the rails!! Choo choo! I could go on, and I will.

Next is John. Yep, Flint was going to KILL him. You and I both know this to be fact. Flint’s plans haven’t changed. If, John didn’t have the foresight of burning that page. He’d be Dead. DEAD. DEAD.☠️☠️☠️☠️ But never mind, folk would rewrite fact and believe, Flint’s in looooovvvveee with Silver now, they’re friends. Flint wouldn’t dream of harming a hair on Silver’s head. They’re friends to the bitter end. That’s not true. I believe people misunderstood Silver and Flint’s conversation: Silver: “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t “considered” killing you in months.“
Flint: “A little bit.” Flint isn’t comforted by this admission because Silver didn’t say he hadn’t thought of killing Flint. He just had considered it necessary…lately. Totally different meaning.

John KNOWS Flint will kill him in a heart beat. Still!! Of this we can never doubt. Flint’s original goal was to get the gold and make people pay for making him cry. This is another reason why Silver is an emotional wreck. He is being forced to play the cards, he helped stack but Billy shuffled and Madi cut. He is committed to Flint, because he needs Flint to win the war, because he promised Queen Mother. He is committed to Madi because he is COMMITTED to Madi. Heart and Soul and by association, the Maroon People. Remember how he lost strength when he learned of her death. She causes a visceral reaction in him. It’s internal and eternal. Can you logically surmise, Silver not waging war on anyone who threatens. Endangers or touches Madi.

I’ll admit, Flint appears innocent of all wrong doing at this point but that is how evil and sociopaths work (I said it, and yes, I do have a degree in psychology). They manipulate you to unwillingly (or unknowingly) do their dirty work. Like you do the work setting up the dominoes for a big event but Flint "accidentally” trips you, knocking over the first domino, setting off the chain reaction. All you can do is watch the untimely destruction. Don’t believe me? All the folk fighting on Flint’s War, how many did he actually recruit? I’ll wait. Few/None. He approached Eleanor, who made sure he didn’t…wait for it…kill Silver! But he manipulated Gates. Then Billy, then Silver, who then approach Queen Mother, see a pattern? Flint is a charismatic devil. Literally. I could go on but I won’t. Flint has to die, like any antagonist should. It’s just a matter of who, where and how? We already know the why. Don’t mess with Madi!! Don’t mess with John!

To be really real. I wished Hands had laid hands on John’s head again and got him to ask the questions he shoulda asked when Flint gave him bad intel. (You had one job!) Ya know, before he absolved Flint of blame. Like. Did you see her body? Did you attempt to enter the burning building? Then how can you say, with certainty she is dead? What are you doing here?! Telling me lies?! I saw Flint trying to be the first to deliver the bad news. That is all. Lip service. Okay, okay. Too much. Bad Woo! But I will not apologize because it’s true. Yep, bad guy. No hero here.

To wrap this up! Finally!! John has grown as a leader and a man. He hasn’t changed who he is in essence. He has never wanted to fight Flint’s war. However, he was willing, for HIS PORTION, of the gold, only. Not, to defeat a nation…until Madi. Flint wants ALL of the gold and everyone dead. Flint hasn’t changed. He has adapted because it benefits him to do so. He’s saying and doing the right things, right now. However, Flint will once again reveal his true colors. That’s some really, really, real shite right there. Write it down.

Back to John. John has always been willing to kill Flint. Which bothered/upset him, when he believed (not really) they were friends. He just didn’t see the need to…at that time, they were successful in their endeavors. Now, there’s a need and he has tasted the bitter fruit of “darkness” and liked it! John is no longer fighting the thought of ending Flint when it comes to Madi. No doubt whatsoever. John is back to where he started, when plotting next moves against Flint. Nothing has really changed. Neither has Flint. You betray a friend. John and Flint were never friends. They both know this and we should too, if we’re watching the same show. ~PitchingWoo™.

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Ayyeee bullet point request: shopping for lingerie with the boys??? Thanks love ❤️

Lingerie shopping with the twins Would Include :
•He be sooo moody cos you made him go into Victoria secret with you
•he’d say he didn’t look ‘manly’
•once he was done being a moody baby he would turn into his usual cheeky self
•he’d pick out the most revealing and inappropriate clothing and make you try them on for him
•blushing and just being rather embarrassed
•no doubt he’d come into the stall with you and ‘help you take the clothes off’ but really he would just stared at you
•"you’re beautiful y/n"
•"y/n we are buying everything and I want my own personal fashion show when we get home"
•just Ethan having a filthy mind and not being embarrassed to voice his thoughts even if they were R rated.
•he’d probably be a bit shy and embarrassed that you had dragged him into this type of shop
•he would help you find any pieces of clothing that he thinks you would like
•it would be so sweet to see how shy he gets and how everything makes him blush
•but then when you were in the changing rooms and he saw you in the red set he picked out dirty and confident Grayson would arrive
•"yep, I knew I had good taste. Your arse looks delicious in that baby.
•"y/n can we go home? I’ve got a boner and it needs your personal assistant.. mouth to well penis"
•dirty jokes
•Gray wouldn’t be able to look any of the other ladies in the eye just cos he’s shy and doesn’t know where to look
•he’d be more reserved then Ethan is
•he’s compliment you but also let you know that he wants you and needs you
•you’d have to buy your outfits quickly and then drag him to the car for some ‘fun’

Yo this was actually really fun & I was listening to peacock by Katy Perry whilst I wrote this 😂🤷‍♀️ I hope I did it justice and obviously this is just how I personally think the twins would react! Let me know what you think & bullet requests are always open. xx