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scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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Slippery When Wet

Reid x Reader

“You had sex in the Museum of Modern Art ? Oh my gawd..” Penelope’s hands were clasped over her mouth and she was almost shaking with laughter.

You all were. What had started off as a nice meal cooked by JJ, had quickly escalated into a full on girls night in. You were all strewn about her living room, wine bottles in various places. You were lying on her couch, your feet placed in Emily’s lap and you were all discussing the various strange places you’d had sex.

You were tipsy, pleasantly on your way to being hammered and you were having a brilliant night in with your female colleagues. Garcia was sat in the arm chair with her legs slung up over the side and JJ was sprawled out on her floor, her head propped up on her arms and a half empty bottle of wine next to her. She’d taken to swigging directly from the bottle as she’d smashed her second wine glass an hour ago and you’d all berated her for wasting alcohol. You knew where your priorities were.

“Yep! I used to date one of the security guards when I was eighteen. He snuck us in after hours,” Emily told you, her face pink with laughter.

“God…” JJ said. “The most adventurous place me and Will do it is in the shower, he loves it in there.”

You giggled, “Spence loves it when we fuck in the shower too, although I’m always scared we’ll slip over.”

The three girls stopped laughing and all turned to look at you incredulously.

“Spence?” Emily asked.

Your eyes widened as you realised what you’d said.

“OUR Spencer?!?” JJ rearranged herself into an upright position, crossing her legs and leaning forward.

Oh fuck.

“Y/N? Really? You and Reid?”


JJ crawled across the floor and pulled out her handbag which was stashed at the side of her couch. Taking out her purse, she handed fifty dollars to Emily.

“Penelope, I believe you owe me fifty too?” Prentiss told Garcia.

“In a minute. I still…. Really?” She was leaning forward in her seat.

“You can’t say anything to the guys. Please. We’re not ready for people to know yet.”

“OH MY GOSH, IT’S TRUE!!” Garcia squealed and you caught JJ rolling her eyes and making the motion of covering her ears.

You took a big gulp of wine and nodded, readying yourself for the questions.

“When?” Penny demanded to know. “No no no wait.. I bet it was at Morgan’s party? Am I right, am I right?”

You shook your head. “We were together by then.”


Emily and JJ just looked amused, watching the exchange between you two. You gave them all a sheepish look.

“The time we went on that outward bounds team building thing? I remember you two lagging behind on the trails. Did something happen then. Wait… You two got back to camp a good thirty minutes after the rest of us. It was then wasn’t it… Oh I can see it now; you trip and Spencer reaches for you to stop your fall. You end up in a pile on the floor and stare into each others…. ”

“Pen, no. We were already together then too. Although something definitely happened in those woods.”

JJ interrupted her just before she was about to launch into another convoluted guess. “When exactly did it happen?”

“Erm…. You remember that case where I was really ill and Spencer ended up escorting me home and spent the weekend looking after me.”

“Hahahaha,” Emily laughed. “So you played a little bit of Doctor Reid and patient then.”

“Weeell not exactly. I was too ill. But that’s when we discovered that we both liked each other.”

“Girl, we could have told you that.” JJ sipped from her wine bottle, grinning at you.

“So wow… That was… ” Garcia thought back in her head, “Seven months ago.”


“What’s he like, you know, as a boyfriend?” JJ asked.


All three awwwwed in unison. You weren’t lying either, Spencer really was the best partner you’d had.

“Does anyone at work know?” Garcia wanted to know.

“Only Hotch. And that was because we felt he ought to. He’s fine with it as long as it doesn’t effect our work. Which so far, it hasn’t.”

There was a moments pause before Emily cleared her throat.

“I’m just gonna ask what those two are thinking. What’s he like in the sack?”

“I can’t tell you that!!”

“Yes you can.” They urged, almost as if they were a practiced chorus.

“No, I can’t!”

“You’ve gotta give us something here.” Garcia begged.

“Look, all I’ll say is that he’s definitely picked up a thing or two from all the things he’s read, and that he makes me extremely happy.”

Another trio of awwws.

“I never really imagined Spencer to be a shower sex kinda guy though,” Emily piped up.

“Oh he definitely is. I swear, the amount of times one of us has nearly slipped over.”

…Monday Morning…

The girls had promised not to say anything and you were trying to find the right time to tell Reid that you’d let it slip. You’d decided that when you were ready, you’d tell everyone together.

You were sitting across from each other around the circular table in the meeting room with Hotch, Derek and Rossi, waiting for the other three.

Strolling in with smirks on their faces, they handed Reid a wrapped package.

You looked at them curiously.

“A present? What did I do to deserve this?” He asked them excitedly, ripping it open at their urging.

“An anti slip shower mat? I don’t get it?” He looked at them confused.

You were going to kill them. All three of them, together.

“Y/N was telling us the other night how you sometimes have problems staying upright in the shower,” Emily told him as the other two tried to keep a straight face.


“I’m sorry…… I’m so sorry!!”

He started to chuckle as did the other men. Standing up, he quickly walked around the table and pulled you out of your chair, wrapping his arms around you.

“I kinda let it slip too, last weekend when we were at Rossi’s.”

“Thank God!” Derek exclaimed loudly. “I thought we were gonna have to pretend we didn’t know forever. You have no idea how hard this last week has been for me, wanting to make jokes at your twos expense. Although… The shower mat. I don’t get it?”

Penelope whispered something into his ear and he grinned, nodding approvingly.

“Slippery when wet, eh.”


Request (Anon): Tom and the reader have a fight so she won’t sleep in the same bed as him

words: 1838

Eight months

That’s how long you and Tom have been together. Exclusively at least. You’ve known each other for nearly six years, each of those years spent denying feelings for one other. So, whenever Tom finally silenced the words of encouragement from both his head and his friends and told you how he truly felt it was no surprise to anyone how easily the two of you fell together. Over the years, the two of you have had your share of fights. Best friends always do. Maybe that is why he hadn’t expected your first fight as a couple to have such a terrible fallout.

He wasn’t prepared to be on the other end of words that caused tears to fall from your eyes, or to be the one incapable of making them stop. Throughout the majority of your friendship, he’d been the one to comfort you in times like this. He was always the one to talk you out of moments of self-doubt. Only, today, he had nothing to say.

And that was the problem.

Instead of speaking, he’d shut completely down.

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anonymous asked:

Wait you have a Decans plush? :D

Yep ! Alaina made it for me and he’s really soft perfect for cuddling whenever I was going through a though times, seriously, it’s one of the greatest gift I got ;u;

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 15

‘The moonlight casted a grey hue on his skin and he looked ethereal, like he belonged in a different world. She wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.’

tiny bit of fluff woven in amongst the horny teenager sexytimes soooo this part is NSFW

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18Part 19

When Rhys had arrived home that day, the left hand side of his face a smattering of bruises and blood on his shirt, Ines had almost thrown a fit.

Rhys had took it all, he sat down when his mother berated him for getting himself into such a mess, then he was berated for not using his self-defence and martial arts training that all Spera’s went through as a result of his father’s job. She then hugged him and kissed and made him tomato soup.

Mothers, Rhys thought as Ines was tucking him into bed loaded with a bowl of soup and snacks. It was only a couple of bruises. But was Rhys going to deny all this positive attention? Absolutely not.

“Has Cassian been given the same treatment?” asked Rhys, dunking the bread into the soup.

Ines took a deep breath, “Cassian isn’t here.” Rhys looked at her in confusion and it took a few moments for Ines to speak, like she was reluctant to get the truth out. “He left this morning, he wasn’t hungover, he told me that. He just told me that he needed to go somewhere and that he would be back tonight. Then he told me to trust him.”

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Our anthem

How would BTS react if thier s/o (also an Idol) wrote a song a bout them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this song at an award show?

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Joonie would be really touched by the fact that you chose a song you’ve written meant for you and him to a whole crowd of people, and at an award show! like he’d seriously be a proud and happy boyfriend. As you sang you’re heart out to the song about you and him he becomes all shy but would have the biggest grin on his face while he watched you perform. Once the song was over there is a small break so he rushes backstage to see you. “Baby you did amazing!” he embraces you in a great bear hug. “You really liked my performance?” you look up at him smiling. “All of it,” “that’s good this song is already special but I wanted to make it memorable for you.” You nuzzle your head onto his chest hugging him a bit tighter. He can’t help but smile and kisses the top of your head. “I love you y/n.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

When he sees you on stage and hears the familiar tune he would be a little caught off guard and laugh away his shyness. But as you began to sing the song jin would stare up at you with so much love and sing along with you. After you’re performance he heads over backstage to tell you how well you did and how it surprised him a bit. “Y/n I can’t believe you sang our song,” he hugs you. “Was it too much, I just wanted to sing it for you and I thou-” he cuts you off by capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. “You did great and I loved every minute of it.” You blush and hid your face a little “You liked it that much?” “How could I not it’s our song y/n you made my heart jump and every thing!” You laugh at his reaction and kiss him again. “I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


Originally posted by daeguboy

Personally I don’t think yoongi would be able to hide that gummy smiles of his because he’d be so freaking flustered the moment the music began to play and realizing it was the song you wrote about your relationship. Like he tries to be chill about but he can’t because he’s kinda low-key fanboying over you. He would see the way you poured your heart into singing the song and how much passion you were showing in front of the crowd would make him all giddy inside and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. When your stage was over he sneaks away to find you. “Interesting choice of song babe,” “Did I surprise you?” you grinned at your boyfriend and gave him a playful hit to the arm. “maybe a little, but you did great up there?” he puts his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. “A little?” you raised a brow. “Look I really liked that you decided to sing it ok, you can tease me later about it just let me hug you.”


Originally posted by joeguk

Hobi gets emotional at certain times and this would probably be one of those times. The fact that you’re singing your guy’s song at this time in front of all these people, with him there would take him over the flipping moon. He would smile and sing along and then at some point just cry a little because his heart just hurts from all the love he’s feeling. When you finish he wastes no time to get to you and hugs you like it’s his last day on earth. “Hobi did you cry?” you held his face in your hands and tried not to laugh. “Psh no,” he sniffles a bit. “I had something in my eye,” “both your eyes?” Hoseok smiles widely and kisses  the top of you’re head. “Don’t judge me I was bound to with you singing our song.”


Originally posted by jitaeme

First things first, he would have the biggest smile the second you came up on stage. He claps and cheers along the crowd and the other boys to just feeling so proud to see you up there. Although he’s already seen you perform multiple times. And the second he hears the beginning of the song he’d instantly become shy and hide his face a bit as the members teased him a bit. He’ll see you singing to him and just kinda wave at you not really knowing what to do with himself. “Y/n!” you turn to see him calling you over to him. “So our song huh?” he smiles shyly.  “Yep I thought It was the perfect time to sing it,” ‘’Ah, good thing too now everyone knows how much you love me,” he smirks and slings his arm around you. “But they already knew mi-” “shh I know I’m just happy. let me have this moment.”


Originally posted by beui

Tae would be a happy puppy singing along with you with just as much passion as you showed on stage. He’d be cheering for you and sometimes look at the crown behind him to point at you like yeah that’s my girl up there. Tae would have that boxy grin that you love so much plastered onto his face the whole entire time and even after when he went to go see you. “JAGI, Y/N,” he was basically speed walking to you. “Hi tae,” you kissed his cheek. “I saw you down there you were really excited,” you laughed. “Of course I was you sang my favorite song,” he did some cute little dance while singing a line or two from the song. “So it’s your favorite song?” “Well why wouldn’t be?”


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

You walk on stage, the crowd is cheering and with jungkook as well. The music starts and he freezes mid clap because he’s like wait a hot second. He’ll listen for a moment hearing you sing and trying to comprehend what your saying before he realizes and is like oh wait it’s our song. He’ll become shy because one, your up there singing to him, and two, his hyungs would tease him a bit but would think it’s really freaking cute. “Kookie did you like my performance?” you look up at him and smile waiting for his response. “Yeah I really liked it,” he chews his lip a little “I was a little surprised though I didn’t think you were going to sing it.” he laughs a little. “Thank you?”  “For what?” he shrugs his shoulders a  bit. “For singing it, I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckles nervously. “You’re happy, and you love me?” “Yes, very much.”

Hope you like it 😊
Much love~💖

Here’s the sweetest thing. Is how when I think about you, all I want is to wrap myself up in your arms and lay my head on your chest and breathe in your cologne and pretend it’s air. I want to be able to kiss you anytime I want. And to run to you when I need to. And a part of me wonders, if maybe, just maybe, you want that too.


As much as I look forward to all the lovey dovey in S5… let’s hope Jean keeps sassing Lucien too.

#its my second or twenty second favorite emotion on her #i loose count

harunaneko44  asked:

Can I have a reaction of RFA+V+Saeran to MC having the most soft hair ever? (I just wanted something fluffy omg :") thank you 💕)

OMG this is so cute yessss

Also, i’m sorry i didn’t get this request done sooner, had to prepare for my dad’s birthday, but now back to writing :3


  • wow
  • Babe how is your hair so soft???
  • very jelly
  • will hide it tho
  • loves brushing your hair
  • and styling it too
  • pls Babe just lemme touch your hair
  • Will ask how tf you keep it so soft
  • Babe. I NEED to know


  • Impressed
  • your hair is softer than Elizabeth 3rd’s fur
  • just how???
  • won’t admit it tho
  • loves touching your hair when cuddling
  • or hugging you
  • just loves touching your hair in general


  • ok but i’m 700% sure he also has soft af hair
  • Your hair’s so soft MC…
  • will buy you bows and cute accessories 
  • loves it if you let him put them on you 
  • cutest little smile when he touches your hair 
  • I already knew you were perfect MC, this just proves that you’re perfection~~


  • omg dis babe
  • ya’ll now he would spend at least 5 hours styling you hair
  • MCCC~ your hair is so soft!!!
  • loves hugging you from behind just so his face touches your hair
  • ok but he’d be like a lil kid wanting to style your hair
  • puppy eyes you just to be sure you’ll let him touch your hair
  • not like you wouldn’t let him for starters but damn….
  • Cute puppy Yoosung is Obsessed with your hair~


  • What
  • why is your hair so soft???
  • HOW is your hair so soft???
  • he thinks it’s cute
  • no he wont admit that, fuck off
  • actually loves touching your hair
  • if you move he’ll get salty
  • he won’t ask you to come back tho
  • no he won’t admit he loves your soft hair
  • fuck off Mc


  • uhm wait what
  • why is your hair so soft???
  • he already sees you as the cutest thing ever are you trying to kill him?
  • why didn’t it say your hair was incredibly soft when he researched you??
  • Seven… Babe, it doesn’t work like that…
  • he always gets schocked when he touches it bcuz????
  • how are you so perfect???
  • yep he just fell in love with you, again.


  • *Sparkly eyes Jaehee Emoji*
  • Ok but 100% sure she’d love to style your hair
  • specially after Jumin basically made her cut it off
  • fuck you jumin
  • ok but for real
  • momma Jaehee would style your hair 
  • it helps with her stress so yeah…
  • Won’t let you do ANYTHING that would chance you ruining your soft hair
  • No, MC, i’m not controlling you, i just want you to be careful

well, hope this is what you wanted, my internet was pretty shit and crashed twice whilst i was writing this :)


dad!Scott Lang/Peter Parker x Reader

Assumed female reader

Word Count: 1324

“At it again, Sherlock?” your dad commented, smiling at you from the doorway of your room.

Startled, you put your violin down. He’d been doing this to you since you started playing when you were in fourth grade, but it never failed to give you a minor heart attack.

“No, no, no!” Scott protested. “Keep playing! I’ll leave, if it helps.”

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A New Place To Stay

Title: A New Place To Stay

Characters: Sam and Dean

Word Count: 2,241

Warnings: Absolutely none. Might make you laugh though

A/N: This takes place while Sam and Dean are trying to hide from leviathans. They need a place to stay and Sam’s choice turns out to be very different from their usual digs. Enjoy!

“Sam, we’re good. Let’s roll.” Dean shut Baby’s gas cap as he moved to the driver’s side door.

Sam held his finger up to Dean as he finished his phone call. “Yep, mhm, perfect. Great, thank you. Yes, I understand. Thank’s again, you’re a lifesaver.”

“Who’s a lifesaver?” Dean asked as he started the pick-up truck.

“I found us a place to crash for the next couple days while we wait to hear from Bobby or Frank.”

“I could have done that.”

Sam rolled his eyes and looked over at his brother. “Dean the last place you picked we had to leave halfway through my shower because they found us…again.”

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wily needles

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
For:  @mcgregorswench
Prompt:  #19.  Knitting

Darcy pulled the tissue paper out of the bag in front of her, grinning excitedly as she pulled out the contents.  It was a soft little beanie.  Hand-knit.  Dark purple.  

She tugged it on, folding up the brim and looking back at Steve.  "How do I look?“  


“I gotta know, Steve.  How long did it take you to make this?”  

“Well, I got you for Secret Santa last year…” he began.

Her mouth fell open.  "Dude.  It’s September.“  

"I know… and I ended up buying you something for Christmas, if you recall.”  He tilted his head slightly, almost as if he wasn’t sure if she would remember.  

“Of course I remember.  I was soaking pretty in my tub for like three months after that.”  

He laughed nervously.  "Well, I wasn’t about to let something defeat me.  Especially not knitting.“  

"So you took nine months and finally bested the wily needles.”  

“Yep,” he said, grinning widely.  "And it fits, you like it?“  

"It’s perfect.  Thank you, Steve…” Darcy leaned over and hugged him tightly, rejoicing in the fact that he was hugging her just as tightly.

Bad Ideas (Chapter Five)

Welcome back! If you are missing any chapters, check out the MASTERLIST!

“Sweet cheeks?” Wade called, wandering through the office and garage. “Oh there they are.” He tilted his head and just stared at that long, lean body bent over the hood of a car replacing a battery. “I missed you boys, been hiding in an office chair for like weeks and–”

“Wade.” Peter straightened and grinned. “Stop talking to my ass. What do you want?”

“You almost done?” Wade tilted his head and made a point of trying to crane his neck around to see Peter’s butt again.

“Yeah man, just about. Two minutes if you’d just leave me alone and let me finish. What’s up?”

“It’s time for a grocery run in town unless you want baking soda and crackers for dinner. You wanna come?”

“Uh–” Peter thought for a minute, trying figure out what else needed to be done before they could close the shop. He was pretty sure all the paperwork was done, and this car wasn’t being picked up until late tomorrow. So–

“I could use my hand, or my mouth or—” Wade was talking but shut up when Peter’s eyes bugged out.

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darkpeace15  asked:

Hello! Happy to see new Bhna blog! Welcome! I was wondering if u could do a scenario about Todoroki crush wanting to ruff up and mess up his hair but was too scare doing so because they think he be mad about it.

Thank you!!! (This is too cut btw!)

Originally posted by sesukes

Your p.o.v

  It was currently lunch time at Yuuei, and my friends and I were currently going over plans for this weekend. Midoriya had suggested that Uraraka, Iida, himself,  and I should go to the movies and catch the latest action movie. It was a great idea, so all three of us agreed and continued eating our lunch as usual. 

(Time skip cause I’m v lazy)

 Iida and I had met up together and walked to the movies together, getting there a bit early, so we were left waiting for Uraraka and Midoriya. In about five minutes Uraraka showed up, leaving us to wait for Izuku.

 “Deku told me he would run a bit late, but to go ahead and get tickets.” Uraraka said as she walked over to ticket vender paying for our tickets. “He also told me that he was bringing someone extra, maybe that’s why he’s running late.”

 “Do you know who he’s brining?” I asked, a little pissed that he didn’t tell me himself.

 “He said that it was someone special.” The brunnete girl giggled and winked at me, leaving me to think about who it could. Ochako continued to giggle, but was soon cut off by Izuku, who was walking toward us with somebody in tow.

 “He guys, sorry it took us so long.” Midoriya rambled.

 “Oh, Todoroki, how ar eyou today? Is he the one you invited Midoriya?” Iida asked making me realize the person Midoriya decided to bring was none other than Shouto Todoroki, my crush. Midoriya, Ochako, and Iida are the ony people that know about my massive crush on the two toned boy, and the abosoloutley loved to tease me about it, but this is a bit far.

 “Yes, I’m doing fine today, and yes, Midoriya invited me to tag along,” the bi-colored haired boy responded. “I hope you don’t mind.” Todoroki spoke moving his eyes in my direction causing an intese blush to form on my cheeks. 

 “We don’t mind, do we (f/n)?” Ochako asked, slightly teasing me. 

 ‘No, not at all! We’re glad you’re here Todoroki!” I blurted out quickly, my face getting hotter by the second. 

 “Ok, if that’s all settled lets head in!” Midoriya excitedly chuckled, moving closer to the entracnce to the cinema, whispering to me on the way, “you better no fuck this up. I invited him so you could ask him out.” Then, he dragged me to the building, and heading to the ticket checker to find which theater we were in, and then coming back to tell us the plan. “So, we are in theatre thirteen, it’s four doors to the left. How about (F/n) and Todoroki go find us all seats, and the rest of us get snacks? Is that ok?” Midoriya eyed me.

 “That’s fine, c’mon (f/n) lets go find seats.” Todoroki hummed, grabbing my wrist and pulling me with him. Ochako winked at me before turning to grab some popcorn. “Thirteen, right?” Shouto asked, standing in front of the theater we were supposed to be in.

 “That’s what Midoriya said.” I answered, pushing open the doors for the two of us entering the room to look for seats. “I know Ochako likes to be higher up, is that ok with you?” 

 “Yeah, that’s fine.” Shouto replied spotting five vacant seats on the second to top row. “Would these work?” He asked.

 “Yep, these are perfect” I said sitting in one of the seats, Todoroki sitting in the one next to me, making me blush. “You know you can sit next to Midoriya if you want.” I mumbled.

 “What if I want to sit here? Would that be a problem?” He asked, turning his head towards me, white and red hair falling into his eyes, making him all the more attractive.

 “N-no, it’s f-fine, I w-was just, never mind.” I studdered, blushing like crazy. Thank god for the dimmed lights.

 “Ohh, you found us seats! These are great thanks guys!” Midoriya said has he handed a bag of popcorn and drink to the two of us, winking at me in the process, then going to his own seat in between Todoroki and Ochako. That’s when the movie started. 

(a tensy tiny bit later) 

 The movie was about halfway through and popcorn was all gone. The movie was’t bad, just a bit mediocore so far. That’s when I felt a heavy presence on my right shouder. I trun to see what caught me off guard, and low and behold it’s Shouto, passed out. “He must’ve gotten bored.” I thought, admiring his features as he slept on my shoulder. He was so peaceful in this state, and I did’t  want to disturb him. That’s when i noticed his two toned hair was all in his face, and I made the foolish decision to move it out of the way. As I was doing that, I noticed how soft his hair really was, and instead of retracting my hand, I continued to rake my fingers through his soft locks. 

 “What are you doing?” The previously asleep boy mumbled, catching off guard, making me panic and retract my hand.

 “I’m sorry, you had some hair in your face and I didn’t think you would like it, I shouldn’t ha-”

 “Don’t stop,” he cut me off, nuzzliing further into my shoulder, “it felt really good. Please continue.”

“O-ok.” I mumble. returning my hand to his scalp.

 “Love you.” He softly mumbled, softly kissing my shoulder, making my blush a shade red that could rival his left side, but notetheless, I continued to brush my hand through his hair, calming me down.

“I love you, too.” I softly spoke, kissing his temple, making me smile. I turned back to the movie, thinking, “best day ever!”

Ahhhhh that was so much fun to write! I love my boy Todoroki so much! Anyways, thank you for all the love! Your requests will be out soon! :D

-Admin A

Down your face

Down your face | Joe Sugg | imagine
Word count: 1529
A/N: Hey sweeties. It’s been a tough time for me, I hope you all forgive me for being off. I’m feeling a bit down so I just really needed a bit of magic sprinkles aka imagines to make my life better. DYF wouldn’t end like this, so now I might do a part two. It’s up to you, guys.

You can find more Buttercream Squad content here

Your eyes were fixed on the piece of paper in your front. Honestly, you couldn’t believe in the words written in black on the sheet. You took a deep breath and then heard the knock on your front door. Damn it, you forgot Joe was coming around. You could handle this… Hopefully.

“Hey.” You said with a fake smile as you opened the door.

“Helloo!” He exclaimed as he lifted a couple bags. You stepped away for him to pass, too focused in not crying to be excited for whatever he was excited for. Joe entered your house a bit disappointed. “You won’t ask me what are those?”

“Hum?” You closed the door and turned to him.

“Ask me what is in the bags!”

“What is in the bags, Joseph?” You opened a little smile just because you couldn’t help to be a little better as seeing Joe’s excitement.

“Dinner!” He answer. “What do I mean with dinner, you wonder? Well, since you said you couldn’t go out because you are out of budget, chef Sugg is here!”

You laughed. “It is really thoughtfull of you, Joe. Thank you.”

He looked into your eyes, making your legs tremble with those beautiful blue eyes. “You’re welcome, Y/N. It wasn’t no big deal.”

“Well, I’m guessing you hated my food and are too polite to say you didn’t like it.” Joe said as a joke with his side smirk.

“You know I always love your food, Joseph.” You gave a weak smile.

“Really? Because you barely ate it.” He pointed out, showing he was worry. “Or said something… About anything.”

“I’m sorry, I’m being a shitty company, don’t I?” You sighed. “It’s just a few things about school… It’s silly.”

“I know it’s not silly, Y/N. You are the most chatty girl I ever knew, turning the smalest things into huge crazy stories and you’ve been quiet all night. I’m not good at deep conversations, but you know I’m always here for you, don’t you?” He took your hand over the table.

You sighed again looking at your hands together. Your heart was into pieces now, because you were fooling yourself again. Joseph Sugg didn’t like you that way, so you needed to stop raising your hopes. “I know, Joe. Thank you.” You shrugged and pulled your hand out of his. “I just don’t want to bother your with my silly problems.”

“So you need to stop being blue, Y/N. C’mon, I cooked, so you do the dishes. Although you’re so down that I will even help you do the only task I gave you.” He told with a fake complain tone.

“Oh, will you? What a generous friend I have, huh?” You teased, your mood a little brighter.

“Must love me to death.” Joe smiled by seeing you being more like yourself.

“I will, Joe…” You rolled your eyes with the irony fate brought you. “I will.”

“Oh, c’mon, Y/N! I know you love Gossip Girl and all, but you can’t be crying because of this scene! The blonde chick is crazy! She deserved to be cut out of her cousin’s allowance.” Joe commented.

His words only made you cry more. He grimmaced. “Okay… So… I guess Gossip Girl isn’t the real reason for you to cry your eyes out.”

“Sorry.” You told, just before you lost control of your tears.

“Oh my God, Y/N.” Joe looked at you scared. “What should I do?”

You knew he couldn’t handle cry situations, so you started laughing. “You suck at this, Joseph.” You commented.

“This is no secret!” He argued. “I hate crying! I don’t know what to do! The reason why I let this clear everywhere I go is so people cry away from me!” He exclamed. “Oh, sorry, that sounded rude… Don’t cry, please.”

You rolled your eyes, laughing louder. “People need to study you, Joe.”

“I’m glad my despair amuse you.” He joked. “At least, you stopped crying.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I feel like I’m saying a lot of ‘thank you’s for you tonight. I’m sorry for being such a mess.”

“Don’t apologize, just tell me what you want me to do.”

You knew that you could ask anything for Joe in that moment that he wouldn’t say no. He was a really good friend.

“A glass of water.” You smiled without showing your teeth. “I need a glass of water.”

“Consider it done.” He said before going to the kitchen.

You looked around yout tiny apartment. You made your best to leave it as “you” as you could with your budget. Plants, crystals, inspirational quotes all over the walls… You wished inspirational quotes about life could give you inspirational facts in your life as well, but they didn’t.

“There you go.” Joe announced with the glass as he came back to your Ikea sofa.

“Thanks.” You took the glass and drank the water.

“What next?” He asked.

“What do I want you to do?” You confirmed, having a few thoughts in your mind.

“Yep.” He nodded his head.

You shrugged your shoulders. “Nothing, Joe. This is perfect. Just give me a hug.”

And so did Joe. As you asked, he sat near you and gave you the thighest hug you ever received, making you feel like you belonged in there. You started crying again.


“Yes?” You tried to make your voice sound stable.

“I can feel your tears through my shirt, I don’t think the hug is helping.”

You laughed. “Yes, it is, Joe. I just need to cry a bit.”

Your friend shut his mouth, believing in you and, when you pulled him away, he did something quite odd for Joseph Sugg:

“Tell me what is wrong with you, Y/N, please. It’s killing me that you’re sad and crying for stuff that I don’t know about and can’t even do a little joke or try to be funny to make you better.”

“You can’t do nothing for me, Joe.” You sighed once more. “And I will bored you to death.”

“I’m making you love me to death already, so I guess it’s fair if you murder me with boredom.”

“Joe…” You hesited.

“Try me, Y/N.”

You took a deep breath. “I’ll have to go back to my hometown.” You revealed at once. “I can’t pay uni anymore.”

Joe’s blue eyes widened. “Oh, no.”

You gave an ironic smile. “Oh, yes.”

“But, Y/N…”

“The notification paper just came in, I’m banned of classes starting next month.”


“I know, Joe. It sucks.”

“There must be something we can do.”

“We can’t, Joe.”

“I’ll pay for it.” Joe said suddenly.

“No, you won’t.” You denied.

“Y/N, please. Be reasonable, you will be kicked out.”

“Thanks for using that term, Joe… I was tryint to avoid it.” You rolled your eyes. “But, still no.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t let you do such a thing.”

Why?” He asked again.

“Too much on your hands, too much on my hands… Too much on our friendship. Trust me, it won’t be good for us.”

“Don’t be silly, you won’t need to go back to your hometown. It’s hours and hours away, Y/N. This won’t be good for us, not me paying for your education.”

“No, Joe.” You told, letting pretty clear it was your final word about his propose.

“I will miss you…” He said, giving you another hug.

“I will miss you too. You’re one of my dearest friends, I will miss you so freaking much, Joseph.” You confessed, the half true aching your heart, the half lie tearing it apart.

“No, Y/N, I don’t think you understood.” It was Joe’s turn to sigh, another thing you weren’t used to see him doing. The hug was broken, you were confused. “I will really miss you.” He said looking directly to your eyes.

You felt the air escaping of your chest, you wished so deeply Joe felt the same way you did. “I guess you are the one who don’t understand that I will miss you with all my heart.”

Joe took a deep breath. “Y/N, I love you. For real. Not the friend way. I love you.”

You felt the tears in your eyes again. “You got to be kidding me.” You were out of breath.

Joe blinked. “Well, this wasn’t the response I was looking for, was it?” He laughed and passed his hands through his hair. “I mean, I didn’t expect you to love me back but ‘got to be kidding me’ wasn’t exactly what I had in mind either.”

You rolled your eyes again and pulled Joe to a deep kiss, one you only can give if you’re in love. And you were deeply in love.

“I love you too, Joseph. Are you stupid? Of course I love you, I loved you since the first time you made me laugh through a whole night, since ever.”

He laughed. “Really? I can’t believe it.”

“For someone who is so sassy and so good with instant jokes, you’re quite slow, aren’t you?” You teased, giving him another kiss.