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I got bored and decided to highlight ten of my favorite weird/eccentric singers in modern music. Maybe they aren’t the greatest singers of all time, but they’re all unique and unmistakable. Each of them have singing voices that make you go “WTF is this?!” upon first listen, but then you slowly grow to appreciate them as you listen to more material.

  1. Yma Sumac - The godmother of all eccentric voices. This Peruvian soprano both confused and bewildered 1950s audiences with her five octave vocal range, animal imitations, and “exotica” style of music, which mainly consisted of mambos and Latin American folk tunes. Most of the other people on this liste have traces of her influence in their vocal deliveries. Check out: Tumpa and Chuncho.
  2. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Once an aspiring opera singer, this R&B star single-handedly created the “shock rock” genre that performers like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson later adopted. Emerging from coffins, evoking voodoo rituals, and scream-bellowing his way through songs about everything from soul possession to constipation? Yep, he did it. Oh yeah, and he’s rumored to have fathered over 75 children. Check out: I Put a Spell on You and Constipation Blues.
  3. Tiny Tim - While often regarded as a novelty act, this falsetto nostalgist was actually quiet sincere with his performances. His ukulele renditions of squeaky clean 1930s pop tunes led to stardom in the 1960s, although his fame quickly faded. He would later find posthumous recognition through the use of his music in cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants. Check out: Living in the Sunlight and this bizarre cover of Earth Angel.
  4. Kate Bush - The queen of baroque prog-pop (if that’s even a genre) known for singing self-penned (and self-performed and produced) tunes with a breathy, child-like timbre that’s hard to describe. Her live performances and music videos were equally as hard to describe, but nonetheless captivating. While she was a mega-star in the UK and much of Europe, her peculiar style never caught on in the US. Check out: Wuthering Heights and Sat in your Lap.
  5. Klaus Nomi - Occasionally there are singers whose voices are so strange that words fail to describe them, and this German avant-garde performer is one of them. Part soprano, part alien, and part walking pop art, his style was unmistakable, if also a bit too weird for even other weirdos to process. Still, there is a beauty about his style that shines through, especially in live performances. Check out: The Cold Song and The Nomi Song.
  6. Diamanda Galas - Her nickname in the ‘80s was “The wife of the devil”, and it’s not hard to understand why. She too started her career as an opera singer and took a turn into weird and frightening territory beginning with 1982′s nightmarish LP The Litanies of Satan. With a shrieking 5 ½ octave vocal range and infamous live performances that could scare the bejesus out of anybody, there has never been anybody quite like her before or since. Check out: Double Barrel Prayer and her cover of I Put a Spell on You.
  7. Bjork - This Icelandic maverick started her career as part of numerous alt rock bands before embarking on a highly successful solo career. While her self-produced, eclectic music was always a bit off-kilter, she has only continued to get stranger over the years, but her clear, arresting howl has stayed the same. Her influence is insurmountable, ranging from Thom Yorke to FKA Twigs and beyond. Check out: Human Behavior and Crystalline.
  8. Mike Patton - Best known for his work with Faith No More, he could only best be described as a vocal freak of nature. Possessing a monstrous six octave vocal range (the widest of any singer in modern music), he has mastered death metal, Italian pop tunes, experimental jazz, Native American chants and literally everything in-between. His style has no limits, nor do his songs from various projects, which often jump through multiple genres in the span of three minutes. Check out: Smaller and Smaller (with Faith No More) and My Ass is on Fire (with Mr. Bungle).
  9. Tanya Tagaq - Another performer of “exotic” music by Western standards, this Inuk throat singer takes music traditional to her culture and puts a plethora of innovative spins on it. Alternating between hums, buzzes, coos, and clean vocals, she is primarily a storyteller, using her voice as an instrument to paint striking mental images. Recently she won the 2014 Polaris Prize for music and caused controversy by paying homage to thousands of murdered indigenous women as part of her performance at the ceremony. Check out: Improv Performance and Uja.
  10. Julie Christmas - What would Cinderella become if Prince Charming jilted her? One listen to this Julliard-trained maniac’s voice, and you’ll get the hint. Known for her work with Made out of Babies and Battle of Mice, Christmas can go from sweet to psychotic at the snap of a finger, her vocal delivery terrifying yet intriguing to even the most hardened of metal critics. Her recent solo work is further proof of her vocal acrobatics - a fallen Disney princess, indeed. Check Out: Cooker (with Made out of Babies) and Bones in the Water (with Battle of Mice).

Ok (so I watched The Scene..thanks @theleftpill). So Sherlock kinda deflates from his deductions the moment he sees the name on the coffin lid.

He knew who it was for because, as it was pointed out when the episode aired, the dead dont write on their own coffins, its the living who do it in the memory of the dead. Those were the words that would’ve been on Molly’s coffin. 

This again emphasizes what I had posted some days back; that it wasnt Sherlock realising that he loved Molly, it was the acknowledgement and public acceptance of the fact that did him in.

Eurus knew a lot about Sherlock, but didn’t understand how he functioned in order to feel those things. She didnt try to learn about obvious facts about her brother, but what those facts meant emotionally! What was the impact, the consequence, the reasoning, the reaction due to those facts.

I am going to HC that Eurus knew he loved Molly, but couldn’t understand how or what that entailed.

Thats why that entire scene. So we now have it from a person with beyond-Newtonian brilliance…Sherlock loved Molly. Yep.


Zenmasters Week 2017: Day 7 – Alternate Season 8
QUEENS OF NOISE, original version.  ❥ After realizing the kind of bad friend she had been to Jackie, Donna and her little friend start trying to win each other’s good side by carrying each other’s broken hearts over Hyde’s betrayal and Eric’s absense when a trip to New York with Donna’s older sister, Valerie, offers them what they want the most: to run away from Point Place and the shadow of the men they love.

Hyde looked down, walking towards Donna who was about to enter the van. “When are you coming back?”

“In a little more than a week, if I don’t kidnap a plane to Africa.” She answered once inside. “Come on, Jackie.”

Jackie said her last goodbye to Fez, passing Hyde as quick as she could but his hand reached her wrist and he saw Donna’s shoulders tensed at the sight, Jackie looked up with her big eyes wide open. “Jackie—“

“What, Hyde?” That was wrong. 

“I…” He started, then Sam took his arm, hugging her chest to it with a sweet smile and Jackie finally went free from him, entering the van and closing the door. Dick initiated the motor. “Have a good trip.”

She didn’t look at him this time.

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sTeReK 15?

Sterek, The Way You Said “I Love You”

#15 Loud, so everyone can hear

“Because I love you!” Stiles shouts, and then immediately sucks in a hard breath, eyes bulging wide in horror and disbelief. Did he really just…

Derek’s own eyes go wide as well, though the rest of his face remains carefully frozen. Scott looks like he swallowed a bug. So yep, Stiles really just. He did that. In front of basically everyone he knows.

“I mean.” He starts and stops. His dad’s got an unimpressed eyebrow raised in his direction. Cora looks like she’s fighting back mean laughter. This is not the direction any of them probably expected this newest argument between Stiles and Derek to go, but none of them seem exactly shocked by it. 

Except for Derek.

“Okay, so.” Stiles shakes it off and launches back in on the topic at hand. “Tabling that embarrassing outburst for the time being, I’m still right and Derek still shouldn’t be the one who plays bait for this asshole.”

“Why, because you just can’t bear to live without him?” Isaac smirks, rolling his eyes.

Stiles grits his teeth and digs his fingers into his thighs to keep from punching the douchebag. “Because the warlock is expecting it. We need the element of surprise on our side here, and Derek playing martyr yet again won’t give us that.”

The group easily falls back into battle planning mode then, and even if they don’t necessarily forget Stiles’ heated confession, they’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment and they all know it. Derek included, who shakes his head minutely when Stiles starts talking, and then pipes up with an idea for a new plan as though nothing ever happened. 

Stiles is outwardly grateful for Derek’s composure, but internally bereft. He can feel a hollow point in the center of his chest appear and slowly grow.

Later, when the blood has been shed, and the bad guy has been slain, and Scott is offering up his Hallmark card platitudes to those who need it as they shuffle their way towards a shower and a bed. Later, when they’ve all somehow survived another life-or-death go around with another big bad and don’t have the energy to wonder if the next one will finally be their last one…

Later. Derek falls into step beside Stiles, and asks, without looking at him, “Did you mean it?”

Stiles rolls his shoulders and stuffs his hands firmly into his pockets. He lets his eyes obsess over the grooves in the battered blacktop they’re walking across to get to their respective vehicles. “Don’t ask stupid questions, Derek.”

“Don’t tell me you’re in love with me in the middle of a fight then.”

Stiles stops walking and turns on him, throwing his arms out into the air uselessly. “Fine! Shit. I’m sorry, alright? What do you want from me?”

Derek purses his lips thoughtfully for a moment. Then bites down on the tiniest of smiles and steps forward, into Stiles’ personal space. “I just wish I had been brave enough to say it first is all.”

Stiles blinks. Forgets how to breathe. Blinks again. “Wait. What?”

Derek shrugs one shoulder and pretends to study his shoes while unsubtly inching even closer. “I’m just saying. We should probably take turns with the romantic declarations, or I’ll never actually get the chance to tell you I love you too.”

Either Stiles passed out at some point or this is a very crass prank. 

But Derek takes his hand then and holds it like it’s sacred. Like it’s normal

“Holy shit, pinch me,” Stiles whispers.

Derek winks, and looks like a complete dork while he does it. “Maybe later.”

Stiles has never been more in love with him.


Agoriel week day 2: “Childhood”.

I love this one especially because of Asgore’s reaction to everything. :3



Word Count: 6,557 

Genre: Smut 

A/N: Now what kind of person would I be if allowed my best friend to just wreck me with Christian stories? I gave in and now she needs to do the same with his best friend. Luckily, I had made time to create a nice little story for her and I know she will enjoy it considering… I can already imagine the kind of reaction she will have and I am loving it. @bangtans-baby, this little fic is for you boo!^^

 You had just gotten off work and were heading home. You were beyond exhausted from working a ten hour shift and were looking forward cuddling up with your boyfriend… if he was home. Sometimes he spent majority of his time at the studio or making music with his boys but you didn’t mind. That was the life he chose and you were more than happy to support him. Not to mention the privacy and moments alone to relax before he interrupted it. You were about to call him but your phone rang out and vibrated in your hand, alerting you that you had just received a message. 

“Right on time.” You mumbled to yourself as you opened it. 

9:15pm- Zaddy D: hey baby, I know you’re tired but could you swing by the studio for a second? 

You made a turn at the nearest street, making your way to the recording studio. Your mind was racing with thoughts about what he could have wanted. There was one time he had called you to the studio after you explained how tired you were just for you to discover that all he wanted was food for him and the crew. You were beyond livid and made sure he knew it. That night, he had to do a lot of ass kissing and promise making to be forgiven. Thinking that he was in the clear, he let you ride him, only for you to climb off just as he was about to cum. He begged for approximately five minutes, before you allowed him to enter you again. This time you were the one doing the begging as he pounded into you hard. Yes, you were upset but he was the man in the relationship and made sure you knew that. He had you crying out for more and when it was all over, you went to bed in a delirious state. 

You shook the thought from your head hoping that you wouldn’t have a repeat of that night. Finally, you had arrived to the building. Before stepping out of the car, you checked over your appearance in your rear view mirror making sure that you still looking presentable for your boyfriend. You found him in the room, listening over a particular song. He turned his head to the sound of the door opening and smiled at your presence. You couldn’t help but smile too as he stood to greet you. 

“Thank you for coming. I know you are tired but I’m happy you came.“ 

“No problem,” you giggled taking a seat next to his. “So what’s up?" 

 He ran his hands through his hair nervously. "Well I was hoping that you would stay here with me and listen to a few tracks and tell me what you think…" 

"Dabin…” you groaned. “If that was all you wanted, why didn’t you say so? You had me nervous coming here. I didn’t know what to think." 

"You say that like I was going to have you kidnapped.” He raised an eyebrow at you. “It wouldn’t be the first… but let’s not speak on those times. I came here for music, so let’s hear it." 

Dabin didn’t say another word. He turned his attention back to the mixing console and played the first of many songs and beats for you. You slowly bobbed your head along to the rhythm of each song but one in particular caught your attention. You loved how smooth the rhythm flowed yet the beat was complex and different. Overall, it was very unique and captured your attention. Dabin noticed and replayed the song, this time rapping his verse. You looked on in amazement. Your eyes on his lips and your ears on his voice, listening carefully to each word. He was so talented and passionate about music which was one of many reasons why you loved him. You loved music just as equally and some days would harmonize to his songs while he rapped. 

You two were quite the pair and you were happy to have him as your man. A smile spread across your face as you watched him. It was like he was performing for an audience the way he was feeling the song. Dabin eventually stopped and turned down the volume but let the song play in the background. 

"What do you think?” He asked smiling back at you. You stood and sat down on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands rested on your waist. 

“I loved it! I have the most amazingly talented boyfriend on the planet.” You leaned forward and kissed his lips. He held you close kissing you back, letting his tongue massage yours before you broke away. Dabin groaned from the lost of contact, causing you to giggle. Although you were becoming aroused, you weren’t sure you’d be able to stop the moment you two got going and he needed to work. Hours in the studio cost money. “So were you going to have any features on the track or were you going to rap through the entire thing by yourself?" 

Dabin thought it over. "I already have someone on the track, but I guess I could go over it by myself and have him come on as a remix." 

"If that’s the case, you shouldn’t change it. I was just asking,” you stated. He kissed your lips again. “So who was mystery man was he coming to record today?" 

Dabin’s smile gotten bigger and it was almost creepy how he was looking at you. "He should be coming any second now." 

 Just seconds later, the handle on the door turned and the door opened to reveal who was behind it. When he walked in, your eyes widen so big they almost fell out of your skull. You leaped off of your boyfriend’s lap and tried to straighten out your appearance the best you could. Dabin just chuckled and shook his head at your reaction. But what did he expect, you were standing in front of one of your biggest crushes. The one and only Simon Dominic. Simon smiled as Dabin got up to greet him. "Right on time.” You watched both men shake hands and hug before turning their attention to you. “This is my girlfriend, y/n. She decided to join us today." 

Simon held out his hand which you were reluctant to take at first but eventually shook it. 

 "It’s nice to meet you.” You said timidly. His hand was so warm and soft that you almost didn’t want to let go. 

 "I’m glad that you are joining us this evening. You know this goofball told me a lot about you.“ You glanced over at your boyfriend who was staring at you with a half smirk on his face. 

"He did?" 

"Yep. He told me that you majored in music and was a fan of AOMG." 

"I’m just a fan of music in general. I like everything.” You laughed in embarrassment and stood right next to your boyfriend who held you close to him. You couldn’t believe that they had been talking about you when you weren’t around and even more curious to know what else they had discussed about you. 

“I’m happy to have your opinion on this track then. I gotta make sure that my lines are up to par with your standards." 

You nodded in agreement and for the next ten minutes, you watched as both guys talked and joked around with each other. They discussed upcoming events, parties, and videos and you listened knowing that Dabin was going to drag you to each one with him. 

 "Alright, enough chitchat,” Dabin stated. “Let’s get to work." 

 Both you and him sat at the mixing board while Simon entered the booth. The song played again and you both watched Simon spit his magic. Not even thirty minutes ago you watched your boyfriend do the same thing but now you were staring at your celebrity crush. You were still in awe and couldn’t believe that the man you use to have wet dreams about was standing right in front of you working with your boyfriend. You were internally screaming. 

Dabin watched you practically drool over Simon with smile on his face. He shook his head and focused on the recording, making sure Simon’s vocals were good. He figured any other guy that would be in his shoes right now, would be pissed that their girlfriend was eye fucking another man but Dabin wasn’t. He found your behavior quite comical. It was like you were a little school girl drooling over the popular quarterback. But at the end of the day, you were coming back home with him and not Simon and he was proud of that.  

Simon’s part ended and he came out to hear it for himself and get a few opinions on how his verse went. He pulled a chair right next to yours and very close that if you moved slightly, your chair would hit his. Out of respect for your relationship, you tried hard to focus on everything little thing Dabin did to stop thinking about Simon. Although everything in your body screamed ‘jump him’, you knew things between you and Dabin would come to an end if you acted on it. You smiled as you listened to the song again with the added vocals. 

It was coming together nicely and you couldn’t wait to hear the completed version. It was then that Dabin’s phone rang out gathering everyone’s attention. You watched him chat, thinking that it was going to be a quick call. He smiled at you, letting you know that everything was okay. When you turned to Simon, he had his phone out as well, texting away at it. Your eyes traveled around his head, taking notice of his now blonde hair. Since his head was down, it hung in front of his eyes but you could see them scanning his phone. He had his bottom lip tucked inside his mouth, making you unconsciously lick yours. Your eyes drifted to his long fingers and wondered how it would feel to have them all over your body. You were so focused on Simon that the clearing of your boyfriend’s throat, startled you. You quickly turned in your seat to face him. 

 "I’m sorry guys but this call is going to be a while. I’ll just step outside the door." 

"No problem, bro. Take your time.” Simon stated, getting up from his seat. You almost ran after Dabin, not wanting him to leaving you alone with this man. Who knows what could happen. You honestly couldn’t trust yourself with Simon in the room. 

The door closed and the room became silent. You feared moving an inch because you were nervous of where he might be and was afraid that any little thing you did could start a conversation. You saw the chair Dabin was sitting in, move in your peripheral vision. Simon took a seat and scooted forward to play with the mixing board. 

“You don’t mind me taking your boyfriend’s seat, do you?” His deep voice spoke. 

You quickly shook your head. “No, knock yourself out." 

 As the music played, you pulled out your phone to fake as though you we busy on it but you found yourself checking to see what he was doing. Simon bobbed his head to the rhythm, listening to his voice. When he spotted you looking at him, he smiled in your direction, chuckling when you quickly turned away. Your face felt as though it was on fire, with him sitting next to you. Everything he did intrigued you and you couldn’t help but watch him. 

 "You know, you never told me what you thought of my verses.” Simon spoke to you. 

“Oh!… uh… it was good. Very… uh… nice.” You stuttered but he only laughed. 

“That’s it?! Was there something about it that you didn’t like?” You thought it over. 

“No, not really. The song itself is amazing but with your and Dabin’s voice, I think you guys got a hit." 

Simon rubbed his chin, a smirk forming on his lips. "You know, your boyfriend said that you wouldn’t have anything bad to say about my verse." 

"He… he did?” You swallowed hard. Simon turned in his seat to face you. 

“Let me tell you what else your boyfriend said,” he pulled your seat closer to his. Your legs now rested in between his. “He told me that you were a big fan of mine. Is that true?" 

You felt your entire body heat up and your hands started shaking as you tried to answer the question. "W-Well, I-I like all of AOMG members b-but I-I did feel draw to you. I’m not sure why. But this was before I started dating Dabin.” You admitted, rushing out the last part. You were nervous, looking everywhere but at him. 

“Is that so?…” Simon grabbed your legs and pulled you on his lap, straddling him. You were taking by surprise by his sudden actions and knew that you probably looked like a deer in headlights. Your hands lightly held on to his shoulders while his hands cupped your ass. “I’m gonna share a little secret with you.” He whispered. “Dabin told me that you moaned my name when he caught you masturbating last week." 

You were sure that he could see the blood rush to your face through your dark complexion. You remembered that day vividly. You were home alone while Dabin had a guy’s night out with the fellas. While he was gone, you sat on the couch, scrolling through your phone and listening to music. Everything was going good until "You Are Always” by Simon D, Gray, and Hoody came through your speakers. That song changed your mood and you started to think of him. There was a good chance that he was out with Dabin right now and your mind began to wander. What if they both came back? What if Simon stayed the night over? What if he surprised me in the bathroom or cornered me in the kitchen? Before you knew it, your hand was inside your panties and the other was under your shirt, palming your breast. You knew it was wrong to think this way because you were in a relationship but you couldn’t help it. Low and behold, your own boyfriend watched and caught you red-handed moaning another man’s name during that time. Your heart sunk and your mind thought of how Dabin must have felt at that moment. 

 You tried to get up but Simon held you down. He hands tightened around your waist, preventing you from getting up. 

“I need to get up. I have to go.” You tried again but Simon held you even tighter. He pulled your body to him. Your faces centimeters from touching. 

“Dabin is busy with his phone call. Let’s not disturb him with nonsense. He knows, I know, and now you do too. But I want to see for myself how that pussy feels about me." 

Your heart leaped at his words and before you could protest, his lips crashed against yours. You gasped from shock and Simon took that as his chance to shove his tongue in your mouth. His wet muscle rubbed against yours trying to coax yours into joining him and he didn’t have to wait for long. Your arms wrapped tightly around his neck as the kiss became heated. You were caught up in lust that you weren’t aware of the sin you had just committed. Both of Simon’s hands gripped your ass to help you grind on his crotch. Right away, you felt his bulge pressing against your clothed center. You broke the kiss to moan out, throwing your head back. Simon kissed a path down your neck biting at your covered breasts. He lifted your shirt, pulling your bra down to latch on to your pierced nipples. His tongue roughly licked over the harden bud, nibbling and pulling on your piercing with his teeth. Your fingers worked themselves through his blonde strains, holding his head closer to your body. You couldn’t believe this was happening. All of your fantasies about Simon Dominic were finally coming true. It was hard to explain all the feelings and emotions you were going through. In fact, you were so caught up that you didn’t hear the door. When you leaned your head back down and opened your eyes, your boyfriend’s face was the first thing you saw. At that moment, you were sure that you had stopped breathing. Your heart was pounding so loud in your chest that you couldn’t hear a thing. He stood there emotionless and you had a hard time reading him. He didn’t look mad, shocked, or upset but he didn’t look happy either. He was like a brick wall. Simon, who could feel the change in your attitude, still continued to kiss and rub you even though another presence was in the room. You were almost scared to say something to him for fear that his mood would turn sour. 


"Please, don’t stop on my behalf.” He interrupted. You weren’t aware but your lips had formed into a pout. 

 You were sudden lifted into the air by Simon and to keep from falling, you had wrapped both your arms and legs around him. He carried you over to the black leathered love-seat while Dabin stood against the wall and watched with his arms crossed and his legs crossed at the ankles. Your eyes kept wandering over to his person, worried about what will happen when this was all over. 

“Eyes on me, sweetheart.” Simon stated, grabbing your chin and turning your head towards him. Your eyes instantly focused on him, staring up at his face. “Good." 

Simon immediately went to work removing your pants. Once they were gone, your panties soon followed until you were naked from the waist down. He kneed in front of you, spreading your legs apart as far as they could go. You leaned up on your forearms and watched him get situated. You were still in shock that something like this was even happening. You couldn’t believe that your boyfriend was letting this happen. When you looked back over at Dabin, he was still standing in the same spot with the same nonchalant look on his face. You wanted to say something to him but just one lick to your slit, turned your attention back to Simon. You fell back on the couch, letting him have his way with you. 

He stared in your eyes as his tongue slowly rubbed over your clit, playing at your entrance. He gave you two long rough licks before dipping his tongue inside you. Immediately, your back arched off of the couch and your hands went out to hold onto anything for support. Simon sucked your lips into his mouth before flattening his tongue against your clit repeatedly, listening to the sweet moans that left your throat. His tongue roughly licked every inch of you, searching for that magical spot. Your hands reached up and massaged your already exposed cleavage to add on to the feeling. Your voice was the only sound that could be heard as it echoed around the studio. He used the tip of his tongue to rotate your now sensitive nub in a circular motion before sucking it between his lips. Your body jumped at the feeling of two digits entering you. Simon worked his fingers at a slow pace but made sure they pumped deep inside your walls. You were floating on cloud nine and his mouth was taking you higher. You were embarrassed by how aroused you were. You hated to admit it but the entire situation was turning you on. You were lying there, letting your idol crush eat you out while your boyfriend watched. How sinfully delightful. Simon looped his arms under your thighs and held on to your hips, pulling your body further towards his lips. His pace began to speed up, kissing, licking, and nibbling all over your pussy while his fingers pulled out your wetness with each movement. Luckily the couch was leather because it was becoming just as wet at you were. Your fingers tangled in his hair, gripping close to his scalp as he French kissed your heat. 

 Remembering that you two weren’t alone, you glanced back over at Dabin. His lips were slightly parted and his eyes locked on the connection of Simon’s mouth on your lower half. You opened your mouth to speak but only your sweet sounds of pleasure escaped as your stomach tightened. The vision of him disappeared as your eyes closed shut. Your body arched of off the couch and you squealed out as you came. Simon felt your walls squeeze his fingers but still ate away at your pussy which also helped you ride your way through your orgasm. Your chest heaved up and down, trying to catch your breath. You gripped his head, holding his head still but his tongue continued to assault your pussy. Anymore of that and you would be coming a second time. His fingers slowly exited your pussy and you felt his tongue detach from your body as well. He nibbled his way up your pussy, biting your mons pubis before moving away. 

"Tsk tsk, you naughty girl.” Simon stated with a smirk on his face. You watched him stand to his feet. “I don’t remember telling you to cum." 

You bit your bottom lip, unsure of how to answer. "I… I…" 

"Stand up and undress." 

You obeyed, removing your last bit of clothing and standing to your feet. Simon slowly circled you like a predator would do its’ prey. As he walked passed you, you saw him licking his lips as well as sucking on the fingers that were just inside you, humming in satisfaction. He suddenly stopped behind you, turning your body to face your boyfriend. Your eyes scanned over Dabin’s appearance. He went back to being a stone wall, only watching what was happening. His eyes looked over your naked body before locking eyes with yours. You felt almost bashful that you were in such a position. 

 Simon pushed your body forward, bending you over. You held on to the nearest chair for support as you waited for further actions. Soon the sound of a belt unbuckling, filled your ears. Was this the moment of truth? Was Simon Dominic about to fuck you? You swallowed hard, waiting for him to enter you but what you got was the complete opposite. A painful sting came across you ass followed by another one and another one. Simon wasn’t fucking you, he was spanking you. You felt like a kid in trouble getting disciplined by your parents. A whimper left your lips with every strike and you had to hold on to the chair. Then suddenly, it stopped. 

"Do you have something you want to say?” Simon asked but you didn’t say anything. You picked the option of defiance over obedience. “How about being a naughty slut and cumming when you’re not supposed to. Or giving into me when you have a boyfriend." 

 You could tell that he was smiling as he talked. Your eyes had narrowed at his words and you weren’t aware but the left side of Dabin’s lips had curled upward into a smirk. He had found your punishment quite satisfying. But you were the only one that didn’t find this amusing. You didn’t force yourself on Simon and if you recalled correctly, he was the one who started this entire situation. 

 "I do have something to say,” you stated, not letting him get the upper hand. “You were the one that came onto me knowing I was dating Dabin so that makes you just as guilty. And not once did you mention anything about not cumming. So how am I getting in trouble for rules you failed to create?" 

You smiled to yourself knowing that Simon couldn’t argue against that. His silent further proved that he knew you were right. So you weren’t surprised when you felt the sting from the belt again. You just braced yourself on the chair, digging your nails into the leather. Biting your tongue, you fought the urge to argue back but you knew that he would just punish you more. Finally after a minute had went by, you chose to speak up. 

"Hey! I-" 

Simon grabbed your hair and pulled your body back until it was pressed against his. His other hand had dropped the belt and was now wrapped around your throat. You were silenced immediately and you felt his lips against your ear. 

 "Shut the fuck up!” He barked out. “When I spoke with DPR, he didn’t mention what a stubborn brat you were. But I know what will put you in your place." 

Simon thrust his hips forward, burying his cock deep inside your pussy. You were dipping wet from how he just man-handled you that he slipped right in no problem. You groaned out, closing your eyes at the feeling. You weren’t even aware that he had gotten undress too. Right away, he fucked you fast and hard, making sure he reached deep inside your walls. You didn’t have any choice but to hold onto his arms, otherwise you risked stumbling due to his movements. Despite his rough treatment, you needed to feel more. You pushed your ass back and spread your legs wider allowing him to go deeper. You shuddered as he brushed over your spot. Your mouth opened but nothing came out. 

 "What’s the matter? It’s it too much for you? I bet you don’t have any more smart-ass comments, do you?” Simon grunted, rubbing his nose against your jaw line. 

 You didn’t respond not because you didn’t want to but because you couldn’t. All this man-handling was becoming too much for you and you were on the verge of cumming. Simon could feel your walls contract around him and removed his hand from your hair to find your clit. Gathering your juices that were dripping down your legs, he rubbed it on your clit in a circular motion. At that moment you, found your voice letting out loud moan. You wanted out of his arms and off of his cock but Simon held you in place, fucking you harder and torturing your sensitive nub. You suddenly froze before your legs began to shake. Your hands held onto his for dear life as you came a second time. 

“OH GOD!” You screamed, trying to dislodge him but Simon had other plans. 

He lifted your leg in the air and continued to pound into you. At this new position, Dabin had a good view of you getting fucked. He wasn’t aware but he had tucked his bottom lip into his mouth, biting on it. Simon had one hand on your clit and the other now played and pulled at your nipples. His switched back and forth with his thrusts, slowly pounding deep into you before increasing his speed. You cried out, knowing your third orgasm was right around the corner. Your head fell back against his shoulder and your hand went to tangle in his hair. You tried to hold back as much as you couldn’t but the moment Simon found your spot, you were melting in his arms. This time you screamed even louder as you came and your body became jello, falling limp in his arms. You could no longer hold yourself up and Simon didn’t help you. You fell to the floor, twitching from the aftermath of your orgasm. He walked over you and grabbed your hair. You were still trying to catch your breath when you saw him stroking his cock in your face. His hand was moving fast on his shaft trying to repeat the speed he just gave you. You had closed your eyes right in time as his cum painted your face. Simon groaned, releasing every drop of sperm he had in his body. When nothing else came out and his cum slowly dripped from the head, he let you go. 

“You look much better this way,” he teased as he gotten dressed. “Maybe one day, we will do this again." 

You lay there, listening to the footsteps around you until you heard the door shut and the room became silent. You wondered what was going to happen now that you had fucked Simon. Was your relationship with Dabin now over? Did he think of you differently now that you had cheated on him? You felt your heart slowly break at the thought of losing him. The door had opened and you heard footsteps walk over to your body. Due to cum on your face, your eyes remained closed. You suddenly felt a warm towel against your skin, wiping away the traces of sex. When you were able to open your eyes, you found your boyfriend’s face staring back at you. But to your disappointment, he still remained emotionless. 

He helped you dress and then the two of you left the studio and headed home. Dabin was quiet the entire car ride and you knew this was the end. There wasn’t a way to come back from betrayal. The trust in your relationship would forever be broken. You signed to yourself, ashamed for what you had done. 

When you made it home, Dabin held the door open for you as you slowly walked through it. After removing your shoes, you both remain quiet until you finally found the courage to speak. 

 "You’re not mad, are you?” You asked, timidly. Dabin’s head flew in your direction and he stormed up to you crashing his lips against yours. 

 "That was the hottest shit I’ve ever seen. You looked so fucking sexy getting destroyed.“ 

Your eyes widen at his words and before you could respond, you were being lifted to the bedroom. Dabin turned on the lights and threw you down on the bed, helping you remove your clothes. It was then that you saw his bulge pressing against his pants. He quickly undressed, tossing his clothes in any direction before climbing onto the bed. As you scooted further back on the bed, he crawled towards you until he was right above you. 

 "Are you sure you’re not upset with me?” You wanted to make sure that he wasn’t getting your hopes up on the relationship just to leave once he fucked you one last time. Dabin kissed you hard forcing his tongue inside to massage against yours. You kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck until he broke away. 

“Why would I be upset or mad when your attention was on me the entire time?" 

He didn’t allow you to respond. He kissed your lips before kissing a trail down your neck to your chest. Dabin latched on to your areola, sucking on them as if he was an infant. His tongue flicked your nipple, instantly hardening in his mouth. He pulled, letting the soft mound fall from his mouth with a pop. He tapped your thigh as he moved to lay on his back. 

"Climb on top of me.” You were about to straddle him but he stopped you. “The other way, baby." 

You stood on the mattress and turned around, sitting down with your ass facing him. Dabin grabbed your legs and pulled you down his body until your ass was in his face and your pussy was right above his mouth. He wasted no time burying his tongue deep inside you. You moaned out, laying your head on his thigh and stroking his cock, watching as precum leaked from the tip and dripped down to your hand. Licking up your fingers, you placed your mouth over the head. You sucked him into your mouth as your hand worked to stroke him. Your tongue moved around, tracing along every vein on his shaft. Dabin groaned against your heat, he licked back and forth over your clit before sucking on it. Using his fingers, he spread your lips wide for his view and began licking everywhere. There wasn’t a part of your pussy that went untouched. Now it was your turn to moan. You ground back against his mouth, wanting to feel more of his tongue. You removed your hand, placing them on his thighs. Your head bobbed up and down, taking him deeper into your mouth and it wasn’t long before he was hitting the back of it. Making sure you were relaxed, you gave him access to your throat. Dabin placed his feet on the bed, lifting his hips in the air. He fucked your mouth, massaging his cock against the wet muscles. He groaned sticking his tongue as far as it would go in your pussy moving it a long your walls. His fingers played with your clit, pinching and pulling at the bundle of nerves until you were tightening around his tongue. You whined around his shaft, grinding against this little pink muscle as you rode out your orgasm. 

 Dabin removed himself from your mouth and pushed you off of him. You were still recovering when he got behind you and lined his cock up to your entrance. He entered you quickly, burying his cock deep inside your pussy causing you to moan out and grab the comforter. He was surprised by how tight you were, even after just getting fucked. Dabin bit his lip to focus on not cumming to soon. Your pussy always felt like heaven to him and he had to concentrate when fucking you to keep from finishing too soon. At first his strokes were long and deep but after a while, he felt the urge to go faster. You release a series of cries as he pounded into your already sore center. Simon had already fucked the shit out of you but it was like your boyfriend was trying wreck you. Like he was trying to erase the imprint of Simon’s impressions and carve his own into your walls. If he kept it up, you wouldn’t be having sex for the next couple weeks. Knowing you like the back of his hand, Dabin rotated his hips, finding your spot and pounding into it. You were definitely were seeing stars by then. 

"Tell me, y/n… how was he? Did he fuck you as good as I do?” Dabin asked with a smirk on his face. You moaned louder into the mattress unable to form a complete sentence to answer him causing him to laugh. “Come on, baby. I asked you a question." 

You shook you head. "No, Dabin.” You mumbled. 

He leaned forward, covering your back with his body. His hand tangled in your hair and he yanked your head back so he could see your face and hear your voice. “I didn’t hear what you said. What’s my fucking name, y/n?!” He asked, thrusting deeper inside you. 

 "DADDY!“ You screamed out. 

 "I asked you a question too." 

 "No daddy! He doesn’t fuck me like you do! Simon could never fuck me the way you do!" 

Satisfied, Dabin pushed your head into the bed as he thrust hard into your pussy. He spread your legs wide and rode your ass fast and deep. You gripped the bed crying in pleasure. You were pretty sure the neighbors knew what was going on at that moment. Dabin licked his fingers before bringing them around your body to your swollen clit. You tensed up at the extra feeling to your body, trying to hold it all in but couldn’t. 

"Fuck daddy! I’m cumming!” You stated as your fifth orgasm washed over you. 

He grunted at the death grip you had on his cock and continued to pound at your firm walls. His hands squeezed your hips as he gave one final thrust inside you and released his seed. You felt his cock pulsating but you were too exhausted to move or speak. 

Both of you laid on the bed, breathing heavily. Dabin moved to lay by your side, pulling your body close to his. When you had the strength, you turned over on your side to face him. Your eyes traced over every detail in his face. You were truly in love with this man and couldn’t image him not in your life. You leaned forward and kissed his lips. 

“Baby, I was really sorry for what happened with Simon today. It wasn’t my intentions to have sex with him." 

 Dabin just chuckled and kissed your lips again. "I’m not blaming you for what happened, y/n. I know it wasn’t your fault." 

"You do?” You asked confused. He nodded. 

“You can think of what happened today as consequences for what you did last week." 

You let his words run through you mind until it hit you. Even Simon’s words repeated in your head. ’He knows, I know, and now you do too.’ You sat up in bed and looked over at him. "Dabin… are you telling me that you set up this entire thing? Payback for masturbating to Simon?" 

 A smile spread across his face and your heart sunk in your chest. This entire time, you thought you had went outside your relationship and cheated. Low and behold, your boyfriend had tricked you. You picked up the nearest pillow and hit him with it. 

"You asshole! I thought I had hurt you fucking him! You bastard!” You shouted as you continued to hit him. Dabin laughed, grabbing the pillow from you. He pulled your body back down with his, holding you in his arms as you fussed. When you were able to calm down, he spoke. 

“I’m sorry baby. I wasn’t trying to make it a ‘payback’ thing. I knew you crushed on Simon but I didn’t think you went as far as thinking about him while touching yourself. Now I can’t say that it didn’t bother me because it did. But after I had a talk with Christian, he told me about the experience he had with his girl and Loco, and I thought we could try the same. That way, you can get out all your feelings for Simon." 

"First off, I’m going to cut the chat time between you and him before you guys come up with anymore ideas. It’s a shame what he puts his poor girlfriend through. How she keeps up with his freaky libido is beyond me." 

"What are you talking about? He tells me about the ideas she comes up with too. Those two are made for each other, just like you’re made for me." 

He cuddled your body close to his, wrapping his arms around you. You snuggled against his chest listening to his heartbeat. You were beyond tired at today’s events. 

 "One more thing…. you’re not going to leave me for Simon, are you?” Dabin joked causing you to slap his arm. 

“I like Simon, but why would I leave the perfect man? I love you too much even after what you did,” you admitted. Dabin kissed your lips before cutting off the lights and holding you close. “I hope you know, you’re in hot water for doing that to me.” Your voice called out in the darkness. Dabin groaned out loud.

UT Fankids Week
(kinda maybe? I mean the thing is that it had Sanscest in the tags…error ink is kinda sanscest so…. eh? I might be pulling a few strings here but even if these are not valid I hope to still do them!)

Day 1: First Words

Welp wanted to do something for this fun week! Even have a small story that goes along with it under the read more! ( well more of a ramble of a draft of how it could work but still! )

But man, this was fun to figure out what beginning PJ looked like. Heh man he looks like a MESS. Though no scarf or bag so yeah… he did just form o-o

I have no clue if PJ fits into the Fankids week thing but I like the prompts and hope to give more incite to how he’s like while growing up. 
(note the Ink and Error represented here are not canon however I tried to have them have more canon personalities and actions so *shrugs*. Just a warning cause yeah… technically there is no PJ but this is just how they are canon to his story o-o)

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this is the song that stan apparently did an eerily good impression of so can we PLEASE have wyatt sing diana PLEASE

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I love your blog and I really enjoy it. If its possible, could you write some Saeran nsfw hc??? Thank you so much.

Ahh, I love random nsfw hcs, I hope you guys request more of these in the future, they’re so easy and fun to write

Here you go, hon! Hope you like it:

NSFW HCS: Saeran

  • Okay, it’s common sense in the fandom that this boy is a SEX MONSTER, but hear me out, y’all.
  • After all he’s been trough, I think if he ver decided to have sex, it would be the swetest thing ever. He would be so careful and so scared of hurting you or… breaking you.
  • If he ever had sex in Mint Eye, probably it was that weird shit two strokes in the front, three in the back and we’re done.
  • So after he got out of there, sex was probably a mysterious field he thought he would never explore.
  • It was almost like a boy going through puberty, every thought about you felt dangerous and would lead to a boner he wouldn’t know how to deal with.
  • And if you ever offered some help, he would blush, get angry and lock himself up to splash cold water on his throbbing cock.
  • After lots of coaxing and reassuring, he would let you touch him here and there, and start considering the possibility of going all the way.
  • He would like to talk to you first, plan exactly what was going to happen, but that’s not how things work. The first time happened after a RFA party, he went to your place just to sleep and it happened.
  • And… it didn’t feel exactly great. Foreplay was cool and all, with him mimicking everything you did.
  • You kissed him on the neck, nipping a little? He did the same right after. You tightened the grip on his hips while kissing before pushing his underwear down? Yep, he did the same.
  • Then he pushed his cock in, and… he came early. God! He was so embarrassed and angry at himself, he wouldn’t be surprised if you got mad too and decided to kick him out of your place.
  • But you didn’t, you just reassured him it was fine and these things can take time, maybe there are other ways of making you feel as good as he felt?
  • You talked with him about oral, and boy… he felt like hacking into the Pentagone would be easier than this.
  • It’s like… what should him do? Bite? No! Chew? NO! Pretend his tongue is a dick? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
  • So most of your first sexual interactions are about you being the giver and leading the way. But subtly, this boy doesn’t like to be bossed around.
  • And he doesn’t want to be a frustration for you, so he’s a fast learner, he quickly finds out all the weak spots in your body, the ones that make you melt and whimper.
  • He sometimes even risks some dirty talking, but it’s mainly him cursing or giving some brutally honest compliments about your body and skills.
  • “Your mouth is so warm around my cock!” “You’re such a good sucker!” “You feel so good, shit!”
  • When you go down on him, he wishes he could just close his eyes and enjoy, but all he does is stare, because it feels amazing and he doesn’t wanna miss a thing.
  • Secretly likes when you swallow his cum.
  • After he gets a little more experienced, him eating you is usually fun. He likes to make you feel good, but the thing here is that he loves having you this vulnerable and completely putty to his hands.
  • He likes the missionary position because he can feel every inch of you, but also likes when you ride him, because he can watch all your reactions to what he’s doing.
  • Maybe one day he’ll try to get rough. Biting, pulling your hair, calling you his little slut… if you’re okay with that and he starts feeling confident enough, why not?
  • But for now, all he wants is to love and being loved sweetly, since he never had this before.
  • So just expect lots of body worshiping (you bet he’ll wait for some reciprocity) and a very messy, yet passionate sex.
  • And maybe some smacks in your cheeks once in a while, because he likes butts and he cannot lie.
  • When he’s cumming, he goes back to that nervous boy from the first time. He’s a whimpering, even a little whiny mess, telling how good you are and how he loves y… to fuck you.
  • Yeah, you still didn’t manage to make him say “I love you” while fucking, but you’re almost there.

anonymous asked:

Madds did the "I love you" actually happen???? I can't watch the episode yet but I NEED TO KNOW

Yep it sure did he was talking to the whole room but his speech started as a response to something dean said, so technically he was talking to dean more than anybody else. And the only reaction shot we got of mary was of her looking at dean, not at Cas, so she obviously didn’t expect to be included in cas’ speech. Then there’s the fact that Cas had been looking at dean pretty much the whole time but when he said I love you he looked down sadly as if he couldn’t meet Dean’s eye. Bc if he said I love you while looking directly at any of them, that’d be pretty crazy right? But then he said “I love all of you” and looked at them all as if he needed to clarify who he was talking to. Unrelated does anyone know if graves are six feet long as well as six feet deep I’m asking for a friend

Update: Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective.

So…the long awaited Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective, is on it’s way. Promise!! I had no idea my son and his friend’s comments would be received with so much interest. Live and learn, right? Truth be told, their response to His Last Vow wasn’t nearly as interesting as their previous thoughts. In my humble opinion. They watched with rapt attention, and offered - quite vocally - their thoughts on the overall episode, which was far more serious than TEH and TSoT. I’ll finish it up over the weekend.

In the meantime, for those who asked, and because it’s still fresh in my mind – here’s a few conversations that took place amongst my daughter and sister, after The Final Problem. Parts of the conversations are slightly paraphrased, although I did have a chat record with @swjmart about those conversations immediately afterward, while they were fresh in my memory.

I feel a bit silly posting this, but given all the crap Sherlollians have put up with over the years, I wanna add to this ship and see it turn into an Arc. Just sayin’.

I’ll start with my sister, who is the quintessential casual viewer. She didn’t start watching Sherlock until this past autumn, when she binged on Netflix. Lucky girl – she did not put herself through an agonizing three year hiatus. Whether she realizes it or not – she digs Sherlolly! Yay!

It all started with a late morning phone call….

Sister (which will be referred to by ’S’): So, did you watch Sherlock?

Me: Surely you jest.

S: Just thought I’d ask. Did you like it?

Me: Of course. You?

S – Oh gosh yes! T (her hubby), sat on the edge of his seat the whole time, even covered his face in a few places.

Me: God, he’s such a pussy.

S: What?

Me: Never-mind. So, what’d ya think.

S: It was excellent – I loved the whole season, but wish there was more than three episodes.

Me: Welcome to fandom.

S: Pardon?

Me: Nothing. Continue.

S: Can you even imagine having a sister that brilliant and insane? That was so heartbreaking. Really, T almost cried.

Me:  I know, completely mind-blowing, although there were clues in previous episodes that some shit went down. (silently begging her to get to the good part about Molly and Sherlock saying I love you, but not wanting to be overly obvious.)

S: I wish you’d stop swearing. (sister does not swear ~le sigh~)

Me: Do you know that recent studies showed people who swear —

S: Whatever, P. Those clues never indicated a child was murdered.

Me: I know, but even though it was ‘technically’ murder, I don’t think that was the intention of five year old Eurus. She wanted her brother to play.

Me: Hmmm. Weren’t you even a bit disappointed that nothing was said or shown about Victor Trevor’s family, or any investigation? (I’m not being serious, of course, just baiting for opinion)

S: No, it’s not that kind of show. It’s not CSI Sherlock.

(now I get to go in for what I really want to know!)

Me: But there were so many things left unresolved!

S: Like what?

Me: What do you mean 'like what?’ I thought you said you watched.

S: T and I thought the season finale was great – there was nothing left unresolved. I don’t know if they’re going to make another season, because all the actors are so in demand, but if not – I don’t know how it could have ended more perfectly. The only thing I’m really sad about is Mary dying. She was such an interesting character and I liked her a lot.

Me: You didn’t get put off that she shot Sherlock? At one point I found it very hard to believe how easily she was forgiven.

S: Of course shooting the protagonist was dramatic, but he didn’t mind, why should you?

Me: What?

S: You do know these are fictional characters, right?

Me: Don’t be ridiculous.

S: These characters are very dark and most of the time suicidal. Sherlock was on drugs probably all of season three and most of season 4, so of course he didn’t have a problem forgiving Mary. He probably admired her for it. They’re fun to watch, but you can’t think of them as normal – they’re not. Except for Molly. She is the only relatable character. I think she’s T’s favorite part of the show. It’s just too bad they didn’t give her more.

Me: Agree. But…but what about the Molly / Sherlock phone call dealio? I mean, what happened there? The only thing we got after that was a 2 second montage of Molly walking into Baker St.

S: So?

Me: So?! What happened? One minute she’s crying, Sherlock’s smashing a coffin and then she’s all smiles. WTF?

S: They’re not going to show that. I thought you preferred British television over American? British television is always more subtle.

Me: I know, but still – they could have given something more than a stupid montage.

S: They got married. That wasn’t hard to figure out.

Me: What? LOL!

S: Molly has always loved him, anyone who watched the show could see that. Sherlock is probably the most emotionally constipated fictional character ever written - Spock doesn’t count because he’s Vulcan - and he finally realized he loves her too. Probably always has. They’ve been building this up from the beginning. Didn’t you ever pay attention to all the stuff he pulled? Sabotaging her date before he knew that guy was his enemy? He told her to give up on relationships. It’s not like he was joking, although it was funny. He’s literal about that stuff. He didn’t want her to date because he couldn’t cope, it was about him, not her. T really loved that part – wished he would have thought about it when he was trying to date me. Then there’s Sherlock’s temper tantrums, and getting her to do things he could do himself. It’s typical stuff men do when they’re jealous or stupid. They think they’re being smart, like no one can see through all their crap.

Me: Looking at it that way, he probably broke up her engagement, too.

S: Oh, you know he did. T called it right away. What episode was that, where he told her how important she was and basically had eye sex with her. If it had been any other woman they probably would have burst out laughing. What a guy move.

Me: Ummm, the one where he came back, that one? And, btw, I wouldn’t have laughed if Benedict Cumberbatch was staring into my eyes.

(okay, this is literally the most surreal convo I’ve ever had with my sister. I had. no. idea. she even thought about stuff like this.)

S: Well, he’s not Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s Sherlock, lol! Not real life, remember? And, yes, that’s the episode. After that scene T said, 'her engagement just ended.’ Thought it was a smooth move. I’m telling you, this is typical guy stuff.

Me: He probably caused her to doubt herself.

S: It doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. It was over when Sherlock came back.

Me: So, why do you think they got married?

S: How old is Sherlock and these guys? Mid to late 30’s? What do you think he’s going to do? Start dating? He’s not going to do that. He can barely cope with what he does feel and Molly is patient and independent enough to be his partner and she’s not needy. Which is good because he is.

Me: So you didn’t see her as weak with unrequited love?

S: Where would you get that idea? Who cares if she’s loved him the whole time. It’s not like she sat around waiting for him to do something about it. She has life and must have felt he cared too, otherwise she wouldn’t have stuck around. She’s not one of our girlfriends who has no self-will or independent thought, and lives in a constant state of angst because her boyfriend or husband is horrible and we have to constantly tell her to leave. It’s not real life. Besides, Molly is sane and helps him connect to people and the world, like John does. Speaking of which, wasn’t it the episode before this one where John gave Sherlock that big speech about how a relationship would make him complete?

Me: Yep, he did. But, he was talking about Irene Adler.

S: Oh, she doesn’t matter.

Me: No?

S: He doesn’t love her. She’s every guy’s fantasy, it’s not real. T still believes Drew Barrymore will adore him if they ever met. Keep dreaming, big guy. Anyway, the writer’s set up some big dramatic relationship thing with John’s speech. So, you knew something was going to happen between Sherlock and Molly.

Me: It’s called foreshadowing.

S: Sherlock is completely ignorant about how to do relationships and love. He trusts Molly with his feelings and heart – she kept his secret for two years about being dead - and now that he knows how much he loves her, why would he let her go? He wouldn’t do that. The only way to keep her around is to marry her. At least that’s what I think. Or, maybe they live together forever…although if I were Molly he’d have to come to my place because it’s so much nicer and she can make him leave when he’s annoying or too clingy. Besides, his place is too dangerous and it’s more like an office than a home.

Me: I just read an interview this morning from Steven Moffat, the show’s creator and writer, who said that Molly was wounded by what happened, but Sherlock was devastated. He went on to say Sherlock apologized, Molly called him a 'bastard’ and they got over it. Then he added that Molly probably had a drink and shagged someone. What the hell, right?

S: That doesn’t sound like the character I saw, but then you probably shouldn’t take stuff like this so literally. I’m sure Sherlock apologized and you could see he was devastated. She almost died – I mean, I was holding my breath and wondering if they were going to kill her. Honestly, that was the most heart-pounding part of the whole episode. Of course he was devastated, but Molly was really hurt. She thought he was making fun of her and they both thought that whatever they did have together was over at the end of that scene. Maybe what the writer is saying is that they had sex together? That would make more sense after something this horrific. Wouldn’t you? I know it’s not real life, but if you were Sherlock and realized you loved someone and that person almost died, those emotions are powerful, overwhelming and mess with your mind. They probably had sex first and then he told her what happened. You know, like couples have sex after they argue.

Me: I didn’t realize you were such a romantic.

S: The whole show is a romance, with some mysteries thrown in. It’s not Hollywood, it’s very subtle. I thought you minored in English composition and literature? You should know this stuff.

Me: I do, but just thought I’d get your take. Hey, let me ask you one more thing…there’s this idea that John moved back into Baker St.

S: Why would he do that?

Me: Probably because he did that in the books, only it was very different because they (S / J) were much older and Mary had already been dead for a long time. Of course John didn’t have a kid in the books, at least not that anyone knew of. Although, I think there’s some pastiches that suggest, or give him, a child.

S: I can’t think why that character would do something so dumb and irresponsible. He’s smarter than that. Baker St isn’t safe for a baby and why would he or Sherlock want a baby around all the time?  It’s Sherlock’s office with a bedroom. His kitchen is contaminated and he keeps body parts around. They meet clients and really dangerous people come there. Plus, John has his own house. If he did anything, maybe he should experience what single mother’s go through and have to take care of his child after working all day and saying 'no’ to things because he has to put his child first. I understand people helping out right after Mary died. Mom had all kinds of help after our dad died, remember? But, this isn’t RL and he and Sherlock have their 'the game is on’ thing, so the baby is going to be sent to be with others.

*** Pretty much the end of of our convo, unless someone wants to hear about how we planned an outing at Sephora and met for lunch…. Probably not, right?

Phone call from daughter, who is known as 'K’ – another casual viewer.

K: So, did you watch?

Me: Of course. Watching it again, to be honest. What did you think? Just give me the Molly / Sherlock low down.

K: Wow, he really lost his shit, didn’t he?

Me: Yup.

K: I honestly thought they were going to kill Molly.

Me: I was a bit worried too. So, what do you think ended up happening between them? We were only given a few seconds.

K: They got married or living together.

Me: Have you been talking with your aunt?

K: No, why?

Me: Because she said the same thing.

K: It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Me: Why do people keep saying that?

K: What else is Sherlock gonna to do? He could barely do stuff without her before he knew he loved her, and now that he knows, it’s not like he’d let her disappear.

Me: Wow, I guess something’s just aren’t that obvious to me. (just kidding, of course)

K: Yeah, well, you don’t watch much television, so maybe you don’t notice stuff.

Me: You don’t think they’d date for a while, that sort of thing?

K: Why? Like Mike (her boyfriend) said – Sherlock just got played by two women.

Me: I don’t understand.

K: The evil sister set up the test for Sherlock to get Molly to say I Love You, right?

Me: Yeah.

K: But, that’s not what it was about. Molly wouldn’t say it until he said it first, because she thought he was playing a game and making fun of her. But, his sister had been watching Molly and maybe watching Sherlock too and knew Molly loved him but would never say 'I love you’ unless Sherlock said it first. But, Sherlock is thinking he just has to get Molly to say it, when the real game was about getting him to say it. But, he’s not going to say it, he won’t even consider it, because he’s an emotional dwarf. So, the only way to get him to say it was knowing Molly wouldn’t, thereby applying the appropriate pressure needed for him to grow the fuck up and get some balls. Well, that’s what Mike said, but I agree. Molly didn’t know she was being played, but his theory still works.

Me: So, his sister played Dolly Levi.

K: No, she’s just bat-shit, fucking crazy and didn’t care. She wanted the thrill of the ride. She doesn’t understand emotional attachment

Me: But, why married?

K: Maybe not married, but they’re definitely living together in a committed relationship for life. Sherlock isn’t capable of anything less. I mean, he could be, he is smart, but I doubt it. God, mom, he railroads her all the time. He would literally implode if she went off and found someone else. I mean, think about the few genius people you know. They have no idea how to do shit and need normal people to help them.

Me: I don’t think he’s that bad off.

K: Maybe not, but he was shooting up all last season because he couldn’t cope with the changes with his friends. John got married, Molly was engaged. He was able to be part of John’s life, but not Molly’s. And he spent most of this season high as a kite. He almost overdosed on the jet when they shipped him off for killing that guy.

Me: Part of that was because Mary asked him to save John.

K: Yeah, but not the jet part. He doesn’t cope with loss and there were other ways to help John. He was dying, mom – headed toward renal failure. Maybe now that he has those memories about his sister, he’ll be able to do better and won’t have the need to self-anesthesize. Plus, he finally understands he loves Molly, like really loves her and being with her helps him stay grounded – she keeps him centered. It takes a village to raise Sherlock.

Me: True dat. So the coffin part was pretty intense.

K: It was. But, he was scared, emotionally vulnerable and couldn’t manage what he was feeling. He had to vent and the coffin was handy. I also think he realized how much he’s hurt Molly. Not just the phone call, but all the other stuff he’s done. She couldn’t trust him and almost died because of it. He got to see what he caused, the consequences of his bullshit. He didn’t know that. He never connected the emotional dots about why she couldn’t say 'I love you’. So, yes, I think he married her and probably will never, ever do another thing to cause her any doubt. His life is too dangerous to put his bullshit on her, leaving her not knowing when he’s being a douche and doing his fakey mcfakerson shit, or being serious. And, why wouldn’t Molly want marriage or a committed life with him? She’s been on the ride since the beginning and it’s better for both of them to be on the same page. They’re both kinda lost without the other.

Me: Right on. So, the I love you was real?

K: Later, mom.


So, there ya have it. Two perspectives from non-fandom people. I love Sherlollians, even the ones who don’t know they’re one. : )