yep basically it

Jack at his panel:
  • jack: sorry i can't get off the stage, its against the rules
  • a person apart of the community: *cries*
  • a person apart of the community: *is really nervous*
  • a person apart of the community: *really wants a hug*
  • a person apart of the community: *and/or just really loves him for all he's done for us and is really overwhelmed*
  • a person apart of the community: *exists*
  • jack:
  • jack:
  • jack:
  • jack: ...
  • jack: FUCK THAT
  • jack: *jumps down to hug the person*

People of Earth - Favorite Scenes [1/ ∞]

Don at the Alien Experiencer Expo

+ Bonus:

ptw30  asked:

Hihi! You mentioned on AO3 you have no prompts for Ulaz and Shiro right now, so...if you're still taking prompts, would you mind writing one about Ulaz and Shiro - maybe at the Blade headquarters? Thanks!

Ohhhh I do not mind. I do not mind at all.

Technically they aren’t at the Blade headquarters here, but. Um. I’m not sorry. 


Kolivan is not pleased when Ulaz calls him from halfway across the galaxy.

“There were no other options,” Ulaz repeats, for the third time. Kolivan stares back at him from the communication screen, silent and impassive. His mask is down, but it’s no improvement: Kolivan’s face is nearly as stoic and unreadable as if he had the mask up.

Nearly. Ulaz isn’t fooled. The tick in the corner of Kolivan’s eye and the small flare of his nostrils give him away.

“Be that as it may,” Kolivan says. His tone speaks volumes, too: brusque, blunt, syllables sharper and harsher than usual. ‘Not pleased’ is an understatement. “I cannot permit you to come blindly back to headquarters after such a foolish sacrifice.”

“My actions were not foolish,” Ulaz insists, defensive and heated. The comm unit in the stolen Galra ship is small, made smaller by the tracking devices Ulaz ripped out and dismantled with his bare hands. The ship was intended for short journeys; it was never meant to make the long trek Ulaz faces now. “Against your timing, perhaps, but not foolish. Thace is still on board. He will remain as informant for as long as physically and feasibly possible.”

“The choice was not yours to make.”

“And yet I have made it.”

“At what cost?” Kolivan asks. The comm image blurs for a tick before it steadies, stable. “Your plan has failed. This was your alternative?”

Ulaz casts a glance over his shoulder. Shiro’s asleep, propped up against the far wall - ‘far’ is a generous statement. This ship is too small. Shiro’s tucked his back into a corner, his arm cradled to his chest. He’s sleeping off the drug and what Ulaz is fairly certain is a concussion.

“No,” Ulaz admits, quietly, “This was not part of my plan.”

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An amusement park date with… JE O N CEN A
*trumpets dramatically weeping in the background*

- Admin YangKkoChi

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                                    ToG instagram au (collab with alinasoretsev)

Teaser for Yoosung’s new pillow cover design! : ) I plan to draw high school brunette Yoosung on the other side because happy high school Yoosung is cute and underrated xD.

I plan to make new designs for Zen, Saeran, Luciel and—guess who? yep! Jaehee everyone. Basically all getting a fancy ouji makeover! Will I make Jumin’s? Ehh..I’m still on the edge.

I’m also planning a design for a Luciel t-shirt based on an old illustration I made. So look forward to it. And maybe iPhone phone cases too!

Look forward to my projects this year ^^ Order dates for each items will be announced later gradually along with teaser illustrations etc.

I’m back in the fandom people! I gorged through all the DLCs since I’ve sort of abandoned my MM account since November and I fell in love all over again xD.

It’s hard to imagine George Lucas having any secret agenda for Star Wars, unless the whole thing was secretly a piece of performance art to teach us a lesson about stopping while you’re ahead. What many people don’t realize, however, is that Lucas actually has some pretty strong political opinions, and he wanted them reflected in his films. For example, the classic anti-war film Apocalypse Now was originally his idea, and he wanted to film it during the actual Vietnam War. As in, with real bullets flying at his real, bearded face.

No studio wanted to be responsible for Lucas’ headless cadaver, so the film ended up with Francis Ford Coppola while Lucas went to direct another, almost as politically charged film … called Star Wars.

Unwilling to give up fully on his anti-Vietnam sentiment just because he was doing a movie about spacemen fighting with laser swords, Lucas modeled Star Wars’ central conflict around what he saw as the realities of Vietnam – namely, “a large technological empire going after a small group of freedom fighters.” Yep, he basically saw the Empire as a stand-in for America, while the rebellion was just the inevitable result of the overextension of its powers. So Princess Leia was … Ho Chi Minh, we guess?

All of this subversive anti-Vietnam sentiment culminated in what’s considered the most childish movie of the original trilogy, Return Of The Jedi. The film features a small group of technologically inferior, vegetation-dwelling guerrilla fighters who manage to defeat an empire against the odds. Yes, the Ewoks are a stand-in for the Viet Cong.

6 Famous Movies You Probably Didn’t Notice Are Propaganda

The Cook

Fandom: Marvel 

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

As requested by @iamthemaskhewears : Yay! Can I request a oneshot where the reader works with Tony (not necesarilly an Avenger) and she’s way younger than him (like mid20s), but they both have feelings for each other? And he doesn’t know how to make her know he likes her and that he’s not a playboy anymore(or won’t be)? Please and thank you ❤

Warning: age difference (reader’s about 24-25)

When you applied to be a cook at the Avengers HQ you didn’t think you’d actually be cooking for the Avengers. You thought you were going to be part of an entire team of staff who’d cook for the cafeteria or something. But nope. You walked into that tower, gave your name to the lady at the front desk, and she escorted you to none other than THE Tony Stark’s office.

“Hey, kid! Tony Stark, but you probably already knew that.” The famous billionaire and superhero offered his hand to you.

You smiled and shook it, “Hello, sir-”

Tony gagged as he sat atop his desk in front of you, “No. None of that ‘sir’ nonsense. Makes me feel old. Really old. Anyway,” he jumped off and circled his desk and sat down, “so you’re a cook?”

You nodded, “Yep. From the basics to the complex. I also bake.”

“Pies? Cheesecakes? Crème brûlée?”

You laughed, “Yes, I can cook those.”

“Great!” Tony stood, “You’re hired!”

You gave him a confused look, “You’re not going to give me a test or ask me any other questions?”

Tony shook his head, “Nah, I see greatness in ya, kid. I’ll take your word for it. As for the test, how about you make dinner for the team and I tonight. If it hoes horribly wrong, then, obviously, you’re fired. If it goes great, you can stay.”

You stood up anxiously, “Great! So where’s the kitchen? I’ll start now.”

Tony clapped you on the back, “I like you already, kid!”

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How you first meet |Nick Robinson

characters: Nick Robinson x reader 

writer: Nicole 

prompt: you meet on the set of Jurassic world 

Originally posted by nixkrobinsxn

This is your life long dream, to become an actress. You finally landed a job in a movie that could possibly become a big hit. But of course considering this is the first ever gig you landed, you’re only an extra. A amusement park GOer that gets mauled by some dinosaurs.

You bounce excitedly through the set, which looks surreal by the way. You spot one of the main characters, Chris Pratt.

‘Stay calm kid. Be professional.’ You think to yourself.

Then you see him walk over to you, out of all the odds.

“ Hey do you know where’s the nearest restroom?” He asks you causally holding his script.

“ buuuh uhhhhh “ you randomly say, hands shaking a little.


“It’s over there chris” Nick Robinson says, standing next to you, pointing in a direction.


You awkwardly clear your throat and tried to walk in the opposite direction, Until he stops you.

“ Hi, my name is Nick” he smiles, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

‘Be chill ok y/n? chiiiiilllLLLLLLLLLLL’

“ I know who you are “ you quickly frown after saying that, realizing that it sorta sounded rude and stalkerish.

“I’m sorry that came out wrong, I mean like I know you because you’re sorta famous, OH! Gosh no you are famous I hope that didn’t come out wrong too… you have a great career” you said pursing your lips together, nervousness numbs your legs.

“ yep. Totally chill. You basically insulted his career. Niiiice.’ Mentally slapping yourself.

He cutely laughs, making you less tense.

“ that’s okay, what’s your name?” he asks you, giving you a grin.

“y/n” smiling back at him.

“ well y/n, I have yet to explore this vast set. Would you like to join me?” he gestures you to follow, taking a slight step forward.

Considering that they don’t start filming anytime soon, you obliged. Also because he’s hot.

“ So tell me about yourself” he looks down at you, you didn’t notice the height difference until now.

‘mmmmmmmmmm so tall. So beautiful’

“ uhmmm well, it’s been my life long dream to become an actress. Yes I know it’s cheesy, but I’m getting there right?” you chuckle to yourself, it’s been a long journey.

You don’t notice this considering you’re consumed in your thoughts. As you think about your life, he looks down at you smiling. He notices how cute and excited you are to be here, which is the reason why he went over to you and Chris in the first place. He notices how you bit your lip when you get nervous, also when you get worried you scrunch up your nose a little.

she’s perfect’ He thinks to himself, still staring at you.