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Anyone familiar with Durarara?? I found out that kazuma and bisha’s voice actors are the same ones as Shinra and Celty’s in durarara and they are also my OTP in that show. So what if they got reincarnated in that universe instead.


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Hi i really love your drunk!mc and not recognizing them hc :D is it okay if i request the same but with v and saeran ^u^

Here it is! I don’t know if it is as cute as the original post, tho… still, hope you like it! ^^

Drunk MC doesn’t recognize Saeran and V


  • He hates when you go out like this, because he knows you’re getting home drunk.
  • And you’re a very unpredictable drunk. Sometimes you get really emotional and cry over things like that time you hurt a little boy who had a crush on you: “he wrote me this letter and I answered correcting all his misspells, why am I so bad, Saeran? Whyyy?”
  • Or sometimes you laugh at everything, like when you kept giggling and repeating the word “chocolate pudding” for half an hour.
  • And sometimes you get a little handsy and… hum, he has nothing to complain about that, actually.
  • “Can I help you?” he thought you were being sarcastic when he went to pick you up at your friend’s house, she said somebody looking for you was at the door.
  • “Well, can I help you? You look like shit!” “I’ll tell you what looks like shit, your move! Do you really think nagging will work here? Boy, bye.” What is this woman saying?
  • “Look, no time for jokes. Let’s just go, okay?” he was trying to be patient, but you ignoring him was something he couldn’t stand. It was nothing like you!
  • “Look, dude, as if your shitty move wasn’t bad enough, I already have a boyfriend, okay? And he will beat the shit out of you if he hears about this.” Oh… he knows what’s going on…
  • Yes, you not being able to recognize him happened once, it was pretty funny. You kept telling him to go away because you already had a boyfriend waiting for you at home… and you were already home. Shit, that was hilarious.
  • “Really? Is he that mad?” “Yep, so mad! He used to be madder when he looked like Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, but now… he’s more like Lindo from Dance with Devils, like, mad but cute mad, you know?” He… has no idea who are these people, and he didn’t know he was that mad…
  • “Oh, and… are you scared of him?”. You scoff “Nah, he’s cute. When he crosses his arms and frowns his eyebrows like this… freaking cute!”
  • “Men don’t like being called cute, isn’t he badass?” “Yep, but I like more when he’s cute! When he hugs me and calls me a dork, and tries to braid my hair when I pretend I’m sleeping…” Shit! You should not know about this! “Don’t tell him, but I’m thinking about inviting him to move in with me! Do you think it’s weird? I mean… the girl inviting the guy?
  • “N-no, it’s not weird at all…” okay, joke time is over, this is serious and he needs you sober as soon as possible. “So, hey! Uhm… I’m just your friend’s neighbor, turns out your boyfriend rang my bell thinking it was hers. He’s, uhm… waiting you downstairs.”
  • You said goodbye to your equally wasted friend and went downstairs, where he was waiting for you, trying to do a grumpy face. But it was hard, he really felt like smiling.
  • “Stop drinking that much! And… don’t tell deep weird things to strangers! And…” you interrupt him with a quick peck on his lips and a giggle.
  • “You’re so cute!” he feels his cheeks getting as red as his hair. “I… well, I… yeah, I… thanks.” He needs to get used being called cute if he’s going to be your roommate.


  • You two were at this art exhibition.
  • You two got separated for a while when he went to talk to the artist and you decided to see the paintings and sculptures.
  • When he found you again, you were staring at a painting, your mouth a little ajar. Wow, did it impress you that much? He really wanted to hear your thought about that.
  • “Hi, honey. Do you like this? We can buy it!” you let out a sigh that sounds like a groan and walks away. What… just happened?
  • “Honey? Did I say something wrong? You don’t like it?” “Yeah, I don’t like guys trying to be all sugar daddy over women, stay away from me, granny.” What? Sugar Daddy? Oh my god… is he really acting like this? But… he thought you liked his gifts…
  • Wait! No… it’s not this. He realizes that when he sees you taking a glass of that sweet drink that seemed harmless…
  • And the way your cheeks are flushed, he knows: these aren’t harmless when you have too much.
  • He watches as you stare at another painting. “Do you like this painting, miss?”
  • “Yes, it feels like it’s talking to me.” “Really? What is it saying?” “See the lines in the bottom? To me it’s totally about feeling a strong connection with someone, this brown lines are like a house, or maybe a body. And the blue spot is the soul inside the body, trying to be free.” Well, it was  open to interpretation, anyhow…
  • “Interesting…” “Yeah, it reminds me of my boyfriend, he’s the blue spot. I want the blue spot to be free and happy.” Oh, that was sweet…
  • He wanted to hug you, but he knew you wouldn’t recognize him, so he walked away a little and waited. Until you finally turned your head and faced him, this huge smile showing up in your face.
  • “Hey, honey! Anything you liked?” “Yeah, that one! Look, this shade of blue is the same of your hair!” “Oh, and that orange spot there is the same as your dress.” It was a different tone of orange, but you agreed, amazed.
  • “Now, let’s go, my orange spot, your blue spot needs to make sure you don’t have a hangover tomorrow.” “Why? I’m not drunk!” he chuckles, you are an adorable orange spot, aren’t you?

“I’m not as weak as I make it seem Dan.”

“Do you want to know why?”

B E C A U S E Y O U N E V E R W E R E T H E O N E I N C O N T R O L .

“… I’m not letting it happen. Not again….”


Virus!Phan AU belongs to the lovely maddox-rider check her out!

Im so proud of this, it looks hella cool in my opinion and it’s one of the first things I’ve coloured with actual quality markers - even tho it’s mostly black lmao

I also have a Drawing Amino btw, I feel more comfortable posting things there, my username is the same as here The Awkward Codex so feel free to check out what I posted there it’s a fun app ^__^

Now Imma finally go start watching Yuri on Ice ciao you lovely trash bags~

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Muu, Sinbad, and Kouen reacting to their s/o kicking butt in a gladiatorial competition? Also who are your favorite characters? :3

Thank you for requesting, and thank you for asking! My favorite characters would have to be: Hakuren, Sphintus, Morgiana, Dunya, Aladdin, Kougyoku, and the Kou bros! (Don’t ask me to pick one I can’t I literally love them all)

Muu Alexius

  • Muu would be nervous upon seeing his s/o enter the ring. Gladiator fights weren’t easy fights- They were brutal, bloody, savage, and usually ended with someone being dead. Even if he was confident in his s/o’s fighting abilities, he would still be a nervous wreck, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice and save the day if he needed to. However, when he saw them practically destroy their opponent, most of the fear would be replaced with absolute pride as he cheered his s/o on, louder than any other person watching the fight. He would lose a bit of his composure, yelling advice that went unheard and cheering for them to beat their enemy into the ground. Once they had won and exited the arena, Muu would envelop them in a hug and promise to celebrate their victory.


  • The king of Sindria would be very involved in the fight, observing everything from his spot and watching to make sure his s/o didn’t do anything stupid or unnecessarily risky. He would be uncharacteristically quiet at the beginning, his concentrating face giving nothing away of the fear in his stomach. He knew that one wrong move, one mistake could result in death or dismemberment or both, and he did not want that for his s/o at all. Luckily, his fears were proven to be unneeded as his s/o proceeded to beat their opponent to a pulp. As they did this, Sinbad would begin cheering loudly, his voice the same loudness of everyone else, but somehow he knew his s/o could easily pick out which voice was his. Word could not describe how proud he felt of his s/o as they walked up to him, weapon in hand and a tired smile on their face. He would pick them up and spin them around, expressing his admiration.

Kouen Ren

  • Kouen would watch the entirety of the fight in silence, not cheering even as his s/o won. His face would give nothing away- It almost seemed like he was listening to someone read out a report on salads eaten that day. Little known to those around him, though, he was practically shaking with excitement and nerves. He wouldn’t really say that he was nervous, but he did feel a bit uneasy for his s/o to be down there by themselves, basically fighting for their life. As his s/o began to win, a small smile would crack across his lips and his eyes would take on a gleam as though to say “Yep. They’re badass, and they’re mine.” Once the fight was over and they had won, Kouen would congratulate them on their victory and promise that they would recieve a nice hot bath and good food as celebration. And, he would say, taking one of their hands and lifting it to his lips to place a kiss on their skin, if they wanted anything else they need only ask.

His classmates told him and warned him about ‘him’. About that ‘JK’ known as the badass, 'dont fuck with’ dude in school; However, Tae doesn’t really care about wut people say and just became real clingy to Jungkook after he found him crying on the roof. He also looks so cute with that bunny face of his. Yep, doesn’t look badass at all to him. Oh, and did he mention that JK is real submissive and needy in bed?

/what am I doing with my life/

If you haven’t read Artemis Fowl, read this. If you have read Artemis Fowl, read it anyways.

You’re missing a lot. Like, seriously, a lot.

I am in love with this fandom. We didn’t read the books because they were/are popular, we didn’t read them because they were in. (*cough* The Fault In Our Stars *cough*). We read them because we wanted to, and not because society would hate on you if you don’t know what is going on.

You read the first book - it is, like, very very good. But then you read the others, and know that Eoin Colfer never, never ever ever missed a chance to show that he can do better. His books are perfect already, but he always finds a way to make you shiver, to make you think ‘Wow, I didn’t expect this!’, which leads me to the next thing I want to say:

Eoin Colfer is the King of Plot-twists. If you try to convince me that he’s not, I would have to fight you. Seriously, ‘The Time Paradox’ had a really BIG plot twist at the end and there weren’t many pages left - I wanted to scream.

And I have to say that I read many many bookseries, and the End of Artemis Fowl, the last paragraph in ‘The Last Guardian’ … it was genius. Just - genius. You don’t know what happens then, if everything will ever be the same in the Fowl Family (I’m trying so hard to not spoiler and it’s getting complicated), or if Arty doesn’t !§$%/!”§$%&/)(/&%$§ (no spoilers for those who didn’t read it.)

Not to forget, that tiny, evil creatures bless the pages of those wonderful books. The Enemy’s character is amazing, the selfishness perfectly described and etc. And badass women, oh yep, extremely badass women are on the same side as a criminal mastermind who happens to be just a teen, and I want to say that he,

the main character, Artemis the Second, has such a great character development, you won’t believe me if I told you know how he changed. How he just - changed. He didn’t become perfect, and he wasn’t perfect at the beginning either (it’s always funny how he just isn’t good with sports and physical work), and he proves in the last book that he’s the biggest procrastinator in the world’s existence.

Sarcastic, farting, annoying little dwarfs with phospherescent saliva. Enough said.

The Butler’s. It’s fascinating enough how Mister Colfer came up with that ‘The Butler family works since so many centuries for the Fowl Family, that the word for a servant, ‘Butler’, comes from this family’, and if that isn’t hilarious, I don’t know either.

Anyways, to put in a nutshell: This books are absolutely amazing.