Best Dressed from The IFTA Awards

The IFTA awards, last night, saw some gorgeous frocks on the frames of our favourite Irish fashionista’s. Here are our top picks looks from yesterday’s event, that took place in the illustrious Mansion House, on Dublin’s Dawson Street.

#3 Colin O’Donoghue


I am working overtime
on a job I’ve been fired from.
and it’s getting harder
to come to work each day,
with no pay to help me survive
holidays in ghost towns.

I am painting pictures
of strangers on neon lights
but the money’s awful
with no one looking up
these days.

I am homeless
in a city full of buildings
that no one lives in.

I am growing up
slow, quiet as fingers of time
creep into my spine
and build caverns

I just want a home.
That isn’t made of me.
Or my failed dreams.

—  Michel Lazzaro | Tired.

Every one is talking about Mad Max the movie and I’m just sitting here thinking about the awesome potential this game has to be amazing.

When you depressed and get bored and decide to get better at drawing. I like konan’s the most.

Luke Hemmings had an intense dislike for the booths that would set up along the South Oval every Thursday morning and would do his best to avoid the South Oval at all cost. 

After having no other choice one Thursday morning except going down the South Oval, enduring the booths and meeting Freddie Masters in the process, Luke just might have to reconsider how he feels about it. 

a story about condoms, dental dams, and awkward meetings

part 1 coming soon 

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trooper-penethalia asked:

+ How did you and Sly meet?

Harry blinked a few times. First time anyone asked that one, and he still wasn’t expecting such a question for a long while. Still, he let off an uneasy chuckle, hand rising and running through his hair. Why did he have to answer this one, of all things?

“There’s technically two answers to that one. The first- Well.” He seemed to turn red, avoiding looking directly at the person who asked. “I get an odd random message on my datachron, totally out of the blue one day. Not sure how, or why. But it’s a very compromising picture of her. Uh.” Insert finger quotes around ‘Compromising,’ “…Then I actually met her face to face later. Only somewhat related to the first part.”