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hey so question.... u know what plugging is? which of ur ocs do you think would be into that (so you don't gotta look it up, it's basically sticking booze up your butt lol)

i actually had to look it up because i wasn’t sure if you meant it’s like liquid inflation or just object-insertion with a bottle but it turned out to be neither omg UHHH i’m actually not sure if any of my main OCs would be into it since evidently the objective is to get buzzed via shooting liquor up your ass, which is both impractical at best and dangerous at worst,

but if you wanna know which of them would be dumb enough to try it anyway you’re looking at Lucien Yeoun, that stupid fuck. he’d do it as a bet and instantly regret being born.

(Albatross could also do it but because he hates himself. and in retrospect so could Yase but cos he’s the ultimate masochist so he’d just… yeah)

My favorite fictional characters of all time

I have been watching TV series and movies since my childhood. My addiction started with Chinese wuxia series like Legend of Condor Heroes following Korean and Taiwanese drama series. I watch all genres including action, chinese wuxia, thriller, drama, romance and school/youth and I am not picky with which country; I watch mostly Korean, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Hollywood. According to my experience, each country has their own niche expertise. For example, Hong Kong, in my opinion, produce amazing police/action movies which can be very intriguing and thrilling.

I think I am pretty much offtrack right now. What I want to claim here is that the list of my favorite characters which I am going to uncover below (in no particular order) is based on my experience with all these dramas and movies. As the title itself suggests, it is the list of my favorite fictional characters. Those are characters from dramas and movies that characters themselves alone leave great impression on me while I may or may not like the dramas and movies they are in although, from what I’ve noticed, most of which are also my favorites. I tried to include from as many genres as possible but again, it may be subjective and biased.

The first one I would like to mention is ’Sawada Shin’ from Gokusen.

It was the first character that introduced me to my love Matsujun. Apart from that, Sawada Shin is perfect in such a way that he is not only clever and smart but also loyal to his friends, adding to the fact that he is cool concerning with girls (he has no interest in girls and I have a weakness for guys like that). His love for his sister was so touching that I wished I had an elder brother like him (in reality, I have no brother).

The winning point is that he has the guts to pursue what he believes in like living alone and fighting against his father’s totalitarianism (is it a bit exaggerating?) and like in the end, how he can just easily confess his interest in Yankumi. How much did I wish that the story could continue from that point onwards? He is like a perfect guy who you could ever meet in your high school life.

Haha and I love his smile like crazy.

Next, Warrior Baek Dong Soo’s Yeo Un.I felt so much pain at the ending of this drama even though I expected such ending (I don’t wanna spoil it!!!).I love this character because the character development throughout the story, how he was so eager to revenge since childhood, how he became friends with Baek Dong Soo, how he struggled with his conscience in his assassin life and how he tried to fix his fate.

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 Although he can be considered as a villain ( not really!) , I think no one could have hated him. Yoo Seung Ho’s acting was superb. I’ve seen him acting in his other dramas as a child actor as well as an adult but in this drama, it was PERFECT. I didn’t know he could act like that. It became one of my favorite drama just because of Yeo Un’s character and of course, the storyline. I didn’t like either the actor playing Baek Dong Soo or the female lead. And in my opinion, the drama should really change its name. The story was not only focusing on Baek Dong Soo, after all.

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Next one is the coolest and greatest hacker in the drama land, Falcon from Bloody Monday.

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There isn’t much to say about him, actually. I just love everything about him, his pursuit of justice, his hacking skills and so on. There isn’t many Asian dramas about a hacker, after all ( not even one that I know of in addition to Bloody Monday). Therefore, the story as well as the character was unique. He is not that perfect. He, in fact, fell for the enemy’s tricks several times and failed to accomplish his missions and so on. But I just love him being heroic.

I will just stop here for now. The list still has more to come.

—————-To Be Continued ————–