Oh my god I can’t believe I have these albums in my hands right now obgklsjbglaksjgbuiqwe ;W;. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for them to be here omg ;—-;. Block B’s album is so ñalsdsñalnflaskjbgiuwebtie and I decided I’d buy it since it’s in orange and yellow and those are my favorite colors~ The photos in the booklet are so lkasdjggbljgbiue and everything is just lkbjlkajbfuiwebt. I regret nothing about wasting my savings in it because it’s a-ma-zing ♥.

And now, I want to thank Sarah, @yeosin, for the Big Bang 4th Album Special Edition ;www; ♥♥♥. I won her giveaway, and I’m just ksjblasihw so thankful to her ;A;. She made me happy when she told me I had won, and now that I have the album in my hands I’m just like omg I couldn’t thank you enough for making me this happy ;www; ♥. Big Bang’s album is AWESOME ;w; I literally screamed in the middle of the square when I went to the mail and asked the postman if there were any packs for me and then he said “yes” and I couldn’t believe it omg. When I got out of there with the packages I screamed: “THEY’RE HEREEEEEEEEEEE. THEY. ARE. HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. LKADSJBFIOUNIUWEB!!1!!!!” and an old lady asked me and my friends why we were so happy and we started telling her about our “korean artists” OTL. She told us she heard about them in some spanish tv program when they were streaming a festival, I was like “what” omg LOL. ANYWAY.

@yeosin, I will enjoy the album a lot and I will take care of it as if its my child lmfao I’ll probably do that with every album I buy~ THANK YOU SO MUCH, once again, and if you ever need something, if I can help then I will :3. THANK YOU ♥!

This day was so amazing ;w;. I had a wonderful day with my friends and the albums are here and it’s 11/11/11 so laskfblaksdbguiqw lmfao. I’m kinda hyper-happy :‘3.