170707 Mission Teams Spoiler

Rookie: Baek Jiheon, Chu Wonhui, Kim Eunkyul, Park Sun, Kim Nayeon, Lee Yoojeong, Jeong Somi, Michelle White

Cheer Up: Song Hayoung, Kim Eunsuh, Sky/Bin Haneul, Lee Chaeyoung, Tasha, Lee Nagyung, Shin Sia, Jenny/Kim Juhyun

Ah-Choo: Lee Sian, Cho Yubin, Roh Jisun, Yoon Jiwoo, Yang Yeonji, Jo Youngju, Jo Selim, Snowbaby

Me Gustas Tu: Naty, Yoo Jina, Seo Herin, Park Somyeong, Bae Eunyeong, Lee Dahee, Jessica/Lee Seul, Jang Gyuri

Whistle: Jo Yuri, Lee Haein, Lee Saerom, Park Jiwon, Lee Seoyeon, Kim Myongji, Lee Yeongyoo, Hong Siwoo

compiled by godyoori

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt17

Type: Angst Fluff

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Request: Part 17 of Friends on which they babysit Kyeongsim’s daughter.

“Her name is Yeonji” Kyeongsim spoke as you nodded. “Youngdo went to get us dinner quick and something for Yeonji. I see you brought something but he wanted to bu-” “its fine. I bet she’ll like it” she spoke. “I have a dinner date then” she told as you took her daughter into your arms and started carrying her inside along with her baby bag. So looked around curious as her little body clung around your nearly 8 month stomach. “You’re so cute” you cooed as you took her to the living room “Youngdo got this built already for Youngsoo but since he can’t use it for a while. You can” you tell her as you lightly put her into the bouncer and she instantly started doing so.


Roughly 20 minutes later the front door opened “sorry sorry. I didn’t like the choices at the store. I got some organic stu-” he froze before he smiled at the little girl. “She’s cuter in person” he says as he puts the food on the table. “Hello Yeonji” he coos as he gets a smile from the baby who bounced. “Youngdo” you say as you looked at them “I need help up please” you say as he quickly went to help you up. “You’re a backwards turtle” he told you as you smiled. He stood you up and you headed to get plates and other things Youngdo was nice enough to pull down for you to use during the times he wasn’t there and headed to the table.

Youngdo happily carried the baby into the table “look at you. You’re testing all of Youngsoo’s things” he coos sitting her down in the high chair. “You know she still drinks breast milk at this age” you say as he was too busy cooing at the little girl “Youngdo” you call loudly as he turns to you. “Sorry” he says “her bottle is in her bag can you heat it up please before I smack your head” you say as he nods getting up.


Youngdo opened his mouth as he scooped out food more babyfood “ah this is so cute” he says as you chuckle lightly. “You made a mess” you point out as he looked at the chair and himself as they both had the mixture of food on them “she ate some right? It’s not jsut all over me?” he asks as you nod. “You’re doing a great job” you coo as he gets up grabbing your plate and his’s before he headed off to the kitchen. “You want to give her a bath with the stuff your step mother brought?” you ask as he smiles heading back over to you “yeah that would be fun” he says.

He picked up Yeonji with you on his tail “am I holding her right?” he asked “I would correct you if you weren’t” you promised. You went to turn on the faucet and Youngdo stopped you and sat you down on the toilet “you bend down you might not get up” he jokes as you smile. He poured a bit of bubble bath in “only fill the tub a little” you tell him as you rub your stomach “alright” he spoke as you glanced at Yeonji who sat on the floor “enough?” he asks as you glance at the tub. “Should be” you tell him “okay” he says as he stands up straight.

“So do we put her to bed after this?” he asks “it’s only 6 Youngdo” you tell him “don’t babies sleep forever?” he asks “well we should try to keep her up for a little bit” you tell him as he nods. “Alright come here Yeonji” he coos as he picks her up. He pulls up her shirt up “pudgy baby belly” he coos as he brings her bare stomach up to face and blows making her giggle and pull his hair “ow ow ow” he says putting her down as he soon has her completely undressed “naked baby” he coos as he sets her down in the tub.

Yeonji let out a cry as she sat in the water not liking it “no no its fine just water” he coos. He scoops up bubbles showing them to her, she simply kept crying “babe what do I do?” Youngdo asked in a panic “hurry and clean her off then we can get her out” you tell him as he dipped his hand into the water before he began cleaning her face lightly"shh" he cooed to her as he got her cleaned up. You got up and grabbed a towel as he picked her up out of the water. Wrapping it around her, Youngdo watched you take her and begin bouncing lightly. “See now we’re all clean and we’ll even get pjs on” you tell her as you take her to her bag.


Youngdo smiled down at Yeonji “you can do up her diaper” you tell him as he nodded. “This is a big moment for me. Do be mad because it’s my first time so it might not be good” he cooed to Yeonji as he lifted her legs up and slid the diaper under. You passed him cream “we should have done this first. It’s for rashes” you say as he nods “this is kind of weird” he says as he rubs the cream lightly on her butt. “I don’t think I’ve ever put cream on anybody” he told. “Oh sweetheart you’ll have to do a lot of that and more” you promise him as he began doing up her diaper.

The onesie was soon covering the little one as he clapped for her “you’re all dressed now princess” he coos as he brings her close to him as he smiles at you “I can’t wait for this” he whispers to you as he rubs her back lightly. He wraps his other arm around your shoulder and you guys make your way over to the couch. Soon she was looking up at him happily as she cuddled into him more “this is so cute” he says to you as you nodded. “You’ll have a little boy to do it with soon” you promise as he nods.

Youngdo was looking down as he felt his T-shirt in the tight grip of the tiny hand of the baby on his chest. Her breathing was heavy as she used him at a bed. As his arm had become a pillow for you as you slept as well. He wish he could take a picture of the cute moment and wished even more she was his to keep because he didn’t think a night was enough. But he knew he would have his own child to cuddle within a two month period. “Maybe one day when you’re bigger I can set you up with my boy” he joked to the sleeping baby “make me some beautiful grand babies. Sound good?” he continued as he simply looked up at the TV and hoped maybe he could fall asleep as well.

some of my personal rules when I draw pokemon-gijinka that you don’t really need to know, but you can read if you are interested.

1. the nurse pokemon is going to a nurse (ex.Wigglytuff)

2. if one pokemon has more than one conscious, I draw it as separated character (ex. Doduo)

3. I’m not necessary drawing one pokemon ‘evolving’, in my gijinka, they can be family, friends, or simply same 'race’

4. in Korean traditional clothing “Han-bok”, there is a thing called “yeonji gonji” and for me it remind me of the electric mouses identical cheek mark. so I decided to draw every electric mouse pokemon in Hanbok. i see a lot of people dislike about this idea but i am having real fun :3
(also, electric mouse series are very popular, so if you don’t like my version, there are tons out there in the internet)

5. I don’t re-draw pokemon that i finished. it’s simply I know myself, and If I start changing all the gijinkas just because I have a better idea. I’ll never be able to finish till the end. but I might make a rough fan book or something and in that book I will change some of the gijinkas (and add Metapod)

I think this is all I can think of right now, I’ll add more if more come in to mind!
Thanks for enjoying my stuff! I really hope I can finish all of the pokemons:3

Intro To: Bloomy

Weekly Nugu Groups is a blog which features a new kpop rookie/nugu group every week! Our goal is to introduce our followers to new groups and to share our love for underrated groups with everyone. Please send us groups you’d like us to feature!

This week we are featuring Bloomy!

Bloomy was a 4-membered group that debuted in 2016 and were under DS Entertainment & CG Entertainment. They had their debut with Because of You. Please keep reading for the members’ profiles and the group’s singles!

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Theft and Appropriation all in one Weekend

This starts out with my apartment room mates, Eli and Zoey. Neither are their real names. Eli is the good room mate, Zoey is the bad one.

All three of us are into anime and manga, but I prefer video games.

And all three of us went to AnimeNEXT last weekend in Atlantic City. Eli and I roomed with her boyfriend and two of my best friends. Zoey got a room with her friends.

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