Jackson plays crappy matchmaker for Youngjae and Jaebum, and Youngjae avoids his feelings long enough to hurt Yugyeom.

Warnings: swearing, and some sexual content (not too explicit though)

Word Count: 5.6k+

Author(s): Mia and Chewy

A/N: It’s been a really long time, but our promised fic for our lottery winner from celebrating 2k followers is finally done! Sorry it took so long, but hopefully we’ve done your prompt justice :) 

I tried my best to incorporate the things you wanted. There’s also some yugjae because I have no control over my writing and who pops up in it, as usual. I really hope you like it. 

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Spica vocal showcase (update two)

This is just mainly things showcasing their live vocals and stuff because that’s the most important things about them since they’re called “Spica” which is the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, they’ve made a point that they’ve got “bright voices” and want to be the brightest stars in Korea using their vocals. Cheesy huh? I know, but you gotta love them. They’ve got so many credentials regarding music.

The best version of the cup song you’ll ever hear

Acappella version of No Diggity + “Blue Rain” cover

“Amazing Live Performance”

“Tonight” acoustic

Boa & Hanbyul performance

Bohyung’s cover of “Let It Go”

Bohyung’s cover of “I Have Nothing”

Spica’s cover of “Stand Up For Love”

Spica’s cover of “Right Here” by Brandy

Young Street performance of “When You Believe”

Cover of “Halo”

Boa’s cover of “Take A Bow”

Boa & Eric Nam cover of “Say Something”

Live practice of “Potently”

Immortal Song 2 performance “Flying Deep Into The Night”

Live version of “Anger” (later covered by LC9 on their debut album)

Cover of Officially Missing You

Bohyung and Boa cover of Lee Sora’s “Please”

Live performance of Russian Roulette

Pre-debut Jiwon singing “Strong Enough”

Let It Be Me (performed with Jo Yeongnam)

Sunggyu and Boa acoustic of “Lucky”

Bohyung and Eric Nam “You In Blue”

Spica “It’s Raining Men 

Live version of "Tonight” and “You Don’t Love Me” on Arirang Radio

Spica “Break Away"

Perhaps my favourite live performance of Tonight

I hope you enjoy their stuff lots because they’re a really important group of girls to me and they deserve the best!

[17′s Diary] 1509/1510 MANSAE Promotion

The8: We had our comeback today. This is the first day of our schedule, but we’re going ‘til the night. We’re busy, but it’s very good. When we did the broadcast today, there were many people, so I’m really thankful. *laughs* We had a showcase today as well. I felt really happy on the stage. Everyone worked hard today~

Dino: When I think of comeback (comeback, you say?!), it’s really fascinating.  I’m having a comeback after being a singer. *cries* We’ve safely ended our first week. The schedule was hard, but since I got strength with the hyungs, I think we ended it well. It is the start, so we ate meat to cheer up. *laughs* Moreover, the response is good, so I feel good. But since I’ll work harder, I’ll improve. Moving forward, I’ll write history. Aja, aja, hwaiting!!  MANSAE to SEVENTEEN, who’s going to move forward to the top!!

Joshua: We were given a resting time after a long time. So, I had a date with the members. *laughs* We went to COEX and hung out. After a long time, we’ve played games together and ate delicious food. We rested, so we’ve regained energy and will be making good stages.

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
© take out only with credits 

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