yeon u

if you never hear of me again; i probably stabbed my geometry set square through my left eye and bled to death.


“The last time I ate with someone was about 20 years ago. I’m not lying. In Japan, I ate alone at a corner. It kind of became a habit. Eating out of steel bowl with head buried.. I was jealous. It was quite difficult. Was I too descriptive? I see no sign of you empathizing with me.”


OKAY, words are going to fall short.

I am so proud of TEN. He chose to commemorate all the highlights of his performances, and ended his last stage with his ENTIRE team. TEN is a man who knows how to cherish even the littlest things in life. You could tell from his smile and his eyes that he’s very grateful for whatever he’s learnt here. He teaches us, that it is very important to win, but sometimes the win is to cherish :”)

I’m so proud of him ♥