yeom dong ha

i finally watched episode 18 with subs

as i do every sunday with subbed K2H episodes instead of studying for my upcoming roman history test .

So i cried my gazillion of tears during every single scene with Eun Shi Kyung he basically said farewell to both his father and the princess, and when he said to Jae Ha he was going to come back? I WAS SOBBING HOLY CRAP, we’re gonna lose him, i kust know it, swoon over Jae Ha’s badassness when he publicly declared war to Kim Bong Gu and noticed a couple more things:

First of all, i’m sure i’m not the only one who noticed how handsome Dong Ha has become in the latest episodes

hell yeah, baby and how FRIGGING FUNNY WAS THIS SCENE i swear i laughed like an idiot for no reason at all, just… LMAO

i had to do my reaction gif version, of course… Anyway, 3 more days to episode 19, i seriously can’t wait! 

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