170125 real__pcy Instagram Update: 푸들 두마리 미씽나인 본방사수 대기중🐶 #오늘부턴많이나올수도
Two poodles staying tuned for Missing Nine🐶 #He’ll-be-appearing-often-from-now-on #Its-Tomorrow

Taeyeon’s comment on the post: @real__pcy Ah how cute, I’m suddenly reminded of Ginger (Taeyeon’s puppy)

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
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Yeolstagram 170109

Caption: Although it’s the first time, student Baekhyun is riding very well


Baekhyun: ……to look cool… I told you to cut that part of when I fell out. I want to seem cool for once…. Chanyeol-ah… I thought you cut that part out… you made it sloppy like that… Are you happy!!!!!! 

Chanyeol: It was cute so I couldn’t cut it out….

You know…I’ve always appreciated these instaactions (insta interactions) but this… this… I just don’t know how to feel

Baekhyun is like a pouty boyfriend that’s ticked off and Chanyeol’s is like those boyfriends that try to suck up to the angry boyfie so that they won’t be as angry… ohmygawd…… (DO U SEE HOW THEY ARE LOWKEY FLIRTING OHMYGOODNESS)

Why do they do this to my heart? 


GET YOURSELF A MAN WHO CAN KEEP PROMISES (even tho he’s prettier than you)😂

And Chanyeol even commented “Right after I opened the app, I saw this and got so surprised” Well, I’m not shocked that Chanyeol got surprised as well to how beautiful his Baekhyunnie is 😉 his jaw might’ve even dropped


[TRANS] Chanyeol Instagram post 170120

Wow, it’s already been 900 days? It seems like only yesterday I congratulated you on 600 days.. I can feel again that time goes by quickly.. Because of you guys, I am always happy, so I didn’t even notice the passage of time 🙈 many congratulations on 900 days! I would like it if we could have a big party on the 1000th day anniversary!! Thank you for allowing us to get so many awards! Let’s stay together in the future like now too!!* Congratulations ❤️

(In a childish tone) #SM_are_you_reading_this #are_we_having_a_1000_day_event

*(literal translation: let’s love (saranghaja) in the future like now too!!)