michael gives no fucks

imagine michael’s little smile when he introduces you to his mother for the first time and you can definitely feel that all of you are a little bit nervous and michael is trying to act like you are not that big of a deal when his mother actually knows how much he likes you or how many times he told her about you on facetime and michael is speaking a bit too fast and he ends his sentence with something like “and yeah, she’s kinda great and i really like her” and he’s blushing and ughh

An erster Stelle ist man Mensch! Auch wenn es nicht jeder liebt.

Ich hab braune Augen, doch ich seh das was jeder sieht!

Politisch seid ihr Schüler, obwohl ihr Lehrer spielt.

Kriege auf der Welt ist doch normal, dass jetzt jeder flieht ist doch nicht normal.

Wie sich Menschen hassen, du willst sie am liebsten packen, wegschicken, doch hast du diese Welt erschaffen?

Du zeigst mit dem Fnger auf den rest der Welt, obwohl du dich selber nicht mal an Gesetze hälst.

Meine Eltern waren damals selber auf der Flucht. Kennt ihr das Gefühl, wenn man das letzte Hemd verkaufen muss?

Damit man Nahrung hat, jeder hat die armut satt!

Ist es viel verlangt, wenn eine Unterkunft zum schlafen hat?

Ist es viel verlangt, wenn Kinder in die Schule dürfen?

Medienmanipulation, für euch gibt es nur die Bösen.

Nein, niemand darf heute auf der Straße sein!

Denn jeder von uns könnte genau in dieser Lage sein!

Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU

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Chapter 39

“You’re the saviour. You’re the one who’s meant to get us home. Why are we still here?”

Emma had only spent a few minutes searching the station for any clues to August’s attacker when Leroy stormed in, the other dwarves at his heels. She had no idea how he’d found out so quickly, but Leroy always seemed to know about what was going on in Storybrooke, and he always responded loudly and angrily.

She decided to ignore him, too busy watching the security video. She didn’t expect she’d find anything, not when she’d entered the station and realised all the cameras had been disabled, but there was a chance she’d see something suspicious happening just before they were turned off. Even if she didn’t, watching the videos was still preferable to listening to Leroy’s rage, even with her struggle to keep the Betamax VCR working.

“Well?” Leroy continued, stomping towards her until he was blocking her view of the screen. “Are you going to wait until someone else is turned back into a child?”

Emma rolled her eyes, wishing David and Mary-Margaret would finish their search of the back room and come in to shut him up. “I’m pretty sure that if anyone else gets attacked, they’re just going to be dead.” She snapped, which seemed to take him aback. “Besides, what do you expect me to do? Click my heels, say there’s no place like home and hope that sends you back?”

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The New Girl: Episode 6

Heartbroken Emma Swan needs a place to live - fast. Killian, Robin and Dave had a spare room. Surely nothing could go wrong here? Surely ladies man Killian Jones can resist her charms? And surely there is no chance of straight talking Emma Swan falling for the hot English guy across the hallway? New Girl AU.

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Killian woke up with a start when it was still dark outside. The beer had given him a slight headache and his mouth felt dry and-


He grabbed the pillow beside him and pressed it over his face, groaning into it as he berated himself.

He kissed her. He’d gone and bloody well kissed her.

And then he’d gone and pissed off into his room like some arrogant wanker. God, she probably hated him now - probably thought he was some kind of sleazeball; that he lived up to his first impression.

Shit, shit, shit!


Her lips still stung. Wait - that was impossible.

Had she slept? She wasn’t sure. Damn, she needed a glass of water. She’d drank too much-

But he’d kissed her. He’d gone and kissed her…

Just like that? And then left her in the hallway feeling like it was some kind of crazy dream?

(And she’d liked it - really, really liked it-)

Throwing back the covers, she took a deep breath.

She needed to clear her head and lying in a bed across the hallway from him was not going to do that. Right now she needed to talk to the one person in her life who was straight talking when it came to men: Ruby.


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Imagin seeing Michael daily on your local school campus but your first meeting with him would be at the library desk with his hair shoved haphazardly into a beanie and his hoodie shielding his body from the cold. He would have a slightly panicked look in his eyes as he would request a book but would instantly relax as you would confirm that it was in the library.

He would gratefully nod and lope away but return only minutes later with a pink flush covering his cheeks as he explained that he didn’t know how to find the book, laughing you would quickly locate the book and press it into his hands.

Hours later, his eyes would be drooped shut and drool trailing down his chin and plopping onto the file paper which was littered with short paragraphs and a clear overuse of exclamation marks. Shaking his shoulder slightly, his vibrant green eyes would blink open sleepily and he would smile abashedly as you look away from him. Michael would quickly shove his stationary into his bag and leave a single scrap of paper on the desk and shaking your head you would reach over to crumple it and throw it into the bin but looking down you would see messy digits scrawled onto the paper so you would pocketthe scrap of paper with Michael’s phone number and if the student librarian went out on a date with the tired green-eyed boy then no-one had to know.

Fic Update: When Doves Cry

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Summary:  She loved him as an adolescent, he admired her from afar; each thought their difference in station an insurmountable obstacle. Years later, Princess Emma and Lt. Killian Jones enter into a marriage of convenience, having long ago given up on obtaining the other’s love. Can they overcome tragedy and re-discover each other again? 

Rated M for sex, mature themes, triggers.

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Author’s note: Sorry this took so long. But it’s another long one. Two things: there’s a bout of menstrual sex at the beginning and lost of Frozen Jewel. Just so you know. Enjoy!

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Chapter Twenty

Emma woke with a start. “Ugh.” Her knees came up instinctively to combat the pain in her belly. She felt Killian nearby, warm and peaceful; it was very early. She tried to go back to sleep but it hurt too much. After a few minutes, she carefully crawled out of the bed, so as not to disturb him. Fortunately, Emma knew his room well by now and she made her way to the chamber pot. Her movements were pained and sluggish; it was disorienting.

It wasn’t until she was cleaning herself up that she realized what was wrong.

“Damn it,” she swore, scowling at the strained rag. Her courses had arrived.

She crumpled the rag in her hand; she couldn’t leave it in Killian’s room. He didn’t need to deal with this. She was naked, something that seemed foolish now. She glanced to Killian, gnawing on her lip. She didn’t want to wake him; it was far too early. Instead, she skimmed a light kiss to his brow and padded through the magic door between their rooms.

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