EXO (Minus CBX) - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

CBX Reaction: HERE

You had woken up before Lu like usual. You admired his sleeping figure. His already angelic face looked much more peaceful and beautiful when he was resting and his mind was at ease. You reached over and ran your fingers through his hair. It was soft and silky, smooth as it moved between your fingers. After a little bit his eyes slowly opened. “Good morning baobei. This is a nice way to wake up.” He smiled over at you which went from sweet to somewhat sinister quickly. “Actually you know what would be even nicer?” You giggled as he moved over you and placed his lips against your own. He definitely was not sleepy now.

Kris (Yifan):
When Kris’s hair finally grew back after it had all been shaved off you couldn’t stop yourself from playing with it. He would just be having a casual conversation with you and then you would reach over and stroke his hair. He would act all cool about it at first but greatly enjoyed the attention. He would eventually smile and give you a loving kiss.

Your leader boyfriend goes through a lot when it comes to the group. He loves it, but it wears him out. You could see the haziness in his eyes after a long day of rehearsing and prompted him to relax in bed. When you went in and found him still doing stuff on his phone you plucked the device out of his hand and placed it on the end table. “Lay down,” you directed and he followed not in the mood to defy his lady. You laid down next to him and gently ran your fingers through his hair. He let out a sigh, “This is what I needed.” You giggled and eventually got him to fall asleep. The peace on his sleeping face was what you needed to see.

Yixing enjoyed it when you messed with his hair. As busy as his schedule was, and his traveling from country to country tired him out but he wouldn’t admit it. He closed his eyes and sat in silence finding comfort and peace in your touch. “I love you baobei.” You would lean over and give him a soft kiss on the lips, making him want to keep kissing you.

Chanyeol was driving as you reached over and started playing with the ball of fluff on top of his head. This puppy wouldn’t even try to hide how much he enjoyed it. “Awe Jagi, you are so good to me.” He would giggle and keep glancing over at you. When you finally arrived to your destination he wrapped you in a giant hug, lifting you off your feet. “My girlfriend is too sweet.”
He placed you back down and you laced your fingers through his.

Soo was looking over his lines in bed while you were reading a book. You looked over at him, a very serious expression on his face. Then he made an annoyed noise and leaned back a bit. “What is wrong babe?” You placed your book on the nightstand giving him your full attention. “I’m not remembering these lines as easily as I usually do.” You gave a concerned look, “I think you need to relax for a bit, let the ones you know soak in first.” He agreed and moved to rest his head on your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair knowing how relaxed it makes you feel and he gave a relieved sigh. “This is nice Jagi.” You smiled down at him, the tension in his shoulders melting away.

Tao loved it when you decided to mess with his hair. He started to giggle and gave a big grin. “I feel like I’m being pampered. Thank you baobei.” Then the mood changed within a matter of minutes from him feeling all cute and lovey to being totally turned on. “Maybe I could pamper you, right now.” He leaned forward and kissed you passionately, pressing his body against yours.

Nini smirked when you started to run your hands through his hair. Then he caught hold of one of your hands and kissed the back of it. Then he would let you return to what you were doing as he cuddled up against you like his furry children do to him when he pets them. The stiffness in his body from the constant rehearsal for the comeback was replaced by his relaxed posture.

The big baby became super cuddly when you started running your fingers through his hair. He nuzzled into your neck as you continued, wrapping his arms around you. You could feel the smile that formed on his lips which were pressed against your skin. He started to move around a bit and his hair tickled your chin so you stopped and started giggling. “Please don’t stop it Jagi, I really am enjoying this.” You held in the laughter and continued to baby your boyfriend.

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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

When you collapsed into his arms, your boyfriend was overcome with the need to protect you and make you feel better. You had been visiting at the SM building so he rushed you over to a couch to rest on and asked some of the staff to get you something to drink and eat when you woke up. He watched over you carefully until you finally woke up confused and dazed. “Jagi,” he gave a soft smile, “you passed out, just take it easy okay.” You nodded and he turned to retrieve the food and water that the staff had brought. He offered it to you and when you were done eating he went to go ask the manager something. When he came back he helped you up and started walking with you holding your side, “I’m going to get you home now. I can take the rest of the day off.” You looked up at him and gave a loving smile and he kissed the top of your head as you continued walking.

Luhan didn’t know what to do with your unconscious figure when he caught you. First he was a literal deer in headlights. Then he got his head together and placed you down on the couch. He paced around anxiously until he heard your voice call out for him. He rushed over with a worried look on his face. When you tried to sit up he gently pushed you back down, “No Baobei, you shouldn’t get up yet.” You quietly did as you were told and he bent down to kiss your forehead. “Now get some rest while I make you some food.”

Kris (Yifan):
Kris and you were walking around town when you suddenly stopped and collapsed into his arms. He walked you over to a bench and laid you down with your head on his lap. A woman who noticed you falling called an ambulance since she wasn’t sure what happened. Kris sat with you until they arrived, you had woken up by then but were still groggy and weak. He rode with you to the hospital and sat next to you while you were on the IV drip they gave you. He held your hand and kept talking about random things to keep you entertained. You ended up falling asleep since you were so tired and dehydrated. “Baobei you should probably get some sleep,” he said before turning to find you sound asleep still holding onto his hand. With that he gave your hand a soft kiss and watched you adoringly.

Jun had wanted to take you out to dinner to celebrate the promotion at work that you had just received. The problem is that you had worked yourself so much to get this promotion that you were exhausted. You didn’t want to ruin the dinner that he was obviously so excited to treat you to so you sucked it up and started getting ready. Jun came into your bathroom to check on your progress because like himself, you liked to take your time. He noticed that you were moving sort of slow and asked if you weren’t feeling well. “I feel fine babe, don’t worry,” he moved closer to you and that is when your vision went black. He immediately reached out to catch you. You weren’t out for very long but you found yourself in your bed with Jun sitting next to you with concern in his eyes. “Put on some pajamas, and choose a movie to watch. We are staying in the bed tonight and you are resting.” You were relieved that you didn’t have to go out but still felt guilty, “I’m sorry Jun, I know you were really excited.” He gave a sweet smile, “Don’t be sorry, I can take you out anytime. For now, I just want you to relax,” then he kissed your forehead. “In the meantime, I’ll order your favorite takeout.”

Since Yixing had passed out quite a few times himself, he was sort of prepared when he recognized the symptoms right before you fell forward into his arms. That however didn’t make him any less worried about you. Luckily you were at home so he gently lifted you up and placed you into your bed. He laid down next to you and tried to coax you to wake up. When you finally did he brushed your hair out of your face, “How do you feel baobei?” You were going to try and convince him that you were fine but figured that passing out sort of ruined that idea. “I think I am just tired, really Yixing, you can go to work.” He made the same face he always made when he disagreed but didn’t want to say anything. “I can tell that don’t want to leave. Fine, then at least come closer. I promise I feel better.” With that he proceeded to nuzzle his face into your neck, “I just want to make sure my princess is okay.”

Baekhyun decided to surprise you by showing up at your house early from tour. The problem is that he wanted to do it as a prank. When he scared the living daylights out of you and you fainted into his arms, he realized that was a bad decision. “Kkaebsong,” was his response, like usual. He carried you to the couch and when you woke up he immediately apologized. He pulled you tightly into his arms and kissed the top of your head. You pulled away and punched him in the shoulder, “I should really hate you right now Byun Baekhyun. It is a good thing you are cute.” He smirked, “I’m cute huh?” He proceeded to pucker his lips and close his eyes, you kissed his cheek. “That is what you get for being mean.”

Screaming is the reaction Dae had when you fell into his arms. Screaming along with confusion. He tried to gently shake you awake but you seemed to be out cold. He picked you up and moved you over to the couch in your shared apartment. It took several more minutes until you woke up and he was leaning over you very worried. You gave a weak smile and he bent down to kiss your forehead. “Jagi, please let me know next time you don’t feel well.” You knew you should have told him and felt bad. “I’m sorry Dae, lord knows how freaked out you were.” He smiled at you and caressed your cheek, “No need to be sorry, just get better.”

Yeol wrapped his giant arms around you when he noticed you losing balance. He picked you up and placed you down on your bed. You had been in the middle of cooking and he was trying to help you. He sat there watching over you with a pout on his face because he hated it when he couldn’t make you feel better. If his happy virus was of no help to you, then it was worthless. You woke up and he immediately turned his frown into a smile. “Jagiya!” He cupped your face in his hands and when you raised your eyebrows in confusion at him, he explained what had happened. Of course, he made you stay in bed and finished the food by himself. He brought it to you and when you were both done eating he cleaned everything up. Then he came back to your room and gave you all the cuddles you needed to feel better.

You had been having a nice conversation with your boyfriend while you were walking around the town when you suddenly started slurring your words. Soo looked over and noticed that you were sort of swaying too. He wrapped his arms around you just in time. He called out for some help and moved you over to a bench. You woke up when you felt someone checking your pulse and found yourself on a stretcher being moved into an ambulance and saw Soo walking closely behind. The whole-time Soo was silently freaking out. You hadn’t said anything about not feeling well. He was beating himself up for not noticing and keeping you home. Externally he put on a smile for you and kept giving you words of comfort. “Hey Jagi, we will get you better and back home soon.”

Tao had a freak out when he caught his unconscious girlfriend. He was asking you what was wrong as if you could answer. After realizing that you weren’t going to answer he went to lay you down in your bed since you were home. You had not been feeling well and you had thought you caught the flu earlier but hadn’t mentioned it to him. When you woke up he was sitting beside you and turned to see that you woke up. “Baobei? Are you alright?” You sort of remembered the dizziness you felt and how you started forward before you blacked out. “I think I’m sick,” you rubbed your eyes and he turned on his side to face you. “I think so too,” he said taking your hand in his, “that is why you are going to stay in bed.” You didn’t refuse and he grabbed your pj’s for you to change into then he went to grab some sweats for himself. “Why are you changing?” you asked knowing he had planned to go to the studio today. “I am staying here with you.” He gave a smirk as he threw your stuff onto the bed.

Nini was like a puppy when you stumbled forward unconscious. You were visiting him at the dance studio so he carried you to a couch. He looked around for some help since he was too scared to do anything by himself. He came back with one of the managers and you ended up waking up in that time. He saw that you were awake and rushed over to you giving you a hug. “Hey Nini, it’s okay.” You tried to reassure him. He stroked your hair and whispered into your ear how worried he was. Since he was there on his own time anyways, he told the manager that he would be going home to take care of you.

This boy was confused and shocked when he noticed your eyes rolling back and you began to fall forward. Luckily he was right next to you and caught you in time. “Jagi?” He asked still holding you in the same place, “Can you hear me?” He looked around not knowing what to do but then moved you over to the couch still confused. When you woke up his hand was on your forehead checking to see if you had a fever. “Sehun?” You asked just as confused as he was. “You passed out,” he responded, “Aish you had me worried. I didn’t know what was going on. At least you are awake now.” Then he pulled you up into a hug. You tried to reassure him that you were better now but he still wanted to keep an eye on you.


Kpop boyfriend~Park Chanyeol


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  • Husky i love yous
  • big bear hugs
  • him picking you up swinging you around
  • being able to wear his hoodies since they are LARGE
  • everything is large (wiggles eyebrows)
  • Him always wanting you to play with his hair
  • you wanting him to play with yours and he makes that complaining face and then trys to fake like hes in pain >.>
  • His large hands 
  • His fluffy cute romantic gestures that make you feel all fuzzy
  • you nagging him for practicing all day but he tells you its needed for success
  • he is always worried about people hating him
  • daddy kinks
  • lots of cute PDA
  • the members ESP baek would try to tear him away but he would cry like a puppy
  • You would have to pick out his outfits for him cause he thinks orange and red look good together
  • he would never cheat
  • he would call you every chance he got when he was over seas
  • even if it was for 2 min, all he needed was your voice
  • cute matching sweaters in the winter
  • presents always addressed from both of you
  • the members nag on why he hasn’t asked you to marry him
  • he takes you to fan meets and the fans awk at you cause you won him over
  • when someone makes a rude comment, angry yollie comes out :P