yemeni architecture

حنين على هيئة وطن لكل التفاصيل التي لم تغادرنا ،، للطرقات المرصوفة بضحكات الأطفال ، للجدران التي كانت ملاذنا ،، للأحلام التي بنيناها وامتدت كشجرة دعاء في السماء “إلهي أعدني إلى وطني ”

Details of a historic buildings in Old Sanaa - Yemen 2013


The International School of Sana'a by Derek H. Matthews in 1977. 

The concept takes into account the educational philosophy of the school. It is also in accordance with the precepts of the United Nations project in Yemen, which encouraged the use of local materials and building methods. The design, whilst being innovative, has resulted in a building that is Yemeni in character, and related to the locality, as well as to the cultural aspirations of the Yemeni people. A feature of Yemeni architecture, with coloured glass set in gypsum framing, is used in the school in the traditional manner as infilling to the arched openings over windows and doors. 


War wounds of a different kind.

The story of devastation, of lives, families, communities and countries as told by the homes, villages and cities of Egypt, Belarus, Syria and Yemen.

Inside the Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo after it was cleared of a pro-morsi sit-in held in and around the mosque photo by Ahmed Hayman / European Pressphoto Agency

The devastation of Minsk Franz Krieger 

A Free Syrian Army fighter in a street in Homs by Yazan Homsy / Reuters

A man walks inside the damaged historical old souk of Homs in Syria on August 19, 2013 by Yazan Homsy / Reuters

boys near a damaged house in Azaz, near Aleppo. Reuters

fighter of the Free Syrian Army paused inside a destroyed shop in Aleppo. Reuters

a tribesman loyal to the Yemeni opposition tribal chief Sheik Sadeq al-Ahmar inside the destroyed headquarters of the sheik in Sanaa photo by Suhaib Salem / Reuters