My first Yelp Elite Event. The free beer and wine was definitely a great perk. The presentation was pretty too. Quite a variety of of chicken croissants. Probably would be a good choice for those who want to have a fulfilling meal without feeling like they’re eating too much. I didn’t try the cookies or brownies because they looked too sweet for me.

They gave away some free coupons and wine tumbler to us Yelpers so it was pretty nice.

I love how they have the sign “Chick” for Ladies’ Room and “Chick Magnets” for Men’s. You can tell this business makes the best of their namesake.

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Hi buddy, what do you think is the girls' favorite social media to share stuff on? Who is the Twitter oversharer? The instagram filter lover, and the Facebook troll(if any) among them, do you think?


But seriously I love this questions oh my goodness.

Yui is and avid Snapchatter

Yui has the attention span of a pea, so snapchat is perfect for her because she only needs to pay attention to things for a maximum 10 seconds. And beyond the consuming social media aspect, Yui’s life is one big ol snapchat, since the girl gets distracted super quickly. So over the course of the day, you’ll see the dog she passes on the way to class, a snap of Ritsu sleeping in class, closeups of Azusa shoving the phone away from her face, her lunch, JUST SO MUCH. 

Yui loves snapchat, because she loves that she can constantly share what is of the utmost importance of that particular moment for all her friends to see. And there’s little to no reading, just pictures. Like, Twitter is fast, but Yui doesn’t want to read that much. Snapchat just involves her putting pictures and a story together, which is perf

AND FILTERS. Yui also loves the filters, particularly putting filters on her friends (Mugi also loves doing snapfilters with Yui) (they always put the cat one on Azusa)

Mio’s a wannabe hipster and has made her lowkey photography profile on her Instagram

At first her nerd butt was putting her stuff on Tumblr like the rest of of plebs, where she would also put her lyrics/writings paired with her pics. And then Ritsu found her blog (bc Mio left her comp open) and after some (a lot of) teasing about her sappy pics and captions, the supportive part of Ritsu (bc she’s not a complete dick) was like “Mio just put em on instagram and not on dead social media you pleb” ((bc apparently unless you’re in fandom, most people think tumblr is dead, ty marketing class reserch))

So Mio stuck her photos on Insta. At first she slapped the terrible filters on them, but then again, Ritsu is like “don’ do that” and shows her what the ~cool~ instagrammers do

And Mio’s account ends up being pretty popular. Not millions, but around 700+, not including people she knows. 

Ritsu is a Viner. At first I was like “reddit??” because shitposting, but I just oculdn’t see Ritsu taking ample times out of her day to sit down on the computer and shitpost.

Vine is easy for her. Ritsu is constantly moving, talking, being a nuisence. And now she can capture it all in 7 second videos??? and show the world what a Top Class Friend she is??? amazing. Her and Yui have definitely gotten over 1mil plays on a few of her vines (mostly them torturing Mio, or Azusa. Mugi is the featured accomplice to many vines)

she also does some sic 7 sec drum beat or beatboxing (have i ever said that??? bc i hardcore headcanon ritsu as having mad beatboxing skill)

rip vine…………………..

Mugi is moves from platform to platform, and mostly enjoys just looking at what her friends are posting. And then like, enthusiasically likes or comments supportinve loving things on them because mugi is literally The Best

but I’m at a toss up of she like Pinterest to see new food and thing creations and pictures (honestly, i really dont know pinterst). I dunno, I really don’t see Mugi as a huge social media addict. Like, canon, she texts her friends really cute texts with lots of emojis on things they’re thinking about (like in the movie with making Azusa’s song) so I really see her more as user rather than creator??

but her instagram is filled with candid friend shots (mugi is the best at getting candid group photos FI GHT ME ON THIS THEY ALL GIVE HER THEIR PHONES WHEN THEY WANT CANDID GROUP PICS)

o wait actually, WAIT WAIT FORGET PINTEREST. Mugi uses Twitter that none of the others know about where she puts short thigns that make her happy. Like when her friends are acting gay. or those nights she feels particularly alone and doesnt want to burden the girls, so she posts on her twitter YEAH YEHA, MUGI USES TWITTER

okay wait how funny would that be if Azusa was like a Yelper because i think that so hilarious and in character

THINK THINK THINK AOBU IT. Azusa hardcore planned out the girls’ London trip to a TEE. you don’t think for one second she went to a place that ONLY HAD THREE AND A HALF STARS??? AND ONLY 56 REVIEWS??? NO SHE HAS STANDARDS. 4.5 STARS AND MINIMUM 200 REVIEWS

and then andTHEN SHE REVIEWS. OH YOU KNOW SHE HARCORE REVIEWS. Azusa had no trouble telling the seniors, barely a WEEK after she met them, to stop being lazy– SHE HAS NO PROBLEM CRITIQUING A BUSINESS SHE WENT TO ON ALL IT’S FLAWS (and goods)

im like actually giggling at Azusa being a yelping OH MY GODDDDDDD

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I seriously love your sidgeno content and I'm beyond thrilled you're doing prompts!! Can I have something where sid does something that makes geno just completely forget all his English? *wink wink*

Sidney is hardly ever openly affectionate. He’s very private, and honestly, the most the team has ever seen Sidney do with Geno is when they’re waiting for their hotel rooms at the lobby during a roadie, and an exhausted Sid passed out for about five minutes on Geno’s shoulder. Olli swears that he’s seen Sid kiss Geno one time, a very short peck, but no one really believed him. 

Geno doesn’t particularly mind though. Sid probably wants to take it slow, and Geno can respect that. He feels a little like he’s courting Sidney in the Victorian era, but as long as he gets to have Sid snuggled next to him, cozy and sure, every night, then he can give less of a shit.

But Sidney is also full of surprises. One night, Sid asks him, “Hey, can we try something?”

Geno says yes, because he thinks Sidney is talking about going to a different restaurant for dinner tonight. He’s a very avid Yelper. “You want to go to–”

“I want to blow you,” Sid says, then continues, like he’s analyzed the data, “I don’t think I have a gag reflex. So. If it’s okay with you.”

Geno loses the ability to speak for ten full seconds, then remembers that he didn’t actually agree aloud, so he nods frantically. Like Sid even had to ask. 

(Sid’s hypothesis about his gag reflex, as it turns out, is correct.)

College!AU - Hip Hop Unit

Anonymous asked: please do a college!au !!


  • works part time at the ice cream parlor
  • people call him “SCOOPS”
  • lol get it
  • carries a gym bag with him everywhere
  • well thats because his backpack is his gym bag
  • otherwise he would use a messenger bag
  • he thinks it makes him look hip
  • he majors in making the panties DROppp
  • lmao just kidding
  • not really BUT
  • S.Coups is a double major!!
  • he majors in psychology and engineering
  • he doesn’t know what quite to do as a career yet
  • leads the freshman orientation with Joshua
  • tries to set Joshua up with the freshmen???
  • idk, he just wants Joshua to find love
  • S.Coups tried to convince Jun to join a frat
  • parties almost every weekend
  • gets realllyyyyy hammered
  • a video of him kissing a plant went viral
  • scared Jun, he no longer wants to take part in whatever S.Coups is doing
  • but that’s not all to Scoops
  • he likes hanging out at local music shows too
  • he was a goody two shoes all the way up to his high school years
  • now he’s a wild child
  • still gets A’s on every exam
  • gets accused of cheating by Woozi
  • “how??? seungcheol, you don’t even study”
  • rooms with the 95 line
  • sick and tired of Jeonghan always being in the bathroom
  • sick and tired of Joshua eating donuts at 3 a.m


  • goes to med school
  • sometimes dozes off during lecture
  • thought he could handle classes that start at 7 am
  • he’s internally dying
  • which is ironic
  • looks reallyyyy good in a lab coat
  • either goes to class in sweats or in a cardigan and some slacks
  • considered being a psychiatrist
  • but realized he already puts up with too much of Mingyu’s shit to pay attention to other people’s problems
  • the type to do his work in cafes
  • also the type to procrastinate
  • complains about student loans 24/7
  • cries when he looks at his bank account
  • wants to volunteer around the world :’)
  • would be that one hot doctor who all the nurses swoon over
  • and the moms
  • LOVESSS going to the local poetry slams
  • you can tell how much he loves the poems by looking at his facial expressions
  • really awkward during class, does he even know how to speak???
  • poor bby is afraid of asking questions
  • whatever he’ll swing by the professor’s office after class
  • got lost on campus in THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL YEAr???
  • lol sneaks food from mingyu’s lunch
  • i mean, Wonwoo has his own lunch, it’s just that he wants Mingyu’s
  • oh my lord, SOOO PREACHY
  • “S.Coups, you shouldn’t drink so much, it’d bad for your liver. Here’s a pamphlet on how alcohol affects your body”
  • “Joshua, donuts aren’t that great for you especially at 3 am. If anything, eat vegan donuts”
  • “Woozi, being so angry and stressed out is bad for your health. YOUR HEART MIGHT BURST FROM ALL THAT RAGE.”


  • goes to a culinary school
  • “wonwoo, I can make you lunch if you’d just ask”
  • aspires to have his own cooking show
  • he’s got the looks and the talent so why not
  • would like to cook for beyonce some day
  • or maybe for the cast of Descendants of the Sun
  • in charge of the food for when ot13 gets together
  • yells at Seungkwan for trying to “enhance” the kimchi
  • gets offended when Jun asks if he has any ramen instead
  • once spent $200 on a knife set, rip
  • is a cook at a local Chinese restaurant
  • ready to fight anyone that disses his food
  • mingyu is at the top of his class
  • like whenever the teacher is done talking his hand would shoot up
  • since he knows everything there is to know about food
  • he feels obligated to critique every restaurants’ food
  • that one overly detailed yelper, yikes
  • can spot out box cake from a mile away
  • trying to cultivate the best ddeokboki recipe
  • he can cook the most amazing dishes
  • now understands why Wonwoo complains about student loans
  • has a picture of Gordon Ramsey as his phone’s lockscreen
  • hardcore judges the other students when they don’t preheat the oven
  • complains about how expensive fruits and vegetables are nowadays
  • checks for non-gmo and organic ingredients RELIGIOUSLY
  • all in all, how does he not have a girlfriend??


  • Seungkwan hassled Vernon to come out to every event Seungkwan mc’s at. Ever.
  • Vernon expected the events to be kind of wild and weird?
  • but nah
  • he won’t admit it but Seungkwan’s tambourine dance at the end of the event is lowkey LITT
  • okay so maybe the events are a tad bit weird
  • such a cinnamon bun tbh
  • people tried to sell him weed :( LOL
  • but Vernon honestly dislikes all of that
  • doesn’t want to end up like S.Coups and have a video of himself kissing a plant end up on the internet
  • jk lol s.coups doesn’t do drugs
  • always does his homework on time
  • currently a major in computer science; wants to be a video game designer!!
  • aspires to create the next League of Legends
  • Vernon is full of surprises
  • he hangs out with dance major Hoshi??
  • and overachiever Woozi?
  • the shy, kind of geeky kid from the Computer Science department raps????
  • what???
  • like one time there was an underground rap battle at the local nightclub
  • some of his classmates were there, and saw Vernon absolutely KILLING IT
  • so there was this rumor that spread that Vernon was this super cool, intense rapper boy
  • but the next day Vernon accidentally tripped UP the stairs to his seat
  • so that rumor died rather quickly
  • girls try to flirt with him 24/7
  • Vernon knows he has game
  • he’s just not as greasy as Jun

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Olicity fanfic: Fifty bucks says, Chapter 3

Word count: 7,229
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: Digg and Tommy are going to learn not to go up against a Queen.

Author’s note: I’m sorry it’s a day late! But I think you guys will like it. ;)

Also, happy birthday to the lovely Holly, AKA @geniewithwifi! I hope you had an amazing day. <3

Read on: AO3 |

Chapter 3

Eighteen months

Verdant had only been open for three months, but it had swiftly become one of the most popular restaurants in all of Starling City.

Sure, the initial drive for business probably had something to do with the fact that three billionaire scions were behind the idea and concept, but at most John expected that the combined Merlyn-Queen starpower had only brought in about a month’s worth of business.

The rest of it, he was absolutely certain, was thanks to the hard work all four partners had put into the restaurant. Tommy and Thea had created a gorgeous dining room and dining experience out in the front of the house. John was responsible for what one Yelper had called “the most addictive cocktails on the West Coast.”

And then there was Oliver. No one in the city had really expected his food to be any good, but when everyone found out just how good it was, they couldn’t get enough.

All in all, they were on track to turn a profit at the end of the year, which was far better than all of their projections. And John had scarcely been prouder of any other enterprise he had ever undertaken.

He had just finished clearing all the tickets that came his way near the end of the dinner rush when he heard someone climb onto the barstool behind him.

“Be right with you,” he called.

“No worries, Digg, it’s just me.”

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Felicity shrugging off her coat. When he was finished with his task he turned toward her.

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How to be happy for others (even if you are a jealous fuck... as I was)

So, that classmate of yours established her business already, and that person younger than you is winning acting prizes, and that barely teen guy is destroying older folks in the sport discipline you admire so much and would do anything to take his place, and 80% of your high school class is somehow getting married, and these people are getting the corporate positions for those amazing brands you wanted to work for yourself. That sucks, right? No.

Get the fuck over yourself and read on!

Why is it good to be happy for others (even if you feel completely jealous)?

1) It’s healthy

Thinking in the way “He has that and I don’t - that sucks!” gets you into a loop, in which you have a few options:

  • To feel sorry for yourself
  • To dislike or even hate this person
  • To feel depressed
  • All of the above
  • Etc.

In short, it is not only unproductive, but it also raises your stress levels. Negative comparisons leave us the option to save our face somehow in front of ourselves - we make excuses, we say why we could not do this, we make up external reasons why this person succeeded and we did not, etc.

Thinking positively is healthy thinking. It does not stress us out and it has amazing benefits of pushing us forward and being more productive!

2) It makes you more likeable

I remember time when my old classmate from school told me that he did not think I was happy for another person’s success - that I did not wish them the best. And he was right!

I was belittling the success! It was done discreetly, but it showed.

 That was the moment I decided to force myself to be happy for the success of others. Not because of what he said but because his natural excitement for the other person’s success made me like him and respect him very much. 

I want to be like that.

After all, we want to be around those that support us. But those people are usually active doers themselves. You have to support them back. Or they will tell you to fuck off and go chill with other happy doers.

3) It opens doors for you!

If you share with others their excitement, their happiness and their success, and genuinely support them, they do not forget that. 

Imagine if this person with their initial success ended up turning that little startup into a huge thing, meeting influencers and opinion leaders daily. Do you think they might help you to connect with such people, too, when you are an ass to them in the beginning? Nah, not really. 

There is this friend of mine, whom I met after he established his coffee shop. Since I met him, I have been aggressively supporting him. I reached out to a manager of Yelp in my country and try to get her to the shop and bring her yelpers with her. I believe in my friend, his business and future. And I will be there when he succeeds big time, clapping my hands with a look of complete admiration. 

4) It makes you a better fucking person and, after all, you live with yourself most of the time…

…so don’t live with a dick, live with someone you would like to meet. 

To be continued.

This is a part 1 of the article. Part 2 coming soon, with tips and tricks for how to turn this thinking around!

These dogs in Christmas jumpers will make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

Rudolf and Father Christmas look a little different this year…

Hopefully there’s a treat in this cracker!

Get stuck in! No table manners from these guests!

It’s important to dress up for the festivities

After Christmas dinner, this Pomeranian’s jumper is looking a little snug!

Happy Howl-idays!

One of Santa’s little yelpers

This pooch looks oh-so-fetching!

This Terrier seems a little frosty about his snowman costume

Season’s Greetings from Mrs Claus (make that Mrs Paws!)

Be sure to leave out a mince pie (or bone) for Santa Paws!

Keep in mind, South Park isn’t saying that people being assholes on the Internet is good; after all, seeing too much of that was enough to drive Butters crazy and/or suicidal. In fact, that’s kind of what the last episode was about: Yelpers as trolls who just use the Internet to stroke their own egos.

I think it’s an important point that Cartman et al. weren’t just posting random selfies and getting insults, they were fishing for compliments about how good they thought they looked. They even claimed to be more popular after Butters filtered their comments, deluding themselves into believing that the negative messages simply didn’t exist. I think the moral is: don’t put something out there, whether it be a fanfic or a picture of your asshole, and just expect endless praise with no criticism. There’s dismissing stupid comments, and then there’s living in a bubble-world where you can flaunt how awesome you are and make-believe that everyone agrees with you.

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I get a kick out of yelpers who say shit like "they lost my business" when their complaint is about something stupid (as opposed to truly shitty shitty service). Boo fuckity hoo, we don't want your snotty ass here anyway.