L.A. Chef Sang Yoon Politely Slams Complaining Yelper via Email
The Braiser

After an irate customer complained about the servers at Yoon’s newly opened restaurant, Lukshon in Culver City, the chef responded via email to the reviewer, explaining why she was wrong in her assessment of the staff. Because this is the internet and we live in a digital share-all world, the email, naturally was posted in its entirety to Yelp.

Very excited to present to you guys my first ever t-shirt design. #lightscamerafood 💡📷🍣

It’s for all you foodies out there that’s always loveee taking pictures of food. I will giving out more details on this shirt tomorrow. Let me know what you guys think!

#foodie #yelper #modelthateats #SimplyYue (at Brookfield Place New York)

Yelper Party:Yelp's Halfway To The Holidays Bash

I had a wonderful night full of savory & sweet bites, delicious cocktails, live entertainment, & great company at the Yelper’s Party: Yelp’s Halfway To The Holidays Bash!

 As defiants, some of my friends decided to pull a Jack from the Nightmare Before Xmas to represent other holidays aside from Christmas. Instead of coming as the typical elf, snowman, Santa, & what not, we arrived as Native Americans for Thanksgiving, 4th of July Fireworks, St. Patrick, & Maleficent-Sleeping Beauty tandem for Halloween.

As Native Americans…

Austin and Tracy showing the Leon day spirit…

We met this really talented and cool guy named ANDY (IG:findandy123) who can amazingly put anybody on paper in his own artistic version.

Yelp Hawaii definitely threw an awesome party last night! Cheers to my fellow Yelpers!

@yelphawaii #yelphawaii @CapitalOne360HI 
(at Capital One 360 - Hawaii Café)

posturing on Flickr.

The Yelper pair has had numerous visitors over the past few months. I’ve observed in the past that pairs seem to have little dances with other pairs at the end of breeding season.

The Yelpers had visitors from day 1 the first week or two there was 5-6 ravens there every day. The last couple days, there’s just been a pair visting at different times, usually not for long. 5-10 minutes of close flying.

This visit seemed a little different as they stopped to have a conversation. Notice how the two ravens on the roof hold their heads, posturing, erect. They flew off a couple minutes later and that was the end of it.

I get annoyed very easily. I hâte incompétence. Im gréât at remembering faces and évén better at remembering names 😈 . #Yelp#Yelper (My letters have little accent marks on top of thém because I am trying to learn French and It’s taking over my life.