Well? (Sik-K)

Anonymous asked: Hi ^^ can I get a scenario where MinSik be jealous because you’re too friendly with everyone, like his song “Cha Cha”?

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    Hey, are you almost here? we’re about to order! You finished typing the text and sent it to Minsik before joining your friends’ conversation again. You and several other producers and employees at the studio you worked at had planned a dinner outing, and when you mentioned you might invite Minsik they had all thought it was a great idea and wanted to meet him, so you had. The only problem was that he had gotten stuck in very bad traffic due to a car accident and now he was running almost twenty minutes late.

    A few moments later you got a response: almost there, sorry!

    Five minutes later he came rushing through the door of the restaurant, looking around for the table. You waved and he grinned at you, waving back as he walked over. “I already ordered your food,” you said as he sat down in the empty seat next to you. “You like kimchi stew with fish cakes, right?”

    “Yeah, that’s my favorite!” he said. “Thanks.”

    “Cool,” you said. “Everyone, this is Minsik!” It took a few minutes to get all the introductions done, and then one of your fellow producers Hyunwoo, who you knew a little bit but weren’t particularly close with and was sitting next to you, asked you,

    “So, how’s that new single going that you’re working on with Kim Hyoeun?”

    “Oh, it’s good!” you said. “He’s very easy to work with and we get along well. We’ll have it done on time. And you… You just started working on a solo album, right?”

    “Yeah, an EP,” he said.

    “That’s awesome!” you said. “I can’t wait to hear it.”

    “Thanks!” he said. “So-”

    “Hey, did I tell you I’m working on recording a new song?” Minsik’s voice said loudly, and you quickly apologized to Hyunwoo before turning to him.

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